Pit Stop 2

By Outsider1505.

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Part 2…

After three of the longest days ever, Friday finally rolled around.

And I had no idea what to do.

A first, I honestly considered calling out sick, maybe asking one of the other managers to take my shift for the night. But every time the idea entered my mind, I thought of Ally- of Mistress Ally, of her slick, sweaty pits, and I chickened out like the loser I was.

Besides, she would want her gym clothes back, and there was no way to explain to another employee why I had a client’s clothing. And what if Mistress Ally decided to claim I stole her clothes and was perving on her? I could lose my job, or worse.

So I went back to work.

Her clothes were washed and dried as she’d ordered, although I admit I’d shoved my face in them more than once before throwing them in the machine. Mistress Ally’s sweat permeated every inch of the tight fabric, and with each breath, I drank in, I felt more and more pathetic, as well as more and more aroused. This woman had so thoroughly degraded me, and I could not get enough of it.

As was typical for a Friday evening, things were pretty busy for the first few hours of my shift, but as time passed, people started to head off, and by the time ten-thirty rolled around, there was only one other person in the gym with me, and it wasn’t Mistress Ally.

The lone gym-goer was massive. Like, this guy was easy twice my size, ripped as could be, and really had no business being in a gym anymore other than to show off. Maybe it made him feel good to keep working out, or maybe he just enjoyed making guys like me feel even more insecure than we already did when guys like him were around.

By quarter to eleven, his was still there, and I was still sitting around waiting for what I knew- or hoped, was coming. I didn’t have to wait much longer. Before I knew it, a familiar voice spoke up from the side of the desk. “Hey, Towel Boy. You got something for me?”

Turning my head, I saw Mistress Ally standing there in all her glory by the sign-in sheet, looking just as stunning as she had the last time. She watched me with a look of utter disdain like she couldn’t bear even talking to me, but that wicked smirk of her quickly returned as I handed her the bag of freshly cleaned gym clothes. “Good boy,” she whispered, “Bet your little dicklet got hard sniffing these, didn’t it?”

Without a word, I nodded then looked at the floor, feeling like an absolute nothing, and her cruel giggle-filled my ears. “That’s what I thought,” she added, then headed for the locker room to change, and once again, I stood there waiting.

A few minutes later, she made her way out, the tight gym clothes sticking to her and showing off her curves, and I was surprised to see her head straight for muscle boy. For a second, I worried that she was going to tell him I was a pervert or something, and he’d come and beat the snot out of me.

Instead, he perked up the moment he noticed Mistress Ally approaching, and as soon as she reached him, the locked lips.

My stomach turned at the sight. I looked away, knowing even without asking that muscle boy was clearly her boyfriend. An alpha like him certainly seemed her type, but watching them kiss made me feel even lower than I already did, as well as more frightened that she would indeed reveal what we’d done.

They quickly broke their embrace and got to work, and I tried to do the same, busying myself around the desk while waiting to see what happened next. It was far from easy, and I had to force myself not to look over at Mistress Ally for fear that her boyfriend would notice.

After about twenty minutes, muscle boy put his weights away, gave Mistress Ally another kiss, and headed for the locker room. When he finished up and came towards the desk, I half-expected him to say or do something to me, but all he did was sign out and leave.

Which left only Mistress Ally and me in the whole of the gym.

For the next hour or so, she didn’t as much as acknowledge my miserable existence. She just went about her usual workout routine as if I didn’t exist. She ran a few miles on the treadmill, stretched, worked with the free weights for a while, the whole time knowing I was watching her. She wanted to torture me, and the more I tried to look away, the more I found I couldn’t. My eyes were locked on her, and she knew it.

When she at last finished up with the free weights, she looked my way and, rather than speak, motioned at me with a finger. Slowly, head down, I made my way around the front desk and into the gym, where Mistress Ally waited for me. Once I reached her, she pointed the same finger to the floor, and I knew what was expected of me. I lay down and waited, desperate to know what she had in store for me.

