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by anon

Nina: The Early Years

Nina was expecting to see her room-mate Janet when she returned to the dorm after a late class. She was not expecting to see a naked young man tied to Janet’s bed, spread-eagled and blindfolded with his mouth taped. Janet herself was reclining between the man’s legs, her eyes fixed on the small television set at the foot of the bed. Every once in a while her hand would absently stroke his impressive erection, causing it to tremble.

“Who’s he?” Nina asked, recovering from her surprise and setting her books down.

“Roger, from Chemistry,” Janet replied, still staring at the TV. “He wouldn’t leave Tracy alone, so I invited him up here for some fun.”

“More than he expected, I’ll bet,” said Nina, approaching the bed to get a better look at Roger.

She gazed appreciatively at his muscular body, which lay perfectly still except for the rise and fall of his chest. Nina couldn’t see much of his face except for a set of high cheekbones, a Roman nose, and a pointed chin with a slight cleft. These features were surrounded by a tumble of curly black hair. Janet touched him again, and a slight noise issued from his throat. Her yes wandered down his young body to his groin. “Oh that’s disappointing,” she said.


“His dick is so small. I always imagined Roger had a big dick. He has the body of an athlete, and the dick of a toddler,” Nina said, touching the little appendage making it twitch.

“Yeah, you’re right. They just don’t make guys like they used to. It’s getting hard to find a real big dick man these days,” Janet said, and sighed.

“Why did you tape his mouth?” Nina asked.

“He wouldn’t shut up during my show.” Janet is addicted to LOST.

There wasn’t much room left on the bed, but Nina climbed on next to Janet, who slid over until her weight was resting on Roger’s left leg. Nina considerately refrained from doing the same to Roger’s right leg; she weighed a little more than Janet and didn’t want to give the prisoner a cramp. “I’m going to marry a small dick man,” Nina suddenly announced.

That comment made Janet turn sharply and look at her. Nina laughed thinking how LOST couldn’t even distract her friend from that announcement. “Why on earth would you do that?”

“I’ve been thinking about it. If he has a small dick then I can control the marriage, fuck all the big dick guys I want, and have him to be a virtual slave to me. It sounds like a perfect arrangement to me,” Nina explained.

“You’re nuts, it’ll never work and you’ll end up divorced within a few years,” Janet said, and turned to watch TV again. Nina tried to kiss her. “Cut it out, I’m trying to watch—”

“Why do you like this crap?”

“It’s not crap.”

Nina stroked Janet’s straight blonde hair while pretending to look at the screen. “Can you tell me exactly what’s going on now?”

“I don’t know. It’s surrealism.”

“It’s not surrealism, it’s just damned lazy writing.”

“Shut up.”

Nina shut up, but continued to caress Janet, who ignored her completely until the end credits rolled. Then Janet stood up and stretched. “All right, now.”

“I don’t like taking a back seat to your show,” Nina grumbled, leading Janet to the other bed.

“You can take it or leave it,” Janet replied coolly. She turned back to her own bed. “Hey Roger, my girlfriend and I are going to do it. You want to watch?”

A resentful silence was the answer. Janet laughed and peeled off her shirt.

“I guess he doesn’t want to.” She finished undressing and lay down on Nina’s bed. “But he’ll be able to hear everything.”

“You’re mean,” Nina grinned.

Secretly she was relieved that Roger had not indicated a desire to watch; Janet was confident with her dancer’s body, but Nina was self-conscious of her chunkier build. “You love it,” said Janet.

Nina buried her face between Janet’s legs. Janet moaned, louder than she usually would, for Roger’s benefit. They finished very quickly, then turned their attention back to their captive. “Can I touch him?” Nina asked.

“Go right ahead.”

Nina’s fingers went to Roger’s nipples. He jumped a little and made another sound. Nina let her hands trail down Roger’s abdomen, ruffling his pubic hair, then sweeping up the length of his penis. She paused, stroking him, and a drop of clear liquid appeared and dribbled down to meet her fingers.

“It’s a juicy cock,” Nina observed. “Small dick guys always leak so much precum. I wonder why that is? It’s not like they need it.”

She rubbed harder, the skin now wet and slippery. Roger’s breathing quickened, and more muffled sounds came from behind the tape. Janet resumed her position between Roger’s legs. “He likes it when I do this,” she remarked, gently spreading the tip of Roger’s penis with her thumbs and touching the opening of his urethra with the tip of her tongue. Roger’s noises were becoming frantic.

“I think he wants to say something,” said Nina.

