Our Readers SPH Experiences 145

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had Netflix but no chill…

The wife and I had another couple of friends over this weekend to hang out and bbq. After a few bottles of wine, we all laid down to watch a movie on the couch. Of course, being drunk, none of us paid any attention to the movie and just got on our phones.

My wife’s friend Natalie and her boyfriend Jason were browsing TikTok when Natalie showed Jason one of those reaction videos of someone watching the scene from Sex/Life for the first time. He didn’t get the joke then asked what it was all about.

I then jokingly said, “Oh, you haven’t seen episode 3, 20 minutes in?”

He laughed and said, “Nope, never even heard of it.”

This caused Natalie to whip out her phone and pull up Netflix as quickly as possible, fast-forwarding to the scene. Jason saw the monster on the screen, and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. We all had a laugh, but then Natalie paused the scene and showed my wife.

“(wife), what do you think of this?”

“Ow! and like I told (suckerthow), it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

That’s when Jason said, “What (suckerthrow) you can’t compete with that thing?”

Then my wife quickly responded with, “God no! Not even a little!”

There was a quick pause of shock between everyone until finally, Natalie laughed, which caused Jason to laugh.

My wife tried to save it, saying, “I did mean that, that thing on the show is huge!”

I rolled with it and added, “I know, babe but come on, let’s be real.”

Natalie then chimed in with, “Yeah (wife), don’t backtrack now. Tell us!”

I’m smiling at this point, and my wife is as red as a tomato.

Then to our surprise, my wife says, “Fine! It would be like a baby standing next to a basketball player!” Then she covered her mouth with her hands.

I broke out laughing hysterically. Nat’s mouth was in shock, and Jason broke out laughing as well.

Jason then elbowed Natalie and said, “Come on, I’m not that far off, am I?”

Natalie laughed and said, “NO way! You are good, trust me!”

We all had a huge laugh about it and made jokes all night.


Another reader is an INCEL in the making…

I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I’m on the small side (Silver Member hard), and it has been a really long time because of all the lockdowns and stuff, so when we had sex, it was quick, and I came in like ten seconds. I know she didn’t cum, the worst of it is now all my friends know I am small and a fast cummer (because of her), they keep making jokes and I know I am into this, but now I will never get with anyone with them around.


Meanwhile, this reader is psychoanalyzed by his girlfriend…

I’ve always known I was on the smaller side (Bronze Member), but honestly didn’t think much of it until about 2 years ago when my long-term GF and I broke up, and I started dating again.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve had several experiences with girls where they’ve made comments or outright rejected me for my size. When my current GF and I started dating about 5 months ago, we got drunk and somehow had an entire conversation about penis size and if size matters. She confessed that she is a “size queen” (never heard of it before she said it) and how my size, as well as stamina, makes it difficult for me to satisfy her sexually. She said that while I am very good at going down on her, sometimes she craves being “dicked down” and gets frustrated that I can’t give her that.

She said that she thinks penis size subconsciously plays a large role in personality type. She said that she assumed I was small before we ever got intimate, given that I’ve always been more of a relationship guy as well as my more submissive/beta personality type.


While this reader also got bad reviews after a sexual encounter…

I knew a slightly younger girl that obviously had a crush on me for like a year. She wasn’t a bitch, but kind of an airhead that was super blunt about anything on her mind. She was kind of average-looking and cute.

I ended up getting with her, and to be honest. I thought I was doing her a favor until I got it out. I knew it wasn’t big (Silver Member), but I kind of thought it was fine. She straight away pulled some disappointed confused face, twisting her mouth. Ask if that was as big as I got. I told her it was. She outright said I was way smaller than she expected and that she thought I’d be quite big because I’m tall (6ft5).

My dumb ass asked if it was still good for her, and she said she wasn’t sure and that she’d never had one that small.

I ended up having sex with a condom that I couldn’t roll all the way down, and she barely moaned the whole time. She kept asking me to fuck her harder until I just came before she did, then went soft and even smaller in front of her than I was before. I asked her how it was, and she said she just said she wasn’t sure if I was big enough. I left annoyed at her.

I never had sex again with her, and she ended up telling me her ex was like 8 inches.

Another girl I had a big crush on (super hot) flirted with me less after a few weeks, and I found out the girl I hooked up with had told a group of girls I know how small I was and that she didn’t feel much.

I jerked off, wondering why she’s such a dumb bitch and has no idea what she did to me. Now I know I’m a small dick loser to average girls, and they deserve better than my small dick and can get it quite easily.


