Naked Cuck Locked Outdoors.

By HerCuckPiggySlave.

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for six years. She and I are both lawyers in our city. We met at a local conference for lawyers two years before we got married. We hit it off instantly when we met, and I have been happy with her ever since. I’ll admit that her beauty first made me work up the nerve to talk to her. But what kept me around was how fearless she was in the courtroom. I sat in on a few cases she worked on and had never seen a woman take charge like that. Some men thought they could intimidate her due to her short size, but she still held her ground and defended her clients even with men over a foot taller.

Watching my wife take charge awakened something in me. It made me realize how much I enjoy women in charge and how much it turned me on. So to explore this new fantasy, I started watching porn where women are in charge. It started with light bondage. It’s basic stuff like men in handcuffs and maybe even getting spanked a little. Then it grew into verbal humiliation, men in cages, chastity, small penis humiliation, and cuckolding. I couldn’t think of anything more powerful than a woman telling her man she needs more than one cock and fucking her bull in front of him.

I was already nervous about talking to my wife about the general Femdom stuff I was into. I couldn’t imagine bringing up cuckolding to her. So I managed to keep it a secret by never saving any cuck porn on our computer and always searching for this porn in incognito mode. I managed to keep it a secret for several months… Then one night, I slipped up. I forgot to close the incognito browser on my computer. I had left those videos on our computer all day while at work, and my wife stayed home.

After several hours working, I returned to see my wife at our computer, quietly browsing these videos. She saw several videos on the computer with titles such as ‘Small cock husband turned Cuck,’ ‘public humiliation by Hotwife,’ ‘wife fucks a superior man in Front of Cuck,’ and several other cuckold fantasies I could never dream of admitting that I had. I froze by our bedroom door, unable to even think of an excuse for why those videos would be there. Kim slowly turned to look at me with a look I’ve only ever seen her give undeniably guilty people in the courtroom.

Kim seriously told me, “So Jack, I will ask you two questions. No matter the truth, I want you to be honest. Is this your ‘cuckold’ porn on the computer?”

There was no way I was going to lie. My wife gets paid to unravel lies from some of the biggest criminals you could meet. There’s no way I could come up with an excuse.

“Yes, honey,” I said.

In a quiet but firm tone, Kim leaned in and said, “OK. Thank you for being honest. Now then, one last question, and I want the truth. Does the idea of me fucking another man interest you?”

I couldn’t believe she had asked that. Once again, I knew there was no escape from this. I could lie, but she sees right through it, which worsens things. It’s best to bite the bullet and come clean. I’m praying my honesty will convince her not to be too mad at me for looking at this.

“Yes. Sometimes I might fantasize about that if I’m in a certain mood. But it’s just a fa—,” I said while interrupted.

“Good,” Kim said loudly.

I stopped speaking. My brain must be melting from shock because there’s no way she just said that.

With a cracked voice, I asked, Umm. Excuse me, honey?”

Kim stands up and slowly walks towards me. She firmly grabs my cock with her left hand, pulls me down by my tie with her right hand, and gives me a passionate kiss. After kissing me, she pulls me down even further and whispers, “Good.”

Kim left the room to get something to drink in the kitchen. I stood in my bedroom, dumbfounded by what just happened. That day was three months ago. After my fetish was discovered, we decided that we were going to turn this fantasy into a reality. To do that, we needed to lay down some ground rules. My wife started making herself comfortable as the one in control by having me strip naked and get on all fours before her.

“Do you enjoy having your wife put you in your place, you limp dick cuck?” Mistress Kim said.

“Yes, Ki—I mean, Mistress Kim,” I said.

“Good. Now I’m going to make one thing clear. Your job as a cuck is to make me happy, even if the fantasy isn’t going exactly as you want. Tonight your pleasure isn’t important to me, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Kim.”

“You also understand that I get to fuck whoever I want tonight, correct?”

“Yes, Mistress Kim.”

“I’m glad you understand. I can’t wait to see your face when you see who I’ll be fucking tonight. Now, one more thing to discuss before my bull comes over. As of now, you may choose to end this night, and I will not fuck who I picked. But understand that if you do, we are not trying cuckolding again. Do you want me to call my bull and cancel our plans?”

