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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets lucky anyway…

I used to work with this six-foot-three goth girl at Burger King. She was a year older than me. Knew her for about five years. She would call me a bitch boy and insult me all the time. I loved it. We stayed in touch and became friends. I loved everything about her and how she treated me especially. I would always find ways to make jokes about me being 2 or 3 inches. I’m to the bone a little under five, but only a little under four shows well. Last year, she went to college and had a girlfriend, but she returned and said they broke up this summer.

This is where the story begins. Story So last week I went to a party, and she was there. I had one of her friends figure out if she was ready to date again and stuff, and she essentially said if it’s the right guy/girl. I then went to an empty bedroom and got her in there too. I told her how I felt and had felt for years. She said she knew and that she liked me too. I told her that just by the way, I had a below-average dick if she couldn’t date that. She looked at me for a second, then burst out laughing. Her friend came in and asked what was so funny.

She said, “He told me he’s got a shrimp dick,” her friend said we better make sure, right?

So they pulled me off the bed, and they pulled my pants down to see a two-inch soft dick. They both fell to the floor, laughing, calling it names, and making pinky signs. I quickly got hard, and they said, “That’s all you have, even hard.”

The girl said, “You better be glad I’m bi because I’m going to be dating another girl.”

I pulled up my pants and left the room beet red. They walked out a few minutes later, and I decided to stay. But she kept shooting me looks the whole night and making this sign 🤏.

Afterward, she walked out when I left, and she whispered in my ear, “You’re gonna come with me, little boy.”

I ran to her car, drove back to her place, and now we’re dating.


Her ex’s condoms shame another reader…

My current girlfriend and I have been together for the past few months now, and things seem to be going well. One night, I stayed over at her apartment and needed some toilet paper to wipe off my bronze member hard dick after we briefly had sex (3mins). I kept looking for toilet paper but couldn’t find any, so I opened the drawers in her bathroom. One drawer after another then, then BOOM! Magnum Condoms! They were in the biggest drawer, front and center, for fast and easy access. They were not mine, and I know she didn’t buy them for me because of my small size. The only thing that made sense was that her last boyfriend used them. Bingo! I was a bit embarrassed that my small dick could never satisfy my girlfriend like her Ex’s huge cock.

The next time im over there, I’m tempted to see if she would even offer me to use them if I tell her im all out of my condoms. I think I already know the answer, but I would still like to see how she would react.

“I’m all out of condoms, babe. Do you have any?”



Meanwhile, this reader had some help with a survey…

I was a part of a college study that tracked child behavior when I was growing up. It wasn’t anything all that special. A yearly survey would be mailed to the house that my mom and I would have to fill out. I’m not sure what was on my mom’s side of the survey, but my side mainly was about what I did with my free time, what I ate, and my general attitude towards things like my parents and school. I remember filling this survey out from age 7 or 8 until I became an adult. The questions did change over time (they became more focused on mental health and body image as I got older), but there was one year that I remember having a set of questions that no other year had.

My mom usually helped me fill out the survey in April or June, but when I turned 13, she had forgotten about it for whatever reason. It was the middle of June, and she had either remembered or found the survey. However, she had to work, and I was out of school, so I was left with my aunt babysitting me. She gave my aunt the survey and asked us to fill out half of the survey. She’d fill out her half and mail it in when she got home. My aunt sat down at the kitchen table with a pencil, and we went over the questionnaire like I usually did with my mom. It went down the typical questions I expected, but there were many questions about my body at the end of the survey.

Most of it was innocuous, like my height, weight, did I wish I were thinner/more muscular, etc. Then we got to the last set of questions. She turned the book to me and said, “OK, you need to look at these pictures and tell me which one is the closest to how you look.”

I didn’t know it at the time but these drawings were the Tanner Stages. I turned bright red, saying, “I’m the third one.”

My aunt raised an eyebrow and said, “Really? You’re pretty young, and this is a scientific study. You’re not supposed to lie.” I was lying, but I felt self-conscious about it (I was a bit of a late bloomer), and my aunt said, “Come on. Stand up. I want to see.” I protested, countered by her saying, “I used to change your diapers. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

Eventually, I relented and pulled my shorts down. My pants were down for only maybe 3 or 4 seconds before she said I could pull them up. My penis hadn’t grown at all, but I had some peach fuzz around my junk, and I could feel all the blood pooling in my cheeks. She said, “You’re between one and two but closer to two,” She filled out the circle.

I don’t know what she said to my mom, but I filled out the survey myself after that year, and that question was never on the survey again.


While this reader loses a panty contest…

I frequently hung out with my fiancé and best friend in college. We all got along, and it never felt like there was a third wheel.

