True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 11

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These stories are the artistic expression of the authors who wrote them. The Small Dick Club strongly believes in freedom of speech, and the right of artists to be heard, especially if what they say pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. If you think you won’t like the content of this post, then don’t read it. It’s that simple. The Small Dick Club wishes to advise readers that any similarities in these stories to actual or real people or events is purely coincidental and unintended. That any story marked as a ‘true story’ shouldn’t be taken literally, as we have no way to verify if stories submitted to us are true. The Small Dick Club takes no responsibility for the imaginations and literary creations of authors who post their stories here.
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Readers and visitors to this site have been sending us their own moments of small penis humiliation. Enjoy.


One reader busts a sexual partner faking it…

Last night I was fucking this guy. I was laying on my back; he was riding my dick. After awhile, my dick slipped out, but he didn’t notice. Since he was on me, I couldn’t really do anything. Then he says, “Your cock feels so good.” And I’m thinking, wow, he obviously couldn’t feel me since he didn’t know I fell out!


This reader is getting put in his place by his college room-mate…

My straight and well hung room-mate will take a piss in my bathroom with the door open and me sitting six feet away. He pisses directly into the middle of the toilet water, and makes the most incredible masculine sound. I get so intimidated when I hear it, and how he just continues his casual conversation. I wipe his piss drops off the toilet rim and floor when he’s done, as he just leaves it. It only recently occurred to me he does that to assert his dominance, and it works big time. It’s so subtle and so effective. When I go for a piss my urine sounds pathetic hitting the water, in comparison to my room-mates. That’s because I have a small dick that’s barely an inch soft. His soft dick looks six-inches long soft and thick.


Another reader shares his military experience…

When I was nineteen in the military service, I had to stand naked in front of guy with a large cock in the shower room, answering his questions about non-important crap, while he stood in front of me showing his manhood. I could see he loved to keep me there, feeling small and inferior. But that is all that happened. He just wanted to show off to me, put me in my place. They called me ‘maggot’ in the army, because that was the size of my dick soft.

I’ve always tried to find a girlfriend, only to find that when I meet a girl she only likes me until she sees my small dick. One girl told me straight out that she needed a man with a big cock, so I should not expect anything with her. They always leave me shortly after finding out about my three-inch hard dick, and I’ve come to realize its hopeless finding a woman who will like my dick. I wish I had learned earlier to stop bothering girls and make them disappointed. The girls should be left for men who can give them the sexual pleasure they need.

Trying to compare myself to other men just seems such an insult to real men, who have real penises. They should always be regarded as superior alpha-males by guys with small dicks like me. We can admire them, submit to them, but we should not think for a second we can ever be real men like them. There are other things small dicks can do, than trying to be like real men. The best thing is to be useful for real men or woman. What could be more honourable for a smalldick than being a slave for someone superior?


One Reader thought Naturist’s were meant to be non-judgemental…

You’ve all seen the pictures of nudist colonies where everyone is frolicking freely in the buff and having a great time. Men and women, young and old, with their bodies on display despite their flaws. So when my wife suggested we holiday at a nude resort I decided it would be OK. These people would’ve seen guys who are not hung before, so they probably won’t bat an eyelid at me. My first trip outside in the nude was difficult but I carried myself with an air of confidence so as not to make a big deal about it. Inside I had never felt so subconscious in my life.

When you meet a nudist for the first time (in the nude that is) they always look at your junk, check you out. So the sensation of having my nub of a soft dick being spied on grew. People smirked at me, guys with huge dicks came up and talked to my wife, while ignoring me, flaunting themselves at her. Women smiled, some even laughed at me. My wife says I was being paranoid, but she’s wrong. Nudist’s are just like everyone else, as long as a body generally fits the norm they don’t care about seeing others in the nude. But when you look a bit different, like me with my one-inch soft dick and small balls, they are just like everyone else. Judgemental and superior, and they laugh at you behind your back.


One Reader thinks all his problems started with being born with a small dick…

My 3 1/2″ penis has totally destroyed my life. I’m in my early thirties and have only had two relationships and the occasional encounter with a prostitute. No wife, no ex-wives, no children, nothing. I first realised that I was inadequate around age 12-13, and, of course, this inadequacy made me fear intimacy with women. I grew up in a neighbourhood full of girls, most of whom tried to sleep with me at one time or another but I always managed to get out of it. And while my friends were out discovering girls and enjoying their youth, I was all alone in my room smoking pot and watching television. Sure, I’d occasionally meet up with my friends, but when the conversation always turned to women, or when a social situation arose in which girls were involved. I’d always get out of there.

