Hollywood Hotwife 2

By YourFavoriteFantasy.

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Part 2…

The expansive lobby of Maggie and Craig’s hotel opened onto a long bar/lounge, and as usual, it was filled with people there to see and be seen. I casually offered my arm to Maggie, who took it as we walked through the lobby with Craig following a couple of steps behind. I’m more than accustomed to being noticed by people throughout my day, and I could see the looks of recognition titillated Maggie as we passed through the lounge area and towards the elevators. Given that she was unaccustomed to the attention, I imagined that being on the arm of a ‘celebrity,’ clearly on the way to a hotel room, would have been a thrill in that setting.

The hotel’s convenience store flanked the bank of elevators at the back of the lobby. Maggie reached down and squeezed my hand, slowing our progress for a moment as she leaned in.

“Sorry, but is it OK if we buy condoms? It’s just that Craig and I are trying to get pregnant, and…”

I nodded in understanding, and we altered course towards the store.

“Maybe it’s better if you’re not buying them?” she asked back sagely, clearly concerned about the implications of me walking into a store with a woman on my arm and purchasing condoms.

Frankly, I didn’t much care. But I also offered no protest when Maggie turned to Craig and asked him to do it.

I felt she asked him purely as a matter of practicality. However, I couldn’t help but imagine what he must have thought about the request. Asked by your wife to purchase condoms for another man to fuck her with.

I leaned in softly, “Probably best to buy XL ones.”

“Ooooh!” she giggled in surprise.

Since we had entered the SUV for the ride to the hotel, Craig’s complacent demeanor had gradually shifted to the point that he almost appeared in shock. The reality of what was happening seemed to be overtaking him, and my request for extra large condoms didn’t seem to do much to restore any confidence.

As Maggie and I waited, he entered the small glass-walled shop, located what he was looking and took the box to the cashier. Maggie squeezed my hand as she watched Craig withdraw his wallet and pay for condoms he would not use. I looked over at Maggie, and she seemed amused as she watched.

Craig soon returned wordlessly with a small brown paper bag in his hand.

We rode up the elevator along with another group of four. Maggie tightly gripped my arm in the back as the elevator climbed and finally let us out on the 11th floor. As we carded into their room, I recognized the layout as one of the hotel’s one-bedroom suites. It faced out over Sunset and had the twinkly lit view of the LA basin as a glowing background. At the end of the open living area, a set of french doors opened into the bedroom and adjoining ensuite.

In similar situations, I had found that the first few moments could be somewhat awkward. However, Maggie knew what she wanted and didn’t seem concerned or confused about what to do. She calmly laid her coat over the desk chair and then turned to her husband. She gave him a long kiss and then asked him to pour wine for the three of us. She quickly tidied up some other clothes that had been laid out around the room.

“I didn’t expect visitors,” she chuckled sheepishly.

Craig had retrieved a bottle of red and poured the first glass for his wife. I watched, amused, as Maggie drained half of it in one go before placing her glass down and walking across the room to me. She threw her arms up and around my shoulders and pulled me in for a deep kiss. She was already breathing deeply from the anticipation, and as I tasted the red wine on her tongue, her large breasts, tightly contained by her dress, raised and lowered against my chest. She was intensely turned on, and the sheer passion with how she kissed me made me excited for what lay ahead.

I took the opportunity to let my hands run over her body. She was exactly my kind of woman. Curvy. The attraction to her large breasts was obvious, but as my hands roamed around behind her, I was pleased to discover how incredible her nice large ass was as well. Even though the confines of her tight dress and panties, it was clear how round and full it was. Wanting to see more, I slowly broke the kiss and reached my hands to the top buttons of her dress.

Maggie watched as I fingered the first one open and then the second. Gradually her large breasts began to push the separated material apart. The canyon of soft white cleavage grew deeper and deeper until it began to reveal a purple shelf-style demi bra which I imagined matched what she had quietly admitted to me earlier.

The choice of bra was audacious for someone with such a substantial chest. The tight dress had done an excellent job of keeping her breasts at bay, but in the sexy half bra, the tops of her boobs thrust up and out, almost daring the bra to restrain them. As the buttons gave way down her stomach, they finally began to reveal the matching set of panties. Silky and purple, full coverage, but cut high on her hips. The dress soon pooled at her feet, and Maggie stepped out of it. I leaned back in, and we spent the next couple of minutes again in a deep embrace, kissing and touching while she worked away at the buttons of my shirt. Maggie was breathing deeply, and I soon let her peel my shirt off and drop it to the floor next to her dress.

I felt I’d shown considerable restraint by not going directly for her tits, but one can only be so patient. Taking a step back from her, I lifted my hand to her chest, sliding my fingers inside the front of the left cup and encountering the fleshy resistance of her ample breast. The low cut of her bra was accentuated by the fact that she had incredibly large but the softest pink areola. They were wide enough to peak out over her low-cut bra’s top. I assuredly slipped my hand further until my fingers encountered her turgid nipple.

