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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has another use for this site…

This is just a quick suggestion for guys who have discovered their recent fascination with SPH but are hesitant to do anything drastic. How about accidentally leaving your phone open to The Small Dick Club? Leave it someplace conspicuous where people are likely to see it. You’ll know that some people now know about your little secret, but without them or you have to acknowledge it openly. Maybe you’ll pick up some hints about who’s seen it? Perhaps you’ll encounter some sly smiles? Maybe you’ll notice some women glancing down at your crotch? Maybe someone bold will even ask about it? You will never know how many women know you have a little dick. But you’ll know that some do.


Another reader is permanently friendzoned…

I spend a lot of time with my friend Kaitlyn. We’ve known each other for years and know much about each other. But there was one thing she didn’t know about me.

It was a warm evening in August, and we decided to go to our neighborhood’s pool and swim around for a bit. We were joking around, and I decided to get out of the pool to check my phone. When I got up and walked along the edge of the pool, my swim trunks were so tight to my body, and you could notice the outline of my dick. I’m not very big, and it was just a tiny bump in my shorts, and Kaitlyn saw as I heard her giggle.

She then got out after me, and as I was on my phone, she started tugging on my swim trunks to pull them down. But because they were so tight, she couldn’t. She started laughing and saying she saw my tiny imprint and wanted to see it. She begged, and I said no way. She then offered to show me her boobs if I got naked. At that point, I got an erection and gave in.

I looked around to ensure no one was around, and it was just us two. She stared at my waist with excitement as I managed to pull down my trunks, revealing my hard gold member penis. She laughed hysterically and said it was the smallest penis she had ever seen. I had enough embarrassment and covered up as she laughed at me. I said it was her turn to show me her tits, but she refused after seeing my tiny penis. She mocked me and said thanks for showing me your micropenis 🤏.


Meanwhile, this reader is exposed by his wife…

My wife had a few girlfriends over for drinks the other day. They stayed in the kitchen while I watched TV in the other room. The conversations got louder and bawdy as they all became a little drunk. All kinds of sexual innuendoes, stories, gossip, and giggling. They didn’t seem to care that I was well within earshot. One of the girls mentioned that Jennifer’s new boyfriend couldn’t give her an orgasm and never seemed to care about it. He was just incredibly selfish; she was getting tired of it.

Playing the ‘macho’ husband, I yelled, “Tell her that I’d be happy to oblige her if she wants.”

The drinks must have loosened her tongue and inhibitions because my wife yelled back, “Oh sure, what are you going to do with that tiny dick of yours!”

This was met with loud gasps from the girls and many, “Oh my God! I can’t believe you said that!” Then many questions like, “Is it true?” and, “Does he really have a small one?”

My wife laughed, “Oh yeah, like you wouldn’t even believe!”

The girls were all clamoring for details, “Come on, spill, how little? You gotta tell us now, how many inches?”

Before she could answer, I rushed into the kitchen to defend myself. “Come on, honey. It’s not THAT little. I mean, I’m not hung, but it’s only a little below average.”

That, of course, was not at all true. My dick was indeed tiny. Fully erect, I’m a gold member of the small dick club, but it’s maybe half an inch soft. It looks like a ring of wrinkled skin with a thimble size head in the middle. While talking, I hadn’t noticed that my wife had gotten behind me. She suddenly grabbed the waistband of my shorts and yanked both shorts and underwear to the floor. Seeing my tiny dick poking out, the girls erupted in laughter and squeals. They all rush over to get a better look.

“Look how tiny it is!”

“OMG, that’s the smallest penis I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE!”

“My one-year-old has a bigger dick.”

They all quickly got out their phones and started taking pictures. Shots of my lower half. Close-ups. Even full figure shots that included my face. They were all touching it and pinching it. One of the ladies took her index finger and poked the head in. My entire penis disappeared into my body. That brought more squeals and laughter.

When it didn’t pop out, she said, “Where’d it go?”

One said, “Maybe it’s shy.”

So they all started poking around, laughing, saying things like, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

“You can come out now. We won’t hurt you.”