The next thing I knew, her sneaker-clad feet were beside my shoulders, and her tight, yoga-pant-covered ass was hanging above me. She began to lower herself until her ass was inches from my face and left it there for what felt like forever. Even from where I was laying, I could feel the heat emanating off her, could practically smell the sweat as the thickness of it wafted off her. A few drops fell onto my face, but I didn’t care, didn’t dare speak even if I wanted to. All I could do was stare at that perfect ass lingering above me.

“So, did you like watching me make out with my boyfriend, Towel Boy?” Mistress Ally asked as she completed her squat, then began another. “Max is a real man, not a loser bitch like you.” Her sweat-drenched ass continued to tease me, and another drop fell onto my lips. I liked it up and watched her rise, only to slowly come down again. “His cock makes your tiny dicklet look like a baby’s… It’s so thick and meaty. When we fuck it fills my pussy up so good, I could cum just from that. He just loved fucking my tight little cunt.”

As her ass rose once more, she stared down and shook her head at me dismissively. “Something, a pathetic little Towel Boy like you will never get to do.”:

Listening to Mistress Ally talk about her sex life was both embarrassing and, oddly enough, arousing. Hearing her degrade my cock by comparing it to her boyfriend’s was getting me hard, and all the teasing from her sweaty ass was not helping matters.

She started another squat, or at least I thought so, but she didn’t stop this time. Instead, her ass landed square on my unsuspected face, where she planted it firmly like I was nothing more than a seat. I could feel all the sweat started to squeeze out from the pressure of her ass on my face, and it dripped out as she continued her taunts. “Little bitches like you are only good at wiping up a sweat, aren’t you Towel Boy?”

Though it was muffled, I tried my best to answer ‘Yes, much to Mistress Ally’s enjoyment. She began to slide her ass up and down across my face, making sure to wipe every trace of sweat on me like the towel I was. Her workout juices were everywhere, and between them and her words, she was driving me wild.

“Did you miss my sweaty pits, Towel Boy?” She asked but didn’t wait for me to respond. “I got them all nice and slippery for you tonight. You can imagine they’re my tight pussy when you fuck them with your pathetic loser face… But I think I’ll lube you up with my ass a little more first.”

And she did.

The fabric of her yoga pants seemed to have sucked up every drop of sweat like a sponge, and now it was happily squeezing it all onto my waiting face. It went in my hair, eyes, nose, and mouth, but I dared not try and fight her. Just being there beneath her felt right, like it was where I truly belonged.

Once she was satisfied I’d wiped up enough of her ass sweat, she allowed me to breath a little before joining me on the floor. Looking up, I watched her stretch out her arms, proudly showing off her glistening pits. Even in the light of the gym, I could see the sweat covering them and waited with bated breath for my chance to worship them.

But Mistress Ally wasn’t going to give them to me so easily.

“You know what, that first time, I was nice. But this time, I think you should beg. Beg to sniff and lick my sweaty pits clean like a good little Towel Boy.” I was taken aback by this, and for a moment, wasn’t sure what to do. Unfortunately, Ally was not the patient type. “I said beg to worship my pits, you fuckin beta bitch!”

At that moment, something clicked in my mind, and I immediately started doing as she commanded. “Please, Mistress Ally, let me sniff and lick your pits. It is my only purpose in life, to be a towel boy and clean up your sweat like the little bitch that I am.”

I have no idea where any of that came from, but it poured out of my mouth like the sweat from her pores, and based on the wicked smirk on her face, it was precisely what Mistress Ally wanted to hear. “That’s right. This is all you will ever get, all you deserve. No pussy, no tits, no ass unless it’s covered up and smothering you. Only sweat for you. I’m gonna make you addicted to my sweaty pits. When I’m done with you, they’ll be the only things that’ll get your little dicklet hard.”

Though part of me wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that, it was far too late to change my fate. Any chance I had to argue was quickly silenced by Mistress Ally’s armpit covering my mouth and nose, her arms wrapping around my head so I couldn’t escape. Then, just as she had that first night, she set me straight to work. “Sniff my pits.”

I began to take long, deep breaths of the stinky, sweat-drenched armpits that were currently my entire world, and with each one, I felt lower and lower even as my cock grew harder. The waves of stink washed over me, and I knew there was no way I was not going to be dragged under by them. Mistress Ally was the strong, unstoppable ocean, and I was the dinghy that was never going to reach the shore.