One day we were hanging out and having some drinks when our conversation took a turn. We’d been discussing relationships, specifically my best friend’s poor decision-making. My fiancé was giving him a hard time about his selection of women. I jumped in, saying he probably went through so many girlfriends because they wanted more than he could offer. We ribbed each other about this, knowing we were both full of shit. My fiance cracked a joke about me being one to talk. Our friend bust out laughing, bruising my ego. This led to a bet over who was bigger. My fiancé jumped in, saying she could do without a dick show but had an idea of her own. Whoever had more hanging out of a pair of her panties would be the winner if we were brave enough to try some. The winner would get a blow job from her.

She knew she was playing us against each other, and we quickly agreed. She leaned in, saying don’t worry, this bet is rigged. I just wanted to take him down a peg. I tried to keep a poker face at that comment while she explained she would randomly select to avoid bias or advantages. She handed him his and told him to go to the bathroom to change while she helped me change. Said she would say to him when to come back in.

As soon as the bathroom door shut, she jumped me, dropped my pants, and pushed me on the bed. She said she wanted to give me my winner’s bj now as she was jacking me off. All the talk of a bj and her aggressiveness got me a little too excited, and I came before she ever called me in her mouth. It couldn’t have been 20 seconds of action. She giggled and whispered you better be ready if you win.

She then went to “randomly” select the panties I’d wear. She gave me a be quiet sign and handed me a skimpy satiny pink thong.

My fiance then told our friend, still in the bathroom, that she’d changed her mind. It should be a reveal, so slip his shorts back on, and I’d do the same. I dropped the thong and shorts back on in one motion, and she instructed our friend to come on out once he had his shorts on.

Once he came out, she lined us up and said since our friend had his on longer, he would reveal it first. He seemed pretty pleased, which worried me. He dropped his shorts, indicating he was wearing full-cut grey granny panties that should contain him well enough. Notice I said should. His dick was pronounced, turned to the side, and still sticking out the side. His balls hung outside of each side of the crotch. He said he kept trying to find a way to contain it better, but he couldn’t while he showed us trying to tuck it down and up, only for more of him to fall out of them. My fiance looked awestruck. I was genuinely nervous that I was likely going to lose despite the advantage of the thong.

Our friend reminded us that the contest wasn’t over yet. I snapped out of it and started trying damage control saying. I admitted defeat. My fiance didn’t even argue. She knew it was true and said she’d be happy to give the bj with just a bit too much lust in her eyes. He was having none of it and demanded I reveal. I started backpedaling, still trying to save myself the embarrassment. But my fiance was ready to give out her reward. She stood up, grabbed me, and began to make. She stuck her hands down my shorts to feel me up before pulling back and saying I can’t find you. Let’s see where your dick is hiding. Then she pulled my shorts straight down, revealing my flaccid near innie dick and recently drained balls completed fit within the narrow front of her thong panties.

Our friend nearly fell over laughing. He said, “Holy shit, dude. Where’s your dick?”

My fiance didn’t miss a beat saying, “Looks more like a clit in your new undies, their babe.” She then went to her nightstand and threw me her clit vibe, saying, “You can use this while I give the only man in a room a blow job.”


This reader conducts a survey of his own…

I recently admitted my SPH kink to my wife, and after a few discussions about it, she admitted to me (after a few drinks) that I was the smallest she’s had and didn’t enjoy PIV sex with me because of my size. Before then, she told me that my size was fine and that our sex was OK.

This made me wonder if any past playmates would tell me the truth after admitting my SPH kink. I reached out to a few and got some mixed results. Half of them said that my size was fine and that sex with me was fine. Half of them told me I was the smallest they had and that they didn’t enjoy PIV sex with me.


Another reader gets back with an Ex…

My SPH fetish developed while I was dating a fairly long-term gf years ago. She was open to it and indulged me regularly. The best experience I’ve had with the fetish.

We split, and we had zero contact for close to 10 years. She was with another guy that entire time. They separated, and she contacted me out of the blue. We met up, had sex, and began hanging out regularly. The first couple of weeks went by, and she didn’t mention anything along those lines, So I pushed the issue a bit, and she joked around about remembering the things she used to say to me and teasing me a bit.

She held out a bit throughout that first convo and made me directly ask if I wanted to know, but she eventually told me the guy she dated after I was bigger. I pushed further, and she said it was a “substantial” difference. Then she mentioned him feeling Like he would “poke something in her ribs,” and then took that back and said, “Maybe closer to her belly button?”

I said that wasn’t as far as her ribs, to which she replied that one of her friends makes fun of her for her belly button is so high. She then said nobody else had ever hit the spot regardless and told me good luck if I thought I could reach it. It was a fantastic conversation, lol. She also said that he was big enough. She considered going back to him several times, but she doubted she would.

Afterward, the teasing continued. She knew it was still OK, so she regularly made jokes and comments. The next time we had sex, she sat up on me, put her finger on her belly button, said, “It’s pretty high up, right? You’re down here,” and moved her finger down much lower towards her pussy.

She also laughed and told me to stop staring at her belly button while I was going down on her. After that incident, she said, “You know it’s kinda funny I have my belly button pierced. It’s like it’s decorated to remind you that you can’t reach there.”

