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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets the ass end of the deal…

I met this girl at a bar one night, and we hit it off. She was very obvious about looking for hookups, and I didn’t get much action, so I was also interested. However, in the back of my mind, my size was on my mind. She took me back to her place, and when we got inside, she told me she had a secret. I was relieved. Maybe it was embarrassing, so I would not be the only one with an embarrassing secret. And then she told me that she loves getting her ass eaten out. She went on to say that it had been a while since anyone would eat her ass. She told me her last partner was too small for her, so she wasn’t sexually interested. That’s when I realized I had to break the news.

I told her I had a small penis, and she laughed and thought I was joking. I was trying to get her to realize I wasn’t. She had enough and said let me see for myself. So she unbuttoned my pants and pulled my underwear down. She gasped and laughed and said, “So you weren’t kidding. You’re smaller than the last guy.”

At this point, I figured she would tell me to leave. But that was not the case, as she explained. She was way too eager to get her ass eaten. “Oh well, you’re only going to eat my ass now with that small dick.”

Her whole demeanor changed to a dominant one. She told me to take my clothes off and lay down. I was naked on her bed with my gold member boner standing tall. This girl removed her top and bra and showed off her big floppy tits, and then she slowly pulled her panties down, revealing her big butt cheeks as they jiggled slightly as her underwear moved down. She slipped them off and kicked them to the other end of the room.

She stood over me in a demanding, empowering way and looked down at me with a big grin. She knew she was in control and took advantage. She squatted down on my face with her ass right on my lips. Her ass was warm and soft on my face. She then sat down on me, and my nose went into her ass. With my face in between her butt cheeks, I could smell and taste her ass. She was having too much fun at this point, laughing at me and repeating that I like to eat her ass.

She began shouting at me, “Eat my ass, fart face,” as she ground her big butt cheeks into my face.

I was covered in her butt and smelled like her ass. She took it all the way when she started farting on my face and laughing at me, calling me fart boy. Her farts were stinky and loud, but she didn’t care. I kissed her butt cheeks repeatedly and licked her booty as she laughed and mocked me. She let me up and then told me to lean into her ass as she farted on me.

After she was satisfied, she sent me away with her panties that smelled like her ass/farts.


Another reader is caught naked by his flatmate…

A few years ago, I lived in a shared flat with a girl six years older than me (I was 21, and she 27). My flatmate was relatively open-minded and didn’t make a secret about her sexual activities. She wasn’t slutty but liked to dress sexy and didn’t hide what she got. And I found her very hot. One day I took a shower and thought she was away for the weekend. So I didn’t bother to walk nude from the bath to my room.

When I’m alone, I like to listen to music loudly. Thus I didn’t hear my flatmate coming back earlier from her weekend trip. As I left the bathroom, she stood on the floor and got a good look at my naked body, and me just holding my phone and playing music. Due to the shower, my (already small) dick shriveled up a bit as it used to hide when it was wet, and some fresh air touched it.

She looked down at my shrunk penis and couldn’t hide her disbelieving grin. “I see you took a cold shower,” she said and gave me the two-finger small dick sign.

I was blushing and headed straight to my room. After I found the courage to leave my room again and found her in the kitchen, she smiled when she saw me. “You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she said. “There wasn’t much to see anyway. But honestly, I thought you were bigger,” she added.

This was my first SPH experience, and I think it caused my kink.


Meanwhile, this reader is skinny-dipping when…

During the summer in college one year, I went to hang out with my girl best friend. Context, she’s a lesbian, but she and I have seen each other naked before, and it’s been fine since there’s no sexual interest. I went over to her house to go swimming and hang out. It was her and I, and we were drinking a lot.

When I drink too much, I tend to start taking my clothes off (depending on where I am), so I got naked and went skinny dipping. I’m not small by any means, but it was cold that night, and the pool water was also cold, so shrinkage was a big deal. She always thought it was funny to tease me when I was naked if I was soft, so she made little gestures at me before taking her clothes off and joining me.

Once we were done, we had to go into the house to grab towels. At this point, I’m at total shrinkage. We go inside and find her older sister and two of her girlfriends, with her standing right there staring at both of us, standing there naked. I didn’t know what to think or do at that moment, but I saw her sister and her friends look at both of us, look at me, look down, and start laughing.