After a few minutes, she loosened her grip so that I could breathe, but not for long. “Wouldn’t want you to lose any of my workout stank,” she giggled cruelly as she trapped me once more. My nose was practically digging into the folds of her flesh, and still, she held my head tighter. Mistress Ally was making damn sure I did not miss any of her scents, and still, my cock stiffened.

She looked back and noticed the growing bulge in my pants, but she did not comment this time. In fact, I think she was just pleased to know her plan was already working so well. The more she made me sniff, the harder I got, and that was only the tip of the iceberg for her. “Alright, get that tongue of yours to work. Lick up all the sweat your nose missed.”

Immediately I started to lick, though it was hard given the lack of space, but rather than loosen her grip; Mistress Ally started to move her arm and my head back and forth so that my tongue had no choice but to lick, and it did with all the energy I could muster.

“Max gets to lick my pussy. He gets me all hot and riled up with his tongue, then slips his cock in and goes to town. That’s what real men do. Losers like you get to lick my pits and be grateful for the privilege.” For a moment, she loosened her hold enough for my head to drop out. “Does Towel Boy love licking Mistress’s pits?”

Struggling for breath, I nodded, but that wasn’t good enough. Letting my head drop to the floor, she slapped me across the face, her expression far from pleased. “I asked you a question bitch!”

The sting of her hand on my cheek lingered, but I dared not fail to answer a second time. “Yes, Mistress Ally. I love licking your pits.”

That was enough for her, and she switched her position so she could shove my face in her other pit, as well as keep an eye on the bulge in my pants. Just as with the first time, though, she wanted a show and quickly reached down to pull my pants and boxers to free my pathetic dick for her amusement. “It looks even smaller than I remember,” she added with a laugh, then spat at my cock. I felt the saliva slip down my shaft, and my cock actually jolted from the sensation, much to her enjoyment.

As she wrapped my head up once more, she gave me the order. “Stroke your cock for me, Towel Boy.” I did as she ordered, wondering if this time she would actually let me cum. I doubted it, but it didn’t matter. Her pleasure was all that counted, and if she wanted me to stroke my cock for her, I would do it. I felt her pit close on my face, smothering my mouth and nose with her slick, sweat-covered flesh, and quickly got to work.

While I stroked my cock, Mistress Ally rubbed her pit across my face and, to hammer down what she thought of me, got back to taunting me. “I bet you dreamed about this. Sniffed my workout clothes while playing with your dicklet and hoping, praying, that I’d shove your pathetic little face back into my pits where it belongs.”

I groaned, both from the sensation of my hand on my cock and of her pits on my face, but also because she was right. Much as I’d wanted to skip work, to try and run from this, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be back here. Back on the floor, face buried in the sweet folds of Mistress Ally’s pits.

It was sad and pathetic, but it was also the only place I wanted to be. The only place I deserved to be.

“Do you wanna cum, Towel Boy?” She asked, my face buried deep in her pit and my tongue lapping up her sweet sweat. I hadn’t actually expected her to ask and struggled to think of the right answer. Did she want me to say yes, or was she planning to humiliate me if I dared do so? Could she really be offering to let me cum?

“Please, Mistress Ally,” I begged as she loosened her hold enough to let me speak clearly. “Please let me shoot my loser load for you.”

She grinned, and for a brief moment, I thought she was actually kind. That is until she released my head and crawled over to my legs. Without a word, she lifted them and put them against the nearby wall so that my cock was pointing right at my face, and then I understood. “Keep stroking bitch,” she said as she crawled back and shoved my face into her pit. “But don’t you dare cum until I say so.”

I did as she asked, even though I knew what she had in store and was disgusted at the very idea of, but I had no choice. I wanted to cum, needed to cum, especially with my face buried in Mistress Ally’s pit. It would cement my position as her Towel Boy, and, degrading as that was, I wanted it with every fiber of my being.

