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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This Reader worries divorce might be on the cards…

My GF went to lunch with a friend of hers. When she got back, she mentioned her friend was going through a divorce and that her husband’s dick was small, I asked her how she knew, and she said her friend told her it’s only as long as her palm. My dick is as long as my GF’s palm, so I took her hand, and it covered my boner just like her friend said about her now ex. She quickly told me her friend had smaller hands than her, but it was not true. My GF is tiny compared to her friend.


Another Reader discovers 3.5 inches can satisfy in certain circumstances…

My GF and I were fooling around, and she said, “I want you to prove that your 3.5 inches can satisfy me”. As I was taking off my pants, she held a tape measure, and instead of measuring my penis, she measured my credit card and said: “Yes, it does, and it is longer than your erect dick.” 😂


Meanwhile, this reader gets a poor reception…

So, I’ve been to the gym today, like most days. Trying to compensate for the severe lack of manhood between my legs. Workout completed and having a nice pump in my chest, shoulders and triceps, all the available blood got pulled into the muscles I’ve worked out. This made for some severe penile shrinkage. I’m talking about turning the wheel of time back a good 20 years, making me look like I did when I was ten. Thinking nothing of it, I headed toward the lockers to take a well-needed shower.

As my clothes came off and I was standing right in front of the mirror next to the showers, the locker room door opened, and in came the stunning female receptionist I’d been sweet-talking for weeks and weeks. She looked me right in the eyes, trying to say something, but almost instantly realized what she walked in on, and her initial smile turned into a look of shock and back into a smile again. All of that in a mere second or two. She told me that the cleaning lady was on holiday and would be mopping the floor in the locker areas at 11 am sharp every shift in her stead for the next two weeks. For a split second, I caught her locking on to my soft little dick sticking out straight at the single inch it was able to reach.

I didn’t want to push my luck or ruin the possibility of future interaction, so I just took a quick shower and only ever said something to her when she addressed me first and headed out quickly after that. This had to be enough for her to immediately tell her fellow female co-workers about it, as we all know each other.


While this reader got an automic wedgie…

In high school, a group of senior girls bullied me. And one time, they cornered me and forced me into the girl’s bathroom to give me a wedgie. One girl ripped my backpack off me, and the other held my hands down while the third girl grabbed the back of my underwear and yanked them up, wedging it between my buttcheeks.

They hoisted me onto the hook of one of the stall doors and left me hanging. They yanked my pants down, too, and you could see the outline of my tiny penis through my underwear. Which they made fun of, and my underwear too because they were tighty whities.

They left, and I hung there for a while because I was too embarrassed to call for help. Finally, my underwear broke, and I pulled up my pants and went on with my day. Of course, not without the occasional girl coming into the bathroom and laughing at me.


The same reader as above gets pants in front of his favorite teacher…

In high school, this English teacher with a nice ass always wore leggings or a sundress that would get stuck between her butt cheeks. Every boy had a crush on her, including me, of course. The popular boys would flirt with her too. As for me, I would never flirt with her or even look at her. But I would always glance at her butt. Her near-perfect ass was so intimidating and always turned me on. She was also the most excellent teacher in the school and was always encouraging. She never laughed at anyone’s expense and always had something nice to say. And every day, I fantasize about that sexy teacher and think of what it would be like to see her bare ass, in a thong, or her sitting on my face. But fantasizing is as far as it ever went. I couldn’t imagine being with her or any girl at my school. This is because I knew any girl who saw me naked would laugh and tell everyone that I had a small penis. No one would want my micropenis, and I would be humiliated by everyone. Luckily no one knew, and I kept to myself. I was picked on a lot and made fun of. It was never too bad, but one day that changed, and I never looked back.

This bully picked on me any chance, especially in gym class and in front of girls. Things had been escalating, and the pranks had been more progressive. Like everyone else, he had a thing for the teacher and was recently shot down by her in class. He was angry that he got humiliated and was desperate to change that. It was just like any other day at school. I got off the bus and headed to the first period, which happened to be English that day with the hot teacher. I just turned the corner and started down the hall to class. I could hear the bully behind me, and I heard him get excited about something, but I didn’t mind it because I was locked onto the teacher of my dreams standing in the hallway.

She was wearing tight leggings showing off her ample thighs, and when she turned around, you could see the outline of a nice round and full ass just below her long blonde hair. I was staring at her, but she was staring behind me, and her eyes widened. I wasn’t sure what was happening, and my stomach dropped as I remembered the bully was behind me. I was about to turn around when I was stopped in my tracks, and so did the entire hallway, including the teacher. Everyone, along with myself, was anticipating what was about to happen. It felt like the whole day went by before it finally happened.

My pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles and hit the floor. There was silence in the hallway for 0.1 seconds until everyone lit up with laughter and pointing. My tiny soft dick bobbed like a little acorn from the waistband pulled down on it. Everyone could see my tiny penis throughout the hallway. I heard comments such as, “Baby dick,” and one girl yelled it’s smaller than my little brother’s!

I looked around at all the red faces from laughter, but mine was the reddest from embarrassment. But I knew out of all those people laughing and making fun of me. I knew who wouldn’t be. As embarrassed as I was to face her, I needed some comfort to know someone was empathetic to my situation. I expected the teacher to yell at the bully and send him to the principal’s office. But to my shock, that is not what happened. I looked down in surprise at my naked body and looked up at the hot teacher, who was utterly, uncontrollably laughing! She put her hand over her mouth to hide her laughter, but it was no use. I couldn’t believe that even the friendly teacher was laughing at me. It was probably the smallest penis she had ever seen, and she found it hilarious.

There I was, completely naked with my baby dick on display for this hot teacher with gorgeous blonde hair and phat ass, laughing and laughing in shock and amusement. She now knew that I had a tiny penis and never looked at me the same again.


The same reader as above is a victim of more pranks…

At my school, I was a loner who would be picked on and often humiliated in front of girls to make the popular guys seem cool. I’ve been pantsed, given wedgies, and even had my clothes stolen from the gym. But on one day in April, I got my first swirly. The guys had planned to give me a swirly and let their girlfriends and their friends in on the joke so they could be there to watch the nerd get dunked into the toilet.

Out of nowhere, several guys grabbed me from the hallway and carried me into the nearest bathroom, with many girls waiting. They kicked in the bathroom stall, and as I was preparing for my head to go into the toilet. I was put on my feet.

I was relieved for a second. I thought I had gotten out of this prank. But then they pulled down my pants and underwear to show the girls my tiny penis, lifted me back up, and dunked me into the toilet with my pants still around my ankles and my tiny penis flopping around with the girls laughing.


Another reader got the bad news from his female doctor…

When I was a teenager and went in for an annual checkup at the doctor’s, I had an embarrassing moment that stuck with me. My doctor at the time was a woman, probably in her 40s. I wasn’t overly attracted to her, but a grown woman touching your private area is somewhat arousing. It was a standard check-up exam, and the part of checking your genitals came around and pulled up the part of my pants and underwear that covered my front area so she could look at it and feel it to inspect it.

Now it’s constantly freezing in the doctor’s room, so there’s shrinkage, but it’s not like I was packing a lot, to begin with. I look down to see my ordinarily two-inch flaccid penis turn into a one-inch nub in the chilly room, and I glance and look at my doctor’s face, who has a smirk as she does the exam. She grabbed my dick and pulled it, stretching it as far as it could go, and measured it. It was just under three inches.

She goes over the exam and how I did it when she is finished. She gets to the part about my genitals. She explained that my size is smaller than the average for my age and that anything under three inches stretched penile length is considered a “micropenis.” She said that I had the penis size of a five-year-old, and I think she chuckled.

As I said, I wasn’t overly attracted to her but an adult woman knowing I have a tiny penis is pretty embarrassing. My face got red, and she noticed. She told me not to be embarrassed and not to worry about my penis size as it should grow before puberty is over. And she joked that she wouldn’t tell any nurses about my “little dicklette.” Thankfully, it did grow some, but only to become a silver member of the small dick club, not a gold one (micropenis). So there’s that, I suppose.


Meanwhile, this reader ends up the butt of a girl’s joke…

I had been talking to this girl for a few months, and things were getting pretty heavy. One day, she sent me nudes out of the blue, setting things in motion for a hook-up. She had explained how she likes to roleplay and switches between being dominant and being a sub. And she had wanted me to be the dominant one. I agreed even though I’m not the type and wasn’t sure what to do.

As we set a date to hook up at her place, I became increasingly nervous. But the day finally arrived, and when I got to her home, she was wearing tight booty shorts and a white tank top her breasts were ready to pop out of. As she took my hand and turned to lead the way, I noticed her big booty sticky out of the bottom of her shorts, and I instantly got turned on as I watched it move and jiggle up and down. She led me to her basement bedroom and sat on her bed. After a couple of minutes of talking, she rolled me over and climbed on top of me. She began slowly running her nails down my stomach and towards my waistband. And then she grabbed on and pulled down my shorts and underwear, revealing my tiny penis. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

She was shocked but also very amused. She began laughing and calling me baby dick. She flicked it to watch it jiggle and tried jerking it off with two fingers. It was humiliating, but she enjoyed embarrassing me. She even took pictures to send to her friends and told them how it was the smallest she had ever been with.

And then she said that I could not be the dominant one with such a small penis. And that I couldn’t fuck her or put my small dick in her pussy. So instead, she flipped to the dominant one and stood on the bed, hovering over me. She then turned around and pulled her shorts down to reveal a nice, lacey pantie that she had on. She removed that too and then squatted down, her bare ass hovering just inches away from my face.

