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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader enjoys his partner’s smack talk…

We were in bed over the weekend. Our rules about SPH play are that if I ask for it, it doesn’t happen.

“Only guys with big cocks get to talk and laugh about little dicks like yours,” is her standard reply.

Anyway, after licking her to her third massive orgasm (tiny guys are better at oral, she says we’ve learned to compensate), she initiated some SPH play. I asked her what she would say to her girlfriends if they asked about my size. She knows that I’ve been craving this conversation.

She said (straight-faced), “Darling, this isn’t baby carrot talk (our code for SPH). I’d have to lie. I’d be way too embarrassed to tell them how small it is. Nobody would believe that a big guy like you could have a penis that tiny.”

I came straight away.


Another reader enjoys the smack talk some girls say about his friend…

When I was mid-teens, one of my classmates’ parents got divorced. Soon after, he gained two step-sisters, one our age (Kelly) and one a year younger (Tonya). His house, which up until then had been the hangout for us teenage boys, soon became one massive mixer for guys and girls across the two age groups. The parents kept out of the way, so parties and hook-ups were weekly occurrences.

One day I’d dropped in to see my classmate only to find he was out, so I hung out with his step-sisters instead. I’d already made out with both of them soon after they’d first arrived (they’d got me drunk and been the instigators. I was a good-looking guy, but girls always had to make the first move as I was pretty clueless). So by this stage, they saw me as one of the guys they hung out with.

Also with them, that day was Nicole, another classmate I was massively into, who would flirt with me in class while telling me how many times she and her boyfriend had fucked, and Jane, one of Tonya’s friends. I’d met Jane once before when a night out had finished at her place, and my buddy Dan and she had disappeared for about half an hour. Dan confessed with an embarrassed laugh that he and Jane had fucked on the way home. She was kind of a plain girl, not the usual he would get with, but he was drunk, so, you know.

So here I was, a secret virgin riddled with the usual teenage insecurities, sitting around a kitchen table, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and playing cards with these adolescent girls. Two of them (Kelly & Nicole) were quickly becoming sensual young women, trying not to embarrass myself. So, when Tonya put her coffee down, picked up a card, and said casually: “By the way, Jane, you could have warned me that Dan had such a small dick,” I had a sudden urge to turn invisible.

Jane looked taken aback herself. I think what happened was that Dan had taken her virginity, so she didn’t have a frame of reference. On the other hand, Tonya had only recently broken up with her boyfriend, a guy none of us other guys liked. Still, Tonya had mentioned on several occasions that she was packing, so her frame of reference was wider.

Jane gave a laughing apology. Kelly and Nicole smiled, but both kept quiet as Tonya began to bemoan Dan’s lack of equipment. She and Dan had ended up fucking a few nights earlier. It hadn’t lasted long as Tonya’s mom had disturbed them, but it was long enough for her not to feel anything while he was inside her. At one point, she even held up her cigarette to compare it to him. It was casually fucking brutal.

I didn’t say a fucking word. No way was I drawing any of this attention onto me, plus Dan liked to brag about the number of girls he’d fucked, so there was some pleasure to be had by me in hearing that what he had in experience, he was lacking in length.

After about a minute, Kelly looked over at me, smiling. “Ryan’s not saying anything, I notice.”

I shook my head and smiled back, trying to play it cool. “I’m just glad this isn’t happening to me,” I said, playing it off as a joke but meaning it.

I was insecure about my dick size anyway. Now it turned out girls would share every detail of your shortcomings too? Fucking great.

“Did you not know we talked like this?” asked Kelly as Nicole took a drag and smiled wickedly.

“Well, I do now,” I laughed. “Fucking hell, I do.”

I took a sharp breath for comic effect, deflecting with comedy. The conversation quickly moved away from Dan, and I think Tonya went back to talking about her big cock boyfriend. She got back with him soon after. As for Dan, I never told him that his tiny dick had been the subject of discussion for two of the hottest girls in our year, but whenever he would brag about his latest conquest, I would imagine them getting together later with their girlfriends and talking smack about his tiny dick.


