Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 146

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


The reader was pantsed at school, and it exposed his little secret…

The first time anyone saw my dick was in 8th grade. My friend group was made up of 4 guys, Joe, Greg, Cory, and myself. One day when we were walking to class after lunch, Greg came up front behind me, pulling my boxers and shorts all the way down to the floor.

At that point, I had barely started going through the changes, so I had no pubic hair, and my dick had basically not grown at all. Just my head would stick out. (A rather tiny head.)

I pulled my shorts up as fast as I could, but the damage was already done. Luckily it was only my friends who saw me, but they thought it was hilarious.

My school was tiny, so by lunch the next day, everyone knew. Our group of guys would sit with 4 girls every day, Shaylin, Lindsay, Hanna, and Catie.

The next day when I walked into lunch, Joe was holding his pinky up to me. “What do you guys think? Seems about right.”

They all started laughing, and I just told them to fuck off.

A week later, we were messing around in the bathroom. We were all sagging our pants and jumping around. For some reason, I grabbed my boxers and pulled them up as far as they would go.

They were all laughing, and I thought it was the joke they were laughing at. Then Greg said, “Dude, your little dick is out.”

I covered up with my hand and quickly realized it was.

Cory said, “What is that almost an inch?”

They all laughed, and I was mortified.

Later on, I had a math class with Catie and Shaylin. Out of nowhere, Shaylin leaned over and said, “Catie’s little brother is bigger than an inch, and he’s only 4 years old.”

With both of them laughing, I just smiled and shook my head.

I was embarrassed about my size but still a very horny teenager. I would watch porn every chance I got. At that point, the only dicks I had ever seen were in porn, so obviously, I felt small.

Then one day, I found the porn that would change my life forever, sph. I searched everywhere, trying to watch all of it, and I think I succeeded. For the first time, I was aroused by the humiliation instead of only feeling embarrassed.


Another reader has a makeout session that ends with doubts…

In the Summer between 8th and 9th grade, I went to stay with my dad in a town about an hour away. One of my friends over there had a party with girls and guys one night. There was a girl there named Brittany. I had never met her before, but she said she wanted to hook up with me.

After everyone went to sleep, we went into one of the bedrooms and started making out. I had never even kissed a girl before, and I could tell she was way more experienced than I was.

We began making out, and she started grinding against me. It was instantly hard, but a thin 2 incher is easy to hide. We made out for probably 30 minutes, taking turns on top and bottom. I was too nervous about making a move, so we eventually just stopped and went to bed.

The next day we were texting, and she asked me if I had a good time. Of course, I told her I did. She said, “Really? Because I couldn’t feel you.”

I said, “Next time, I’ll make sure you do.”

Then she asked me for a dick pic, and I told her I don’t send dick pics.

B: Is it because you’re tiny? Haha, Are you embarrassed?

Me: Lol, no, I just don’t want a picture of me floating around out there. Sorry

B: How big are you then?

Me: 6 inches.

B: Hmmmm. I don’t think I believe you. I guess I’ll just have to see for myself next time.

We never texted or saw each other again. She was right, though. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.


Meanwhile, this reader is too small to lose his virginity…

I was pretty well traumatized for the rest of high school but still managed to have a couple of girlfriends. I was way too scared to make any moves, so they didn’t last long. When I started college, I promised myself things were going to be different. I chose a school 2 hours away to ensure a fresh start. Then I found out Hanna from my high school was going to the same college.

We were friends all through school, but surprisingly we started to become more than friends. We were really hitting it off, and we dated. She was my first real girlfriend, and after 2 months, we said I love you. We would go to each other’s dorms almost every night to watch movies and make out.

One night when we were under the covers, she put her hand down my pants, and I got my dick touched for the first time. She hadn’t been with anybody else either, so that was her first time. It was kind of awkward. She just used two fingers to play with it a little. I think we were just testing the waters.

That went on for 6 months. I was getting more comfortable around her, and I didn’t try to cover up or hide it anymore. One night she asked if she could measure me. I agreed, so she grabbed a ruler and came up with 2.5 inches. By then, I had measured myself daily, so I wasn’t surprised. I just said, “It looked like 3 to me.”

We laughed.

We decided since we were in love that we should lose our virginities to each other. We tried 5 different times, but I was too nervous and couldn’t get hard when it came down to it. She could tell I was frustrated, but she would always tell me not to worry about it. She would say she loved me, and we didn’t have to have sex.

Summer was coming up, and we were going through a rough patch. She decided she wanted to take a break. I was heartbroken, but she assured me we would hang out during the summer and eventually get back together. We didn’t hang out at all. I kept my mind occupied just hanging out with my friends back home. One night we were at Joe’s house, and he put some porn on. We all had our hands in our pants or wrapped ourselves in a blanket. Cory looked over and said he didn’t see a lot of movement coming from me.

I said, “I could say the same about you.”

He said, “Bullshit! I’m working with a Coke can over here.”

“Sure you are, bud,” I said.

Then he dropped the blanket that was wrapped around him, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was literally as thick as a Coke can, and he had both hands on it with room to spare.