We covered ourselves with our hands and ran to the nearest bathroom. There was only one regular towel and then a hand towel. I let my friend take the standard towel, and I used the hand one to hide my shrunken penis. We went outside when the coast was clear to grab our clothes, but we couldn’t find them. It turns out her sister and her friends had hidden them, and one snuck up and ripped my towel away, revealing my shrunken penis again, and slapped my ass. They kept laughing at me and making the 🤏🏼 motion toward my dick. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it also turned me on so much. I loved being naked in front of them like that.


While this reader is exposed in a prank…

I lived in a freshmen/sophomore dorm on a coed floor. I loved living on this floor as I was friends with some of the guys and almost all of the girls, including our RA. I had become close friends with many of the girls, which proved beneficial as they were comfortable enough to walk and talk in their towels while going to the showers. We were no strangers to pulling pranks on everyone (besides the RA), and many times if we saw someone walking in their towel, it would likely be ripped off by a passerby.

My poor friend in the dorm next to me had the rough experience of being stripped of his towel after a particularly cold shower and was seen by 4 of the girls who burst into laughter. He covered his tiny penis and ran away, hiding in his room. I had been lucky to avoid this trend besides witnessing my floor mates being stripped as I took showers when most people weren’t on the floor. I suffer from shrinkage when showering. I had been lucky for so long until one fateful day.

I had an early appointment to meet with a team for a project. So I took a shower when the floor was bustling. No one ripped my towel off me on my way to the shower. I took my shower, and naturally, the shrinkage occurred. The issue happened when I left the showers. See, our floor’s common room is right next to the bathroom. And I had to cross in front of it to get to my dorm, thus showing everyone there that I was only wearing a towel.

When I passed the common room, every single girl was there, including the RA, who was a senior. And just my luck, I felt the rush of my towel being ripped right off of me by my male dorm neighbor right behind me. All of the girls look right toward me and right down. My RA looked down at my shrunken penis, and her jaw dropped. They all burst out into laughter. I immediately ran to my dorm, and amazingly my door was locked. I left my key in my room.

I turned around, and all the girls were there staring at my little willy as I covered myself ever too late. My RA told me she could call someone to unlock the door, and I could wait in her room. I walked over butt naked, and she let me in her room. We both walked in, and she locked the door behind me and told me to uncover myself, so I did. She was very into SPH and wanted to point and laugh at me and take pictures.

She then made me patrol our floor butt naked, showing everyone my shriveled penis. As I walked out, the maintenance people arrived, and I was standing there for them to gaze at. They, too, were all women. They laughed and said, “I’m assuming you’re our little problem,” which got my RA cracking up. I got so hard from all of this, and my RA realized it turned me on, so this continued for the rest of the year.


This reader meets the girl of his dreams…

In high school, a couple of my friends and I had a co-ed sleepover at a friend’s house for his birthday. My ex-girlfriend and I both went. We were still friends and what she did at the sleepover was embarrassing.

She had brought her friend over and was whispering to her all night. We were all at the kitchen table playing a game when my ex told her friend that I had a tiny penis. Her face lit up, and she began laughing at me, asking my ex if she was serious, and she was. She gave me the small penis sign 🤏 and mocked me, calling me baby penis the rest of the night.

She eventually gave me a wedgie in front of everyone to humiliate me as everyone laughed.

She revealed that she was a femdom, and if I didn’t want the school to find out about my tiny penis, I would eat her ass. She made me pull down her leggings and panties to start kissing her ass and licking in between her ass cheeks, and she told me to rub my face in there as she laughed at me and called me a small dick loser.


Another reader regrets skinny dipping…

My friends and I were drinking one night. One of them said to swim naked in the pool. Obviously, due to my small dick insecurity, I declined. Then he said that he knew that I had a small penis. I should not be ashamed of my body. There were two girls and three boys, including me. I felt really ashamed.

Then others went for skinny dipping. I stripped naked and went into the water after some time. They were like, “You have a micro penis.”

One of the girls said, “No wonder your GF broke up with you.”

I felt like crying and got out of the water.


Meanwhile, this reader is also pranked…

As a black male, I’ve found that girls expect me to be a certain size. And when you fall below that, you will be told about it! I went on a school trip when I was like 14/15 and was walking around the hallway in just a towel before my shower. Stupid, but I think I was trying to be sexy, lol. Not sure why. I’m black, five foot one, and super skinny. Girls thought I was cute, though. I thought pretty highly of myself at the time.