I leaned back to kiss her quickly as I tugged on it gently, and then, in short order, I pulled back from her and, with both hands, lifted her heavy breasts clear of the straining cups of her bra. Maggie exhaled deeply as her breasts came into view. With the cups now overwhelmed and stuck underneath her breasts, Maggie reached behind her to work on releasing her bra strap. At the same time, I crouched low, hooking my index fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them down and to her feet. She squealed softly and giggled. She had gone from being in her underwear to completely naked and standing before me in fewer than ten seconds.

I don’t want it to sound like everything in my life is scripted, but I will admit that when I’ve hooked up with women who are fans of the show, there are certain things that I’ve found to be quite successful. Whereas Hollywood girls are generally comfortable being nude, most ordinary women find being naked in front of a new guy a bit scary. By removing Maggie’s panties quickly and unexpectedly, I reduced the amount of time where she might feel anxious. As I rose back up, bare-chested but still dressed from the waist down, she grinned at me, flushed.

I intentionally took a moment, dramatically looking at her from her face downwards, taking all of her in. The middle section of her body that her one-piece swimsuit would have covered was a pale white, while her legs and upper body had soft pink tanlines from the sun. I found it incredibly sexy and told her so. Even though the pink, I could still see her blushing from the momentary embarrassment of being completely nude and having a strange new man speaking about her body.

I smiled to myself as my eyes landed between her legs. She had a short, fuzzy triangle of blonde pubic hair. It was shaved in from the sides to accommodate her bikini line. I loved it. Mostly because I didn’t see it very often, most women I hooked up with were shorn and waxed to within an inch of their life. The tight little triangle of hair adorning Maggie’s mound was so standard!

I felt like I’d waited long enough to see her ass by that point, so I slowly walked around her, letting my eyes drop. The angled tanlines creased across the bottom of her bum, providing a sexy and striking contrast with the porcelain white of her prominent, round cheeks.

I could tell that this was going to be fun.

I confidently came in behind Maggie, letting my crotch push tightly up against her ass. With one of my hands, I drew her hair back from her neck and began to kiss it from behind. I pulled the other up her soft stomach until I reached her heavy, hanging left breast. Taking a whole handful, I began to knead and squeeze it while kissing her neck. I whispered into her ear, telling her how sexy she looked. My efforts began to draw deep breathing and the occasional soft moan from her. Looking past her to the far side of the room, I could see Craig leaning up against the wall with his glass of wine in his hand, watching uncomfortably as his nude wife was seduced.

Now, again, I realize it’s a bit cliche, but so is Hollywood. As soon as I felt I had Maggie relaxed and growing comfortable, I wheeled around her and took her arm, directing her to the armchair underneath the window. Almost every hotel has one, and this room has a magnificent view. I spun it sideways, so the city view was visible and eased Maggie back into it.

Reaching behind her, I took handfuls of her soft ass and wordlessly encouraged her forward until she sat on the edge of the chair. I then put a hand on her shoulder, leaning her into the sloped backrest of the chair. She still seemed confused until I lowered myself down onto my knees. I placed my hands on her thighs and began to encourage her legs apart all the way. As I knelt between them and began to kiss her stomach, Maggie sighed deeply, realizing what was to come.

It strikes me as uncommon that many men would start a sexual encounter by immediately going down on a woman, which is why I liked doing it. For those who were fans of the show, there was a scene in Season 2 where my character rather romantically goes down on one of the female leads. If my sexual partner harbors fantasies of fucking ‘Blake,’ I’ve found it strikingly effective to do it to them right out of the gate. Rule number one is that I never do it in or on the bed. It’s too predictable. Placing them in a chair in an unfamiliar setting for receiving oral sex makes the experience that much more unusual and stimulating. And I can almost guarantee that their boyfriends (or, in Maggie’s case, husband) rarely, if ever, do anything like it.

My soft kisses slipped down her belly and arrived at the tuft of silky blonde hair adorning her mound. I kissed through and around it, eventually moving downwards to slowly lick my way along the smoothly-shaven edge of her bikini line and around the inside of her legs. Maggie shuddered and let out a gentle moan. As I arrived at her vagina, I looked upward at her. Her head was thrown back against the chair in anticipation. The twinkly blanket of the city’s lights was cast out around her from the window of their high-floor room.

“Craig, would you mind bringing your wife her glass of wine,” I instructed.

Still seemingly awestruck, Craig reached down the countertop and crossed the room to his wife, placing the glass of wine in her hand as my tongue began a long, slow path up the crease between her soft pink outer lips.

It was indeed the first time another man had touched Maggie there. I made sure to take my time. Long before I advanced inside her, I spent time around her already puffy labia, swirling my tongue around her, running it up the middle, and gently kissing them. When I felt that she was growing comfortable, I would push things up a level, inserting my tongue between her outer lips and letting her feel the slippery sensation of me working it up and down the insides.