I was still on all fours looking at what was now my Mistress. I finally had a chance to explore this side of me, and I wasn’t going to throw this away.

“No, Mistress Kim. I want you to get fucked by the bull you picked,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that. Now go crawl to the door and wait for the man that will fuck me tonight,” said Mistress Kim.

I crawled over to the door as instructed. My heart raced with every passing minute as I tried to imagine who Kim could have picked. I felt humiliated but excited, waiting on all fours like a dog waiting on his master to come home. I couldn’t believe I finally got to explore this side of me with my wife. After 30 minutes had passed, I heard a knock at the door. I felt like my heart stopped, and I froze in place. I was on all fours, no clothes, ready to open the door for the man taking my wife.

“Quit being a stupid cuck and open the door!” Mistress Kim screamed in an aggressive tone that I was still getting used to. “Oh, and by the way, cuck. Not to ruin the surprise, but it’s someone you know.”

“Someone, I know?” I said in confusion.

I crawled over to the door and opened it. To my surprise, the man my wife, was going to fuck was Greg, a fellow lawyer that worked at a competing law firm.

Greg wasn’t just a lawyer. He was the most successful lawyer at that law firm, which was a complex task considering it consisted of roughly 150 lawyers. Greg was popular, successful, and extremely fit from how much he worked out. But there was one difficult thing about it being Greg of all people. Greg was more than just a wildly successful lawyer. He was the lawyer I lost to in the last case I had to take. I worked tirelessly on that case and was certain I had a bulletproof one. But Greg managed to find a loophole in some obscure law and win the case. It was one of the most humiliating defeats of my career.

“Hey, Jack, I haven’t seen you in a while. Glad to see you’re doing well,” Greg said while holding back his laughter.

I couldn’t believe Greg was standing before me while I was completely naked. Whenever I fantasized about being cucked, I pictured a stranger fucking my wife. I never could have imagined it would have been THIS lawyer. The feeling of being exposed both physically and emotionally made my heart sink.

“Jack, take Greg’s coat and hang it up. Then crawl back into the living room,” Kim yelled.

Greg made his way up the stairs after I took his coat. After hanging up his jacket, I made myself crawl up the stairs and face what I got myself into. As I crawled into the living room as Greg and Mistress Kim sat on the couch, I couldn’t look up from the ground and look them in the eyes.

Kim said in a menacing tone, “I’m sure you were VERY surprised to see Greg when you opened the door, weren’t you, cuck?”

“Y-yeah, I was. I didn’t pick Greg. I didn’t know you knew him that well,” I said.

“We started talking shortly after the last case you lost.”

“Wait. That case?”

“Yes. At first, I was surprised by how the court case went. I could have sworn you’d win that one. But Greg came in and took everyone by surprise.”

Greg decided to jump in by saying, “No hard feelings, right, Jack?”

I reluctantly said, “No, Greg. It’s OK.”

My wife felt my response needed to be better. Mistress Kim firmly said, “Cucky, we have a winner in this house. You refer to him as Sir, understood?”

I can’t believe I’m doing this. This would have been easier with a stranger, but him? “Yes, Sir. It’s OK that you won,” I said softly.

“Good, now tell sir you’re happy that he not only won the case but won your wife’s pussy.”

I never felt more humiliated in my life. But even as difficult as this was, I had to keep my head down and my body posture kneeling to hide my cock. I could get hard from this, but my nerves were getting the best of me.

I whispered, “Thank you, Sir. For winning that case and winning my wife’s pussy.”

Greg let out a huge laugh. “Yeah, don’t mention it, man,” Greg said.

Mistress Kim suddenly had a bright idea. Mistress Kim asked, “Hey. Speaking of winners. Cucky, who do you think has the bigger cock?”

God, I couldn’t imagine what the answer could be. Normally I can get about four inches when I’m hard, but my nerves have kept me soft.

Mistress Kim leaned in and said with a grin, “Come on, Cuck, how BIG do you think Greg is?”

While trying to hide my embarrassment, I said, “Umm. I guess. Maybe six inches?”

Mistress Kim yelled, “Cuck, stand up. Show Greg just how small your dick is!”

