Cousins: Adam & Veronica Pt. 01

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By Nerdy1979 (Edited with Ginger)


“It’s sure gonna be nice to see her again. Haven’t seen her since the last reunion.”

My sales job was taking me out-of-town to my Cousin Veronica’s neck of the woods. When I told her I was heading that way for the next week she there was no reason for me to get a hotel, she had plenty of room and would be happy to have me stay. “We can catch up on the last few months. I can’t wait to see you Adam!”

I always got along well with Veronica. She is one of those cousins that you can talk to like a close sibling and we enjoyed playing together as children. Veronica is about 6 years older than me, but she never was mean about it. Sometimes she would tease, “I get to go first, I am the oldest after all.” Or “You’ll just have to wait till your older, little guy!”

She never meant any harm. Little guy. Funny, I remember that. First off, I’m single and have never been married. I’ve had girlfriends and such, but nothing ever seemed to work out for one reason or another. A select few reasons were because we weren’t compatible. One other reason, I’m not really well endowed. I’m packing just under 4 inches when hard.

Now, I’ve learned over the years that the tongue and hands can be just as instrumental in love-making as a cock. Unfortunately, a couple of girls just really wanted a bigger dick, and my little winky just wasn’t going to cut it.

I always wished I could find a girl as sweet and easy to get along with as Veronica. We never fought, maybe argued a couple of times, but we always got along. Now, I do admit she is absolutely gorgeous!

She’s about 5”8″ with flowing red hair that has a bit of a curl to it. She always wanted it straightened but I told her she was crazy! Her skin is flawless and looks like porcelain. A typical pale ‘ginger’. I loved that so much!

Her frame was very petite but she had this amazing full ass. Not huge, but big enough that it was a prominent feature just like her gorgeous bust. When she began to develop and wore swimsuits to the local pool, all the guys stared at her amazing figure. I couldn’t blame them.

She didn’t even work out all that much, she’s always been blessed with good genes on my mom’s side (She’s my mom’s, aunt’s daughter. So technically we’re 2nd cousins). I was always jealous of that. I have to work out and honestly I hadn’t been keeping up with that lately. Got a bit of a belly over the last few months.

To top it off, Veronica has the most gorgeous green eyes I’ve ever seen! A guy would be lucky to have an opportunity to stare into those deep green pupils and get lost. One time, years ago, I actually zoned out looking at them as she was telling me a story. I told her I was thinking about something else, I don’t remember what but I’m not sure she really bought it. She never mentioned it again, though.

I pulled the rental car up to Veronica’s driveway about 7:45 that evening. We were planning on going to dinner, but a delayed flight caused me to be 2 hours later than expected so Veronica just ordered some pizzas. I got my bags out of the car and went up to the front door to ring the bell.

“Adam! You made it!” She exclaimed as she opened the door. She came out and gave me a big hug. I was so happy to see her for a multitude of reasons. One, I was happy to just finally get there. And I remember how great Veronica always smelled. She had this lotion she uses that smells like vanilla and lilac. Plus, it was just great to see her again. She was always my favourite person in the family.

“So, you’re here for a whole week huh? I’m so glad to see you. What will your days be like to work? Will you have any time for you and me to hang out?”

“Actually, Veronica, I’ll have more than I thought. The trade show I was here for ended up being shorter than expected due to scheduled remodelling at the venue that’s hosting the event. I only have to be there tomorrow. I just took the rest of the week so you and I could hang out.”

“That’s wonderful Adam! I’m so glad we can catch up. It’ll be like old times. In fact, I thought since we are just having pizza we should curl up on the sofa with a classic movie while we stuff our faces tonight. How about one of our favourites? Goonies!”

“That sounds great. I haven’t seen it in years.”

“Ok then. I’m just gonna go ahead and shower first and I’ll be out in about 10 minutes. I set up your room in the back if you want to put your stuff away and the pizza guy should be here in a few. There’s money on the table for him.”

“Sounds good.”