I waited until Maggie had finished talking a long pull from her glass of wine, setting it onto the side table next to her, before pushing my tongue forward. I let it slowly explore right to the entrance of her vagina and then up into it. She let out a muffled “oh fuck” as I began to cycle my tongue around her opening, expertly swirling it around the outside and then taking exploratory pushes up and into her channel. Maggie’s hands gripped the armrests tightly as the pleasure intensified. I again let her get used to it before progressing up and towards her clit, finally garnering the most vocal response from her yet. She let out a long, drawn-out moan as my tongue arrived at her primary pleasure center.

For the next five minutes, I worked her with my tongue and fingers, slowly licking small circles around her clit while I thrust her in and out of her rhythmically with two fingers. I was surprised to discover how tight she was. Even the intrusion of just my two fingers required some initial encouragement. I suspected that my dick would be quite an experience for her.

Maggie was sprawled back against the chair as her Hollywood crush lavished exceptional attention on her vagina. She had a nice glass of wine next to her and one of the city’s finest views as the backdrop. I was pleased to see her raise a hand to her large right breast and slowly squeeze it and tease around her nipple. It seemed that her boobs gave her gratification, making me less concerned about how much attention I planned to provide them shortly. The stage was perfectly set.

As I began to feel her ramping up, I continued but gradually slowed the pace. One of her hands had dropped to my head, and she was starting to push her pelvis towards me, urging my fingers deeper. I didn’t want her to cum, but I did continue for another moment, allowing her to push tantalizingly closer to release before I slowly withdrew. Raising myself back up tall on my knees, I grinned at her.

“Oh my god, you’re so good at that,” she exclaimed in amazement.

Lifting myself, I extended my hand to her, which she eagerly accepted. Having just received a significant amount of oral attention, Maggie seemed keen to reciprocate. Without any encouragement, she switched with me, dropping to her knees and reaching up eagerly for my belt. It and my pants were both quickly undone and drawn to the floor. Clad in my underwear, she slowly drew her hands around the bulging front. I was nowhere near erect, but licking her pussy started turning me on, and my penis began to swell and fill out. I watched, entertained as she rubbed and prodded at my package with curiosity before slowly drawing my black boxer briefs down and off.

She didn’t say anything at first, but I had her attention. Freed of my underwear, my dick swung down between my legs, and as Maggie raised a hand and wrapped her fingers around it, she softly murmured out.

“It’s big…”

I didn’t stay soft for long.

Maggie seemed keen to match the eroticism of her own oral experience, and she took to sucking my dick with vigor. She used her tongue to prep me, lifting my penis and slowly running it up and down the shaft’s underside. Each time she would reach my head, she would pause and give some attention to the underside of it, a move which I particularly enjoyed. As my cock began to stiffen slowly, she poised herself over it and began to take it into her mouth. It was easy initially, but it thickened out significantly when I developed an erection.

At eight inches hard, I was aware that I was much longer than average, but traditionally it was the girth of my erection that seemed to take most of my partners by surprise. As I began to fill up Maggie’s mouth, she did her best to keep up. She was intent on putting in a performance, and I acknowledged that with frequent compliments and encouragement.

Looking across the room, I saw Craig standing nearby. He had one of his hands in his hair. He was sure of what he was seeing but still looked incredulous.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying this part. Watching him watch his wife sucking my cock was beyond entertaining and exciting for me.

“Maggie’s incredible at this, Craig,” I complimented. “You’re a lucky man.”

Her tongue lashed at my balls as she fervently jerked up and down my long shaft.

“Maybe not tonight, but…” I trailed off with a wry grin.

I suspected that Maggie’s performance at my waistline was a bit more exaggerated than was usual with her husband. She was pretty obviously wound up and intent on showing what she was capable of. Craig continued to stand by and watch as Maggie opened her mouth even wider to accommodate my thickening cock, only taking a break to put a shift on my balls while stroking my shaft.

I’m sure that Maggie’s frequent proclamations about how big it was, even once exclaiming, “It’s so much bigger than what I’m used to,” must have added a layer of emasculation to the experience for her husband.

Finally, gasping deeply, Maggie withdrew and leaned back on her heels. She’d certainly accomplished her task. My long thick erection thrust out lewdly towards her face. It was shiny and slick in the dim light, covered in her saliva. As she leaned back, I could see streams of it that had fallen and dripped down her heaving tits.

I lowered a hand to her, which she accepted and rose. I kissed her, thanked her, and told her she was exceptional at giving head. Wordlessly she took my hand and led me towards the bedroom.

As Maggie jumped backward onto the king-sized bed, her large breasts bounced wildly. She pulled herself up towards the pillows and lay back, crooking a finger and motioning me to follow. Flat on her back, Maggie’s breasts lay naturally against her chest. I climbed onto the mattress and set in on them as they stopped swaying.

My partner for the night seemed to enjoy boob play, and as I began to feast on her large tits, she frequently let out deep sighs as well as the occasional, “Oh fuck!” as I kissed, licked, sucked, and tugged on her ample chest.

The wholesomeness of her body was keenly appealing to me, and I couldn’t help but ravage her full breasts. So much of my social circle was filled with these teeny, skinny-waisted, Hollywood waifs. Being allowed to fuck an actual ‘woman’ was very pleasurable, and I didn’t hold back.

