Our Readers SPH Experiences 182

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a stationary issue…

So I have two rulers, one that I use for everything, and it’s sitting on my desk. I have another one that I used when I was younger where I would mark my dick size like an idiot. This one was in my desk drawer under a few notebooks. Well, my sister asked to use the ruler, and forgetting that I let my nephew borrow it for drawing, I just told her it’s on my desk. She went to my room and started looking for it.

After a minute or so, she yelled out that she couldn’t find it. So I got off the couch and walked to my room to show her where. I told her it should be on the little organizer on my desk, but as I walked in, I saw her looking in the drawer where I had the other ruler hidden. Before attempting to stop her, she told me she found it and immediately noticed two tics marked at 1.5 inches and another at almost 3 inches. She looked at me with her jaw dropped and smiling and asked what that was. I tell her it’s nothing, and she says okay and takes the ruler anyway. Never said anything else about it.


Another reader tries stuffing…

Back when I was in university, a cohort of us went on an indoor water park trip. I ran into the locker room to get some privacy to change. I rushed to get undressed and pull up my speedos, but I was too slow. Some of the boys caught me at the last minute. At first, I only heard a giggle. But then one of them, Charlie, commented, “Well, someone has a little wiener, Jack,” causing an eruption of laughter. I was beet red.

One of the other boys, Scott, was a little friendlier and said, “You know Michaela is out there. Maybe those are a tiny bit revealing for you?” I had a crush on Michaela at the time. He continued, “Lots of guys just stuff a sock in, makes it look heaps more impressive.”

I was mortified, but I still went through with it. All the boys saw me stuff one of my socks into my speedos.

Later I realized how stupid this was. I was near the top of the stairs, queueing for a slide. Surrounded by girls in my cohort. Charlie was nearby and called me, “Hey Jack, I think your sock is poking out!”

It was visible if you were looking for it, and now everyone was looking for it, and it was apparent.

He grabbed it right out, laughed, and threw the sock over the side of the railing. Everyone laughed at me, and I was no closer to the front of the queue. I endured laughs and pinky signs from the whole group, paused only briefly by the slide itself, which wet my speedos and made my little penis all the more apparent to my cohort.

The group would remind me of it from time to time from that point on. A few of them even caught my little peenie bare naked, but that’s a story for another time.


Meanwhile, this reader has some morning wood…

My girlfriend and I tend to sleep naked, especially when the weather is hot as it was the last couple of days. I woke up, and as the guys will know, that often comes along with a boner. I then tried to approach her and start to cuddle her with my little boner poking her. She was already awake and went with her hands under the blanket, finding my hard dick. She said, “Look who’s tiny friend woke up!” and teased my cock with a little squeeze.

Then we made out a bit, and after a while, I got on top of her and continued kissing. She then grabbed my cock again between our bellies and told me that she could barely feel my dick when I cuddled her even though it was. I told her she might feel it between her tits, aiming for a boobjob. She said there was just one way to find out, so I put my dick between her tits. You have to know that my girlfriend is rather flatchested. I’d say between A and B cups. If B cup, then on the smaller side. She squeezed her tits together so that my cock was hidden between them. My girlfriend couldn’t hold her laughter and said while giggling.

“It’s unbelievable your dicklette makes my boobs look so much bigger! It’s so small it also gets lost between them. I see a little bit of tip.” Then she kissed me under her giggle, and I couldn’t do anything but cum immediately after her comments, laughter, and kisses. I came just on her tits and parts of her throat. “Not only short-packed but also short-timed,” she said while laughing and continued more serious. “But, well, now it’s my turn,” while she pushed my head down her body. And it was.


