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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader goes to a nude beach…

My wife K took me, she always went topless at the beach, and I loved that, but she took me to a ‘Clothing Optional Beach.’ She thought it was hilarious. A long story short, (it just seemed appropriate to say that) She convinced me. She thought it was hilarious. The beach was busy too, and mainly men. We put our towels down, and K took me by the hand and walked the length of the beach. I was the smallest, and the looks we got were… well, she said, priceless. This started the SPH discussion with my wife, so I’m glad we went that day!

On the way home, she was constantly giggling. Each time, reflecting on what just happened.

“OMG, I knew you were on the small side, but you are on the small side of little dicks!”

“How about the old guy on the boardwalk? He was much bigger soft than you are, hard, much bigger!”

“Those two young girls, did you see the look on their faces! And the smirks on their faces?”

That night I got out of the shower, and K was already in bed. She told me not to put my shorts on, “Hop in. I want to play with my husband’s little cock. Well, you did win the award of ‘smallest on the beach,’ and I’ve never seen or heard of such a clear winner! If it was a horse race, the whole field lapped you!”

She then apologized but followed it up with. Do we need a nickname for your ‘little secret’? What about – Little Pee Wee?”

Then I told her about the nicknames I got from school after getting severely teased. It was school swimming practice. I was the youngest and a late developer. The water was cold, and I was nervous. I always tried to cover up, and I had a towel around my waist as I tried to change. One of the older boys pulled my towel away as I was naked. He pushed me to the center of the room and flicked me with the towel. I lost my balance and put my hands out, and everyone saw my tiny, shriveled penis.

One of my classmates called out, “My baby brother has a bigger one!” The bully flicking me, said, “You are smaller than a cocktail frankfurter! You are the smallest in school!” So there it was, ‘Baby Dick’ or ‘Little Cocktail.’ What made matters worse was that the boys told the girls on the bus back to school. Some of the girls waved their little fingers at me.

My wife wasn’t giggling now and apologized sincerely. I told her it was okay, and it was a relief to tell her about it. Also, I was more than over it now and liked the teasing. I told her that the way she teased me in the car turned me on.

She felt me under the sheets and found me hard as a rock. “Ohh wow, what have we here – a very hard little cock! Let’s celebrate the smallest on the beach and the smallest in school!

She now calls me ‘Little Cocktail’ and my hard-on ‘Little Stiffy.’

The conversation went from my ex-girlfriend to her ex-boyfriend. We measured and compared to average sizes. Then the conversation went to her flirting with other men and my Cuckhold fantasies. Soon after, my wife, K, told me I had a little penis, and she started teasing me as she planned a special night. We had already done the measuring and talked about our ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, but tonight will be different as she had done some research.

She told me earlier in the day, so I was excited about what she had come up with. She called me by nicknames during the day in all of our interactions. She had favored ‘Little Cocktail’ in the past (because I’m smaller than a cocktail wiener, and it was my nickname from school), but today it was ‘Little Cock.’ It was, “How was the coffee, Little Cock? And, “Have you done the ironing, Little Cock?” Each time I got a rush of blood and excitement about what was installed for me tonight.

She was right when she said, “I bet your little cock is soaked with pre-cum, like a little wet pussy.” I thought to myself, tonight is going to be great, and yes, I am wet down there.

At dinner, she continued to tease, “Well, Mr. Smallcock, are you ready for a little teasing? We are in for a birthday-style treat tonight!”

She got me to wait in bed while she showered and got ready. She took forever and came out wearing black lingerie, suspenders the whole deal. I thought to myself, my god, it is my birthday!

She got right to it, “First off, you are not going to fuck me tonight. My Little Cocktail tonight is about my research and teaching you things about your little cock.

We will start there. I’ve been calling you ‘Little Cock’ all day. My research has found that this is very wrong. Based on our measurements and reviewing the medical journals, a man’s flaccid penis has a range, and I’m sorry to inform you that you are not in that range. A soft penis under two inches is too small and is not in the man’s penis range. I continued my reading and found the average size for adolescents, and we had a match – a ten-year-old.

Based on that finding, I think we need to revisit your nicknames. It’s fair to say that you wouldn’t think a baby has a cock, right – it’s a little penis or a baby dick. And the same goes for adolescents with small penis. A cock is a name for a bigger penis. A man-sized penis, not your little pee-pee.