Veronica went to shower and I took my bags to the guest bedroom. The room was simply that too, not made up with kid’s toys or colourful paint for her children or anything. Veronica never got married. She’s had serious boyfriends and one guy we all actually thought would be the one. However, she ended things with him. No one ever really knew the reasons why her relationships never lasted. I never pried but the rest of the family always asked why she wouldn’t settle down with one of those nice men. “They weren’t right for me and I’m not settling just to make the rest of you happy,” she’d say.

Good for her, she should do what’s right for her, although I never told her that. As I unpacked and changed into a comfy T-shirt and shorts I couldn’t help but run the idea through my head how amazing a woman she really is. Always positive, never a really harsh word about anyone. She’s got a great career and looking at a promotion. Everything is going well for her and all people in the family focus on is when she is getting married.


It was about 5-6 minutes later when the doorbell rang indicating the pizza was here. I walked out of the room towards the kitchen. I had to walk past the bathroom and heard the shower was not running anymore. “That the doorbell Adam?” Veronica asked.

“Yes,” I said as I instinctively turned my head in her direction as if to look at her when I spoke.

The bathroom door was cracked ever so slightly. When I turned, I saw the briefest outline of Veronica standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. I couldn’t see much else but I saw the smallest glance at her nude breasts. All I could really tell is that her nipples were perfect and perky!

Quickly I glanced away before she could tell that I was looking. I got the money off the kitchen table and went to the front door. There was just enough to cover the pizza and a nice tip. I locked the door and put the pizza in the kitchen.

“Smells awesome! Just like when we were kids, huh, little guy?” Veronica said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Really, Veronica?”

“I know, you hate that nickname. Alright. You get some slices ready for us and I’ll put the movie on.”

Wow! She had caught me a bit by surprise. Not by calling me ‘little guy’, she’d done that for years. But when she walked into the kitchen, she was wearing a very long v neck shirt that was obviously designed for a woman. Sort of a nightgown type shirt to wear around the house. It was slightly damp from her body after the shower and outlined those nice nipples I had just seen, obviously no bra. And I couldn’t be sure, but I believe she had no panties on. Veronica was truly a stunning woman in her early forties who looked in her early thirties!

As I plated a few slices of pizza, I noticed something. My comfy shorts were being stretched out by my little boner! Good lord! The sight of her made me pop wood. I couldn’t sit next to her like this.

“Adam, the movie is queued up. You ready?”

Ready for what? You see, my little bulge sticking out to not only embarrass myself because my cousin turned me on but how small that bulge is? I thought of something that could work. I walked in the room with the plated pizza slices. Luckily the room was off the kitchen in such a way I could sort of come up behind the sofa from one side.

“Here you go. Put those on the coffee table for me please. I’m gonna go use the restroom real quick.”

“Ok, no problem,” she said.

I was hoping she wouldn’t quite turn all the way around, but she did and looked right at me. It seemed her eyes were pointed upwards, I don’t think she noticed. I gave her the plates and turned around to quickly make my way down the hall. I actually didn’t go to the bathroom, I grabbed a spare blanket from the guest room. I figured I’ll just say I’m a bit chilly and cover up.

“Ok, let’s start the movie.”

“Are you cold, Adam?”

“Just a bit, no big deal. I figure this blanket will do the trick.”

“Hey! Let’s both sit under the blanket like when we were younger and watched movies. Then it’s really like old times!”

“Sure. That’s a great idea.” Yeah, because that didn’t make me any less hard, being next to you while you’ve got that freshly showered look and sharing a blanket with me on the sofa. At least we’d both be covered and she wouldn’t see my tiny bulge right?

We sat there for about 20 minutes and ate our pizza while we watched the movie, not saying a word but completely engrossed. Veronica is funny about movies too. No matter how many times she watches something, if it made her jump or flinch the first time, it will make her flinch again. When we got to the scenes that had little shocks or surprises she would jump. She’d grab my leg or shoulder, not really being scared, just reaching out in reflex. Overall, I didn’t mind, but my small boner was not any closer to going away with her doing that.

I caught myself looking at her every so often during the movie. Looking at her beauty and thinking, why do you have to be my cousin. Granted, 2nd cousin but still. Of course, if she wasn’t somehow I’d probably mess it up with her too.