This reader knew he was in trouble when he saw the other guys in the locker rooms…

It was self-evident growing up that I was small just by seeing other guys. When I was dating my first girlfriend, I found a magazine under her bed at a penis size article. I instinctively knew it wasn’t good before anything was ever said to me and certainly before I knew anything about women’s preferences. All I knew was that I was the smallest guy in my school year, and to me, that wasn’t good at all. Then, of course, other guys sniggering in the showers, etc., confirmed my fears. It wasn’t complimentary about small dicks with phrases such as “It was like a penis only smaller,” and, “There’s nothing useful I can do with something that small.”

So I raised the subject with her, and she got a bit uncomfortable, saying only that sex with me was a bit different than she had experienced. When I raised it again, she admitted that she would prefer it if I were bigger, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Then she finally came clean and said I didn’t satisfy her because I was too small. She said she was sorry and didn’t want to hurt me, but I wouldn’t let it go. She left me soon after. Since then, I’ve been laughed at, told, “Sorry this isn’t for me,” and had a girl tell all her friends I have balls and a foreskin but no obvious dick.


Another reader gets palmed by his girlfriend…

So, recently, my girlfriend and I were having drinks with another couple we are close with. The girl, let’s call Allison. The guy, let’s call Jeff. So, Allison is fairly open when it comes to sex and has mentioned several times that Jeff has a large penis. She always says it’s about 9 inches. Jeff is pretty reserved when the talk turns to his dick size, so he usually doesn’t participate much at all. I’m not sure how we got on the subject this time, but Allison said your dick size is the same length as the bottom of your hand to the tip of your middle finger. (This is kind of hard to explain without visuals, so hopefully, this makes sense.)

She kept insisting it is true. I said that’s not true, and we started holding out our hands and measuring. Jeff and I are similar heights, about 6’2″, so I said we probably have similar hand sizes. We held up our hands to each other, and our hands were the same size.

I held out my hand and said, “My dick isn’t that long. I’m definitely not 9 inches.”

My girlfriend was confused, not realizing what we were talking about. She said, “No, I’d say you’re about that size.”

I explained that my dick isn’t that big, pointing from the bottom of my hand to the tip of my middle finger.

My girlfriend then said, “Oh, I thought you were saying from here to here.” Pointing from the middle of my palm to the tip of my middle finger.

Immediately, Allison and my girlfriend turned away and started laughing uncontrollably at what my girlfriend revealed. My girlfriend later apologized for her mix-up and reiterated that she loves my size. Obviously, that indicates that I’m a few inches shorter than Jeff when dick size. Part of me feels like she’s not entirely truthful there, but I’m not too bothered by it.

It’s been a while since I measured, but I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. Funnily enough, I measured my hand today to check, and my girlfriend was right: The middle of my palm to the tip of my middle finger is just under 5 inches. I get that’s not too small or anything, but it’s not big, either, especially when the other person in the room is supposedly 9 inches.

But my whole hand is only about 7 inches from bottom to tip. So, maybe Allison is lying/exaggerating about Jeff being 9 inches. Either way, that’s bigger than I am.


Meanwhile, this reader is cuckolded to a dildo…

So my girlfriend has a dildo that she makes me use on her. The thing is huge, like 9” and about as thick as I am long. Any time we do stuff, she’ll make me fuck her with this huge python. I always move down the bed and lay beside her pussy, watching up close as she takes the full thing, even going as far as cleaning it when she’s done – I love her taste.

It’s so humiliating and degrading, but I love it. Besides, it’s not like it’s a realistic dick – it’s just a huge dildo, or so I believed for the past 5 years until she decided to tell me it was a mold of her ex finally.

I’d never felt so emasculated in my life. She was making me fuck her with about her man’s dick. She’d watched me suck her juices from it. There’s no way I can compete with that. His head is bigger than my full dick.


While this reader finds an understanding friend…

In my early 30’s I went on a couple of dates with a super fit runner in her late 20’s. She had run the cross country while in college and still ran regularly recreationally. She was short and extremely skinny. She was the skinniest woman I had ever dated. She also had an extremely flat chest, which didn’t bother me because breast size was never big. I thought she was cute and beautiful. After a few dates, we reached the point where we watched a movie at my place and proceeded to make out. That led to us going to the bedroom and proceeding as couples do. First, I removed her shirt, leaving her bra on. Then she removed my shirt. Then I removed her shorts, leaving her in just her bra and panties. She then removed my shorts, leaving me in just my boxers. She was following my lead. I proceeded to kiss and rub her body, and I nuzzled up to her breasts through her bra. After a few minutes, I proceeded to remove her bra.

When her bra came off, all that distinguished her from a flat-chested male was that her small areolas popped out. I had never seen breasts so small before in person, and I was so turned on. I proceeded to rub them, and as I moved down to suck on them, she sheepishly said that she was sorry that they were so small. I immediately said there is nothing to be sorry about and that I loved them. I then sucked on one of the areolas. She seemed to relax a little bit when I said and did that.