While this reader cums too soon…

I have pretty significant PE, like a few strokes, on average. Let me start by saying that my wife is very forgiving, and it took a long time for me to get her to admit I’m quick. Now, we both joke lightheartedly about my stamina issues. She has also made the odd joke about my size, but it’s rare. Anyways, after the birth of our second, she had an IUD put in. It’s new to us, and we couldn’t find it, so she suggested I buy condoms if I wanted to get laid. I go out and purchase trojan extended pleasure to help with my stamina.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, they don’t make delayed condoms for smaller sizes. I put it on and wait for the numbing to take effect. Then I put it in her and get a couple of strokes before it slips off. This is not usual. We stop. I take out a new one, slide it on and go at it again. A few strokes in, it slips again. She tells me to go without and that she’s confident the IUD will work. I remind her that my dick is covered in numbing gel, and she will start to get numb. She lets a quick laugh slip and says, “Don’t worry, I don’t usually feel it at the best of times.”

I am so shocked and turned on that I cum all over her stomach. Ruined orgasm, I don’t feel a thing. Normally ruined orgasms aren’t my thing. I like to feel it. But this was so hot.


This reader continues his naked rendezvous in the gym…

Alright, since I’ve been asked for an update a couple of times, this post will contain a summary of what has been happening from what I reported in Our Readers SPH Experiences 178 (This reader gets a poor reception).

I’ve made sure to be in the lockers at precisely 11 am as many days as I could manage, and I’ve met her exactly five times for about ten days. Working out as hard as I could beforehand was never as easy because grueling workouts leave me as small between my legs as I physically can be, and that’s precisely how she got to see me every time. She was very smiley, and we talked a lot when together. She never personally mentioned anything about the size of my penis, but I caught her looking many times, and both of us got bolder over time. The first time I wasn’t sure if I should engage in naked conversation to avoid offending her. But by the third or fourth time, I not only felt very comfortable doing so, I even commented about the water in the showers being especially cold that day, which made her burst into laughter.

The very last time, I wasn’t the only one to be in there with her, but there was also a guy that was a good 4 inches soft, which, to remind you, was about four times what I was packing, and she just must have noticed how big of a difference there was between the both of us.

So far, I’ve only heard from one of her female coworkers that she immediately talked to her about seeing me naked in the lockers. She told me that she described my penis as ‘embarrassing’ and even as ‘disgusting,’ which hit me quite hard because she was so smiley and talkative when we were in the lockers together. It took only like an hour or two to completely shift into absolutely loving it and fulfilling my fantasy of SPH that all of you share with me.

That was it so far. The cleaning lady that usually cleans the place is back from her vacation, but she’s in there at completely different times.


Another reader’s naturist lifestyle as a kid can’t help reveal there’s something wrong with his dick…

So, in my childhood, it was typical for my parents and their generation to swim nude, as we were east German in our neighborhood in Brandenburg. I didn’t complain, as I thought to myself, it’s a pretty good deal to be naked as a boy, so you see nude or topless women. When we eventually moved to Berlin, I was 10 or 11, more interested in the other sex. But it wasn’t as common to hang out naked at the lakes or on vacation with friends in Berlin who were Turkish, Persian, or Asian (German or half-German kids, still most of them). I noticed my dick wasn’t on the bigger side in the showers, even compared to my little brothers and cousins. The only times I got to enjoy naturism in my youth was when we went camping sites with older Family friends and their children, where I noticed every other Kid had much bigger penises or breasts. I still had a little pre-pubescent dicklette, which looked even more pathetic with an overhang. I was mainly embarrassed by it, but the others didn’t care, as everybody had insecurities. Nobody ever mentioned it, but as I was sixteen, already 175cm tall, and losing my adolescent body fat, my penis still looked like a little nub when flaccid. When it got hard, I was only a silver member.

My mother’s friend invited the whole family to a big birthday party. Another female friend, whom we called her aunt, traveling by car with her two daughters around 12-15. On our way home in the evening, the whole tour stopped at a lake. All of them were getting naked and hopped into it, me being the only one who wasn’t in the mood. It needed some time from this aunt to get me stripped. An hour after that, as we were getting changed, she asked me if I was embarrassed to show my little penis around? The question was getting me redder in the face as the situation. She told me not to worry about it, as she’d seen many guys with small dicks. Little did she know things like SPH and other femdom kinks were the only porn categories that stuck with me after puberty.