I stood up and showed my two-inch soft dick. Greg and Mistress Kim laughed in my face once they saw. Kim said while laughing, “You mean to tell me that I did all this work to find a bull, and you can’t even get that pathetic little dick of yours hard?”

“I’m… I’m sorry, I’m just nervous,” Jack said.

“Greg, why don’t you show my cuck what I’ve already seen from the photos you’ve sent me?”

I couldn’t believe it. My wife has been getting nude photos from Greg. For how long? Before I could even ask, Greg had already pulled out his big man’s cock. What appeared before me was a thick, easily eight-inch or more manly cock. I stood there in disbelief. I felt the man she picked was a little bigger than me, but I didn’t expect him to be twice my size. My wife reached down and grabbed a handful of his cock.

Mistress Kim said in a cruel tone, “This is the kind of cock you have when you’re a winner.”

This was the most humiliating yet the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t begin to express how excited I was. I wish I could express it by getting hard because I was still soft even with all this happening before me.

As Mistress Kim slowly stroked Greg’s cock, she said, “Well, it looks like my cuck still wants to be soft. Maybe you’re not being humiliated enough. Maybe it’s time I show you what I have planned for tonight. Do you want that, Cuck?”

“Y-yes, mistress.”

“Good. Do you remember our agreement? If I’m going to cuck you that you had to do whatever I say?”

“Yes, Mistress. I remember.”

“Are you sure, Cucky? I can give you a second chance to say no. As soon as you say no, I’ll stop playing with this wonderful cock of his, and we can end this.”

I won’t lie and say I was nervous about what she had planned. This new dynamic opened up a wicked side of her I had never seen. Even though I had no idea what to expect, I was so turned on that I didn’t care.

Shaking from feeling anxious, I said, “Yes, Mistress Kim. I’ll do whatever you want me to make you happy.”

“Let’s see how willing you are to make me happy. I will start by admitting I don’t want you in this house while I fuck him.”

I was shocked. I was looking forward to seeing my wife fucked on our bed.

“But, wait, what? Why?” I said.

“I’ve decided that for the next few hours, this house is for winners only with big cocks. A shrimp dick loser who loses his wife’s pussy doesn’t deserve to have this roof over his head.”

“But where will I go?”

With a wicked grin, Mistress Kim said, “You’ll be leaving.”

I was sad but realized that this was what I signed up for. I stood up to grab some clothes. I figured it wasn’t too late, and I could try to drive around and grab something to eat while my wife had her fun.

Mistress Kim yelled in confusion, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“To grab my clothes and find the car keys.”

My wife laughed, let go of Greg’s cock, grabbed me by the hand, and led me to the front door.

“Wait, honey. What are you—” I said before Kim interrupted me by putting her index finger over my mouth.

My wife flung open the front door to our home. Mistress Kim looked me in the eyes and said, “Get the fuck out of this house, Cuck. I’ll tell you when you can come in.”

I was pushed outside completely naked. I stood frozen in fear on my front porch as the door slammed behind me, and I heard my wife locking it.

As the door slammed behind me, I instantly covered my dick and looked around to ensure no one was outside to see me. I was lucky that my porch light wasn’t on. I lived at the end of a Cul-de-sac that is normally very dark at night. We live very far from the city, so the only lights illuminating my street are the few streetlights that mostly light up the road. But tonight was a full moon. If someone were to look outside their window and adjust their eyes, they could easily see the silhouette of a pervert running around outside.

To avoid getting caught, I rushed to the largest rosebush in our front yard, right in front of our bedroom window. A few rose bushes were planted across the front of our house that looped over to the other side of the building. The bushes weren’t tall, so I had to bend down to be covered. Thankfully it was thick enough that I could be hidden while squatting.

While I squatted and waited to see what would happen, I noticed my main bedroom light turned off, only leaving on the single lamp by our bed. As I turned around from my neighbor’s house to stare into my bedroom, I instantly felt like a perverted stalker looking into my own home. I watched as my wife took Greg’s hand and led him to the bed. Kim looked out the window and stared directly into my eyes as she slowly pulled his shirt. Kim then slowly started kissing his chest. As she made her way down to his chest, she slowly started taking off his jeans and boxers, exposing his erect cock. Kim grabbed his hard cock with her right hand, looked out the window at me again, and held up her pinky on her left hand while laughing.