Meanwhile, this reader gets some comparison fun…

This happened a few months ago with an online friend of mine. We were both talking about characters we found hot and slowly devolved into kinks, I told him about my SPH kink, and he said it was fine. I told him I only like it for smaller characters when we roleplay and say, “I can relate to them being on the smaller side myself.”

“How big are you?” he asked, but for not pictures as that’s not his style.

I told him I’m a bronze member of the small dick club and only just at that. He was surprised and said he felt weird. When I asked why he said he was a whopping nine inches! He said, “I just figured you’d be bigger.”

Gosh, that line still gets me.

“You’re more than twice my size,” I said, and he laughed.

I think he felt proud of that fact. We got off that topic, but I don’t think he realizes how hard it made me.


While this readers new female doctor is amused…

I recently had to switch doctors as my previous physician retired. They recommended a new doctor, who happens to be a woman around my age, so I don’t have to worry about her quitting on me anytime soon. I didn’t think of anything of it at the time, as I wouldn’t be seeing the new doctor (we’ll call her Dr. Jones) for a few months. I went for my appointment yesterday and had a pleasant surprise. When my new doctor introduced herself, she had someone with her who didn’t appear to be a nurse. The new doctor introduced herself and asked if it was okay if her medical student Emily would join us for my exam. I told her I didn’t have any problems with that. Doctor Jones pulled up my medical file and asked me about myself: work, the schedule I keep, eating and exercise habits, etc. She asked me if I had any issues beyond what was noted for my appointment, and I had a few things I wanted her to look at/discuss. Still, the last issue I had (which was an exaggeration on my part) was some tenderness in my groin when I did heavy-weight exercises.

Doctor Jones asked if I was still comfortable with Emily being present for this part of the exam, and I affirmed. The doctor put on a pair of gloves and kneeled in front of me (Emily had taken a seat on the stool the doctor had previously sitting on), and she said, “Whenever you’re ready.”

I undid my pants and pulled down my pants and underwear, exposing my flaccid penis. My heart was racing; frankly, that exam room was pretty cold. My balls hung down, and my penis had retreated. Only the very tip was poking out of my one-inch-long soft dick. She asked me a few more questions about the pain’s location and intensity, including if “Anything was swollen.”

To Dr. Jones’ credit, she was very professional. I stole a few looks at Emily during this part of the exam. She was trying to be professional but had difficulty. When I first dropped my pants, her eyes bugged out a bit, and I could see her put her hand over her mouth (either to stifle a laugh or hide a smile). Doctor Jones prodded and felt around down there, narrating to Emily what she was feeling and looking for. I had hoped this would awake my little guy, but he wasn’t cooperating today. Doctor Jones said she didn’t find anything abnormal but recommended I lay off the exercise, causing me discomfort for at least a month, before asking me another question.

“Are you uncircumcised?”

I told her I was, and Doctor Jones seemed surprised. “Oh! I thought you weren’t. It’s unusual to see uncircumcised men in the area, so I was hoping for a teaching experience. Anyway, everything down here feels normal and looks normal so that you can pull your pants back up.”

Emily snickered a bit when she said ‘looks normal.’ Emily wasn’t impressed with my peashooter.


This reader enjoys being outed…

I never thought about the small penis or any other fetish when I was younger. When I found out my first girlfriend had already slept with 12 other guys before me (she was 17), I was upset, but then I started getting turned on by it. I got more turned on reading her diary, which included talking about dick sizes.

Some years later, after being broken up for a while but still friendly, I slept with her current boyfriend’s little sister. She was mad and made a point, quite loudly in the multi-friend house, that I probably didn’t please her anyway because my “dick wasn’t that big.”