Little Cocktail is good because you are smaller than a cocktail wiener. And let’s face it, it does look like one – your little narrow knob is hardly visible under your foreskin. So we will stick with a little cocktail, but I will never refer to your tiny dick as a cock again. A cock is reserved for size comparison, and when I compare your tiny dick to a nice big cock.

And when you are hard, I admit you get bigger than a cocktail wiener. I have decided on ‘Little Stiffy.’ Although you get to the size of a small man’s flaccid cock when hard, it is a very small and thin hard-on.

This brings me to size comparison. It turned me on to see how many guys are enormous. It’s one thing to compare you to average size, but wow!

Before I share my next bit of information on ‘consultation as a form of research,’ we have some shaving to do. I asked what this consultation involved, and she said she exchanged notes and a few photos with one of her girlfriends.

She told me it was common for men with small dicks to shave down completely. She wanted not a hair in sight, balls and all. As she did it, she talked about my balls, “I always knew you were on the small side on the penis size, but I didn’t think much about your balls. They are so tight and small that they don’t hang down like a man’s balls. Another reason to shave is that you have a baby dick and balls, and you know what they say in Rome.

“OMG, it does look even smaller shaved. Julie said it would! Julie is my small dick consultant. I picked Julie because we had previously talked about your little dick. And it’s your fault for wearing your Speedo to her pool party. And you know her husband always is bragging about his big cock. Julie guessed your size very accurately, both Little Cocktail and your Little Stiffy. Julie’s husband, Grant, is the other end of the spectrum.”

“I met Julie for coffee and told her about the nude beach and how funny it was. I told her everything, your nicknames and how you like to be teased.”

She covered my Little Stiffy and balls with moisturizer and started feeling me up as she showed me photos on her phone. “Look at the size of Grant’s big cock! And those huge low-hanging balls. Even soft, he is much thicker and longer than your Little Stiffy. One of his balls is bigger than your whole package. His fat circumcised knob, now that is what a big man’s cock looks like.”

“You have a baby dick, don’t you? Just imagine, look at the size of his hard-on! Imagine that big cock inside me?”

That was it. I shot my load all over my chest.

I got cleaned up, had a shower, then sat down to hear more of what she had told Julie. I had another little stiffy straight away. Julie had invited us for dinner for a double date. She said it was just dinner but also mentioned they had done a few threesomes.

We then went again with all the nicknames she picked up in her research.

We did go out with Julie and Grant but not for dinner. But the sexual tension and flirting between Grant and Kay was a turn-on. And the cheeky smiles from Julie I got were nice.

Julie and Grant were divorced, and Grant fucked my wife many times, but that’s a different story.

I did change the names, but I now call Grant, Sir.


Another reader is caught in the shower…

So I used to play in a football (soccer) team. Great group of guys.

Whether I was the smallest was up for debate. Still, when we finished playing, I was. Ninety minutes of exertion turns me from average to almost micro, essentially about two inches soft.

Two girls used to hang about with our team, one was our captain’s FWB, who was a couple of years older than me, but I’d been hot for it since primary school. The other one was her cousin, who openly flirted with everyone, but I thought especially of me.

Anyway, we’d just finished a big game. I had some things to attend to after as I helped with the team’s running. So I was late for the showers. So late that everyone was on their way out when I got in.

No big issue, I thought, quick shower, out back to the pub.

I stood under the water, and it was freezing. Already small from the game, everything shrank right in. But I grinned and bore it.

Walk through to the changing room to get dried, and the captain has invited the two girls into the changing room.

They both erupt into absolute hysterics when I walk in with a towel around my head. Our captain is standing there in his boxers with a very obvious bulge (I’ve seen it, about 5 inches soft, the girl was a massive size queen) for all to see while I’m walking about with “a wee maggot” as his FWB said.

The cousin stopped flirting with me. She moved into guys that she knew were bigger.


Meanwhile, this reader has some photo fun…

This story is partly the result of an accident and partly the result of a split-second decision.

My wife and I recently returned from a vacation in Bermuda. It’s a beautiful, picturesque island filled with shoreline vistas, museums, quaint little shops, and flower-lined paths. So, of course, we took lots of pictures. When I returned to work, everyone wanted to know how we liked Bermuda and if we had taken any pictures. I told them everything: perfect sky, beaches, and a million different kinds of flowers.