As Maggie helpfully pushed the soft flesh of her right boob into my mouth, I again slid my hand downward. I briefly reveled in the soft downy hair adorning her mound before pushing further. Two of my fingers tucked inside the tight entrance to her passage and began to thrust back and forth rhythmically. She was already wet and worked up, and I continued to push her forward. Within a few minutes of attention from my mouth and fingers, Maggie was reaching downward, anxiously trying to grasp my dick, desperate to get fucked.

Maggie spread her legs widely as I slid forward and knelt between them. She had softly called to Craig moments before.

I wordlessly extended my hand as he arrived next to the bed.

If analyzed closer, there was indeed a tipping point in this activity. Throughout the evening, Craig’s actions had been almost entirely passive. He had reluctantly gone along with Maggie’s desire, seemingly wanting to see her pleased, but he had done nothing but stand by and watch.

However, as his wife called him, he returned to the main area of the hotel room and retrieved the small paper bag. As he returned to the bedroom, he withdrew the contents as his wife had instructed. He passed the black box over and into my outstretched hand, essentially providing the means for another man to fuck his wife. There was silent complicity in his actions that I’m sure he was very aware of.

Both Craig and Maggie looked on as I slipped the end of the black box open and withdrew a roll of the familiar gold Magnum packages. Tearing one-off and open, I slipped my finger inside and pulled out the slippery latex ring. My heavy erection was resting atop the raise of Maggie’s mound, and I reached down with one hand and lifted it. Placing the end of the condom at the tip of my length, I used my fingers to roll it backward, stretching its ring up and over the ridge of my swollen head. I slid it down my long shaft until it reached the end. I felt Maggie’s hand on my leg, pulling me onward. Ready to be fucked.

I inched forward as both she and Craig watched intently. Due to the size of her breasts, Maggie had to peer over them to get a glimpse of where my sheathed head was now lined up with her waiting pussy. Her eyes were trained between her legs, and she was biting her lip on one side in anticipation.

Craig’s look was one of pure shock.

Up until this point, they likely could have rationalized this evening as a wild night that had gotten a bit out of hand. They were on vacation and had both been starstruck by meeting and hanging out with a Hollywood celebrity. They’d accidentally let the fact that I was on Maggie’s ‘list’ escalate from something that was meant to be a silly joke into something real life.

Until this point, despite things have probably gone a bit too far, it could all be explained away and tucked into a box as a wild memory. As my thick cock began to split Maggie’s slickly lubricated labia, it became difficult to make that argument anymore. My wide head began to disappear as it slowly advanced inside of Maggie and came up against the gentle resistance of her channel.

As I pushed forward, Maggie’s mouth dropped open, and she let out a soft, “Ohhhhhh.”

Craig managed a tight release of breath as he watched me penetrate, then push up into his wife’s vagina.

There was no going back from this now.

His wife was fucking another man.

I stayed in the same position between Maggie’s legs for the first couple of minutes. It allowed her to slowly get used to the size of my cock, and as a bonus, it provided an easy view for Craig to witness a different man sliding into his wife. As I gradually began to advance further into the depths of her pussy Maggie alternated between pushing her head back into the pillow with her eyes closed and raising her head to look down, incredulously, as the first couple of inches of my shaft gently pumped back and forth into her.

My size was bigger than she was used to. Wanting to ensure that she was comfortable, I often checked in with her in the first moments to ensure she was OK. She repeatedly told me that it felt, “It’s so big but good!”

I felt her body begin to relax and ease around the gradually deeper intrusions up her channel. Despite the unfamiliar sensations of a much larger penis, it was clear how badly she wanted it. Once her body began to get used to my size, Maggie soon extended her hands toward me and pulled me down onto her. Her broad breasts smooshed down under my chest as I brought myself in close to her and began to kiss her passionately.

The added erotic sensation seemed to urge her on further, and she was soon murmuring ‘more’ to me. I slowly increased both the depth and speed of my thrusts. Maggie, in turn, threw her legs up and wide, giving me complete and unfettered access to pump into her at will. I would have loved to have seen it from Craig’s perspective. It was a classic position. The woman is on her back, legs in the air, and her partner is thrusting deeply into her.

It didn’t take long.

Maggie’s moans became more unintelligible and louder as she pulled her arms around my back, scraping her nails downward. I’d only been inside her for a couple of minutes, but my ‘prep work’ had served its purpose.

If possible, I felt the tight channel of her pussy tighten even further around my thick cock. She was loud. Very loud. Amidst a series of lengthy groans and, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuuuck.”

Maggie crashed into an orgasm. I did my best to read her physical queues, propelling myself in deeply at first. I drove the entire length of my dick into her as she began to cum which seemed to push her orgasm up yet another level. As she plateaued, I withdrew and provided repetitive but soft strokes at the front of her entrance. As she finally came down, I imagined she would want at least a break. But instead, she just asked to change positions and said she wanted to keep going.