Janet sat up. “He’d better be more polite than he was before.”

She pulled off the duct tape. “Let me cum, you bitch,” Roger snarled in a raspy voice.

Janet sighed and unrolled a new length of tape. “This could take all night.”

She leaned over to reapply the gag. Roger jerked his head away an instant before it touched him “Wait,” he shouted. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s better, babydick,” said Janet. To Nina she said, “He’s trainable, at least.”

“Small dick guys usually are, cos they’re wimps,” said Nina. “Let’s get it over with.”

She lowered her head and vigorously licked the underside of Roger’s erection. “Don’t stop,” Roger groaned. Nina immediately stopped. “Shit!” Roger snapped.

Janet took hold of Roger’s face. “Let me explain something, babydick. You don’t give orders here. If you want something, say ‘please’. If you like what we do, say ‘thank you’. Get it?”

“Please do that again,” Roger answered grudgingly.

Nina obliged, licking harder. “Thank you,” Roger whispered.

“Good boy,” said Janet.

Nina took Roger’s penis into her mouth and sucked, her tongue still rubbing furiously. Roger groaned again. Nina slowed, as if in warning.

Janet put her mouth near Roger’s ear. “Keep talking, if you want her to keep sucking.”

Roger started to babble. “More, please, more. Oh God, thank you, thank you…feels so good… yes, yes!”

He came in a geyser. Nina swallowed it.

Roger’s body, which had been rigid with tension, collapsed onto the bed. Janet smiled and removed the blindfold, revealing a pair of angry dark eyes. “Fuck you,” he growled.

“Next time, if you learn some manners,” Janet replied, untying him.

Roger sat up, got out of bed, and started putting his clothes on, icily ignoring the two girls.

“If you’re thinking about telling anyone,” Janet said lazily, “I wouldn’t advise it.”

“Why not?” Roger demanded.

Janet held up her cell phone, pushed a few buttons, and pictures of his tiny cock began to roll over the screen. “If you say anything these pictures will be emailed to everyone at school,” said Janet.

“Ouch, there goes your reputation,” Nina added.

Roger glared at them and headed for the door.

“Oh, and one more thing. Stop bothering Tracy,” Janet called after him.

Roger went out, slamming the door behind him. “One of these days, this routine’s going to get us expelled,” said Nina.

“It’s the small penis rule, so we’re safe,” said Janet confidently, leaning back in her bed.

“That reminds me,” said Nina, “Remember Matt, from two weeks ago?”

“What about him?”

“I bumped into him in the cafeteria. He wants to do it again.”

“Hmm,” said Janet. “Did he ask nicely?”

“He asked for permission to speak, before he even said anything.”

“Is he leaving Helen alone?”

“She hasn’t complained about him lately.”

“Tell him, I’ll think about it.” Janet examined her cell phone. “I’m going to have to buy more memory for this thing.”


Nina: The Later Years

Nina came back to her house late that night, feeling very tired and spent. Pablo was waiting for her in bed. Nina got in bed, took off her clothes, and told Pablo to go down on her. Pablo was curious and saw that his wife’s pussy lips were puffy and what appeared to be cum all over them. He was unsure what to do, but his wife pushed his head into her lap and he started licking. He could taste something unfamiliar, and he guessed it was another man’s cum. At first he gagged, but Nina kept pushing his head into her, and he kept licking.

After licking his wife to a gentle orgasm, Pablo’s dick was rock hard. He slipped his shorts off and started moving up towards her, as if he was going to fuck her. “Nuh-uh,” Nina said. “Lie on your back.”

Pablo quickly turned over and lied on his back naked, with his little stiffy sticking up. Nina took a look at her husband’s small erection and giggled. She then straddled his face, and gently pushed her ass on to Pablo’s mouth. “Lick my ass honey, and I’ll take care of you.”

Pablo really didn’t have much of a choice. He started licking his wife’s ass and tasted that same (now more familiar) taste that was in her pussy. Wow, he thought, I have never fucked my wife in the ass, and now the first time she is with someone else, she gets her ass fucked. He really couldn’t say much at the time.

Nina reached her head over and sucked her husband’s entire penis and little nuts into her mouth. What a difference, she thought as she gave Pablo a few swallows. After she wet his little-stiffy with her saliva, she started jacking him off with her hands. It didn’t take long for him to cum. He bucked his hips a bit, and a few drops of his sperm dribbled out of his penis on to his belly. His moans were stifled by her ass, and she thought it amusing how fast her husband had cum, and how quickly his little penis started deflating and shrinking.

