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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers drugs are bad…

So I had some married friends, and the husband’s mother lived with them. Being close friends and an eventual household member, I was invited to a small party they were throwing.

By this time, I had become great friends with the wife ‘K,’ the husband ‘J,’ and his weird mom. I arrived, and some of their neighbors and a couple of girls we graduated with were there and had already started drinking.

I ended up getting trashed beyond drunk. And towards the end of the party, after almost everyone was gone, we gathered in the living room. K had changed into a long shirt and panties, and J was just drunk enough to have his dick out of his zipper on accident (he was proud of what he had. And it was pretty impressive.) B, whom we graduated with and my eventual ruin, and J’s mom was there. B was naked as I found out that she usually gets even sober. And J’s mom, who overlooked her son’s blatant nudity and encouraged it, was sitting behind me in her usual house coat and nothing else.

Without warning, J’s mom pantsed me in my full drunken wonder. Before I go further, my soft dick is usually retracted inside me like a tiny acorn buried in fat, sitting atop two small grape-sized balls. Neither of which is an exaggeration. I’m both too drunk and stunned to comprehend what had just happened. K, J, and B turn to stare at my exposed shrunken noodle.

Or I guess my exposed tight balls because that is all visible. K is staring wide-eyed. B is laughing, and J looks away and says, “Hell, yeah, brotha.”

K finally speaks. “Where. Where is it?”

I pull my shorts up before responding, but J’s mom has other plans. She spins me around with her considerable weight and muscle eye level at my shrunken crotch and says, “Told you, K. You owe me $20.” Apparently, they took a bet on my dick size being big or small. She then says, “Everyone has seen it now. Own it.”

So, I did. Ended up staying nude the entire time. I Saw J’s mom completely naked for the first time. Instead of in stages. Her large sagging tits were capped with large brown areolas on each tit pointing down, and her cavernous vagina was covered in a thick brown and grey bush. Her wide ass, when she did finally get up off the couch, was dimpled and marked by the couch’s seams. Before she went on to her shabby little room, she did acknowledge my stares at her complete lack of modesty.

She said, “Fat boy. Your little wee-wee ain’t nowhere big enough, so don’t even try.”

That prompted everyone to chuckle. I noticed b had found her phone and was trying hard not to look like she was recording my little guy and me. She later claimed she never did. K, who had also lightened up and taken off her top. Exposing large sagging breasts with nipples, almost looking cross-eyed. She was making stealthy peeks at my growing dick. Even J, who had also taken peeks at his mom, was looking at my crotch, trying to see how much of a grower I was.

Not to toot my own horn, but I grow from a flaccid inny to a Gold Member of the small dick club with the thickness of a roll of quarters. Yes, it’s a micropenis.

Then all three gasped almost unison ending in a muffled chuckle, except B, who openly laughed. K exclaimed, “It’s like a tube of Chapstick, isn’t it?”

And J asks her, “Are you horny for it, babe?”

I don’t know what happened after, except B was gone when I woke up, and I had woken up on their bed with K between me and J. After that humiliating night (thank the Lord for booze giving me courage), we ended up having a regular threesome. Me always fucking K’s mouth and J in her vagina. Though occasionally, she would say she wanted to try something tiny inside her, and I’d get my chance.

According to K, this is the least weird thing about their marriage. Because she’s spotted J’s mom watching them fuck when they had the door cracked. She would often comment on his member and say it’s just like his daddy’s. She even commented on mine a time or two going as far as pinching the end of it and pulling it hard. Using the excuse, “I heard that stretching it might make it longer, cos Lord knows, it can’t get smaller.”

She left shortly after and moved to a nursing home where her leg was amputated. I continued sleeping with K three times until they divorced. K was alright, but she was far from nice. She took any chance to expose my small size to people, especially women she knew I was interested in.


We hadn’t spoken much since the party where I was pantsed and decided to roll with it. I soon got over my insecurities about her seeing my hidden shame. She had invited me to her home in a trailer park to party and hopefully fuck. I showed up with booze and got reacquainted. After partying with her again, we started hanging out more. Each time fucking. Though, in her words, it was just 20 minutes of groping her and falling out of her pussy, if she even admitted it.