She then said she hates her small breasts and asked if anything about my body that I didn’t like. I have always been in decent shape. I worked out regularly. The one thing I was cursed with is a small dick. It is thin and shorter than average. In my youth and through my 20’s it hurt my confidence with women, but over time I learned that as long as you treat women nice and pay attention to them, they usually don’t say anything. My dick would get super hard, and I found that the pressure from my pelvis on their clit during sex gave them pleasure. I also became decent at giving oral sex. I eventually started embracing my small dick, and I would get a rush the first time a woman would see me naked. It would be scary and exciting at the same time.

So when she asked if there is anything that I don’t like about my body, I first responded by being vague and saying, “Of course there is. All people have insecurities.” She then followed that up by asking me what mine were. I said, “You don’t want to hear about that,” and she quickly said she did. I continued to stall, and she started begging, saying, “Please share.”

In my mind, I was frantically debating what I should say. I wanted to share the truth with her since it turned me on, but I also didn’t want to jeopardize the situation. I didn’t know how she would react. I finally decided to go with it, and I said, “Well, I wish my penis was bigger.” She then asked if it was small.

I said, “I don’t know.”

She then said, “It’s okay.”

I then said, “It’s definitely not as big as I would like.”

She then said, “I want to see.”

I timidly said, “Okay.”

She pulled down my boxers, and my hard small dick popped up and was sticking straight up. A smile came to her face, and she said she liked it. She reached her hand down to grab it. She delicately gripped it with just her fingertips, mostly just her thumb and two fingers. I then saw her spread her index finger and thumb along the shaft from tip to base. She had taken a mental measurement. She didn’t have a measuring device on her, but I know she would be able to replicate that distance between the tip of her index finger and thumb any time and take a measurement. She also didn’t deny that it was small. She just said she liked it. She proceeded to play with it, which felt amazing. The fact she seemed to be enjoying herself and was accepting of my penis made me feel incredible.

We didn’t have sex that night, but we continued to have fun. I removed her panties to reveal a nicely trimmed strawberry blonde bush. I rubbed her for a while, which she seemed to enjoy. Then she straddled me as I laid on my back. Her knees were on each side of me, and her vagina was right above my scrotum as she reached down and started stroking my dick. She licked her hand and applied her wet fingers and palm over my dick, covering it completely. She started going faster and faster. The view I had was amazing. This fit-naked woman with a tight body was sitting on top of me, stroking me, and her hand was completely covering my dick. Every once in a while, I would catch glimpses of her bush behind her hand as she stroked my dick. It was so incredibly hot. She never came out to say I was small, but it was understood by how she was using that one hand on me.

She brought me to climax, and that wonderful evening came to an end. We only went on one more date after that, and we never had sex. I have not seen that woman in over 10 years, but I still think of her and that night often.


This reader enjoys some long-distance cuckolding…

Last year, I briefly dated a girl, but we broke up because she got a faraway job offer. We chat here and there, but recently she told me she was seeing another guy. She knew I was a cuck, so she told me all about their first hook-up a month ago, which was incredible. But the other day, she told me so many details about her night, it drove me insane.

She told me how horny she gets when they hang out and how she always “accidentally” strokes his cock through his jeans. Apparently, he was massive. She said that she could put three hands around it if she could (she has tiny hands, but still, that’s fucking massive. She only uses two fingers to jerk me off. Then she told me all about how much she loved giving him BJs because: “It’s a lot more fun giving them to big cock guys.”

That was insane to hear.

I asked if they ever used condoms, and she just giggled and told me, “No, but he does have to pull out sadly.”

I asked why I had to wear a condom that doesn’t fit me and not him, and she said, “Oh my gosh, dude, you cum in under a minute. Plus, your cock isn’t worth the risk.”

I came so hard hearing that. Meanwhile, she told me how long he lasted and how many times he was able to go for. I was too embarrassed to tell her I came within 2 minutes of stroking myself, lol.


Another reader bares it all at the gym…

Coming to terms with my small penis, I decided I wouldn’t hide it when I change and shower at the gym—no more awkward undressing under a towel. On my first day with my new mindset, I head back to the locker room to shower and change after a workout. Combining tight underwear and a workout to an already small penis makes me basically tiny. I get to my locker with basically no one around. Thinking this is my opportunity to ease into full exposure, I start to undress. Shirt off and towel ready I’m about to drop my shorts and underwear when two guys arrive back in my area. They were chatting and the only locker separating them is mine. I’m right in the middle of them. I had no choice but to continue undressing. So I dropped my shorts and stood between them, fully exposed, extra tiny cock for both to see. They certainly looked at it. I grabbed my towel and headed to the showers knowing they both fully saw my nonexistent penis. It was exhilarating.

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