“Didn’t you want to have sex?” Pablo asked her after she got off him.

“Honey, I’ve been fucked so long and hard by Joe, that I don’t need any more sex tonight. Besides, it doesn’t look like you’re up to it any way,” as she wiggled his soft little-dickie. “Now that I’ve been fucked by a real man, we’re going to have some changes around here.”

She went on to explain how much of a difference it was for her to be fucked by Joe, and that she really only wanted Pablo to lick and eat pussy from now on. She told him if he did a good job, she would reward him handily. However, if he didn’t, he would not be allowed to cum. Pablo wondered what he had gotten himself in to, but was turned on by her conditions.

Nina wanted to further humiliate her husband, so she instructed Pablo that she wanted him to keep his entire pubic region completely shaved. Since he didn’t have much chest hair any way, it would make his entire body look smooth. She also told him that when he was in the house, he be stripped of clothes, and just wearing her panties. She teased him that she may reward his stiffness, but rarely did. Every night she would have him lick her stretched out pussy to orgasm, then lick out her ass. Sometimes she would jack him off, and sometimes she would just tell him to try harder next time. Pablo wished he could still fuck his wife, but lived for the times she jacked him off.

The following week it was arranged that Joe and Lucy would come over for some fun. Nina went out the day before and bought herself a hot little mini skirt and a low-cut top. She wanted to look good for her new lover. Pablo saw her outfit that night and was turned on, but wondered why she hadn’t dressed like that for him. Pablo also noticed that Nina wasn’t wearing any panties.

When Joe and Lucy arrived that evening, Pablo noticed that Lucy was wearing a similar outfit, and noticed Lucy’s big tits, in her low-cut top. Nina greeted Joe with a close hug and a long kiss. Lucy greeted Pablo casually. They sat down to a batch of margaritas that Nina had prepared for them. They were talking and joking around. Joe was on the couch with a girl on each side. Pablo was on a chair facing them. As they were finishing their first round of drinks, Nina asked Pablo to go into the kitchen to make another round.

When Pablo came back to the family room with the drinks, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked over at Lucy, as she was on the couch on her knees, with her head bobbing up and down on Joe’s cock. He was staring at her ass and back of her pussy since; she too was not wearing panties. His topless wife was on her hands and knees on the floor between Joe’s legs, licking under his huge set of balls. The girls kept going; Joe had his head casually back and his eyes closed. After a couple of minutes, Lucy took her mouth off Joe’s cock and looked over at Pablo. She told him how thirsty they were all and he passed around drinks.

After taking a couple large sips from her margaritas, Nina told Pablo to get his clothes off and join the party. Everybody stopped and stared as Pablo removed his shirt then his shorts. Lucy giggled at Pablo, and it was obvious that he was embarrassed. Nina had made him wear a pair of her pink panties, and he didn’t appear to have much of a bulge.

“Come over here big boy, let’s see what ya got!” exclaimed Lucy. Pablo slowly shuffled over to her and as he got closer, Lucy took his panties and pulled them down past his little bulge. Lucy giggle again and said “Oh, it’s so cute and soft!” She took his penis in her fingers, wiggled it, and asked Nina “Can he get it hard?”

Nina told Pablo to jerk his dick and get it up for them. He did what he was told and within a minute his little dick was pointing up in the air. “Oh, what a cute little-stiffy,” Lucy said. “I’m getting turned on looking at it,” she giggled and waved her pinkie finger. With that she went to her husband, and straddled his large cock, reverse cow girl style. “Ohhhh!” she exclaimed “Your big cock feels so good inside me!”

As she raised and lowered herself on his cock, Nina would lick his balls. Joe was enjoying this immensely, and after all the oral pleasing he had, he wanted to cum. Lucy was turned on too, and she moved up and down faster, her big tits shaking. After a while of this fucking and getting his nuts licked, Joe exclaimed deeply and starting shooting his load deep into his wife’s pussy. As he did, Lucy started climaxing.

Pablo only watched this entire episode. He stayed turned on watching Lucy’s big titties but knew he could not measure up. After they were done, Lucy got off her husband and sat next to him on the couch, with Joe’s semen oozing out of her.

As Nina was holding on to Joe’s semi-hard cock, she told her husband to come over to her. She grabbed his little-stiffy and pulled him even closer. “Look how small you are compared to Joe, and he doesn’t even have his big hard on yet!”