She eventually said she smoked Meth and wanted me to do it too. Promising that it’s not addicting the first time and we can fuck for hours. After denying it all evening, I gave in. We smoked nearly a gram after her teaching me how to. She laid back in bed, naked from earlier, and I stood up. Overly confident from the dope and horny as fuck. I stripped down. N took a hero pose.

To her reaction of laughter to the point of tears choking out, “Your dick, oh my God.”

I felt my dick and realized it was a full-on flaccid inny. It was sucked into my body, and my balls started to suck themselves inside. I started panicking. Kind of running in circles trying to pull my dicklette out and asking her, “What the fuck?”

She said, “Relax, it’s normal. But I didn’t know it would be that bad for you.”

I yelled in a frantic panic, “Err, I gotta go.”

Leaving my clothes behind, I ran down the hall, out the door, and to my truck. Only realized that my keys were in my pocket and my pocket was inside with my clothes. Running back in and dressing in a hurry, B is telling me, “Don’t worry. It happens.”

I left and was at the ER in record time. I had worked hard on losing weight so my dick would look bigger. I’ll be damned if I lose it

The ER wasn’t packed, but it did have a few people. Running to the front desk nurses, she asked what my emergency was. I, still high on Meth, whispered, “My dick. It’s gone.”

She said, “Excuse me?”

Again I said louder, “I’ve lost my penis.”

Once again, she looked taken aback. “What?”

Frustration took hold. “My dick. It’s gone. I can’t pull it out.”

That got everyone’s attention. Nurses and patients. Guessing they sensed my urgency, they took me back. The nurse had me undress behind the curtain and put on the paper gown. After what felt like an hour, a little old lady doctor came in with a nurse leaving the curtain wide open. And told me to lie on the bed and pull the gown up. Pulling the gown up, exposing my pubes and not much else, she felt where my balls had retracted and probed the area above where my dick should be.

She asked with professional stiffness, “Have you done any drugs?”

Usually I would have lied because Meth is not something I want to be known for. But my dick was on the line. “Yes, Meth. My first time.”

She explained, “Meth is a vascular constrictor. It makes the vessels in the penis smaller, causing the dick to shrink drastically. And sometimes atrophy if continued use. You should be fine in a day or two.”

Leaving me behind with my gown still up, almost ready to praise whoever for this good news. With some amusement in her voice, I stood up, and the nurse said, “You can change back into your clothes now,” before leaving herself.

The curtain was left open again. But I was too excited to care. Stripping off the gown and pulling at my dick again. I gathered my clothes. Nurses at the desk were watching and giggling. An old couple was walking by, big-eyed at my lack of care and pants. Getting back to B’s house, she was still naked and waiting. Laughing at me when I walked in, I told her the news.

She said, “I know, you dummy. I told you that. I knew it would shrink your little dickie up, but Damn. It gave you a pussy.”

I laughed and tried to forget she did that on purpose. I stripped down again, which set off more giggles, finally getting an erection. She said, “I already can’t feel you. What do you think you can do with that inchworm?”

I told her she was gonna find out, then flipped her over and did not penetrate anything but her small ass cheeks, finally admitting she may need to get on top. She watched me lay back, grabbing my thin micropenis and giving it a hard tug. She began to tell me, “You couldn’t satisfy anyone before N. You might as well have clit.”

But she did climb on top. She was right. My thinner, shorter pecker barely broke the lips and kept falling out. And kept going soft, then hard. She ended up grinding on my micropenis and getting herself off after calling me useless.


The next time I came over, her neighbors from beside and behind were there having a drink. One was an older lady with big saggy tits under a Mickey mouse shirt. The other is a young, thin woman. Both sorta snickered when I walked in. Introducing myself.

One said, “Oh, we know. You had the freakout, yeah?”

Embarrassed, I said, “Oh, you heard?”

“Yep, everyone has,” and they laughed.