I withdrew from her and gratefully turned her onto her side. While trying not to be too cliched, I positioned her in a way I’d seen several times in porn. With her on her side, I slide myself in behind to spoon her. I lifted her top leg up, which served to spread her entrance. Taking her encouragement, I placed my dick back at her pussy and slid back unceremoniously. Having seen it in pornography, I understood that it provided a clear and unobstructed view for the camera to capture the penetration as it was happening quickly.

In this instance, there was no camera capturing the proceedings, but there was one husband.

With Maggie on her side and facing towards Craig, her leg was spread to allow him an unfettered view of my much thicker cock, stretching her out and repeatedly thrusting back and forth in her tight entrance. As I began to plunge deeply into Maggie’s pussy again, I reached my arm around her soft body and located her heavy left breast. As I kneaded and squeezed it, Maggie’s increased moans encouraged me.

Building up into rhythmic thrusts, I made the most of the unfettered access to her chest. It was unusual for me to encounter a woman with breasts so large, and I took full advantage of the opportunity. Pumping into Maggie from behind allowed me to appreciate her spectacular ass further. Each thrust pushed my pelvis into the flesh of her soft, pliant cheeks before returning to ram up into them again.

As I pumped into Maggie, it took very little time for her to get ramped back up again. Her tight pussy felt incredible around my dick, and the added sensation of playing with her breasts was an erotic perk for me. I squeezed, pulled, and tugged on them, even at one point lifting one of Maggie’s boobs upwards and having her suck her nipple herself, which elicited a soft groan from Craig.

It was around that point that his resilience finally broke down. His movement caught my eye, and I watched over Maggie’s shoulder as his hands moved to his waist. He maintained the impassive look on his face, but his eyes continued the register the shock that had been there since it became clear where this night was going. I watched as he reached down and resignedly began to undo his belt. The button followed it to his pants and the zipper before sliding down his legs.

His light blue boxer shorts were tented in the center, and within a moment, they disappeared down his legs, confirming that he was completely erect. I now understood Maggie’s initial reaction to my cock. If she and Craig had been together for some time, as I suspected, my size, particularly my girth, would have been quite surprising for her. Craig’s dick was tiny. He indeed came in somewhere four inches, perhaps a bit under. But his penis was skinny. Certainly thinner than what would be considered average, and it made mine look huge in comparison.

His eyes were trained on the meeting point where my thick cock repeatedly stretched his wife’s willing vagina open. With his penis now free, he slowly ran two fingers up and down the short shaft. After a few strokes, he seemed to find that his shirt was getting in the way. Breaking for a moment, he methodically undid the buttons until he could shrug them off his shoulders, now completely nude. I grinned. In my previous experience, I immensely enjoyed seeing a husband that way. Completely naked as well with a tiny and pathetic dick. He was only there to draw as little pleasure as possible from the scenario.

“Oh, honey…”

It was the first thing that Maggie had uttered to Craig since asking him for a condom for me to fuck her with.

She moaned it softly. And while the intention of her comment wasn’t entirely clear, my understanding of her tone was that it was a resigned realization. Gently chastening her husband for finding it titillating enough, seeing her getting fucked, he needed to masturbate. I couldn’t blame him myself. Even without her being my wife, I would surely want to jerk off if allowed to witness Maggie having sex in any situation.

However, it was the only thing she said about it, and Maggie immediately shifted back to business. Pumping upwards into the inviting soft curvature of her ass, I increased my thrust speed and intensity and soon felt the telling signs of another forthcoming orgasm. Maggie’s loud moans began to fill the room. As she took a proper fucking from my wide cock she could see her husband quickly jerking his while he watched her being bedded in front of him. There were a lot of different stimuli taking place, and Maggie ultimately came quickly. She and I had a breast in one hand, and we squeezed and pulled her nipples together as she began to scream out and shudder.

Yet again, she seemed reluctant to take a break. If anything, she appeared drunk with lust. Despite the two climaxes, Maggie seemed eager to continue, perhaps reluctant for the night to come to a close. I was grateful for a brief break as Maggie, and I withdrew and repositioned. While I had dated girls who were far more practiced and vigorous in bed than her, I was immensely turned on by both Maggie’s personality and body. I consider myself reasonably strong stamina, but the short recess at that point was more than welcome.

I didn’t even need to suggest it. I was pleased to see Maggie dragging herself onto her knees and bending over on all fours. By that point, I’m sure she had recognized my appreciation for her ass, and she dutifully bent over for me to present an incredibly inviting target for my advancing cock. As it always is, the position was conducive to depth, and Maggie exhaled heavily as my long cock slid ALL of the ways into her.

I knew I was reaching places unstimulated in her vagina since she began dating Craig. The tight walls of her channel continued to pressure around my length. However, by that point of the night, she’d been warmed up enough to take my whole cock, and I was incredibly turned on. I plowed into her ass with abandon. Maggie was bent over, gripping the sheets, moaning, and taking the proper fucking she wanted.