The size difference is significant. Pablo had a thin, small erection pointing up from his diminutive sized balls. His entire pubic area was shaved, and because of his smallness and hairlessness, his dick looked like a boys. On the other hand, Joe had a neatly trimmed pubic area. His cock, although not fully hard again (yet) looked huge compared to Pablo’s, both in length and girth. The other size difference was that one of Joe’s balls were practically bigger than Pablo’s entire little nut-sack, bigger than his erection even.

Nina was prepared for the next event. “Let’s measure these dicks and compare them, the numbers don’t lie.” With that she pulled out a ruler, from the coffee table drawer, and measured Joe’s semi-hard cock. Nina laid his cock on the ruler and measured it out. “Seven and a quarter inches, hmm, pretty good and not fully hard,” she said.

Nina pulled a smaller ruler from the drawer and handed it to Lucy and asked her to do the honours on Pablo. Nina grabbed Pablo by his dickie and pulled him over to Lucy. “You won’t need the big-boy ruler, honey. Let’s see what you got!” Lucy lined up the ruler and announced: “Three and three-quarter inches! Wow, Pablo, you almost got it up to four inches. But I think we need to re-measure my husband once his big cock gets hard again. Nina, why don’t you help him out?”

Nina smiled and started licking the pussy juice off of Joe’s cock and balls. After a minute of licking, she took his cock and started sucking on it like a pro. Within minutes, Joe’s cock was visibly larger and incredibly harder. Nina took the ruler again and measured. “Eight and three-quarters! Pablo, honey, Joe’s cock is more than twice as large as your little pee-pee! And look at the size of these balls,” as she cupped them in her hands.

She then started slowly sucking on Joe’s cock, and fondling his balls. Pablo felt humiliated, but turned on. He looked at his wife sucking on Joe’s engorged cock and then looked at Lucy’s pussy as she was sitting on the couch with her legs open. “I caught you staring, you bad boy,” Lucy told him. “Nina tells me you are good pussy licker, come over here, get on your knees, and lick me out.”

Lucy enjoyed ordering Pablo around. As she spread her legs open even more, Pablo came over to her pussy. He saw all of Joe’s cum oozing out of her hairless slit and knew what he had to do. He started licking around it and as he did, Lucy gently pushed his face into her waiting pussy. Pablo had no choice but to lap up all of Joe’s cum and then continued pleasing Lucy with his tongue. After a while of Nina blowing Joe, and Pablo licking Lucy, Nina asked Joe if he would fuck her. Joe said that he would, but only in her bedroom. He wanted Pablo to watch him fuck his wife in their bed. Nina readily agreed and went up to the bedroom first. Joe followed her, his long erection pointing the way.

Lucy made Pablo stand up, and grabbed him by his little-stiffy and pulled him along into the bedroom. Nina was lying on the edge of the bed with her legs in the air. There was a chair next to the bed and she told Pablo to sit on it and watch. Lucy got on her knees on the opposite side of Nina’s hips. Standing at the bed, Joe moved his cock towards Nina’s pussy. Lucy grabbed it and sucked it in her mouth. She then took it out and guided his big cock head to the entrance of Nina’s pussy. “I want you to watch how my husband is going to stretch your wife’s little pussy,” Lucy said to Pablo.

Joe gently pushed his large erection into Nina and she gasped very loudly, unlike anything Pablo had ever heard. He started slowly fucking her with long strokes. Pablo looked at his Nina, and her eyes were practically rolled back in her head with pleasure. As Joe started increasing the pace of his fucking Nina started gasping louder. Pablo couldn’t believe she was taking so much cock. Joe started ramming her harder and harder and eventually Nina started cumming. As she was cumming, Joe pushed his cock in as far as it would go and let her pussy cum all over his rock hard erection.

As Joe slowly pulled out of Nina, he told her that he was going to fuck her ass. His erection was still rock hard and coated with Nina’s juices. Joe sat down on the small couch in their bedroom for a little rest. Nina complied by slowly turned over on to her belly, and moved to the edge of the bed. Lucy stood up and grabbed a tube of anal lube that Nina had left on the night stand. She gave it Pablo. Pablo stood and asked what to do.

“It should be obvious, silly. Look size of my husband’s cock, and look how small your wife’s little butt hole is. You need to get her ass ready to take Joe’s big cock, so that she won’t feel so much pain!”

She told Pablo to massage her ass a bit to relax her, then spread the anal lube into her hole. Pablo looked a little embarrassed but complied. He rubbed Nina’s ass, then took some lube and spread it around her hole. Lucy made sure that Pablo gently rubbed some lube inside her hole as well.