She said that small penis losers have to taste her farts. Instead of fucking her, I was being farted on in a humiliating fashion. I was so close. She then sat all the way down on my face, her ass cheeks entirely over my face, and rubbed her butt all over my face. I was eating her ass as she was laughing at my tiny dick. Her ass was smelly but big and round, and I enjoyed kissing her cheeks and licking her butthole. She flipped me over, gave me a spanking for making her think she was getting fucked tonight, and then made me go home smelling like her butt. What a night.


While this reader appreciates the honesty of a woman…

I’ve always known I was small, but I didn’t want to believe it. I read articles about penis size and convinced myself I was average. Even though I had never seen a dick as small as mine in the showers after sports, condoms always slid off. Also, my wife never complained. After we’d been married for a few years, we started swinging. Again, I never saw another dick my size, but I had sex with women who didn’t complain. But that was until we’d been swinging for a couple of years and picked up one particular couple at a party. We’d all been flirting for a while and were really into each other. We went back to their room and started making out and undressing. The other guy’s wife took out my dick and was disappointed. She smirked, paused, and dropped her head to stare at the floor for a couple of seconds, but we continued.

She wasn’t enjoying herself while we were having sex, but my wife was enjoying the other guy fucking her, so I continued and finished quickly. After I got cleaned up, I went back into the bedroom and watched my wife get plowed for another half hour. I never saw the woman again, but my wife continued a sexual relationship with the man for several months. Even though it was clear that I was inadequate, we didn’t stop swinging, but more often than not, my wife was the only one having sex.

At a later party, I met a very adventurous single woman. She clarified that she didn’t mind my tiny dick, and I even told her the story of getting laughed at. She was very sympathetic. When my wife had other men come over to our house, we would see each other. After a few dates, this woman introduced me to some of her other boyfriends. They were all larger than me, and eventually, she got me to suck one of them off. Later, she had another fuck me. She decided she liked watching, so our date turned into her masturbating while her boyfriends used me and finished by fucking her.

My wife and I moved to a different city for work, and I haven’t seen the other woman since. Now, I don’t have sex with anyone much. Occasionally, my wife will let me fuck her when she’s sore from fucking one of her new boyfriends. Even though she’s stretched out, she says she feels me better after being fucked hard. She knows I’ve grown fond of being cucked, but she can’t bring herself to make fun of my tiny dick. However, a comment will very rarely slip out in a casual situation. I’m thrilled with where I am now, but it would never have happened if that one woman hadn’t shown her honest disapproval of my tiny dick.


The Panty Bet continued…

This should be the all-time low. The essential word is ‘should.’

I am standing there in my fiance’s skimpy pink thong, making almost no bulge holding a clit vibrator while she begins to undress my best friend. As she pulled down the panties, he modeled his dick swings out, nearly slapping her in the face. The scene is so hot I unconsciously turn on the vibe and hold it to the front of what is now my panties. As she begins to kiss and suck his dick, she comments, damn. I think his head is bigger than your whole clitty, babe. I cum instantly at this. She’s oblivious, practically in a trance from his big dick.

The post-orgasm haze clears, and I realize just how embarrassing this is. I try to sneak away to clean up, change, and save what’s left of my dignity. But my fiance sees me and barely pulls off his dick long enough to say, “Not so fast, girly. No one cleans up until everyone has cum. It’s only fair. So I sat there in my cum soaked panties for what seemed like forever. Naturally, I turned the vibe back on and came again before he got close.

When he finally did cum, my fiance hopped up, saying she was ready for hers, and told me to go down on her but leave my panties on. Of course, I did as instructed. She was so wet and turned on and began to buck as I ate her. This caused yet another me to be immensely turned on. So I also began to massage myself. I noticed I wasn’t getting hard but wrote that off to the thong, pressing me down. When she said she was ready to fuck I jumped up and pulled the panties to the side, only for them to slide back over. That’s when we both noticed I had cum so much I was internal, and my balls were nonexistent. She tried to help me out, literally, but I was so sensitive, and it was so exotic that I shockingly came again without the head even poking out. When she realized what happened, she pulled her hand back in shock, saying, ” Holy shit, babe, you just came like a girl. She told me to strip out of the thong and threw me a pair of purple lace hipster panties and a pad. Put those on with the pad in case you leak anymore. Then she looked at my best friend and asked if he could fuck her since he was the only man in the room. Of course, he was happy to oblige.

But there was one final embarrassment as he insisted on a pic of me in my panties beside my fiancé to show her how we looked alike. My fiance loved the idea, slipped on lingerie, and posed. Then she demanded a side-by-side of my best friend and me so she could remind me when she needed real cock instead of my clitty again in the future.

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