The other story is more recent. My wife knows about my fetish and has “helped” me with it, usually with stories of and comparing my dick size to old boyfriends. She occasionally will make some offhand remark about dick size depending on what’s happening (watching a movie with male nudity, for example). We were helping my elderly father change, and she caught sight of his dick. Later, she told me, “I guess that small penis runs in the family.”

It instantly got me hard and raring to go.


Another reader’s shrunken member gives a girl the wrong idea…

My very first SPH experience. It wasn’t very long (we’ve all heard that one before), but it was effective (we’ve maybe not heard that one so much…).

Weirdly, it was Nicole who gave me this reaction. She’s the one I mentioned in the story about my buddy Dan, the classmate I was into who would flirt with me in class. She was super cute with a short blonde bob, perky B-cups, and a face like a young Michelle Pfeiffer. She also came to me when we were both the first to wake up after an all-nighter at our friend’s house. She stood in the empty living room, wearing just a short t-shirt and knickers, and invited me into a side room for coffee (the same room Gemma had jerked me in). Being the useless dip-shit, I was with girls back then; this is how that conversation went down…

(8 AM. We are the ONLY two people in the house awake, and we’re in the living room, which is spacious enough as it is, but not as private as next door.)

NICOLE: You want to go next door, have a coffee?

ME: Nah, you’re alright.

NICOLE: You sure?

ME: Yeah.

NICOLE: Really?

ME: Nah, it’s okay.

(Nicole then shrugged and delivered the line that still haunts me to this day…)

NICOLE: Okay. I would’ve given you one if you wanted it.

She left the room, and it wasn’t until about two days later that I thought to ask her, “Do you mean coffee, or do you mean sex?” By which point, she was long gone. See what I mean? Fucking dip-shit. Anyway, this is all the weirder because flash-back a couple of years, and I was not on her fuck-list.

We were at a female classmate’s birthday party. The girls were in a toga. The boys were usually dressed. Drinks were flowing, and at one point, two girls had their togas ripped off and had to run inside in their underwear. The birthday girl’s parents were not amused.

In that moment of chaos, I took the opportunity to beckon Nicole over to where I was sitting on the floor. I must have already undone my pants because, in one quick motion, I pulled the front of them down and exposed my cock to her.

Now, I was drunk and super naive, so there was no prep work done here, no fluffing, no grooming, just a drunken impulse to be funny. The job is done because she burst out laughing hard, instinctively pointing down at my dick.

I looked down and, in that second, realized I’d fucked up. My cock looked tiny, buried in an untidy bush of pubes. Honestly, you could hardly see it.

Nicole kept laughing as she walked away, leaving me to re-address how I should start interacting with girls. Step one, stop flashing your tiny dick, idiot.

Thankfully Nicole was too drunk to remember, or else she forgave (or desperate) when she flirted with me years afterward. (She followed my lead a couple of years later anyway and drunken skinny dipped in my classmate’s pool.)

I was going to post this story today anyway, but sunbathing nude in the garden today, I realized I was sitting exactly like I was when Nicole saw my dick. No wonder she laughed.

Though I’m average when erect and about 3 inches soft, my dick is barely visible in that position. God knows what it would be like after some beers.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a prank played on him…

I recently went on a trip with my wife to Europe. We decided one day we wanted to swim in an area that requires you to bathe before entry and wear your provided suit. This is all in the name of preserving the area. No problem.

We both go to our respective bathing areas, strip out, bathe, and get dressed. We were told the staff would check to ensure you washed on the way out. Of course, I notice when I put my suit on that, it’s very European, i.e., a small speedo. I also notice I fall far short of filling the pouch. Being married to a smoking-hot wife makes me care very little about modesty. She’s seen it before and knows I’m more than able to make up for it.