My wife looked away from me and focused all her attention on Greg. She began to run her tongue up and down his cock in a slow passionate motion. Slowly popping the head of his cock in and out of her mouth. I couldn’t help but feel aroused and jealous all at the same time. The way she sucked his cock was different than any way she had ever sucked mine. Whenever she gives me a blowjob, it has a bit of roughness. As if she’s trying to finish a chore so I can cum and get it over with. But with Greg, there was a passion, as if she was willing to go as slow as he needed to satisfy him.

Watching this man experience a blowjob I had never experienced filled me with jealousy. But whatever jealousy I had was overpowered by how turned on I was. The cold air made my cock look even smaller than it had already looked. Even with my cock shriveled up and useless, I knew I needed to cum to my wife fucking this man in my home. I carefully peeked over the rose bushes, ensuring no one could hear me outside. I noticed a few houses still have a few lights on. Thankfully it’s pretty late, so I’m hoping it’s just lighting my neighbors forgot to turn off before bed.

I squatted down so that just the top of my head could be seen above the rose bush, but still high enough to barely see into my bedroom. I watched as my wife slowly ran her mouth back and forth on his cock. Instinctively I began to stroke my cock at the same speed Kim was sucking off Greg. As the blowjob went on, I noticed she started to try to deepthroat his cock. After the 3rd time of stopping at the halfway point of his cock, she had to pull his cock out and take a break. It was too big for his entire cock to fit in his mouth. I was horrified by this because deepthroating my cock has always been easy for her.

After Kim took a break, she touched Greg’s shoulders. As Mistress Kim moved away from Greg, she said, “Wait right here, Sir. I need to take care of my cuck.”

Kim walked out of the room as Greg laid back on my bed. He slowly stroked his cock to stay hard for my wife.

I thought, ‘Finally, I can get out of here and return inside.’

To my horror, Mistress Kim wasn’t bringing me back inside. Instead, she turned on the front porch lights, illuminating most of my front yard.

I immediately ducked down and bent his head down. I hid if I kept my head low, but if I stood up in any way, more than I could easily be seen from even across the street. The only way I would not get caught was to avoid peaking in the windows entirely. Which meant I couldn’t enjoy the show. Kim opened the bedroom window all the way to peek her head out.

I whispered towards the window, “Mistress Kim. What are you doing?”

Mistress Kim looked down at me and smiled. She said, “Oh, just getting some fresh air.”

“You know what I mean? I’m stuck out here.”

“I know you are. I got you exactly where I want you. As a matter of fact…”

Kim reaches over to a small table we keep by our bed, reaches out to show me a remote control, and presses a button on it.”

Greg screamed from the bed, “HAHAHA, no way. Kim, you’re insane!”

I whispered, “What’s Greg screaming about?”

Mistress Kim pointed upwards near the roof of our house. She said, “Look up to your left.”

I looked up and noticed that the security camera we had set up was moved. The one that pointed mostly to the front yard was facing away from me. We had set up a camera to display footage on our bedroom computer. I figured we’d use them for safety. I would have never thought they’d be used like this.

“I’m recording your embarrassing display of manhood. My bull and I will fuck while we watch you on camera, hidden away like a little cuck. You will stay out here and stroke your tiny dick while a real man fucks me. I also take away your right to watch as I fuck him. If I catch you speaking just once, I’ll never cuckold you again, understand?” Mistress Kim said.

I was so heartbroken that I couldn’t watch it. But I realized that this is what I agreed to. I said quietly, “I understand, Mistress Kim.”

Mistress Kim looked down at me softly, “Good, cuck. You can listen and stroke your baby dick, nothing more.”

Mistress Kimber walked back to the bed without closing the window. Jack whispered toward the window, “Mistress Kim, aren’t you worried the neighbors will hear?”

“Then they can just know I’m finally getting some good fucking,” Mistress Kim said.

At this point, I stopped squatting and sat completely on the ground. I knew I was completely trapped, and if I was not going to be caught, I needed to be as quiet and still as possible. As much as I wanted to cum, I needed to be careful.