Their efforts worked because I started to get hard. Soon I had a full erection, which is just a little smaller than a roll of pennies. They loved that.

“Look, it’s so cute.”

“It looks just like a regular penis, only in miniature.”

The phones all came out again. A few of them held their pinkies next to it to compare size. Some pulled it down, then let it spring back up. They were all enjoying making fun of my little erection. And then, without warning, it happened. I came. Three or four short little spurts. This brought loud gasps, then raucous laughter. Loud, hysterical laughter. Some were laughing so hard that they dropped to the floor. When they all finally calmed down, I was still standing there. My tiny dick was back to thimble size, with a few drops of cum clinging to it.

One lady said, “Damn! I wished I had a video of that!”

My wife replied excitedly, “That’s ok. I was streaming it live on Facebook. I’ll send you all copies.”

I thought about all of the people on her Facebook list. The friends, the family, her coworkers, and my coworkers. They would all see. To my surprise, this started to turn me on.


While this reader realizes the truth at last…

I’m Brazilian, I’m 27 years old, and this was the day I discovered I had a small dick. Being single, Uncle Vitor always took me to the company parties where he worked. One of these parties occurred in a private club with several swimming pools, sports courts, and toys.

It was time for the fraternization to end. The drunk adults wanted to continue talking and told us ‘children’ to take a shower and change. When we got to the locker room, I took off my swim trunks like the other boys and went to the shower. However, I started to notice some whispers and giggles, and that’s when I realized that they were looking at the size of my member (or rather the lack of it). I have less than one inch soft. At the time, it was much smaller. I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt a mixture of shame, fear, and curiosity. I looked at their cocks that were much bigger than mine, even boys younger than me.

I could barely think when the adults started to arrive, and I ran to change into shorts before anyone else saw my dick. I was quiet in the corner, waiting for my uncle to shower and looking curiously at the other men, all naked without shame of their cocks. I could also see that some men with a much smaller volume between their legs than the others were wearing swimming trunks or underwear in the shower. I soon imagined the little ones like me hiding their shame. When I saw my uncle getting out of the shower, I could see that he was much bigger than the other men there. In addition to being tall and strong, he had a seemingly huge cock covered in blond hair. If he was like that, why was mine so small?


This reader is cucked on holiday…

My wife came home with exciting news. Her company sent a bunch of people down to the islands for a conference, and spouses were invited. After looking into the resort where it was to be held, we discovered that in addition to the main beach, there was also a section of the beach that allowed full nudity.

We used to frequent a local nude beach years ago before controversy closed it. Now you would think that a man like me with a tiny penis would avoid such places, but it was just the opposite. The naturalist aspect of the beach meant that there were all kinds of different body types there, from skinny to plus size, from well-hung guys to little dick guys. No one stared, snickered, or pointed. It was very freeing and relaxing.

We decided to schedule our arrival a few days early so we could enjoy the nude beach without running into my wife’s coworkers.

After arriving and checking in, we went to the nude beach. It was beautiful but seemed to have a different vibe than what we were used to. Instead of a naturalist atmosphere, it had more of a bar/ meat market feeling. Everyone there seemed attractive and in shape. There was a lot of flirting and sexual energy. My tiny penis appeared to attract some attention. Compared to the guys there, who all seemed to be at least average to well above average, my penis looked almost non-existent. I have no visible shaft, so all you see is the head, the size of a thimble, sitting on top of a small pair of balls.

We grabbed a pair of the resort’s low beach chairs and looked for an excellent spot to put them. Unlike the nude beach we were used to, some apparent but low-critical sexual activity was going on. We notice a few guys with full erections, but instead of trying to hide them, they proudly display them to the admiring women around them. Of course, this meant the women on the beach were keen on checking out the guys’ cocks as they walked by. So, of course, my little dick drew a lot of attention. I heard hushed giggles, even laughter, and noticed several pointing fingers and quickly turned heads.

