News: SPH Club is no more

Our tumblr blog SPH Club has been terminated by tumblr for some very soft reasons. This is the third time we’ve had an sph blog terminated on tumblr and we’ll not be going back. In short, we’ve had enough. So if you’re looking for our latest sph captions then look no further than our SPH Pics page.

So, to tumblr, who seems to have something against SPH, we say:


To our near 5000 followers on SPH Club we apologise for the inconvenience, and hope you continue to enjoy our captioned images here on this site. Thank you all for your support and warm pm’s. So many of you told us that SPH Club was their favourite tumblr blog. That really made us happy.


We hope you all have a terrific 2016, and can continue to provide you with information and entertainment many of you have come to enjoy.

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