My wife screamed from the bedroom, “I made your cock nice and wet, are you ready to fuck this married pussy?”

Greg yelled even louder while saying, “I’ve been dreaming all week about fucking you harder than your husband ever could!”

I dared not to peek by standing, but I moved the rose bushes to the side to see if anyone was outside or turning on their bedroom lights. Thankfully the coast is clear so far.

“Oh, baby, stick it inside me,” Mistress Kim demanded.

I was forced to sit there and listen to my wife slowly moan and what I imagined was the sound of each inch of his thick cock going inside her.

“Oh, fuck, baby, go slow. You’re not my baby dick husband. Your big cock will hurt me,” Mistress Kim said.

I won’t lie when I said that that statement stung. But at the same time, it was a huge turn-on. At that point, I don’t know if it was because my body was getting used to the nighttime weather or if being able to hide my body helped calm my nerves. But I was able to start getting hard. Looking down at my 4-inch erect cock only made me harder, knowing that even at my best, I’m still half the man my wife’s bull is. I started to slowly and quietly stroke my cock to the moans of my wife. Even with being horny, I knew I still needed to be silent and not alert the neighbors of what I was doing.

While I quietly stroked my dick, Mistress Kim screamed, “Jesus, fuck, Sir. I didn’t realize how much I missed a real man’s cock!”

At that moment, I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I stroked faster and faster as I listened to the sound of my wife’s pussy being beaten by his massive cock. In just a few more seconds, I will be able to cum.

But just then, I could hear the sounds of footsteps approaching. I jolted back into reality and stopped what I was doing. I held my breath and tried to focus past the sound of my wife being fucked to listen around me. The sounds I heard were my neighbors, Anna and Peter, walking down the street with their dog. They live two houses from ours, and we regularly see them at parties. They wanted a late-night stroll through the neighborhood but picked the worst possible time.

I carefully peeked through the sides of the rose bush to see if they noticed me. They were still in the middle of whatever conversation they were having and somehow didn’t notice the name man hidden in the rose bushes. I figured the best thing to do was beg Mistress Kim and Greg to take a break to save myself from embarrassment.

I held my hand to my face and whispered, “Mistress Kim. Mistress Kim.”

But it was no use. My wife was in another world of pleasure. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to send her. My wife screamed, “Fuck me harder, Sir!”

I could barely see between the rose bushes, but I could tell that Anna and Peter stopped when they heard that. They both looked at each other in amazement at the idea that I could fuck her like that. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping they assumed. At that moment, Greg made my wife scream the worst thing he could have possibly made her scream.

Greg yelled at my wife, “Tell me you hate your husband’s useless tiny dick!”

In a volume I’ve never heard my wife use in the bedroom, Mistress Kim screamed, “I hate my husband’s useless baby dick!”

Peter and Anna looked at each other with shocked expression. Surely she didn’t say what she said.

As he continued to slam his cock into my wife, Greg said in a demanding tone, “Keep saying it till I tell you to stop!”

“I hate my husband’s useless baby dick. I hate my husband’s useless baby dick. I hate my husband’s pathetic worthless baby dick. My cuck husband has never made me feel this good!”

As if the first time didn’t confirm it to Anna and Peter, the multiple times she repeated it did. It also didn’t help that another man’s voice came screaming out of my bedroom. Anna and Peter bent over laughing hysterically but managed to cover their mouths to hide the sound. They rushed back home to have what will most likely be the most interesting conversation they’ve had all week about me and my wife.

I was humiliated beyond belief. Not only does one of the best lawyers in this city know I’m a cuck, but he’s fucking my wife after beating me in court, and now neighbors I regularly see know the truth. I couldn’t imagine how much more I could take. That’s when I heard my wife say something I didn’t think she’d say.

Mistress Kim screamed, “Oh God, baby, I’m taking every inch. I’m taking every inch of your giant cock. God, it’s in. It feels so fucking good, Sir!”

There was no way. How in God’s name was my wife taking all eight inches of his cock? My wife always told me that she liked my cock. She told me it would start to hurt if it was an inch bigger. But here she is, taking eight inches.

Mistress Kim continued to scream in a mix of pain and pleasure, yelling, “Oh god, I’m going to cum, I’m gonna cum. Cum inside me. Cum inside my married pussy!”