We found a spot away from the water near the back of the beach. We were relaxing when I saw him. Brad, the office hottie, and stud walked along the water’s edge. He was ruggedly handsome, had a muscular physique, and rumor had it, was very well endowed. He was also a major asshole. He was full of himself and always bragged about all the women he had fucked. My wife confided in me that he had fucked almost all the single girls in the office and quite a few married ones.

I hoped he wouldn’t spot us and just continued walking to a different part of the beach. He was almost past us when he waved and started walking in our direction. Well, the rumors were confirmed as he got closer. His soft cock looked to be about eight inches long and quite thick. It was uncircumcised and completely flaccid because the foreskin covered the head and hung loose an inch past it.

He shouted hello as he approached.

As he stood in front of us, he reached out and shook my hand. As he did, he looked right at my little dick, and a wide smile spread across his face. When he turned to my wife, I noticed that her legs were no longer stretched out in front of her, but instead, she had brought her knees up, and her legs were now spread wide apart, giving Brad a clear view of my wife’s completely shaved pussy. As they chatted about work, she slowly swung one of her legs back and forth. This must have affected Brad because his foreskin rolled around, exposing a huge engorged head. His cock was quickly growing down his thigh. My wife chuckled and nodded her head toward his cock.

“You had better get into the water before that thing wakes up and hurts someone.”

Brad laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. Come on, guys. Let’s go for a dip.”

Before I could say a word, my wife answered, “Well, Charlie doesn’t swim, but I’ll go in for a minute.”

I watched them run down and jump into the water. They started splashing around and body surfing with other people, so I returned to reading my book. After a while, I looked to see them ride a pretty good-sized wave into the shallow area. When they stood up, I noticed that Brad now had a full-blown erection. Even from a distance, I could see it must have been at least 11 or 12 inches long and thick as a forearm. Although his huge cock had attracted a crowd of interested girls, his attention was focused entirely on my wife, Annie. They continued to body surf until the waves subsided. Then a bunch of them started playing chicken, where one person rode on their partner’s shoulders and tried to knock their opponent off the other person’s shoulders. It bothered me a little to think about Annie’s pussy pressed against Brad’s neck, but I sighed and returned to my book.

When I next looked up, Brad and Annie were in deeper water, only their heads visible. I wondered whether Annie was running her hands up and down Brad’s cock. When they finally emerged from the water, I was relieved to see that Brad no longer had a hard-on. My relief was short-lived when Annie plopped down onto her chair with her legs apart. She seemed exhausted. She was out of breath, and her pussy was engorged and wide open. It was stretched so wide that I could have almost put my entire fist into it and barely touched the sides. Brad had just fucked Annie, and she didn’t even try to hide it. I wondered what the rest of the week would be like. I knew one thing for sure. Brad would brag to everyone that he fucked my wife, and Brad would also tell everyone that I had a tiny little dick.


Another reader is also cucked by his wife…

I bought these XL girth condoms for SPH during handjobs. We lay in opposite directions while my wife jerked me off. She decided to give me a show, so she took off her panties to give me a full view of her pussy. She could tell how worked up and throbbing hard I was, so she decided she wanted to get on top.

We had fantastic sex where she came twice. Both of us were in ecstasy after. Maybe 2 minutes after we finished, I noticed cum at the base of the condom. I couldn’t be sure when it got out as these are bigger girth condoms that I don’t fill.

Fast forward to two nights ago, my wife was giving me a handjob. During the handjob, she explained how she had to go to the chemist and explain to him that she wasn’t sure if she needed the morning after pill or not after the last time we had sex.

I love SPH, so I sheepishly asked, what exactly did you explain? She said it was odd that he was a young guy, a junior chemist and that he seemed to be blushing a lot. My wife has fantastic breasts and told me she was wearing a very low-cut top and an old bra that didn’t fit great. I know the combo well, and it is a bust most men couldn’t help staring at, and hearing this young chemist was blushing, I could guess why.

She told me she had to explain that the condoms we used were too big for me. My heart started to race, and my dick started to REALLY throb! My wife told this young chemist staring at her breasts that her husband had a small cock. I was in heaven with this story during a handjob, and my wife started to notice.