B, with a malicious smile, said, “Go on. Show them your little dick. They gotta see it.”

In the Mickey mouse shirt, Darlene said, “Hell, I’ll flash you if you’re scared.”

My dick started to shrink from the fear, and I tried to back out. But B said, “I already showed them the video. If you don’t drop your shorts, I’ll post it online.”

Scared but kind of turned on, I slowly dropped my shorts. Wearing boxers wasn’t my thing, so there was nothing between my swelling dick and their laughing eyes. My Gold Member micropenis popped out and started waving. Prompting all three to laugh.

“Well?” I said.

B said, “What do you want? Our opinion? You have a clit.”

“No, that’s not it. Lemme see those tits, girls.”

They gave me a funny look and said, “Tits for dick, you heard her. That’s a clit, not a dick.” Pulling my pants up, she said, “Fine.” She pulled her sweats down, exposing her dimpled flat ass. “There… You got some ass. That’s pretty much all you deserve.”

We partied like that for another few months. She told people I was tiny and got me naked, even locking me out one night with a shrunken penis and no clothes. We no longer see each other, but she was something else.


Another reader’s friend’s mom pities him…

So, I’ve known one of my best friends my entire life, and I’m close with him and his mom and sister (it’s just them). One day when I was about 13, I slept over at his house. We watched movies, played call of duty, and all that fun stuff until we slept.

The next day we were all going to the beach, so we all took turns showering before we left. I had just wrapped up in the shower and was drying off, realizing I had forgotten to bring my change of clothes into the bathroom.

I had a towel at least, so I dried off and wrapped it around to walk to the room to get my clothes. I opened the door, and his mom and sister were standing there. I bumped into his sister by accident, and my towel fell around my ankles, exposing my naked shrunken penis sitting on top of my tiny balls. His sister covered it with her hand and started cracking up while the mom looked embarrassed for me and kind of let out a chuckle

His mom said, “It’s OK. You might just be a late bloomer.”

In retrospect, I was. I didn’t hit puberty until another few years passed. But still, it was embarrassing. I covered up with my hand and ran away to the bedroom. This was not the last time they saw me naked, sadly.


Meanwhile, this reader has an eventful day at the beach…

One summer day, I went to the beach with my best friend and his mom and older sister. We’d go quite often, and I used to hang with them. These people have seen me naked quite a few times growing up and when I was older. I’ve seen them naked before, too, so not too big a deal, but I still love the feeling when they see me soft.

Anyway, we’re at the beach, and his older sister and I have decided to go swimming. So we’re out there swimming and having a good time. Now she was always beautiful and had a perfect body, and I had such a crush on her. She and I had done some stuff together before and toyed with the idea of a relationship. She’s seen me naked plenty of times and seen it soft and likes to tease me for it because she knows it gets me going, but she’s also thankfully seen it hard.

A large wave came from out of nowhere, and I wasn’t paying attention, so it came crashing down on us, and we went under. I finally caught myself, stood up to take a breath, felt the cool breeze against my wet shrunken penis, and realized something was wrong. The wave took my shorts off! Thankfully no one was really at the beach when we were, so I sat back into the water, but I heard his sister laughing, and she had seen it all. I swam to her and realized the wave had also stripped her.

This got me so excited. I loved our situation, so I got horny and hard. We tried finding our bathing suits but had no luck. So we did the last resort. We covered ourselves and ran back to our spot. So she stood up, covering her large breasts and vagina, but I could still see her perfect wet ass, so when I stood up, I was rock hard and had to cover with my hands.

She noticed and gave a little smile, and we ran to our spot where her mom met us with jaws dropped and said to me, “I guess you have hit your growth spurt,” which got me even hard. She saw all of it when I dropped my hands to wrap a towel around myself.

Later we were walking back to the car (she and I still naked, just covered by a towel) when my towel dropped again in the parking lot, and I was back to shrunken. This time a group of teenage girls saw the whole two-inch naked acorn sitting on my shrunken balls and belted out laughing. I retreated to the car and was ready to get home by then.