Meanwhile, this reader finds if the sleeve fits, he’s got to wear it…

A few weeks back, we decided to do some sex toy shopping. And we went down the categories, and she saw cock sleeves. She was bemused. She had never heard of one before (her family was quite religious, but she’s not anymore, so she had quite a sheltered upbringing), so I clicked on cock sleeves, and she instantly said how about we get one of these. I said sure and told her to scroll through and pick out the one she liked the look of the most. After about 10 minutes, she showed me my phone and said, “This one!”

I had a look, and it was a proper sleeve set (mega mighty bundle on Lovehoney, for those wondering). The two cock sleeves were clear and way bigger than I thought she’d go for! One was 8”x6.5” and the other was 8.5”x5.75”.

We tried them out quickly, and she preferred the thicker one. She told me she didn’t realize how much more cock she could take compared to mine. It doubles the width and length of my dick. Every time I’d push deeper, I’d see her eyes roll into the back of her head as she moaned in pleasure. We were fucking for about 45 minutes, and she was going crazy for her new favorite sex toy. She was different, going wild, throwing me on my back, riding me, and taking the whole sleeve. It was so hot looking down and seeing this huge thick cock slide in and out of her as she rode me. I could see my small dick through the plastic of the sleeve, and I knew exactly how much more she was capable of taking. I may have turned my girlfriend into a size queen.

The whole time I got zero sexual satisfaction because the sleeve was so thick I couldn’t feel anything. I asked if I could take it off and make myself cum, and she agreed, so I took the sleeve off and pushed my cock inside her. There was no resistance. My dick slipped in and out. She laughed at every stroke, telling me that the sleeve made my dick feel tiny when I fuck her. She would occasionally look down, check if I was in, and ask me to hurry up. After about two minutes of constant SPH, I came so hard. Now she demands that I fuck her with the sleeve again when she next stays over.

Fuck I’m lucky 😂


While this reader’s childhood friend turned out to be a size queen…

This girl and I met as little kids and were friends throughout middle and high school. Nearing the end of high school, I had developed feelings for her and finally worked up to asking her out. One day after school, we were walking, and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She looked and pulled me behind a building, crouched down, and began undoing my pants. She pulled them down and then pulled my underwear down. To her shock, she saw a very tiny penis and covered her mouth, and began to laugh. She said no after that and giggled, saying you have a small penis. She told a couple of girls at school, and they made fun of me.


This reader is outgunned by a well-hung friend…

I recently had to change with a well-hung friend in some tiny cubicles. It wasn’t enough for one each, so we had to share. Our respective sizes are well known, and he’s enormous when soft. His soft is my hard, and then some We got changed next to one another and asked me if it was cold in here before asking me to look up as I took my shorts off. There he was, swinging his enormous cock around in a bit to show his size off before saying, “Jealous?”

When we got changed later, he said, “Jeeez, was the water cold?” as he looked at my dick before ripping his shorts off and spending an extended time with his out.

I reported that I had to share a cubicle with him to my girl later, who replied, “Oh, was that not awkward? because y’know.”

I brought it up later with my girl, whose response was, “Yeah, he does have a massive one, doesn’t he?”

I replied, “Oh, does he?”

To which she said, “Oh, come on, babe. We both know he’s packing.”


Another reader gets a massage and bruised ego all at once…

I was in Kerala ten days ago with my three friends (one guy and two girls) we were vacationing there. On the third day, we had access to a spa and massage in our hotel, so we decided to use it, we all went down, and there were two tables in each room, so the girls went on in their rooms, and my guy friend went in the other, two masseuses came in and asked us to strip down to our underwear or naked as we wished for it.

I have a small penis, a silver member hard 1.4 inches when soft, so I didn’t want to go naked and decided to wear my boxers. My friend did the same. Still, he had briefs on, and we both laid down. My masseuse told me he wouldn’t be able to gimme an oil massage as my boxers came almost to my knee and requested I completely strip. I was about to say no, but he said strip naked and lay down on your face. I thought he wouldn’t see my dick. There’s a hand towel big enough to cover me if I have to turn.