I had never seen any of my friends fully erect like that. I definitely made sure to cover myself up more after that.

At the end of Summer, I was on the phone with Joe. He said, “Did you hear Hanna lost her virginity?”

I was hurt, but I played it off like I didn’t care.

Then he said, “I asked her how it was, and she said he had a big dick, and it hurt real bad.”

That killed me.


While this reader finds not just the fridges cold…

I work in a grocery store where my register is right next to the produce fridges, and the AC in the store is always cranked up. During a slow part of the day, the cashier girl at the register next to me and I were making small talk, and I said something to the effect of, “Man, it’s freezing in here today.”

This was followed up by a giggle, and she said, “Oh, you’re cold. Is that why you never have a bulge?”

That was followed by a couple of the other girl cashiers giggling and laughing. My face must have been really red because she started comforting me while laughing at the same time.


This reader plays “Goldilocks” with condoms…

I am married for 13 years. We’ve married very early, and we were both our first sex partners to each other. Anyway, my wife is a shy and modest person with a really nice body. I know. I don’t know how I managed to land a girl like her. Especially taking into consideration the fact that I’m tiny in pants. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, but also very thin. I was getting condoms online, and I got an extra box of those in all sizes. I was totally unaware of those. I put the whole package on the nightstand. A few days later, we were going to have sex. My wife took out the box with all the sizes.

She said: “Honey, there is something extra here. It’s a box of different sizes.”

I was surprised and asked her to show me. There were XL, L, M, S, XS. I knew what my size was, and I knew it’s going to be embarrassing.
She asked me what size I am. I really felt my dick shrinking.

I said: “What size do you think I am?”

She replied: “I think you’re Large.”

To which I said: “I’m more like a medium (which I wasn’t).”

“Let’s try large,” she said and took out the condom.

When I slipped out of my shorts, my dick was small like never before. She started sucking it, and it got to its full small glory. She opened the condom and tried to put it on, but it was just devastating to my size. The condom was so big it could fit in 4 of me. My wife was shocked. She was just looking at it on my penis with her jaw dropped.

After like 40 seconds, she said: “Honey, compared to this one, your size is small.”

Honestly, I was hoping that small won’t be too big because that would have been a total humiliation for me. She took out the small one and put it on me. It really didn’t look too big, but it was a little loose.

She looked at it with her eyes open and said, “We could see how the extra small fits.”

We did, and it was a perfect size for me and also a perfect humiliation.


Another reader finds dating to be heartbreaking…

When I got back to school, my ex Hanna found me to catch up. I said, “I heard you had a busy summer.”

She punched me in the arm and said fuck you. For some reason, I couldn’t be mad at her, though, so I apologized. She said it was a one-time thing, and I was who she really wanted. We got back together and picked up where we left off. Kind of. I was way more nervous about having sex this time around. Not only had she had sex, but to make it worse for me, it was with a big dick. The first few times we hung out again, I didn’t even try. After a month, I started making moves but still couldn’t get hard.

On the 10th attempt, I stayed hard, and she wanted me to hit it from the back. I had no rhythm, so I just kept slipping out. That went on for like a minute, and I went limp. I couldn’t get hard again.

She said, “Well, at least you’re not a virgin anymore.”

This was true, I suppose, but I couldn’t help but feel defeated.

I didn’t try again after that. I’m sure that had a lot to do with it, but we weren’t doing too hot. She decided she wanted to take another break during Summer. Again I was heartbroken, but I went with it. I probably should’ve realized what was going on with these Summer breaks, but I was young and dumb and in love. I heard she slept with 6 guys during that break, but when I asked about it, she promised they were just rumors. Of course, when school started again, she wanted to get back together, so we did.

Then 4 months later, I heard a rumor that would hurt the most out of them all. While Hanna and I were home for Christmas break, we went to a party with all of our old friends. Hanna and Cory left the party, fucked, and then came back as nothing happened. We were all very drunk, so it was easy for them to sneak away.

She denied it at first but ended up admitting to it. I got pissed and started calling her hurtful names. Then she said, “What’s the point of us together? You can’t even fuck me!”

She was right, and I knew it was time to move on. She and Cory started dating right then.

After I got over the breakup is when my cuckold fantasies began. I had stumbled across cuckold porn in the past but didn’t think much of it. It was still in the back of my mind, though. This situation brought it to the forefront. Soon I was jacking off thinking about them together. How I wasn’t enough, and how I didn’t measure up.

The next time I was home for a break, I was at another party. Cory’s ex, who also got cheated on during the fiasco, sat down next to me. She pointed at Hanna and Cory sitting together and said: “Doesn’t that piss you off?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said: “Honestly, I’m over it now.”

Then she said, “Hanna told me you’re tiny. Like 2 inches.”

I said, “Don’t they all say that after a breakup?”

She laughed and said, “Small is not the word I would use for Cory.” Then she grabbed her forearm, insinuating he was that big, and said, “We called it the 9 inch Coke can.”