As I thrust in and out of her with vigor, I did my best to hold back my orgasm while attempting to meet the encouragement that Maggie was providing. She would frequently pant out that she wanted more. She continued to make proclamations about my size, commenting, “It’s so fucking big,” to the occasional, “It’s so much bigger than Craig’s.”

I imagined those gasped statements would continue to rattle around in Craig’s head for some time. It was the kind of stuff that would be difficult for a small dick husband to unhear.

I thrust into her hard for a couple of minutes while trying to hold on. I had figured out Maggie’s unspoken signs quite quickly, and now I could sense her building up to what I knew would be the final orgasm before I came. We hadn’t been together for an exceptionally long time, but I was impressed with how easily she had been made to cum. I imagined that beyond the physical stimulation, there was a lot taking place mentally for her as well.

I occasionally watched with curiosity as, next to the bed, Craig repeatedly thrust his dick into his tightly gripped fist while I did the same into the warm and inviting folds of his wife’s slick pussy. Craig’s placement midway up the side of the bed allowed him to watch the ecstatic expressions on his wife’s face and my giant cock churning back and forth, repeatedly smacking contact with her round bottom.

The soft white skin of her ass had previously contrasted sharply with the pink color created by her tanlines. However, my squeezing and occasional spanking had put a soft matching pink glow around her cheeks. With each strong thrust against her bum, the sound of an accompanying smack filled the room. Over on all fours and braced on her arms, Maggie’s large breasts hung pendulously from her chest.

As I thrust into her, they swung wildly, repeatedly crashing into each other and making another echoing slapping sound throughout the room. By that point, the aural experience was reaching a fever pitch. Her near-constant moans and pleas matched the sounds of Maggie’s body being stimulated for me not to stop. She was close to orgasm, and her body was tightly wound as she prepared to get off one final time.

Maggie’s head was turned towards the window, towards Craig. As I repeatedly thrust my whole length in and out of her, she continued to groan out in pleasure. She had a glassy look across her face as she focused on her impending orgasm. Despite essentially staring at her husband, she seemed to be looking right through him. This is likely why she didn’t react immediately when he inhaled deeply and swore tightly under his breath. Regardless of his wife’s lack of interest or attention, I watched on in amusement as Craig seemed to lose control of his masturbation session accidentally.

Perhaps it had all just become a bit too much. From everything I could tell, they were deeply in love. Maybe the sight of the woman he found most attractive in the world putting on a live sex show in front of him was simply more erotic than he could handle. I watched him initially drop his hand away from his tiny dick with alarm as a short stream of cum spurted from the end. Realizing what was happening, he quickly regained his grip on his tiny dick, squeezing his head tightly in his fist and trying to stave off orgasm.

The look of stunned shock on his face lasted for a moment until the reality of what was happening set in. Unable to prevent what nature had already set in course, Craig relented. As he reluctantly released his tight grip, it was clear that his palm was now slick, and he used it to jack himself off, rapidly stroking up and down his shaft while lubricating it with his cum. Three or four more short streams arced forth from his head, and he stifled several groans as the pleasurable sensations coursed through his body.

I found it quite amusing and entertaining to watch. The sight of a man so turned on by the pleasuring of his wife. Unable to hold on. Given that they were trying to get pregnant, I was sure he was accustomed to cumming inside Maggie’s vagina.

Unfortunately, Maggie’s vagina was quite busy at the moment.

Instead of ejaculating inside his wife, Craig orgasmed onto a hotel room floor while watching her pussy repeatedly filled by my much larger cock. As Craig’s streams shot forth, Maggie didn’t even react. She was more than preoccupied with her own, separate, ecstatic experience.

As the effects of Craig’s orgasm would have been wearing off and the cold, hard reality of what was taking place would have been set in, Maggie finally came hard for the third time.

I didn’t give up and continued to push deep inside and out throughout her screaming orgasm. Her body jerked and spasmed as she moaned, groaned, and screamed at the intense sensations.

I eventually slowed as Maggie collapsed down onto her stomach. I knew that I couldn’t hold on anymore.

Understanding that I was nearly there, Maggie rolled over onto her back, panting, as I tore the well-used condom from my shaft.

Without any words or communication, Maggie instinctively opened her mouth, and I lifted my body over her nearly insurmountable chest to slide it in through her open lips.

I groaned in pleasure as her tongue thrashed around the top half of my cock. Given how swollen it was, I knew my head alone was filling up most of Maggie’s mouth, but she eagerly sucked me in. She intended to provide me with a similar degree of pleasure that I had just offered her.

After a minute or so, I was close.

I cum a lot.

At that moment, the eroticism of the circumstances was making me imagine a very naughty conclusion. Throughout my sexual history, it was not uncommon for some of my more ‘Hollywood’ type partners to beg for a fairly explicit ending from me. And as much as it would have felt great just to let Maggie go until I released her into her mouth and all over her cute face, I knew that now was not the moment for impropriety.

She was here because she had wanted to fuck ‘Blake.’

And Blake would cum on her tits.