“What? What are you looking at? Is there pizza sauce on my face?”


Apparently I’d been staring too long and she noticed.

“What? Tell me!”

“Oh, nothing… I was just thinking how fun this was when we were kids.”

“You’re not enjoying it now, Adam?”

“No. I mean, yes… I am. It’s just… Well, it’s different now. Not different really, it’s just… Well, it kinda…” I was rambling all over myself. You moron, She’s gotta be suspicious of something. Say something! “See Veronica, it’s just we’re older now and it’s kinda funny how after all this time… What I mean is that you and I have grown up and you’re so beautiful right now!”

Dear god! Did I just tell my older cousin that I think she’s attractive? Calm down, you said beautiful. It’s kinda weird as we’re sharing a blanket in a dark room watching a movie but it’s ok.

“You really think I’m beautiful? I mean, we were always great with each other and had lots of fun growing up, but you’ve never said anything like that to me before or expressed any sort of attraction to me directly.”

Oh good lord! She did take that as I’m attracted to her! Not that I’m not, but I can’t let her know.

“Yes, I do, I mean it’s just that, I think you’ve grown into a hot, um…That is a very good-looking person and…” I said rambling again.

“Well, I guess that explains this, doesn’t it?” She threw back the blanket and grabbed my shorts, specifically the crotch. Her hand cupped my little erection. Apparently I didn’t hide it as well as I thought.

All I could say is, “Uh…”

“It’s OK, Adam. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Truth be told, I’ve known for a long time you’ve thought I’m attractive. I mean, I was the older cousin you practically grew up with. I knew before you really knew what the attraction was that you had a thing for me. I just didn’t place much stock in it until one summer at a reunion, you were 18 and I was 24. A few of us stayed at Aunt Patty’s house. It was late at night and I had gone downstairs to scare you in the middle of the night as a prank. I peeked in the door of the room. The lamp on the end table was on so I saw pretty well in there. You were lying in bed with your shorts down to your ankles and no shirt. I saw you masturbating. I remember being shocked at first, but as I watched I saw you slowly jerking your dick, it was so small and cute. It took all my willpower not to jump you right there and put that sexy little dick in my mouth and suck you off. Especially after I heard a single word leak from your mouth.”

“You mean, you saw? You heard me?”

“Yes Adam, I heard you whisper my name… Veronica!”

I was mortified right then, but strangely enough still rock hard. I noticed that Veronica’s hands were on my upper thighs…

“When I saw you that night, well something happened. I had 2 previous boyfriends from college that I had sex with. Those boys were great and had called my name out many times, but none of them ever had the passion or love in their voice that I had with you that night. From that moment on, the only boy I ever thought about is you. I knew it was wrong and very taboo to feel that way about my cousin. Especially the one I had been so close with for so long.

Even through all the boyfriends I was moving forward, they all had some factor that reminded me of you. A smile, laugh, favourite movies, but nothing ever quite filled what you held… Hold… On me.”

I heard everything she said, at the same time realising that she was moving closer and her hands were moving up my thigh and into the legs of my shorts on a quest to find my tiny erect penis. I also became aware of the steady flow of precum coming out the head of my little pee-pee.

“It’s nice to know those boyhood feelings of yours are still there, because my feelings are still there too.”

All of a sudden, there she is, looking me in the eyes as her hand found my dickie. “Mmmm… You’re so hard, I never imagined you’d feel so good in my hands.” She then leaned in and began kissing me. I awkwardly put my hands around her and rubbed her back as we made out, her hand slowly jerking my little cock. “I want to see it…” She whispered in my ear. “Let me see it, up close.”

“Mmm, hmm…” I answered with a nod. She leaned back. However, I was frozen with shock and anticipation.

“Ok, I’ll help,” she said, “Let’s get these shorts off huh?”

My mind heard and my body responded, but I didn’t say a word. My legs just instinctively spread so she could pull my shorts off. As she did, she saw for the first time, up close, my hard four inch boner glistening with precum which was still flowing.