Her slick, slippering pits kept sliding across my face, feeding me more and more of her sweat, and my hand kept moving up and down my tiny dicklet while she watched. I could feel my body start to tense up, could feel the orgasm coming, but I had to fight it until Mistress Ally said so. I was on the edge, ready to burst but kept stroking as my balls ached and my breathing got harder.

For a minute, I thought she was going to keep me waiting, keep me edging until I passed out, but then her arm opened up and dropped my sweat-covered face to the floor. With a smile, she held it back up and forced my mouth open before saying the words I’d wanted her to say, consequences be damned.

“Cum Towel Boy, cum for your Mistress!”

My cock exploded, and as I stroked it, streams of pent-up semen shot out, nearly all of it landing right where she wanted- in my open mouth. I was disgusted but couldn’t do a thing about it as Mistress Ally made sure I caught as much of my cum as was possible. The rest landed in my face in my hair and mixed with her sweat, but most of it landed in my mouth, and as the spasms stopped and the last few drops dribbled out, she gently shut my mouth and looked me dead in the eye. “Swallow.”

And I did. Every last drop of my cum went down my throat, mixed with the sweat from her pits and ass. All the while, I felt torn between complete and utter degradation and euphoria. That was the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced, and it was due to Mistress Ally’s control.

Once I’d swallowed my load, she stood up and stared at me, looking like the veritable Goddess she was. “I hope you enjoyed that Towel Boy because that is the last time you’ll get to cum for a long time.” Then she went over to her gym bag and ruffled around until she found whatever she was looking for.

Bringing it back over to where I was still lying, trying to both catch my breath and wrap my head around all of this, she proudly showed it off, and the moment I saw it, I understood everything.

It was a chastity cage.

I’d heard about them online but had never seen one in person, nor had I ever expected. But then, I’d never expected to be dominated so thoroughly, and yet here we were.

“Clean yourself up and put it on,” she ordered, and I stood up as best I could. “I am never going to touch that pathetic little dicklet, and neither are you after tonight. You only get to play with yourself when I say so. I don’t care how hard you get for me and my sweaty pits.”

Mistress Ally pointed to the locker room, and, head hung in shame, I made my way to it. I cleaned up my cock, face, and hair as best I could then stared at the chastity cage in utter despair. I knew if I slid it on, there was no turning back. I would be her Towel Boy until she said otherwise if she ever did.

Much as the idea frightened me, the truth was, she had already done more to me than anyone had before, and, humiliating as it had been, that orgasm had been incredible. If the price to have another one like it again was submission and chastity, maybe it was worth it.

I slid the cage on and went back into the gym.

Mistress Ally was waiting, and she smirked when she saw the cage. “Good Towel Boy. Now to lock you up, so you obey me.” She slipped a small padlock through the holes in the cage and locked it tight, then held the key in front of my face. “Say goodbye to this key. Who knows when you’ll ever see it again.”

She slipped the key into the depths of her gym bag and closed it, then raised her arms and motioned towards her pits. “Kissy time Towel Boy. You know what to do.”

Leaning towards them, I kissed each armpit gently, the lingering taste of her sweat dabbing onto my lips. “Thank you for letting me worship your pits, Mistress Ally.” Then I watched her head for the locker room while I slid my boxers and pants back up and went back to the front desk. The cage was cold against my cock, but I guess I’d get used to it eventually.

Mistress Ally stopped by the front desk and once again dropped her gym clothes in front of me on her way out. However, this time, she had more in mind. “I expect these clean and washed by next Tuesday. But before you do that, I want you to bury your face in them at least five times. I want your cock to strain against that cage while you sniff my sweaty clothes. Understood?”

Suddenly the idea of ‘getting used to it didn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon. Mistress Ally was going to make sure I suffered for her, and all I could do was nod. “Yes, Mistress Ally.”

Then she signed out, but before she left the gym, she turned back and stared me dead in the eye. “Who owns you, Towel Boy?”

I groaned. “Mistress Ally owns me.”

She smiled. “That’s right.”

And as she left the gym, the truth of my situation fully sunk in, and I realized that while she had left me in even worse states than the last time, I was practically salivating at the thought of what Tuesday would bring.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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