While I was having coffee at my desk, Tina and Faye stopped by and asked if they could see the photos. I thought nothing of it, so I opened the album and handed them my phone. They took it over to Faye’s desk to look through the photos. I heard a few “oohs and aahs” as they swiped through the album. Suddenly I heard a quick scream, followed by hysterical laughter.

Tina yelled, “Mike, I think you need to delete one of your photos, dude.”

“What do you mean?” I said as I walked over to them.

As I approached, they were still chuckling, and Faye had her hand across her mouth. They handed me the phone. I had completely forgotten all about this photo. We had come back to our room wasted one night, and as I was just stepping out of the shower, my wife had snapped a picture. It was mostly just my upper torso, but at the very bottom of the photo, my little penis was visible. When soft, it barely sticks out because it’s only about a half-inch long. It looks just like a little acorn. I quickly took the phone back.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry. I had forgotten that my wife even took that.”

Tina bit her lip, and Faye was trying hard to control a smile as she said, “We’re sorry too, Mike … and don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about it.”

They walked away, but I heard them laughing again as they turned the corner.

Later, I thought about what they said. Why did they say that they were sorry? We they sorry that they saw it? Or were they sorry that I had little dick?

Later in the day, my wife called me from her job and said that her friends wanted to see our pictures, so could I send them to her. I instantly thought about Faye and Tina seeing my little penis, which excited me. Do I dare? I thought about what would happen if I included the picture of my little dick. Who would see it? Would they laugh and tease my wife about her husband’s little penis? I got an erection just thinking about it. Then reality set in. Who am I kidding? My wife would probably just delete it before anyone saw it anyway. But I was still hard and horny, so I thought, what the hell, and I sent it along with all the others.

A few hours later, my wife called me. She was kind of laughing, “Oh my God! Did you not look at the photos before you sent them?”

I lied, “No, I didn’t. Why?”

“Well, you included that picture I took of you getting out of the shower, and your little dick is showing.”

I thought that I could hear laughter in the background. “So just delete it,” I said.

“It’s a little late for that,” she replied.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“When you sent the photos, the girls were standing there waiting, so I just handed them my phone. Then they all went back to Bonnie’s office to look at them. A couple of minutes later, I heard them scream and start laughing like hell. By the time I went to investigate, half the office was crowded around the phone, laughing. A couple of them were laughing so hard that they were rolling on the floor. When I asked what was so funny, Bonnie laughed too hard to speak, so she just turned the phone around and showed me the photo. She had enlarged it on the screen. There it was, a close-up of your tiny penis, exposed in its miniature glory.”

When she said that part, I could hear loud laughing in the background.

“They had a million questions, like, how big is it? How big is it hard? Can he even fuck you with it? Can you even feel it? How do you jerk it off? Of course, a couple of the guys said that if I ever wanted a real cock, I should call them. Mack even grabbed his cock through his pants. I could see the outline of it, and it was huge!”

“So, did you finally delete it?” I asked.

“Well, there’s no point now,” she replied. “So many people have already seen it. And I think some girls have already shared it with some friends.”

My head was spinning. So all of my wife’s coworkers saw my little dick. What will it be like when I see them at the Christmas party, company outings, and all the rest. They will all know. They will all be sneaking peeks at it. Would anyone say anything? I was so turned on that I had to run to my room and jerk off.


While this readers roleplaying is a little too close to the bone…

It’s the Summer of 2014. My fiancée and I had been engaged for a few weeks, and we’re still riding the fresh high you can expect in a newly engaged couple. Between the nonstop lunch dates with friends and family congratulating us and the flurry of wedding and honeymoon ideas we were processing, we were all over each other when we finally found time. One night, after a full day of work and wedding talk, we were both in the mood but exhausted. We decided to take a little getaway for her birthday and celebrate our engagement.

We decided to head to Chicago for the weekend. We’ve been multiple times and enjoy spending the days and nights exploring the Magnificent Mile together.

Our first day there was close, and we couldn’t wait to return to our hotel room for some alone time. We’d just enjoyed a light dinner with plenty of drinks to spice up the evening and couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

My undressed fiancée and the alcohol amplified my realization of how lucky I was to call her mine. She stood there wearing nothing but her new engagement ring, her fierce green eyes staring at me, hungrily waiting for me to match her state of undress. As I was fumbling to undo the button of my shirt, she crossed the room and turned off the lights. Her 5’5” softly tanned body disappeared into the darkness, reappearing across the room as she opened the curtains to let in the evening light from the city streets below.