Then she got up and walked away laughing. I already knew all that, of course.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife has better things to do with her time…

I have had intercourse with my wife once in the last 6 years. The last time was almost 4 years ago, and she often tells me that she doesn’t think she will ever allow me to enter her again. I don’t know why I get so turned on when she denies me, but I love her telling me how I am too small to satisfy her, and allowing me inside her would just be a waste of her time.


While this reader is hypnotized by a visitor’s breasts…

My girlfriend, let’s call her Kate, and her best friend Sharon made plans to get together; Sharon wants to stay at our place for a few days. A few weeks ago, I bought my first cage, but when it arrived, and I told Kate, she didn’t seem interested and hasn’t even asked to see it. I’ve had some fun on my own with it. Sharon arrives after a long commute and skips her shower, she and Kate change into their PJs, and I hope in the shower. When I get out, my one-inch soft little penis is shocked from the cold and looking like a turtle. I see my phone has many missed messages from Kate.

“I don’t want your little penis getting hard, and I know you’re going to try to look at Sharon’s tits… Lock it up so you can’t get an erection. I know that’s why you were excited about her visit, you perv.”

I’m panicking… Part of me loves the thrill, but I’ve never exposed my little clit to anyone I know other than a partner, so I replied, begging her not to say anything to Sharon. I’ve been to a nude beach a few times and have had some doctor/ hospital visits where young nurses have seen it as small as it gets.

She replies, “If the cage is not on in 10 min, I’m not only telling her about your little secret, I’ll even give her the key!”

I put the cock ring on as fast as possible, no lube, just a big ball first, then I shove the second one through the ring with minimal discomfort… And then push my little nub like a button into my body and back out through the ring with my balls. I’m now turned on by all this and can’t lock the cage (I got the medium, by the way), so I jerk off and lock up just in time. I put my baggy PJs on with a t-shirt and come downstairs.

Both girls are in baggy bottoms, very loose with the thinnest t-shirts I’ve ever seen, and of course, no bras. I can see everything and can feel the pressure on my dicklette. I couldn’t believe I was finally able to see Sharon’s amazing breasts, I could see the shape, and the room is chilly, her nipples pointed out perfectly. Kate knows I can’t stop looking and gives me a very sneaky smirk and texts me, ‘If you look at her perfect breasts one more time… she gets a key to your useless little penis!!

Sharon yawns and stretches her arms back behind her head with her eyes closed, giving me the most amazing view I could ever imagine.

Before she can even finish her yawn, Kate says, “Sharon, you need to see some pictures of this hike that we might go on while you are visiting!”

Then she takes out her phone and hands it to Sharon, who starts swiping; I tense up, and my erection goes away completely, leaving my shriveled penis sitting there locked up all pathetic. After 3 swipes, Sharon’s eyes widen with a slight gasp. She covers her mouth as she has obviously seen the same picture that I shared above.

Kate quickly grabs the phone, “I’m so sorry!! That was a joke from another convo… Not awkward at all, right? haha?”

Silence from the three of us.

Sharon looks directly into my eyes, and I sheepishly look down to the ground as I’m so embarrassed at this point I can’t look her in the eye; she clearly knows my new fetish. Luckily we change the convo and, being tired, end up going to bed.

“Goodnight,” says Sharon, who gives me a wink.

In the bedroom, Kate is licking my clit in its cage until I can’t take it anymore, and she suddenly stops and immediately rolls over,

“Goodnight, little penis. Rest up for tomorrow. I told you she would get that key.”

Nothing else is said as I wonder if I regret what I’ve started.


Meanwhile, this reader has found a way to make the best of it…

I used to think I had at least an average-sized dick. I’m a handsome guy. Was really popular. I would get a lot of dates and girlfriends. The ones I had sex with wouldn’t complain to me but never moan or go crazy during sex. I just figured that only happens in porn. It must be exaggerated for the camera. Until I heard my buddy fucking a girl, and she was screaming and moaning like in the videos. That was when I started to think maybe it was me. Maybe I was small?

I eventually met a girl, the one I ended up marrying. She’s the one who made me realize I was small. Her pussy lips were physically way bigger than my limp dick. We had sex a few times, and she never said anything about my size. I couldn’t get a real reaction out of her during sex. She just kind of went with it and took it. So finally, I said, “I’m gonna nail this pussy good and hard next time.”

When that time came, I threw her legs up on my shoulders and started thrusting and pounding as hard as I could. This should do it.

She looked me dead in my face and laughed and said, “What are you doing”?

I felt so humiliated and couldn’t answer. So I just went back to sliding my little one in and out at a regular pace until I came. Then I fingered her and went down on her to get her off. The way she humiliated me started to turn me on, coupled with the fact she kept having sex with me.

Things worked out. I confessed how it turned me on, and she told me I was the smallest guy she was ever with. Now we add it to our play, and she makes comments about my little winky and will lay there, play on the phone or watch tv while I have sex with her to drive home the fact I’m not pleasuring her. I usually cum fast, and then I go down on her and finger or use a dildo to get her off. We’ve been together 23 years, and thanks to her, I can really enjoy being small and get off on the humiliation of it.

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