Withdrawing from her mouth with just moments to spare, I thrust my cock between her breasts. Instinctively recognizing what I was doing, Maggie dropped her hands to either side of her well-worked orbs and thrust them together, creating a deep canyon of cleavage. I used the lubrication from her mouth to plunge between the soft flesh of her breasts easily. I raggedly thrust in and out for about thirty seconds as my straining cock began to spasm and twitch.

“Ok?” I gasped as I finally pulled my cock from between them and began to jerk it in front of her rapidly.

Maggie licked her lips, closed her eyes, and gave me a broad smile, mouthing “Yes,” before closing her mouth tight.

I realized she was fully prepared to take the full outpouring of my climax wherever I decided to put it, but I still hesitated. These were not the circumstances.

“Boobs,” I heavily breathed as I aimed downward.

Opening her eyes in understanding and slight surprise, Maggie again drew her breasts together and began to watch as I moaned deeply and began to unload on her.

My attention was focused on the tiniest circle of pleasure as I tightened and released again and again all over Maggie.

In hindsight, I would have loved to have had a camera on Craig standing by the bed at that moment. His erection quickly diffused (it was now nothing more than a nub, poor man) as my big cock strained and sprayed across his wife’s upper half.

As it arrived on her body, Maggie gasped with each long stream and splashed across her heaving tits. The soft pink of her broad areola was soon dripping with streams of cum, and I switched my aim to the middle to target her cleavage’s deep canyon.

As my output finally waned and the tiny pin of my focus began to broaden, I slid my leg back across and collapsed onto the bed next to her with my chest heaving.

Maggie slowly sat upright, and I admired my handiwork for a moment. Her breasts hung pendulously and dripped with streams of cum.

With a soft giggle, Maggie herself looked down in amazement at how much of her chest I had covered. She reached up and used her two index fingers to trace around and through it, spreading my semen across her large globes until they were both slick and shiny.

Finally, she collapsed down next to me, coming in close and kissing me deeply.

“Thank you!” she moaned softly.

I laughed and thanked her in return.

After a moment of further kissing, we lay next to each other, chests heaving, catching our breath. She had reached down to clasp my hand. In the post-orgasmic glow, it felt nice, but I also recognized it as a sign of intimacy that would surely be a bit too much for her husband in his current, non-erect circumstances.

Maggie soon rose and tugged at me to follow her toward the shower.


From the room’s bedroom, the bathroom and shower lay only a few feet away from the large king-sized bed which dominated the room.

I wasn’t entirely sure where things were going at this point, but I watched Maggie’s hips, and bum sexily sway as she led me towards the large glass shower. I happily allowed myself to follow.

The cascading warm water created an intimate cocoon around Maggie and me. As the tall glass walls around the shower began to fog, I noticed Craig come around to the side of the bed and seat himself, watching us from outside the door to the small bathroom. His right hand rested between his legs, and his middle and index fingers created a ‘V’ around his now completely flaccid tiny dick as he tried to draw it back to some degree of prominence.

Inside the shower, Maggie had pulled me to her in an embrace. My slick cum lubricated both of our chests as she kissed me deeply, and I let my hands run around her body in post-orgasmic bliss.

I reached for the soap and began to work the bar over and around Maggie’s body, increasing the slippery sensations. Encouraging her to turn around, I rubbed her shoulders and down her back. Finally arriving at her bottom, I soaped it up and set the bar aside. With her back slippery, I coaxed my hands into her shoulders and massaged her supple flesh. She moaned out deeply in appreciation, and soon unable to resist, I slipped my hands forward and around her substantial breasts.

Sighing in appreciation, Maggie leaned in and braced her hands against the shower wall. This served to draw her heavy boobs further downwards. As she leaned there reveling in the enjoyment of me grasping her tits, I peered through the fogged glass. It had served to create a semi-opaque barrier between Craig and us. Smiling widely, I released one of my hands and drew a wide streak across the glass, where I was currently fondling his wife’s chest. I was pretty pleased with my creativity, and as the glass quickly fogged back in, I would wait a moment before sliding a hand and revealing another area where I was touching his wife intimately.

Maggie’s back had arched, and her soft moans of encouragement again turned me on. Her butt was forced outwards towards me, and I took a step back to appreciate it fully. I received the soap again and provided a fresh layer of bubbly lubrication before allowing my hands to go to work. The soft pink hand and fingerprints from our sexual session were beginning to fade, and now I focused on really appreciating it visually.

The long and wide curves of her ass were as spectacular as any other woman I had ever been with, and I was soon reaching inward and under until I located the soft crease of her labia. I felt her push back towards me as I got there, seemingly not entirely done with being touched. I briefly slid my hand across the glass at waist level for Craig before I began to pump the first two fingers, and then three, in and out of Maggie’s waiting pussy.

I had assumed that the shower would be perfunctory. Simply a warm coda in the evening. However, Maggie was not done quite yet, and I was happy to oblige, but by that point, Maggie’s eagerness was starting to have a more racy and explicit effect on me.