The girl’s dorm room was open. Three girls, Kat, Jay & Lois, were towards the front door of the girl’s dorm. Lois was on the phone, though, complaining about the trip to her mom. Lois sounded pretty upset and had just hung up the phone. Still standing in front of the girl’s dorm with the door open, Kat & Jay were to the left of me, a few meters away. I asked Lois if she was ok, and she said yes, but then grabbed my towel! A clean swop from my waist, she grabbed it so quick I think I fell back just a little. I felt like she grabbed the towel, looked down, then looked back up in my face, smiled, and ran.

So I was completely naked in front of three cute popular girls. My tiny lil black dick with little lil balls to match on display. My dick may have been like 1.5 inches or so soft at that moment, not wholly inverted or shivered up. I don’t know how long Lois got to look at it, but she had run off. Kat & Jay got a clear side-view the second my towel was taken and a front view when I turned to face them in horror.

I don’t know why I took so long to cover up! Within all that time, I had looked up at Lois, watched her run away, then turned to face Kat & Jay, looked down at my dick, looked back up at them, down to my dick again & back up at them before finally covering up and running to the showers. When alone in the showers, I looked at the state my dick was in. It was probably no more than an inch. The embarrassment hit me, and the nerves must have taken over me because my dick had shrunk.

I thought running to the showers would save me from further embarrassment. How wrong was I? They followed me in. Just Jay & Kat, at first, were pulling at my hands to stop me from covering my dick. Saying, “We’ve already seen your lil thing now. You might as well show us.”

I had one hand covering my dick & balls with my fist in a tight squeeze. That’s when Lois came over. “Awwww, you can cover everything you have like that in your little hand!”

I was so ashamed. The three of them were too much to hold back, someone was pinching my ass hard, and I had to release my dick to break free of the pinching. All I heard was, “Ah, I can see it.”

So then they managed to force me against the wall, arms out. My cock is probably a lil smaller than an inch now on full display. They laughed so loud! They said, “Man, you gotta baby dick. Awww, it’s so tiny!”

I said, “It’s not that bad.”

Lois looked me dead in the eye, smirked, then got her pinky finger out and put it up against my dick. Then looked back up at me. “You sure?” she asked.

When I broke, Jay said, “Lemme get a proper look.” She didn’t get a good look with all the pulling and pushing. She said, “I know it’s small, but I need a better view.”

My response was, “Fine. But promise you won’t laugh?”

“I promise.”

So like a dumbass, I opened my towel. Her face broke n cracked as she tried to hold back laughter. She was muffling, trying to hold it back. Then she said, “Aww, it’s so humiliating to open your towel and have women look in between your legs and laugh.”

But that rush always stays with me. She came up to me and touched it. Jay pretty much petted my dick a little bit. She said, “Awww, I’m sure my baby cousin has a longer willy.”

That made me mad. She compared me to a baby. So I covered up and said, “Don’t say that!”

But I’ll never forget when I showed it to Kat. “Don’t mind, Jay,” Kat said. “She was probably being mean, and I’m sure it isn’t that small. Let me take a good look, and I’ll give you an honest opinion. I have seen small ones before. I was only laughing through the excitement and am serious now, so let’s get another look.”

She was white, Kat was white, and Jay/Lois were mixed race. So in my head, I thought ok, maybe Kat won’t laugh. She must have seen white boys smaller than me, indeed. So I open my towel again, and I kid you not, this remains in my spank bank to this day. The towel opens, and I see her face begin to red. Her smile cracks up, and tears drop out of her eyes. She said, “Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at it. It is really, really tiny.”

I felt so shattered.

Later that night, Kat told me she always thought I was cute. But after seeing my tiny dick, I had no chance. The rest of the trip was full of jokes at my expense, like one other damning SPH moment and a lot of teasing from those three about my penis size on occasion throughout the rest of my time at school. And they also told quite a few girls in my year about that story. Lois especially loved putting me in my place about it. She never let me live it down. If I ever had anything cheeky to say, she would subtly bring up my tiny dick.

I wasn’t that sexual growing up. I liked girls and thought about them quite a lot, but not much about having sex with them. I never really played with myself or watched porn. But the first time I jerked off, I reverted to that memory. Pretty sure this is the reason why SPH turns me on so much. My first real sexual experience was of me being wholly humiliated for my size. And for those of you into SPH, you’ll know it is gateway porn into many other nasty, kinky, and submissive genres!

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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