Damian 1

By 1Gratiano.

Economic considerations required me to rent a room in an apartment rather than get a place of my own. After visiting many locations, I finally found a well-kept middle-class home in a lovely building owned by a brilliant and not unattractive woman in her fifties. I was twenty-three at the time. Mrs. Morfydd (there didn’t seem to be any Mr. Morfydd) was direct and a little commanding in her inquiries about me. But her expectations of my conduct were reasonable, and I was glad to have the terms of our arrangement made so clear from the very start. I would have kitchen privileges, would help with the house cleaning and maintenance, and could come and go as I pleased, but I might not have overnight guests.

I liked Mrs. M. at once. I have always been somewhat shy, particularly around women, so I was glad to have her take the lead. I soon moved into my effects, primarily books, and a routine developed.

During our first weeks together, she asked a few questions. Did I have a girlfriend? The answer was negative. Had I had a girlfriend? Yes, I replied, not entirely candidly. I had had crushes, and once, a girl had, apparently on a whim, bedded me but lost all interest in me after that first time, when I came pretty prematurely. I was so overexcited by our several inconclusive dates that when she finally let me have her, I didn’t last long. “You came already?” she asked, or perhaps announced, and pushed me off and put her jeans back on. That was that.

I had had a few encounters with guys. These did not, and were not meant to, develop into relationships. They took the edge off my horniness and were better than abjectly courting uninterested girls. I generally took a submissive role.

I liked wearing panties. My dick isn’t big, only four inches when hard. I am well proportioned: thin, five foot seven, and I want to think it’s all to scale, but my cock is a good inch smaller than average. Panties fit me, I don’t need briefs, and I like the patterns and materials better. Men’s briefs are designed nowadays to look like panties, except they have that little pouch I don’t need.

Mrs. M. came into my room one day to speak to me about some household matter, and I hadn’t put away all the neatly folded clothing I had brought up from the building’s laundry room. She only glanced at what was a pile of girl’s panties and said nothing. But from that moment, she seemed warmer, more sympathetic towards me. She stood closer to me in the coming weeks when we talked and spoke in deeper, more intimate tones. Sometimes she would touch my shoulder when explaining something or hold my arm when we went together to the kitchen. One day she told me I was such a nice boy. She wondered why I didn’t have a girlfriend. She stroked my hair when she said this. I sighed.

“Do you like women?” she asked her hands on my shoulders now. “I saw your panties, and I wondered. It’s OK with me, whatever your preferences are.”

“I like women,” I said. “They don’t seem too much like me.”

“Well, I like boys,” said Mrs. M. “Especially sensitive boys, like you. I think it’s so sweet that you wear panties. But aren’t they a little tight on you?”

“No, they fit fine. I’m, uh, not that big.”

“I like that. I don’t like men who are big, like animals. I like smooth thin boys like you. Boys like you can better please a woman who knows what she wants.”

Here she kissed me. My little thing instantly got hard in my pants. I didn’t know what to do. I somehow didn’t dare to take hold of her. She reached behind me and stroked my ass with her hands, pressing me against her while she kissed me.

In her bedroom, we undressed. She was wearing just her bra and panties–black lacy ones. I was wearing my pink floral panties. I felt like a flat-chested girl next to her. I was so excited! She reached down, felt my small stiff penis, and said, “You know you won’t be able to get me wet with this little thing. Have you ever gone down on a woman?”

I said nothing.

She took off her panties and sat on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees before her.

Her pussy was quite hairy. She had a magnificent bush, and her labia were large.

“That’s what pussy looks like, Damian,” she said. Have you ever looked at one up close like this?”

I shook my head no.

“Give it a kiss.”

I did, a slow kiss on the amazing wrinkly cunt lips. I smelled the faint thrilling scent of her piss.

She pulled my face in.

“Kiss it nicely. Kiss my pussy. Show me how much you love it.”

I kissed her pussy up and down, slowly, adoringly.

“Now lick it for me. Lick it like a good boy.”

I licked and licked slowly and deeply. I tasted her cunt. I smelled the wonderful smell of a pussy as it got wet.

“Now put your hands under my ass, so you care, really pull your face into it.”

I did so, licking deeply, concentrating on her clit. Sometimes I thrust my tongue into her, using it like a wet, thick penis, but mostly I rubbed her clit with my tongue in a circular motion. The one girl I had slept with let me watch her masturbate once to tease me. I imitated with my tongue what I’d seen her do with her finger.

“Good boy. You don’t need to touch your little thing. Just hold my ass and keep your face in my nice pussy.”

She was getting wet. I could almost have cum in my panties just from licking her.

She pushed my face away.

“Now, take off your panties, sissy.”

I obeyed her. I wasn’t sure about her calling me a sissy, but I couldn’t well argue with my pink panties.

“Let me see your little thing. It’s so cute and small! Let’s see what it feels like.”

She guided me in. The wet warm cunt felt so good I could scarcely believe it. Hotter, more thrilling than any blowjob!

“Now, don’t cum without my permission. Guys with little dicks often cum prematurely. They get so excited. Are you in me yet?”

I had been all the way in for a while.

She held my ass and pulled me close.

“Hump me with your little dickie. You like how that feels, don’t you? Hump my pussy with your little panty-boy cock, but don’t cum.”

It was all I could do not to cum, feeling her hot pussy and being told how small my dick was.

“If you cum in my pussy before I’m ready, I will make you lick it up and finish me with your mouth. You don’t want to have to lick up your little mess, do you? On your knees licking sperm from a pussy you were too little to fuck? I don’t know. Guys like you with tiny dicks usually can’t help themselves. Maybe you do belong in panties. Your dick is too small to be a man’s. You can’t fuck, can you? Just rub your little clit against mine like a girl. If that makes you cum, you can finish me like a girl with your mouth. Maybe you’d like that better.”

I couldn’t help myself. I came. My little stiffy squirted helplessly in her hot cunt.

“You came, you little sissy, didn’t you?”

I nodded my head in shame.

“Get out, get out,” she said, pushing me off her.

“Now clean me.”

She pushed my face into her cunt, dripping a little with my sperm. I lapped it to keep it from getting onto the bed sheets.

“Now, finish me with that talented tongue of yours. Lick me like a girl.”

I was hard again from her words and how she forced me to do what she wanted. I licked into her cunt eagerly, tasting the last of my salty liquid, and then it was nothing by the taste of wet pussy.

I went to work on her clit, rubbing it with my tongue in a circular motion from time to time, thickening my tongue to penetrate her. She held me by the back of the head, keeping my face in place, pushing it into her. Finally, she started bucking, and her cunt contracted and stayed tight as she came into my mouth.

When she was done fucking my face, she put her palm to my forehead and pushed me off.

“Good girl.

“That worked out very well for me, and I think you liked it too.”

I nodded. It had been the most exciting sexual experience of my life.

“And don’t worry about your little thing. I don’t like hung men. I don’t enjoy being gouged by a big cock. Some women do — masochistic women if you ask me. I prefer a guy with a little inadequate dick like yours. A dick I can ignore. And I love being licked. You have a very good tongue.”

She paused to reflect.

“I don’t like sucking a cock. I hope that isn’t important for you because I don’t do it. I don’t let men cum in my mouth. But you don’t care about that, do you?”

I shook my head.

“I didn’t think so.. You’d rather be the one on your knees, wouldn’t you?”

I nodded, embarrassed but excited.

“Oh, we are going to get along very well indeed.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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