“Mmmm, that’s sexy… ‘Little guy’!” She put an emphasis on little.

“Veronica…” I said with an embarrassed tone.

“Oh honey, don’t be embarrassed. Remember, I’ve known about your size for about twenty years. I think it’s adorable. I bet it tastes even better than it looks.”

She winked at me and the next thing I knew, my favourite cousin was leaning forward to put her gorgeous lips around my little boner. It felt amazing, like her mouth was moulded to fit my penis perfectly. The sensation was familiar as I had received head before, but what Veronica was doing was nothing short of incredible. As if, her mouth was destined to be around my dick. I felt her lips and tongue in action as her head moved up and down. Her tongue was working in ways no other woman had done to me in the past. When it went into my dick hole. I almost lost control.

“Uhh… Mmmmm… Ooh,” I moaned as she tickled my balls at the same time.

“Do you like this little guy? Do you like Cousin Veronica sucking your wittle pee-pee?” She said as she paused briefly.

“Yes… Mmmm, oh yes! You’re amazing!”

“Good, I’m glad. Now, I want to feel your tongue on me.”

She stated as she leaned back. She reached down and pulled her nightshirt over her head. She was completely naked under there and for the first time ever I saw my gorgeous cousin in all her glory. Her tits were just as magnificent as they could be, natural and amazingly perky. Had to have been low C or even High B cups. Her pussy was clean-shaven except for the tiny little landing strip above her sweet pink lips.

“Taste me, Adam, I want to feel your tongue on my pussy!”

She put her hands on my head, not pushing, just guiding me to her sweet vagina. I had never tasted one so good in my entire life! The fragrance was superb as well! She moaned, obviously in full appreciation of what my tongue was doing. I licked her up and down while tickling her asshole with my fingers as well. She twitched with a motion and let out a loud moan.

“Unnnghhh, yes… Good lord, fucking yes! Oh Adam… That’s it, uhhhh… Oh god!!”

Most girls I’ve tried the anal play on refused for me to continue. Others didn’t get this much pleasure. I was hoping she would be different and boy was she. The squirt of pussy juice that shot all over my face proved otherwise!

She writhed and screamed in ecstasy. “Oh Adam… Eat my pussy, lick my clit… Make it feel so… Ohhhh… Uh-huh… OOOHHHHHH!!”

She came all over my face. She stopped writhing and I came up for air. I looked up at her. What she said next shocked me!

“You did so well, and you played with my anus oh so great! It felt good… Let me return the favour.”

She put me on my back, my legs over her shoulders. She moved her head down as she spread my ass cheeks with her fingers. The next sensation was the greatest one I’d ever felt. She jerked my little pee-pee while moving her tongue up and down again over my tight backdoor.

No one had ever attempted to play with my ass. It was an amazing sensation, too good.

“Uh…Uh-huh… AHHHHHHH!”

Not 30 seconds after she stuck her tongue in my ass, I came all over my stomach.

“A little quick on the draw there, huh, sweetie?” Veronica said to me.

“I’m sorry, it’s just, no one had ever done that to me and you’re so… I was…”

“Shh… It’s ok. We have all week, little guy. I’ll be able to play with your boy sized little dick again. You may never have a full-grown man cock, but Cousin Veronica will be sure your tiny dick feels oh so good. But for now…”

She leaned in and licked up the cum off me.

“Time for bed, little guy. You will have a good day at your trade show tomorrow and I’ll see you tomorrow evening.

I was so embarrassed. I prematurely ejaculated all over after my sexy cousin good barely get her hands on me. At least I made her cum too. But I wasn’t sure how I could make it through tomorrow without thinking of what she and I just did. Especially after she made those teasing remarks about my tiny penis. I’m not sure why, but those remarks made me feel even hornier. I wanted her to tease me again, oh so bad!

To be continued…



  • fleetwizard

    I love the story!! I had a cousin that I was madly in love with for years! I only wish something like this had happened with her.

  • sissylinda

    great story – can’t wait for the next instalment

  • vici

    OMG very nice love that with the cousin and teasing of the small dic….. very hot


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