At the age of 17, an overly aggressive chick pursued me until I gave in. Several months into the relationship we eventually had sex, and I couldn’t perform out of fear (I was scared to take my pants off!). Needless to say it ended of relationship. When I turned 18, I discover $20 prostitutes, and at the age of 20 another aggressive female entered my life. She pursued me (or, shall I say, stalked me) until I gave in and we had a relationship. So, she pretty much pushed me into intimacy, and the sex was horrible–sort of like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. But, she claimed that she was in love with me, and wanted to have my baby and get married. So being young and dumb (and totally in love), I impregnate her and then she aborts the baby a month later and starts sleeping with someone else.

So I start smoking crack. Sure, I understood the dangers but honestly didn’t care. I felt hopeless. I embark on a crime spree and crack binge that lasted several years. Eventually, my life-style caught up with me and I was sentenced to 6 years in prison. So, I go to prison and sober up, join Narcotics Anonymous, see a psychologist, lift weights, practice meditation daily for several years and I’m at the top of my game! Felt great! And then I get out of prison and reality smacks me in the face. And here I sit, a socially well-adjusted, unemployed loser with no viable job-skills nor previous employment history, and scared to death of women.

The pain is becoming unbearable. Simply seeing an attractive woman or bumping into an old friend out with his family or girl-friend is enough to send me into paralysing bouts of depression. It’s very sad. I’m a very attractive guy (or at least that’s what the chicks have always told me). The thoughts of what could have been, and the memories of all the chicks whom have tried to seduce me in the past are killing me. On a positive note, I haven’t relapsed on crack cocaine, but then sometimes I wonder if there’s really any point in staying sober. I mean, if I can’t have a wife or children of self-esteem or any of the other things that normal men have, what’s the point? But I’m going to stay sober for a little while longer and see if I can turn this thing around. It all seems so hopeless though.


Another Reader shares how he’s tried, but failed to meet a woman who accepts his small dick…

Hi, fellow ‘Silver Member of the Small Dick Club’ here. I didn’t realize that I was inadequate until later in my life. I knew my dick was smallish, compared to guys I’d seen naked in school, and porn stars obviously, but I didn’t think I was so small that it made me bad at sex. Although I was aware some women I’d been intimate with didn’t make a sound, or show any signs of enjoying sex with me. That worried me greatly because I couldn’t seem to keep a girlfriend for long, they eventually dumped me. But I still didn’t think my size was to blame because none of them said to me, “I’m dumping you because your dick is too small to please me.” Then I started hearing and reading things women were saying about penis size and sexual enjoyment, and that’s when the true reality of the situation hit me. Sure, I read all the online articles claiming that size is unimportant, it’s all technique and foreplay. But how are you supposed to be able to practice technique and foreplay if women laugh at you and then won’t let you fuck them?

Once I became aware my small dick is to blame for not being able to keep a woman long, I started taking notice of their reactions to seeing my dick, and sure enough I spotted the smirks, the stifled laughter, the eye bulges, and double takes. So I never married, never had a family, and wonder what my life would have been like if nature had been kinder to me in the dick department. I’ve reached an age now where the fact I’m still single raises an immediate alarm in women I try to date. They think if he hasn’t got anyone by now, something must be wrong with him. They’re right, I have a tiny dick.


This Reader says ‘Fuck Size Shaming’…

I’m a guy who’s 32, has a small dick, and couldn’t give a fuck.

When I was 12ish, I noticed a lump growing on the side of my penis. I, of course, was positive that it was cancer and I was disfigured and was going to die. This was before the internet. I had ongoing confidence issues throughout my teens. In my mind, this lump was enormous, when it was smaller than a pea, and not noticeable to the naked eye. When I was 18, I was really good friends with a girl at school, and after a year or so of being close, we eventually took things to the next level. We made out, and I ended up fingering her to orgasm. The next day, it was my turn. I was ready to die, my dick tumour was about to be found out. I stopped her at the last-minute, I started to cry, and I told her about my problem. She said she didn’t care, but we’d take it slow. Things went down, afterward I asked what she thought, and she said she didn’t notice anything.