I take off ready for inspection. The staff stops and says they won’t due to pointing at my suit’s open front. Shave and change into this one. That’s odd. I stop by my locker with my clothes and text the wife. Hey, did you have to shave? She responded well, I always shave, so it didn’t come up. That’s an odd request but roll with it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

She thought I was referring to my face as she was her legs since that is what we each usually shave. Not connecting the dots and not wanting to stall knowing my hot wife is already out there, I head in and shave that area for the first time in my life. Not an impressive sight given my less-than-inch soft length and small balls. I opened the new pack thinking they didn’t want the hair from the other getting in and slipped the new suit on. I’m glad it fits much better, causing a jolt in my confidence.

I get a thumbs up and wink from the guard this time. I’m on the beach before I realize I’m the only guy in a black suit. Not thinking much of it, I assume it’s the luck of the draw. Maybe I started a new box. I find my wife in the water and head toward her. We played n the water while before we decided to lay out.

Once we lay down, others quickly began to visit. Several looked at me and snickered. I knew they were laughing at my small size. Shocker. After seeing so many others, my wife remarked that it was odd I was the only guy not in blue. I blew it off like earlier saying yea after I shaved, I guess they started a new box or something. My wife touched my beard and said you didn’t shave. I replied no, they made me shave down there. I swear she nearly fell out of her chair and said I couldn’t wait to see that. I thought you meant your face.

A woman that made small talk earlier when walking by came back by. She seemed on a mission. She sat and asked my wife why he wore the women’s suit? I can see he’s small by how flat the crotch of it sits on him. Is that why? My wife, seemingly piecing it all together, says wait, that’s why you’re the only one in black. I didn’t even notice all the women in black. I guess the guard thought those suited you better. Kind of hard to argue they don’t, given you look like a woman in them. The lady apologized, realizing my wife didn’t know and tried to back away. My wife told the lady everything…they made him shave too. I have to tell you he’s less than an inch soft, so I can’t wait to see what shaved looks like.

The lady told my wife she felt sorry for her. My wife said oh, don’t feel sorry he usually cums quickly, and there isn’t much when he does. I grind him like a lesbian, then make him use the replica dildo to get me off. The lady stopped trying to retreat and seemed to enjoy my misery. I mean, time was frozen from embarrassment but also very turned on. They both notice that even hard (a whopping 2.5 inches), I still easily fit on the women’s bottoms. I finally asked what it was a replica of. I think some point star is a sizeable dildo. She replies my ex rick. This is too much, and without ever touching myself, I cum. My wife noticed and said we must clean up and get a new suit. Can’t imagine they want that in the water if they made you shave. Come on, honey.

I embarrassingly walked behind my wife as she approached the guard/apparent bikini distributor. She says my husband got a little excited and needs a new suit. Of course, this was a new guy, so he got to enjoy the reveal that I am small and wearing a women’s bottom. Trying to fight off laughter, he tells us I will need to shower again.

I get ready to head to the men’s shower when my wife says any chance he can shower in the women’s. I want to make sure he did a good job shaving earlier. He’s no threat, his dick is no more giant than my clit, and he just came. He won’t be hard again for hours. The guy thoroughly enjoyed my emasculation and said go for it. But take this top to put on post-shower that way. The other women will think he’s a flat-chested girl. My wife way too happily responds sure!

We head into a stall together, and she says drop em girly. She leans in and whispers, gotta make it believable, right.

As I began to take the bottoms off, I remember my act of defiance from earlier. I left hair above my package as a fuck you to their rules. Of course, given my attire and size, it seemed like a landing strip. My wife loved it, saying as much through giggles. She felt my smooth skin and whispered that I should feel good later when we scissor. Then she picked up my discarded bottoms and said, ” You bitch, you didn’t tell me you’re wearing a small now. How did I not notice the tag in them that says women’s small before? Great, I was wearing women’s bottoms and a size smaller than my wife’s.

I get done, and the final nail in my masculinity is delivered. My wife opens the pack and discovers I was right about one thing. The suits come in different colors, and I will wear a purple bikini the rest of the day.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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