Pit Stop

By Outsider1505.

“Like it in there bitch?” She asked as she shoved my face deeper into the depths of her slick, sweat-covered armpit. I tried to answer, but the moment I did, my mouth was filled with the acrid taste of her workout, and her arm was wrapped so tightly around my head I had no choice but to drink it all in.

I was working as the night manager of a twenty-four-hour gym in town and had made the mistake of being caught staring by the lone gym-goer of the evening. While during the day, the place was usually packed and thus far easier for me to stare undisturbed, around midnight, it was a rare thing for more than one person around.

Unfortunately for me, tonight, that person happened to be smoking hot.

According to the sign-in sheet, her name was Ally, but her name didn’t matter nearly much as her appearance. She was tall, almost Amazonian, with well-toned muscles that allowed her to retain her femininity while also letting people know she could take them down if she wanted- something she’d already proven to me. Her long brown hair fell loosely around her strong shoulders, and more than once in the hour or so she’d been working out, I’d spared a glance or two at her small, perky breasts bouncing in her tank top while she ran on the treadmill, as well as her tight ass in those black yoga pants as she squatted.

The gym was an odd place for me to work, and even behind the counter, I didn’t look like I belonged. During the day, there were countless well-toned and muscled men and women, all of whom made me feel even more insignificant than I usually did, especially the women. I knew none of them would ever be interested in a scrawny-armed and chubby guy like me, but it was nice to watch them. I freely admit, that was one of the reasons I’d taken the job in the first place- where else would I have the opportunity to watch such good-looking women work out?

Unfortunately, Ally seemed to disagree with me and was making her displeasure known.

She’d been finishing up her latest set of squats when she noticed me. It was my own fault for letting my gaze linger, especially since the section of the gym she was using had mirrors on the wall, making it easy for someone to look in the reflection and notice the guy at the front desk leering at them.

Yet even as she stormed towards me, the full extent of my situation didn’t fully dawn on me, not until she was glaring at me with angry brown eyes.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Even if I’d managed to utter anything more than the pathetic “Ummm” that stammered out of me, I have a feeling the same thing would have happened. She knew what I was doing, and though she’d at least given me the chance to lie, I’d failed at that, and now Ally was going to make me pay for it.

In theory, I could have stopped her. Not physically, of course, but as a manager of the establishment, it was well within my power to inform her that it was against gym rules to lay a hand on an employee. But, given the look in her eyes as she came around the desk and grabbed me by the collar, I doubt she would have listened.

Once she had me in the gym proper, she pushed me to my knees and stared down at me, hands on her hips and an angry expression on her lips. “You like staring at me bitch?”

Again, I tried to answer, but no words came out. This was so beyond me that I couldn’t even think of words, let alone speak them. Women that looked like Ally did not speak to guys like me, angry or not. I was so beneath them I was pretty sure nine times out of ten, they didn’t even acknowledge my existence as a human being. I was a gnat. A speck. Nothing more.

My lack of response seemed to piss her off even further, given that the next thing I knew, she swept my knees out from under me and, just as I reached the floor of the gym, grabbed me in a headlock. ” I asked you a question. You like staring at me bitch?”

Finally, laying there on the floor with her strong arm wrapped around my neck, I managed to sputter out two words. “Yes, ma’am.”

If that was what she wanted to hear, she didn’t show it. In fact, Ally tightened her grip on my head, and as she did, I could feel the sweat dripping off her arm and chest. She was drenched in it from her heavy workout, and not she was starting to marinate me in it. “So, little bitch boy likes to stare at women, huh? Stare at this.”

In an instant, she shifted her arm so that my face was more or less shoved into the dank darkness of her armpit, and she locked her arm in such a way that I couldn’t move my head at all. It was stuck there until she set me free.

Ally’s armpit was slick with sweat, and though I couldn’t see it, I could feel little bits of stubble scratching at my face. The sensation and the scent should have made me sick.

But they didn’t.

I don’t know if it was her attitude, her choice of words, the fact that she had forced me to the ground and now had me trapped in a headlock, or the fact that this was the closest I’d ever been to a woman in my life, but a part of me was enjoying it. I’d never been in a position even close to this, and having Ally talk to me and treat me this way felt really good.

She started to move her body slowly, making it, so my face rolled along her armpit, wiping up a little bit of her sweat with every pass. She was using me as a washcloth, and I loved it.

That said, much as part of me was having the time of its life, I was starting to get a little light-headed both from the pressure and the lack of oxygen. Odds were I would pass out before I knew it, but Ally was either well aware of that, or she had more in store for me, seeing as a minute later she let go and let my head drop back to the floor.

Once free, I took several deep breaths, but the scent of her sweat still lingered in my nostrils. My chest hurt from the lack of air, and my face was red, but my mind was swimming with a myriad of emotions, and it wasn’t the only place blood was flowing to in my body.

I think if she hadn’t noticed my erection, Ally would’ve let me be. She would have assumed I’d learned my lesson and moved on. But the moment she looked over the rest of me and noted the bulge in my pants, her expression- already pretty angry, grew even more so. “Are you getting hard from this?”

She crouched down and stared at my bulge, her eyes filled with loathing. “You disgusting pervert! Getting off on my sweaty pits!”

For a second, I expected the worst- like she would kick me or step on me or, God forbid, call the cops, but Ally did none of that. Instead, what she did was get right back to business.