It was her first up close and personal time with a penis, and she thought my dick was huge. I didn’t know any better, so I agreed that it was huge. We dated for a couple of years, and then split up as life took us in different directions. Eventually, I decided to go see a Urologist and have my lump checked. Turns out it was nothing, and took about 10 minutes to fix. All those years of stress, anxiety, and self-hate for nothing. The point of this part of the story is that I can empathise with virgins that are terrified of what they’re packing, and not being comfortable with themselves to the point of crippling sexual development.

Then I went to college. My confidence is at an all-time high. I’m getting laid left and right. Some one night stands, some week-long relationships. Some a month, some 6 months. Lots of sex, lots of blowjobs, almost always coming back for more. So, I never once thought of my penis size (besides that I’m a grower, not a shower, so I knew getting naked flaccid was a no go). Move onto age 23, I meet the one. Sex is great, everything’s great. No complaints in the bedroom, making her cum was always job No.1 (it’s not a job, it’s the best part).

A few years go by, we hit a rough patch and split up for a couple of months. I slept with some more girls, all multiple times, all with no complaints. I even go back and sleep with my first girlfriend, who is actually married at the time (I know, I know) to a guy that had a much bigger penis than mine (she told me when they started dating), but it didn’t faze me for a second, cause mine worked, I made girls cum, everybody wins. I divorced my wife a year ago.

Back on the horse. I start having sex again, all is well. Been with multiple women since then, not one complaint again, all back for more. Not until I started browsing The Small Dick Club about 6 months ago did I find out that my 4.4” penis is considered below-average. I’m a Bronze member of the Small Dick Club! Boy was my face red! All these years I’ve been confidently speaking to women, having meaningful friendships, having great sex, and not once did I look down and feel the shame that everybody seems to feel about having a small dick.

I’m not ashamed of my dick. It’s a part of my body. It will be there until the day I die (hopefully). And it’s never going to change (for the better). So what if my dick is ‘small’? Who gives a rat’s ass? If any of the women I’ve slept with have cared, then fuck ’em. As the kids are saying these days, “Doesn’t matter, had sex”.

Most women who are about to have sex with you don’t care about your dick size, because they’re horny as all hell and want to be fucked. If a woman is shallow enough to reject you for the size of your dick, then all you’re missing out on is sex. In fact, she’s doing you a favour because you don’t have to get mixed up with such a shallow bitch. What matters is that you find someone who likes you for you, all that other shit works itself out. Fuck size shaming. It’s getting really old and there’s seriously, no reason for it.


A reader is worried his relationship is heading in direction he doesn’t want to go…

I’m in my early thirties and my girlfriend of two years is in her mid-twenties. Things have been great, despite having a small penis (about 4.2 inches/10.5cm), she never once complained about the size and was able to orgasm with it.

It wasn’t until we let her parents stay in our very tiny studio apartment for a few months that the problems started. During this period, we could not have sex with each other without it being incredibly awkward. So to get our sexual frustration out, we would masturbate in the bathroom. I used my hand to jerk off, while she used a dildo, which was significantly larger than my penis (about 7.5 inches/19 cm).

After her parents left, we started having sex again, but it wasn’t the same. She just couldn’t orgasm. After several failed attempts, we began talking and she said, “Your dick just isn’t enough for me, anymore.”

I began using my fingers and my tongue to get her off, but she said, “It just isn’t the same as a real penis.”

I also began using techniques I learned from the web to increase my length and endurance as well as shedding weight (I’m over 250 pounds), but it just isn’t happening fast enough. I’ve tried experimenting with different positions, but her favourite is taking it doggy style. But my penis isn’t long enough to penetrate properly, due to her having an incredibly large butt. It makes things incredibly awkward for me, and I’d become flaccid.

We tried adding toys into the mix, but no go. She said that the toys just didn’t have the same feeling as a real penis. She is incredibly frustrated with this whole situation, and it really makes me feel less of a man. Sex is becoming more akin to work, than anything else. All I think about during intercourse is trying to please her, but when I see the look of disappointment on her face, it just really kills the mood for me.

I’m not sure if this helps or not, but she would tell me, “It’s like having an itch deep inside her that my penis just can’t reach.”

She stopped using the dildo, in hopes that she would just get used to my penis again, but I catch her masturbating more and more to porn videos of men with huge cocks. I am in serious need of help. I really don’t think this relationship will last if things don’t change. We’re happy being together, but sex is such an important part of our relationship. I’m just at a loss now. I really am afraid she might consider having sex with other men, just to get her frustrations all out. I’m worried she will cuckold me.


One Reader has strong views on being a member of the Small Dick Club…

Being a man with a small penis is the equivalent of being an ugly woman.