This continued for a few months, I found out she had seen her ex a couple of times, but she denied sleeping with him. She blocked me a short time later, and they got back together. Never heard from her after that.


Meanwhile, this reader dates a femme fatale…

I have a tiny penis. My girlfriend says it’s a micropenis and likes to make fun of me for it. I’m into SPH and femdom, so it’s welcomed. I’ll do whatever she wants sexually. My girlfriend makes me eat her ass. She farts in my face, gives me wedgies, and even spanks me for having a tiny penis.

She loves telling other girls how small I am, and they laugh and make the small penis sign 🤏. This is about as far as she would go in public humiliation until this one embarrassing day.

We were out and walking around this park, and she kept mentioning how horny she was for a big cock and not my micropenis that she couldn’t even feel. This turned me on so much that I almost came in my pants. She also makes me wear her panties because they’re “more fitting” than men’s underwear.

I could tell she was planning something, but it was too late. Suddenly, she yanks my shorts and panties down to my ankles and exclaims to the whole park that I am naked and my 1-inch dick is on display. Every girl in sight burst out in laughter and was taking pictures. Everyone there knew I had a tiny penis and couldn’t pleasure my girlfriend sexually.

A few men came up to my girlfriend in front of me and hit on her. Claiming to give her a real dick. This turned her on, and I could tell she wanted to get fucked by a bigger dick than mine. This turned me on.

I wanted to go home and have sex, and she agreed. However, my 2-inch penis kept slipping out of her, and she couldn’t feel it anyway. So she got frustrated and went into the bathroom and got ready for what she likes to call a “brownie delight.”

This is where she takes a poop and immediately after makes me eat her ass, effectively wiping her butt with my face. It’s smelly and degrading, but I love my girlfriend’s ass.

The night ended with a spanking and me eating her out while telling her friends what happened on facetime. I could hear their laughter as I was face-deep in her booty and pussy.


While this reader had fun at the beach…

I went to the beach with a few girls from college, and we were all hanging out in the water. The water was pretty cold, so it shrunk my typically small penis into a tiny, very embarrassing size. This blonde girl and I were facing each other, and I was taller than her. The waves were getting bigger and bigger, and I noticed they were starting to pull down the girl’s top a little bit, exposing some pretty lovely cleavage. She noticed I was staring a bit and teased me, saying, “Maybe you’ll see more later.”

This turned me on a bit, and despite the cold and shrinkage, I managed a tiny gold member boner. And then the biggest wave of the day came along and completely pulled down my swimsuit, exposing my little penis right in front of this girl. And because of the height difference, her face was practically right in from my tiny penis.

She burst out in hysterical laughter and yelled, “Wow, he has a baby dick! You can forget seeing my boobs with a tiny penis like that!”

I was so embarrassed as her laughter and small penis sign 🤏 mocked me. My micropenis was on full display for her. She compared her pinky finger right next to my penis, and her pinky was much bigger. This was highly embarrassing, and I tried pulling my swimsuit up from the water, but it was no use. I was there with my gold member dicklette out bouncing around in front of a hot blonde girl just laughing her ass off.


This reader has fun in the park…

One day My female friend accidentally saw my super small penis. It’s pretty tiny, like an acorn, and she laughed so hard and always teased me about it. I have a crush on her, and she knows it but has said she would never let me fuck her because of my tiny dick. But she teases me and sits on my face, and lets me eat her thick ass. She even gives me an occasional handjob because it only takes two fingers 🤏.

One day, we were out in a public park, and she pulled my pants and underwear down for everyone to see my tiny penis. There were tons of girls nearby, and they all laughed as they stared at my gold member dick just poking out from my pubes. I was so embarrassed.

My friend yelled, “Look, everyone, he has a baby dick,” and everyone laughed and made the small penis sign 🤏.

My pants and underwear were around my ankles while all the girls were wearing tight yoga pants, and all had nice asses. My small penis could never get past their cheeks. I was utterly embarrassed, and once I pulled my pants back up, my friend gave me a wedgie in front of everyone. I was a little dick loser, and everyone knew how tiny I was.


Another reader has fun at the salon…

I was in my mid-50s, and my wife was tired of the stubble when I shaved in the shower. She suggested I get it waxed at a local establishment. I booked appt and was a girl around 25. I was so nervous that my penis retracted. Just visible head. She stayed that way until she pulled it out to do the shaft. I asked if she’d ever seen a retracted one before. She said no. Went back to her for a year and was always rejected. I couldn’t control it, as always nervous. When she pulled it out was only 2.5 inches soft at best. I did get an erection a few times, which brought me to upper silver member length.

She moved on after a year and had three others. I intentionally made it retracted to see their face the first time. They were all shocked, although one girl around 40 said, “I’ve seen one this small once before.”

I didn’t tell my wife it was retracted as she would probably be upset I was looking for the attention.

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