She wrapped her arm back around my head and made sure my face was shoved directly in the folds of her armpit. Within seconds I was once more awash with the scent and sensation of her sweat, and she seemed to revel in it. “You’re just a beta bitch, aren’t you? Need a strong woman to take control, don’t you?”

I didn’t respond, but her words rang true. The idea of someone like her being in control of me sounded extremely hot, and there wasn’t much I could say or do to prove otherwise. “You like it in there so much,” Ally said with manic glee, “You best start sniffing!”

At first, I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right, but she tightened her hold on me and repeated it. “I said sniff my pits bitch!”

Almost immediately, I did as Ally commanded, smelling the sweet, sweaty stink of her armpit. The scent was nearly overpowering, and I could feel drops of sweat filling up my nose with every sniff.

Ally seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was, seeing as she lessened her hold ever so slightly, allowing me to get at even more of her pit. While I’d never before considered a woman’s armpits arousing, her dominating nature was changing my attitude. I didn’t want her to stop forcing me to sniff her sweaty pits, and she didn’t seem to want me to either. But she also had more in mind for me.

A few more minutes of sniffing passed before Ally let me go, only to switch arms and shove my face into her other pit. This time though, rather than order me to continue, she changed things up. “Stick your loser tongue out and starting licking up my sweat.”

Without thinking, I dove right in, my tongue sliding out and towards her pit. Slowly I began to lap up at the salty, slick skin and tasted the fruits of her workout. It should have disgusted me, but my cock didn’t stop growing in the slightest. In anything, it got harder the more Ally degraded me this way.

Ally started to move my head back and forth, making damn sure that my tongue didn’t miss an inch of her pit. I licked all over the pale, perspiration-covered flesh, drinking in the smell and the taste of her sweat with every pass. It was practically being worked into the skin of my face, and I let it happen.

When she decided I was done, she switched back to the first one and had me do the same. I lost track of how long she kept me at it, but laying there lapping at her armpits had me harder than I’d ever been in my life. I didn’t want it to be over, even as she let me go, preparing for the conclusion of my humiliation.

Ally allowed me a few breaths as she looked at me with revulsion. “Fuck, you’re even better than a towel,” she said, her mouth forming a cruel grin. “That’s what I’m gonna call you. Towel Boy.” I nodded, accepting the title. I didn’t feel I had any choice and, the truth was, I didn’t. But even so, I couldn’t have conceived of what else Ally had in store for me.

She reached down and unzipped my pants, pulling them and my boxers down and allowing my cock to spring free. The look on her face told me she was unimpressed, a face she confirmed when she spoke. “A pervert like you would have a pathetic little cock. Just as well, anyone who gets hard from sweaty pits deserves a tiny dick.”

Even as she spoke, my cock got harder, as if hearing her degrade me was enough to get the thing going. I felt as low as could be, but I loved it. Ally slid back to my head and grabbed it in yet another headlock. Then, once she was sure my face was nice and jammed in her armpit, she said the words I hadn’t expected to hear this whole time.

“Stroke it. Stroke your pathetic little dicklet for me.”

My hand reached down and did as it was told. All the while, Ally began to fuck my face with her armpits. The slick, sweaty folds rubbed all over my mouth and nose as my hand stroked the length of my small shaft. And still, she kept mocking me for my transgressions.

“Aww, is Towel Boy getting hard for my pits? Those stinky, sweaty pits fucking your face like you wish they’d fuck your cock? Hmm, I bet you’d love to stick that tiny dick in my pit. Watch it get lost as it tries to squirt its loser load deep inside.” The more she taunted, the harder I got, and she knew it. Ally kept moving my head back and forth across her pit, and I kept stroking my cock until I knew that I was gonna cum.

And then she stopped.

Ally let go of my head and let it drop to the floor, then grabbed my arm and pulled it off my cock. And the moment she did, cum started to dribble out of the tip, but it didn’t feel good at all. I groaned in despair as she began to laugh at my ruined orgasm, smirking gleefully at the few pathetic drops of cum that managed to spurt out. “Losers like you don’t get to cum. That’s only for real men.”

I sighed, then watched as Ally opened her arm and brought her right armpit over my face. “Kiss it, Towel Boy.” Gently, I reached up with my lips and did as she asked. “The other one too,” she said as she switched arms, “And thank them for the privilege of getting to sniff and lick them.”

Feeling more pathetic than I had at the start, I gazed up at Ally and did as she asked. I kissed the left pit and sat, in all earnest, “Thank you for letting me sniff and lick your armpits.”

Then she stood up, grabbed her stuff, and headed for the changing room. I lay there for another moment or two before finding the strength to sit up. Once there, I stared at my now-flaccid, cum-stained cock, and shook my head. There were paper towels behind the desk and, once I managed to get back there, I cleaned myself up as best I could before slipping my boxers and pants back on.

About five minutes later, Ally walked out of the changing room in jeans and a t-shirt and dropped a bag on the counter in front of me. It was filled with her workout clothes. “These are for you to wash Towel Boy. When I come back to work out on Friday, I expect them to be here, all fresh and clean. Think you can do that?”

I stared at her, then at the back, then back at her, before I hung my head in absolute shame and submission. What else could I do?

“Yes, ma’am,” was I all I managed to say, and she smiled.

“From now on, you’ll call me Mistress Ally. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes, Mistress Ally,” then I watched her walk out of the gym. I didn’t know what Friday night would bring, but somehow, I had a feeling she and her pits were far from finished with me.

And I couldn’t wait to see what she did to me next.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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