Usually, a small penis isn’t a reason to break up with a guy. Imagine that you go on a date with a woman you don’t find very attractive – things go well, you like her personality and your interests match. You become a couple. Now you’re with this girl which is perfect in every way – except she’s ugly. Would you dump her? Most likely, no. Would you enjoy sex? Yes. But, wouldn’t you fantasise about other women, and look at other women constantly, and imagine yourself fucking good-looking women? I think this is what it’s like dating a man with a small dick for a woman.

No matter how hard you try, you will never be put on the same level as someone with a big penis in a woman’s mind. You’ll be a great guy, funny, good looking, successful, but you’ll never be ‘that’ guy to them, the one that they think about sexually. How do you deal with that? Honestly, I don’t know. I personally have just given up on the idea. Once you can accept that you’ll never be the stud, it’s sort of liberating.

My last girlfriend (we stayed together 6 months) tried to make it work but in the end couldn’t give up her sex life to be with me. She told me, verbatim, “I love you, but I can’t live without getting fucked for real.”

She was the only one who told me that up front, and I really appreciated her for doing that. All my previous partners found other excuses (the old it’s not you it’s me thing). They don’t want to talk about your penis size directly, and will feel uncomfortable about it because they don’t like being exposed as shallow. They first deny it to themselves. If you ask them straightforward, they’ll act either pissed off or deny it outright.


One reader doesn’t get small dick comparisons to female breast size…

I wish some people would stop comparing breast size to penis size, it’s simply not the same. Breasts are for aesthetics/nursing babies while penises are for intercourse/pissing. A woman can have anything from an A Cup to F Cup and it makes no difference in having sex with her because you have intercourse with her vagina, not her breasts. It’s an aesthetic preference to like big or small breasts on a woman. A man fucks with his dick, so it is far more important in giving her pleasure during sex. If your dick is not big enough for her to feel it then she won’t get any pleasure from it. So the size of your penis does play a role in sexual intercourse, while the size of her breasts has no relevance. So saying that small-breasted women are the same as small dick men is complete bullshit. More lies people try to feed us so they can ignore the real pain they inflict on small penis men.


Another reader had an embarrassing moment after wetting the bed…

When I was 9 my parents were long divorced and my dad had brought me up on his own. I was a sorry kid – a late developer, and even when I did sort of develop at 17-18, I never had more than a couple of sad inches down there, stretching to three at peak moments. Early on I became a chronic bed-wetter, meaning my dad had to wash all the sheets and bedclothes most days. He was always kind – but often I had to stay with friends and relatives, and they were not so tolerant.

The bed-wetting continued unabated until I was 20, and was the cause of numerous humiliations. I was the only boy in the school who did not go on an exchange trip to France, because I could not bear the thought of having to explain to the French host family. Whenever I went away, I had to take the dreaded plastic sheet with me.

It often did not help. One particularly galling incident occurred when a group of friends stayed with a boy called Andrew for his birthday in December. His mother was very house-proud, and when she saw the urine-soaked sheets she was furious.

She marched me downstairs, in my wet pyjamas. She made me stand in front of everyone in kitchen, where Andrew, his three sisters – two of them younger than me – and two of their friends, all of them at the same school as me – were eating their breakfast.

Then she told me to take the pyjamas off, there in full view of everyone. I did so very reluctantly, but it was OK as I was wearing equally sopping vest and pants underneath. I could already see various female eyes turn down towards my crotch, where the thick wet winter underwear was clinging to my shrivelled genitals. I could not help but notice the furtive smiles that were exchanged.

Before I could think she yanked at my vest and shouted, “Get them off too, they’re sopping, all for the wash.”

I was too slow for her, so she said, “hands above your head” and whipped the vest off in a flash. Then she began tugging my pants down, smacking my hands away as I tried to resist her. I twisted around so that least I would only be exposing my plump white bottom to the increasingly receptive audience.

Soon I was naked while she mopped me down with a flannel. My hands were firmly closed over my crotch. She turned me around again tried to prise them apart, but I held firm. So Mrs Hart gave my knuckles a hard rap with the back of spoon. Agony. I lifted my hands to stop the torture – and exposed the source of all my shame to the assembled breakfasters.

Not one of them could not stifle their amusement at seeing the tiny rubbery spout quivering about over the equally small sac. The rest of my school days were spent in the knowledge that everyone – every boy and girl in that school – knew this story in great detail. At least in those days they did not have camera-phones.


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