Lucy wanted to humiliate Pablo even more, so she said: “Nina told me that you’ve never had anal sex before, so let’s show you how it’s done.” She told Pablo to gently pull Nina’s butt cheeks apart. Lucy said: “Look Joe, Pablo has his wife’s ass ready for you!”

Joe stood up and came over to the bed. Lucy stroked his cock a few times, looked at how Pablo had Nina’s ass prepared for him, and he was ready to go. Lucy told Pablo that she would guide Joe’s cock into Nina’s ass, as he held her cheeks apart. Lucy brought Joe’s cock to Nina’s anal opening, and Joe pushed in gently. Nina grunted loudly but accepted the anal invasion. Pablo looked at his wife’s ass and at Joe’s large cock pushing into it. Lucy told Pablo he could back off, Joe could take her from there.

They watched Joe fuck Nina’s ass for a while, then Lucy sat on the couch. Pablo could not believe how his wife was taking so much cock up her ass. Joe continued fucking her, but did it slowly as he wanted it to last for a while.

Lucy sat on the couch and had Pablo stood, facing her. She noticed how turned on Pablo was with his stiffy sticking up. “Are you turned on that my husband is fucking your wife’s ass hole? She seems to be enjoying herself!” Lucy said as Nina kept moaning with pleasure.

Lucy explained to Pablo how she was submissive to her husband, and that is now submissive to Joe, too. She re-affirmed that from now on, Nina would only fuck Joe, and Pablo would only be allowed to cum when Nina let him.

Lucy then reached over to Pablo’s little dick, and pulled him closer to her face. Just out of curiosity she started sucking on his little erection. There was so much room in her mouth, compared to when she sucked her husband off. Pablo loved this, and Lucy knew it. After a minute of deep throat, she pulled him out of her mouth, and then took her top off. Pablo almost came right there and kept staring at Lucy’s big boobs. Lucy told Pablo to lie on his back on the floor and he quickly obliged thinking the best. While they were doing this, Joe kept fucking Nina long and hard. Since Joe had already came once, he had a lot more staying power.

Lucy rubbed some of the lube on her feet and toes, and started massaging Pablo’s little nuts and penis. She was easily able to get his erection between her two toes. Pablo looked up and saw a nude Lucy jacking his erection between her sexy painted toes. This was too much for the horny little man, and Lucy stopped jacking his dicklette, and asked him if he wanted to cum.

He very much did so (as Lucy knew he did) and used it to her advantage. She explained to him, that if she let him cum now, he would be HER sex slave and have to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. She knew she could have her way with him, as Nina was totally submissive to Joe. Pablo’s little dick was rock hard and he readily agreed. Lucy then continued her foot masturbation of Pablo, and within a minute, he spewed his little load on her toes.

“Wow, you didn’t last very long, did you?” asked Lucy.

Pablo embarrassingly replied that he had not been allowed to cum for a week. “A week and this is all you have?” she asked, as she raised her foot up to him. “No matter, you’ll have to clean it up now, won’t you? Pablo looked around for a towel, but Lucy told him she wanted him to lick her clean. “After all, Pablo, I worked SO hard getting you off,” she giggled. Pablo obliged and reluctantly started licking his own cum off of Lucy’s toes.

“Before you get too excited again, let’s measure your dickie now that it’s gone soft.” Lucy quickly grabbed the six-inch ruler and measured Pablo’s limp penis. Well what was left of it. Lucy announced out loud: “Your dicks only one and a half inches now.”

Lucy wasn’t sure if Joe heard her, as he was getting ready to blow his load in Nina’s ass. With one last thrust he grunted and spewed a huge load inside her. After resting a minute, he pulled out completely spent. He got up on the bed and laid down on the other side. Nina was almost passed out and stayed where she was, at the edge of the bed with her ass in the air. Lucy told Pablo to go over to his wife and orally clean her ass and pussy. Pablo obliged and was rewarded with a fresh load of Joe’s cum on his face and in his mouth. Lucy went to fetch a warm towel for her husband and cleaned off his cock and balls.

After a while, Joe got up and found a Butt plug for Nina. He wanted her to remain submissive, so he wet it, and as Pablo watched, he gently shoved it into Nina’s ass. As he was pushing it in, Nina exclaimed “Yes, master, anything for you.”

Nina was totally content being Joe’s fuck toy, as she was thrilled with the feeling of his large cock and his domination. She also enjoyed controlling her husband and his willingness to let Joe fuck her.

The End.

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