Taking a moment, I again applied the soap bar around her slippery ass. I let my finger slide between and then encouraged her broad cheeks apart. With her complete and raw nudity revealed to me in the soft glow of the shower light, I slowly let my thumb roam from the top of her cheeks down the interior crease of her bum right until I reached the entrance to her ass. Maggie stiffened as I slowly began to rub the pad of my thumb around it.

I kept the motion slow and gentle as I touched her right at her ass. After her initial stiffening, Maggie had made no move to protest.

Leaning in and down towards her, I asked her softly, “Can I”?

She paused for just a beat, considering the implications briefly, before murmuring back throatily.


“But just a finger, and not your big cock, OK?” she clarified. “I’ve never let Craig, so he’d probably murder me if I let you,” she softly giggled.

“My finger is probably bigger than Craig’s dick,” I said, and she giggled.

I knew that the volume of the rushing water combined with the tall glass enclosure which ran to the ceiling would prevent Craig from hearing any of that. Emboldened by this new information from her, I grinned to myself as I rubbed an additional layer of soap around her opening.

To that point, Maggie and I had said very little to one another in the shower. But her revelation about something intimate and personal about their sex life seemed to open both of us up and change the dynamic from one of amorous come-down to still another layer of sexual connection, challenge, and exploration.

With her arms braced against the far wall of the shower, I switched over to my middle finger and began to push against her ass gently. Maggie breathed deeply, and I only wanted to do this if she enjoyed it. As I advanced the first inch of my finger inside her, she groaned out a guttural, “Ohhhhh.”

I softly asked her how it felt and if she was OK with it as I slid it back in,

My confirmation was a long, confident groan, “Yesssssss,” at the unforeseen penetration.

I gently probed around her ass for a moment, each time allowing her to get used to the unusual penetration and relax before advancing further. Each time, she sought out her agreement and received an encouraging yet louder response.

Once Maggie was used to it, and I was adequately fingering her ass, I stepped back slightly from her and lifted my arm higher to emphasize the angle I was fingering her.

Not her vagina.

I then reached over and cracked the shower door slightly. A rush of steam shot into the bathroom and out towards the bedroom.

There was only one reason I did it: to make things more audible.

“Where am I fingering you, Maggie?” I asked at a much higher volume than our previous intimate whispers.

“Ohhhhh god,” she moaned out before pausing briefly. She knew that he would hear it. “My ass.”

I closed the door and used my free hand to wipe a wide swath of steam off the glass. I did it one more time about a minute later before moving my body slightly so that I could reach around and assign my free hand to her pussy. I slowly eased a finger in until both of her openings were packed and then began slowly stimulating both.

At times I’d alternate, and at times I’d do it together, doubly penetrating her as she let out ragged gasps. Somehow it appeared that she was going to orgasm yet again.

As Maggie neared closer, I finally slid my hand against the glass again. This time I drew vast swaths across it, revealing most of Maggie’s bent-over body. I could see Craig sitting on the side of the bed with his now stiffened little penis between his fingers. With the wide steamless window into the shower I’d provided, I could see him lean forward. He was trying to see more of what he had essentially been imagining and only viewing little glimpses.

My left hand quickly shot back to Maggie’s pussy. With one finger up that channel and another buried deep in her ass, she slipped over the edge, shaking and moaning around my intrusions as she held herself against the wall and experienced a full-body orgasm.


Somehow she still managed to look sexy in that giant fluffy hotel robe. Several minutes after finishing Maggie in the shower, I’d toweled off and retrieved my clothes. She wrapped her hair in a towel and wrapped herself into one of the hotel’s plush robes as I prepared to depart.

Shortly after we had exited the bathroom, Craig had disappeared into it shamelessly naked and erect.

Maggie followed me into the living area, seemingly not wanting to contemplate what was happening in the bathroom.

Standing by the door, I drew her in for a kiss. Not entirely wanting to give them up just yet, I slipped one of my hands past the entrance of her robe and onto her heavy right breast, which hung just inside the garment, free and unencumbered. Understanding my desire, Maggie eased the other side of the robe open until both of her tits jutted forward, exposed. I leaned down and planted soft kisses on both of her large nipples before rising back up and kissing her deeply.

“I always used to watch the show with my friends Rebecca and Chloe,” she giggled. “They’ll NEVER believe any of this!”

“If Rebecca and Chloe are even a fraction as hot as you are, bring them with you next time you come to LA, and I’ll fuck all three of you!” I joked in response.

Maggie giggled. “Think I’d just keep you to myself, thanks!”

I paused for a moment. Not sure if I should go there. This was indeed just supposed to be a one-off.

Fuck it.

“Should you ever need to get in touch,” I ventured, “Damon, the bartender at Delaney’s, knows how to find me.”

I thought giving her my number would have been a bit much, especially for Craig. This had more of a ‘fateful’ feeling to it. I gave her another kiss, made my way to the elevator, and strode through the lobby just as Jackson pulled up.

“Evening again, Mr. Nowell.”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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