She gave me a little extra, saying, “I noticed the bulge in his trousers get bigger. He had a massive cock, judging by the bulge. I asked him to take it out.” She capped it off right before I exploded by saying, “He came so much for me.”

After I finished, my wife lifted her head from my chest, smiled, and said, “I think you get off on the idea of sharing me.”

It caught me off guard, and I didn’t know how to answer in case I freaked her out, so I just smiled and said nothing.


Meanwhile, this reader makes a mess in his pants…

I was lucky enough to go to prom with a gorgeous girl. She wore a satin dress that showed her figure nicely. She also wore satin gloves. We weren’t dating, but I had a crush on her. My small dick was pretty hard for a lot of the dances. I’m one of those guys who can walk around hard, and no one notices because I’m a gold member of the small dick club. But at one point, I knew I was in trouble during a slow dance. I could feel her breath, body heat, and my arm on her waist. Then, she leaned into whispers something, and that was too much. I jizzed, my crotch pressed against her, trying not to make any noise. I don’t think she noticed. But I was left for the rest of the song with a sticky mess in my pants until I could excuse myself.


This reader has some regrets…

When I was 19, I had to get circumcised for medical reasons and post-circumcision. My flaccid dick was small, but when it was uncircumcised, it was tiny. Weirdly enough, I miss having that tiny flaccid dick a lot. 😅 I can’t think of anyone who might understand that more than all of you here. It’s been 12 years, and I just realized how much it’s impacted me. 🧐


Another reader is enjoying his new girlfriend’s honesty…

I’ve just started seeing someone. The sex is mind-blowing. One of the things I love about her is that she is brutally honest. The size topic came up last night. She said this without hesitation and not with the intent of humiliation. “Yes, I’d describe it as small. The smallest I’ve ever had, actually.”

I told her that saying turned me on and asked if she would mind saying more of that in the future. She said, “I don’t have a problem with that because it’s the truth. Our sex is great, but you have the smallest I’ve ever seen.”

We then had a long talk about others which was great. She messaged me this morning to ask if I was OK with the conversation last night. I told her I was and loved that she came straight out with it, no comments about not wanting to hurt my feelings, size doesn’t matter, etc. I asked her how she felt about it.

She said, “I don’t have a problem with it. It’s the truth, darling, and it didn’t seem to bother you either. I can’t wait to play with your small dick again tonight.”

I’m a happy Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club!


Meanwhile, this reader is soaked and exposed…

So, a couple of other friends and I decided to go to Soak City. The day went fine, but it happened near the end. The park wasn’t closed yet, and the showers seemed empty, so we just figured we’d wash off. We went to the locker room and got in our showers. I had my duffel bag sitting right outside my shower curtains. My towel was sitting in my bag, and I had a plastic bag with my wet clothes. The first thing I noticed was that the water wasn’t warm. I thought maybe it would eventually warm-up, but it didn’t. I stood there for like 5 min until I just gave up and forced myself under the cold shower. Of course, my dick shriveled even smaller. I’m almost 2 inches soft. Maybe at that point, I was like 1.8 inches. I get done with my shower and open my curtain just a little to find that my duffel isn’t there anymore.

My friends weren’t out on the benches, so it wasn’t them. I couldn’t even see where my bag went. I considered waiting for my friends to be done, but I lost some patience after standing there wet and cold for a minute or two. I peeked out, and it looked like nobody was there, so I decided to go and find my bag as fast as possible. As I walk into the open area where the benches are, I see another guy changing out of his swimming shorts. I don’t pay much attention to him but ignore him and just find my bag. Pretty sure he didn’t notice I was there. I saw my bag across the corner and walked over, relieved nobody saw me. So I pulled my boxers out, and as I turned around, I saw this girl, probably mid-20s, just standing at the entrance but more on the inside of the room. She was looking right at it and sort of just raised her eyebrows. Not only was my dick like an inch and half, but I had a full bush, and it was covering maybe an inch of it. I froze as she just stared at my shrunken dick. She smirked at me and then gave me the little dick sign. I felt so embarrassed. I turned my back to her and dressed as quickly as possible. My friends have no idea this happened, by the way.

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