Greg loudly moaned, “I’m gonna fill up your slut pussy with every drop!”

The reality of what Kim was saying hit me. This man was going to end this night by cumming in my wife. Another reality hit me hard: I never saw him wear a condom. I immediately started stroking my cock again. This night has been the most overwhelming experience of my life, but it’s what I wanted. I also knew that deep down, this was what my wife wanted. I won’t let my nerves get the best of me anymore. I’m going to cum as my wife and bull cum simultaneously!

Mistress yelled out one of the last commands for the night. She screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Cum in me, Greg. Cum in me!”

I sat outside and could hear the moaning of both my wife and Greg. I closed my eyes and continued feeling the cool breeze of the neighborhood on my body. I laid my back on my house while I felt myself on the tip of my orgasm. The sounds of my wife barely being able to speak as she came sent me over the edge. I shot my load all over my chest and into the bushes nearby. Like my wife, I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I lay there catching my breath like my wife and Greg were catching theirs.

After several minutes of collecting her thoughts, Mistress Kim yelled from the bed, “OK, Cuck, you can come in now. Crawl through the window!”

Mistress Kim made me jump through the window completely naked without turning off the outdoor lights. Greg and Kim laughed at me as I awkwardly fell to the floor in the least graceful climb I’ve ever done. My chest and hands are still covered in cum.

Mistress Kim was still laying in bed after her earth-shattering orgasm. She looked down and me with the most sinister grin I’ve ever seen. Greg was wearing his pants and putting his shirt on my bed’s edge.

Mistress Kim pointed at Greg’s feet. She said, “OK, Cuck, crawl to Greg and grovel at his feet.”

I crawled over to Greg, cum dripping off my body and falling to the floor. My knees were shaky from having to squat down most of the night.

“Thank him for fucking me,” Mistress Kim said.

“Th-thank you for f-fucking my wife,” I said while trying to get myself together.

Mistress Kim wanted more from my answer. She screamed, “Louder!”

“Thank you for FUCKING my WIFE!” I anxiously screamed out.

Greg stood up, grabbed my hair, and looked me in the eyes.

“You’re welcome, Cuck. Your wife has my number. Anytime she needs me, all she has to do is call,” Greg said. He looked over at the window and smiled. He said, “Looks like the window is still open. I hope we didn’t make too much noise. Go close the window, Cuck!”

I walked over to close the window quickly. I don’t think I could handle one more neighbor knowing more about me. My wife and Greg shared one last passionate kiss before he was about to leave.

“Oh, I see you left the light on outside. That will make it easier to see my car outside. Thanks, Kim,” Greg said in a smart-ass kind of way.

“Ha, you drive safe, Greg,” Kim said.

Greg drove away from the house, and Mistress Kim permitted me to stand up again. Mistress Kim broke the silence with the window blinds closed and everything quiet.

Mistress Kim looked over at her husband. She said in a playful voice, “So? How was that?”

The best I could say was, “It… It was… a lot!”

“Hahahah, yeah, I can imagine. You stroking your little dick out there probably wasn’t what you wanted.”

“Honestly, Mistress, I’m happy I got to be your cuck. Even though it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it, I still had fun. I just wish I got to see you fuck him.”

“Well then, I have some fantastic news for you, Cucky!”

Mistress Kim walked over to the opposite end of our bed and pulled out a video camera. She looked at me and said, “Greg told me he was comfortable with me recording this. So as a gift for being a good Cuck and doing what you were told. You can watch this whenever you want!”

I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would never be able to watch the first time another man fucked my wife. But now I can relive it anytime I want. I looked at my beautiful wife and enthusiastically said, “Thank you, Mistress Kim. You’re the best wife I could have asked for.”

Mistress Kim gave me a huge hug. She giggled and said, “I know, Cucky.”

I wrapped my arms around my wife, happy to see what new fantasies this night had opened for us.

Mistress Kim waved the video camera around, looked me in the eyes, and smiled. In a playful voice, she said, “By the way, Greg wasn’t joking about returning. He’ll come back whenever he wants to fuck your wife. Do you accept that?”

“Yes, Mistress Kim. I do!”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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