As my shirt dropped to the floor, she came over and helped undo my pants. I still remember her intoxicating scent as she asked if I wanted to have extra fun and do some roleplaying. I gulped hard and nodded in agreement as my pants fell to the floor in a heap. I took the few moments of silence that followed as an indication that I should start us off.

We’d never roleplayed at all before. Our sex life up to that point was very vanilla looking back on it. I can’t recall my thoughts as we stood there face to face in the dim light, her naked and me in my boxers – I just know what came out of my mouth next set us on a path that changed our relationship forever.

“So…” I said. “What brings you to Chicago?”

“Mmmm,” she cooed as she moved closer and put her palms against my chest. “I’m celebrating.” Her voice took on a husky tone as she spoke. Like she was dipping into a sexier character version of herself.

I tried to match her energy and put on a voice, but I was already so excited by what was going on that everything I said came out in nervous breaths. “Oh yeah? Celebrating what?”

She raised her left hand, allowing the night light to play off her diamond. “My engagement. I’m getting married.”

“Oh wow, he’s a lucky guy.”

“Not tonight. He isn’t.” She whispered as her hands crawled down my chest. “He’s back at home. Tonight you’re the lucky one.”

Her attitude and what she said had me hard as a rock, tenting the front of my boxers. My head was spinning at this flash of a cheating tease. She’d never said anything like this before, and the shock and alcohol caused my mouth to dry up instantly.

“Oh yeah?” I stammered. “Celebrating without him?”

“Mmhmm. He can’t help with what I want.” She then raised her toes and whispered in my ear, “I want to get properly fucked.”

She dropped down and dragged my boxers to my ankles. I look down, and my cock is as hard as ever. I can feel every heartbeat pulsing through it.

*Now, as you probably guessed based on the subreddit, I’m not precisely well-endowed. My largest measurements are easy to remember, as I’m 10cm long and 10cm around. Just under 4 inches in both when I’m at my hardest. My fiancée had never complained about my size before and had always said my cock was perfect – which made what happened next really throw me for a loop. *

“Your fiancé can’t fuck you properly?” I asked as she stood back up.

“Nope,” she said flatly as she grabbed my cock in her hand, squeezing it from above with her whole fist. “He’s got a small dick. I need something bigger.”

I felt faint. “Oh yeah? His is small?”

“Mmhmm, come over here and fuck my cheating pussy.” She turned and led me over to the bed. My head reeled from my buzz and hearing my sweet fiancée’s voice speak those words that hit just a little too close to home.

We’re roleplaying, right? But is she talking about me?

She laid back on the bed and hooked her legs up and wide to her chest, revealing herself to me. The sight alone never failed to turn me on, but now with everything else she’d said, I was at a new level of arousal.

I hurried in, so my hips were against hers. She was already wet, and I slipped inside her quickly. Her warmth and moist pussy sent a shiver across my whole body. Only now, as I spoke again, I realized how close I already was to cumming. “Do you want a big cock, baby?”

She moaned and started to grind against me. Our faces were inches away. Her eyes shut tight.“Yeah, baby, I need a bigger, longer, fatter dick.” Her tone shifted slightly, “I need a bigger cock to slam inside of me and hurt me the way you never do.”

There it was. She slipped out of character, or maybe a moment of honestly shone through. The way YOU never do.

I came immediately. My entire body spasmed as we embraced.

We lay there breathing together in silence for what felt like a lifetime. Her hand rubbed against my back. My sick had shrunk back to being soft, so when she adjusted her hips, it was apparent I had shrunken out of her, and her wet mound was matted against me. I propped up on my elbows and kissed her. She was smiling up at me.

“That was fun.” She smiled up at me. I smiled back, and somehow both recognized my beautiful fiancée and felt like I was looking at her for the first time.

She quickly tapped me on the bum and started twisting from under me. “Ok, I’m going to go clean up.”

I remember watching my sexy wife-to-be disappear into the bathroom as the door closed behind her and the sound of the shower coming on. I laid there, my head spinning. Trying to process everything that had just happened.

I thought I’d talk to her about it when she came out. Ask her where what she said came from. Ask her if they were her real feelings. Ask her if she wanted me to finish her off. Ask her…

Nothing. My world went black as the effects of the drinks and the post-ejaculation exhaustion set in. I fell asleep, not realizing how different my life would be when I woke up.

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