While this reader has a friend without benefits…

Julie is one of my best friends, and we must have kept each other company for hundreds of hours over the last two years. I have, on purpose, kept myself in her friend zone (for this and that reason), but we still hold hands, cuddle and whisper lewd stuff to each other. We have never had sex, though, which is a bit weird, but we are comfortable with being weird. Good weird, I guess.

She works as a specialist nurse, and she’s exceptionally beautiful with long auburn hair, a face to die for, legs to die for, an ass to die for, and perky breasts (to die for). I’m a sucker, I know. If you have seen the actress Manon Mathews, Julie is very close to her in looks and personality. It’s true, so help me, God.

She is like quicksilver as well. Smart, funny (hilarious even), and outspoken about everything (especially her sexuality). I have seen two of her boyfriends come and go (as she has seen mine), and I have helped her through them: We help each other, and we know exactly everything about our quirks and preferences (including sexual).

We are not at all sexually matched, though. I will not bore you with details except that she prefers very well-endowed men. She likes to tease me with detailed descriptions about how big her boyfriend’s cock is and how she prefers to be taken hard (anally as well). Rinse and repeat.

She knows that I’m both submissive and under-endowed and that I’m into femdom, chastity/denial, and SPH. When she indulges herself in her descriptions (and my blushing cheeks), I used to remind her about how small I am. I usually blush when I do this, and she often asks me if I’m hard in my chastity cage.


This reader gives everyone an eyeful…

I went in for a physical one day, and the nurse brought me into the room and told me to strip down. I did as I was told and got naked, but the floors were very cold, so I covered myself up with my hands. She told me she’s a professional, and I don’t have to feel like I have to cover, but it’s my preference. So I dropped my hands to my sides and let it all hang out. Hang was a generous word because, as it was cold in the room, my wiener was almost the smallest size I had seen.

It was all shriveled up, as were my balls. I felt like a baby. She saw it and bit her lip, maybe holding back a smile, and then we got on with the exam. At some point, she told me we had to go to another room because a machine she needed wasn’t working in ours. So she gave me one of those gowns where the butt is exposed and said we could just walk over. So I tied it up (my butt was still showing), grabbed my clothes, and we walked out. I heard some giggling as some other random people saw my behind.

But the best part came as we walked through the next set of doors to the next wing. The door closed on my gown without noticing, I kept walking, and it yanked the gown right off me and ripped it. I was completely naked at the doctor’s office. The nurse saw and laughed and said, “Oh geez, we aren’t near the room yet. Cover up, and we gotta hurry!”

But four other nurses were right there, saw it happen, and laughed at me. We huddled over, and I passed maybe three more nurses and four female patients. It was so embarrassing, but I loved it.


Another reader picks up a Domme at a bar…

I [20M] am friends with a mixed group. You have the couples, you have the sluts, and you have the conservative part of the group that likes to have fun but not constantly. We decided to hit the club because it was the end of the semester, and everyone was returning home.

There is this blonde girl[24F] that you could consider my bestie. She’s good-looking with a good body type, unlike my chubby body. We start talking tipsy at the club, and she’s next to me, having constant eye contact. I ignore it. She then approaches me and starts making out with me. My little fella got excited.

She whispered, “Let’s go home.”

I go to my apartment since she lives in a dorm, and we started discussing kinks because I know she’s into BDSM because she always joked about being tied or tying people up. She gets naked. I get naked, also. Then she sees my dick. I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club.

She looked at it and said, “Is that it?”

I was embarrassed and said, “Yes.”

“I thought you would be bigger.”

She starts sucking me off while making the small dick hand gesture 🤏🏻, and tells me how she can take it in her mouth without gagging.

I then say, “Let’s fuck.”

“No, I’m not gonna feel this little thing.”

She was a total domme then, and I obliged and got hornier. She then raised my legs, started milking me, and edged me with her finger close to my asshole.

I said, “Fuck it, finger me.”

She fingered me, and it was the best orgasm ever. She took my cum in her mouth and started kissing me. She made me swallow it all. God, what a night.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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