I did as I was told, stripped while my masseuse looked the other way, and quickly laid face down with the small towel covering my butt, 10 mins went by, and I had the most fantastic massage. My back always hurt a bit for a few months, and I was finally relieved when the masseuse moved the towel up and oiled my butt. I didn’t think much as he did it for 15-20 seconds and covered them again.

He asked me to turn, which I did carefully, not revealing my tiny dick. I closed my eyes and lay again while he oiled my chest, arms front legs and kept massaging me when he reached my stomach. My dick shriveled in more. I could feel it grow smaller. It was maybe the AC or just that I was too relaxed when he started saying my blood flow in the body is too weak, I asked what he meant, and he said in broken English, body too weak, not much flow then too much problem (and he touched my fingers, my legs and just above my dick and said down here too) I was super embarrassed and my friend turned a bit and saw him point to my dick I saw him smirk just then the man moved my towel up again. He massaged my thighs insides with my tiny dick shriveled, and he saw it smiled and said in Malayalam something to which the other masseuse also looked at me, and he rubbed my dick with his oils palm and said, no power down.

My face was red, and I looked at my friend giggling and the masseuse smiling big too. The masseuse covered me up again and continued to say, “Very small. No blood flow no grow, too much problem for future.”

I was so shaken I couldn’t react to what happened. He went down to my legs, and my friend told me, “You should call Chotu,” and continued giggling.

To make matters worse, after the massage, we met the girls outside, and my friend told them all about it, which I said was a lie. My friend told me to wait, opened the door to our room, called the masseuse, and pointed to me and said, “He has a small problem, no?”

To which the masseuse replies, laughing, “Yes, very small. Use exercise to improve blood flow, or it will never grow anymore.”

My friends lost it and started laughing. I was so humiliated, but I started getting an erection. I was more turned on than I have ever been.


Meanwhile, this reader is pantsed by a girl at work…

This recently happened. I work at a place till closing, so I’m there for a long time. There were two other girls I was closing with. They were Michelle and Ashly. They were both beautiful but never thought much of it. One day when I was taking out the trash, Ashly snuck up on me and pantsed me. She saw my 2-inch soft dick. When she did it, she started laughing and calling me ‘shrimp dick.’ She then called Michelle to look; I had already lifted my pants by that time.

But Michelle wanted to see it. So I was in an awkward situation. But then, out of nowhere, Ashly pulled them down again. This time I had a semi-erection and was like 3.5 inches, and they started laughing and calling me names again. I pulled them back up as quickly as possible, but the damage had been done. The rest of the time closing, I was in the back, and now they are telling the rest of the people I work with. So, the next time I go to work, I’ll be terrified.


While this reader follows through on his suggestion and liked the results…

This is just an update to an earlier story. In Our Readers SPH Experiences 180 (This reader has a use for our website), I suggested something to guys that are new to SPH. An easy thing to do would be to leave your phone open to the ‘Small Dick Club’ website and leave it someplace conspicuous where someone might see it. Well, I did it! I opened my phone to the website. I even enlarged the banner so that it filled up the entire screen, then I left it open on my desk and went to the break room to get a cup of coffee. I lingered there, wanting to allow enough time for people to walk by and see it.

My plan exceeded my expectations. When Rebecca walked in, I was standing next to the coffee machine chatting with two female coworkers. She walked right over to us and held out my phone. She had the screen facing out so that the girls could see it.

“Here, I found your phone. You wouldn’t want somebody to get a hold of it”.

The girls’ mouths dropped open, and their eyes widened as they saw the ‘The Small Dick Club’ banner clear as day. As Rebecca handed me the phone, she looked directly down at my crotch. She held her stare for 3 or 4 seconds, then looked me straight. A wide smile spread across her face as she turned and left. My two coworkers were already on their way out, but I could hear hushed whispers and giggles. I’m a little intimidated by the thought of every woman in the office soon knowing I had a little dick. But I’m also incredibly turned on by it.

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