My Visit to the Feminization Clinic

By antares34.

Today I was going to my first appointment at the feminization clinic. I was overdue. Most males my age had already been going to their local clinic for many years. But my new girlfriend and my mother had both finally forced my hand. It was time.

Thankfully, I was by myself today and had made it on time for my 10:00 AM appointment. The clinic was in a nearby office park and conveniently close to a local bus stop.

As I walked to the two-story brick building, I noticed a sign above the entrance which spelled out in large letters: LOCAL FEMINIZATION CLINIC #267. These “special” treatment centers were popping up all over the area due to popular demand and government mandates. There were nearly three hundred of them now.

Once inside, a friendly receptionist behind the front desk immediately greeted me.

“Hi, there! Checking in?” she asked as she typed away on her keyboard. The friendly young woman looked up over her glasses as I approached the desk.

“Yes, ma’am. I have a ten o’clock appointment,” I responded


“Alex. Err, it might be under my new name ‘Alexa’… I’m not sure… my girlfriend made the appointment.”

“Right. Okay, I’ve found your appointment. It says you’re here for your first feminization session. Is that right, Alexa?” she asked, emphasizing my newly assigned name.

“Yes. It’s my first time,” I answered.

“Wonderful! First, we will need you to fill out these forms on this clipboard here. Why don’t you have a seat over there and complete them?” the receptionist said as she handed me the clipboard.


I took the clipboard from her and had a seat in the reception area. I noticed that I was the only one sitting there. Nervous and uncertain about what was in store for me, I glanced around the room before looking back at the clipboard. There were the usual boxes for my name, age, address, and other personal information. I quickly filled them in with the attached pen and flipped the page over.

The back of the page was titled “PROCEDURES.” I slowly scanned a vast list. Under a subheading titled “Feminization Stage 1”, I saw another massive listing of medical and cosmetic procedures. Lip injections, permanent hair removal, permanent makeup, hormone injections, and tongue piercings were some of the ones that stood out to me. There were many more. But there was one that immediately caught my attention: anal bleaching. It was at the bottom of the Stage 1 list. It had a large handwritten “X” next to it. So my girlfriend had been telling me the truth. I was getting my asshole bleached today. Before I could scan the medical procedures listed under Stage 2 and Stage 3, I heard my name being called.

“Alexa, the nurse will see you now,” the receptionist called out as she tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear and looked over to me.

I looked up from the clipboard and saw another cute young woman standing next to the reception desk with a manila folder in her hand. I got up and walked over to them.

“Good morning, Alexa. I’m Grace. I will be taking care of you today,” said the nurse as she reached her hand out to me. She looked similar to the receptionist –same glasses, same hair color, and petite frame. However, Grace had her hair up in a ponytail and wore a white lab coat.

We shook, and then I handed the clipboard back to the receptionist.

Grace then motioned me through a nearby door.

“I see it is your first time at this clinic. Excited?” asked Grace as she led me through some narrow corridors. From the tone of her voice, she sounded excited for me.

“More nervous, I guess,” I said in reply, noting some strange anatomy posters on the walls.

“Perfectly understandable. Most males are. But you will get used to it. This will be the first of many visits, I imagine…”

As we walked down the corridors, we passed by a large room just as a thoroughly scrubbed surgeon was exiting. I tried to glance inside, but the door slammed shut just as we passed.

Grace noticed and commented, “That is our operating room, Alexa. That’s where we perform a variety of surgical procedures…Stage 2 and Stage 3 feminization stuff mostly.”

We kept walking, but I asked, “Stage 2 and 3? What happens in there?”

“Oh… anything from breast implants to full gender reassignment surgery. I believe today we have a facial feminization surgery scheduled for this morning and an orchiectomy scheduled for this afternoon…”

“Orchi… what?”

“A castration, silly. Don’t you know that? Oh, I guess in time you will learn… ah! Here we are!” she announced as she moved to the side and opened a door just off the hallway. We entered a generic-looking hospital exam room with stainless steel cabinets, a white tile floor, and a paper-covered examination table.

“Now, Alexa, seeing as how it is your first time here… why don’t you have a seat and let me explain a few things. Yes, I can sit on the side chair for now. First, let me start by saying welcome. You made the right decision to come today. As our society changes with each passing day, we see more guys like you come in. Our new government and we believe that most young males should be feminized. And rapidly feminized if possible. I see that in my notes… I have your girlfriend and your mother written down as your sponsors. Is that true?”

I nodded.

“Good. Hopefully, they can attend one of your future appointments. My notes also tell me you are 19 and have already started taking estrogen and other female hormones. When did you start taking them?”

“Three months ago. My girlfriend insisted,” I answered.

Grace nodded and started jotting down some notes. And then she continued, “Excellent. Since today is your first time here, we like to take it slow. I have you down for an anal bleaching today –a quick and easy procedure. Is this your first time doing something like this?”

“Yes. But I have… I have been waxed down there before,” I added.

“Like a Brazilian wax? Full removal?” Grace inquired.


“Great! That makes my job easier. That and the hormone therapy will help discourage further hair growth down there. Does your girlfriend make you get waxed?”

“Yes. As of a few months ago.”

Grace wrote something else down before setting her notes aside on the counter.

She stood up and started putting on a pair of black nitrile gloves.

“Alexa, please get undressed. Take everything off –even your shirt. I find that it just gets in the way. You can put your clothes on the side chair there.”

Months of living with an overbearing girlfriend had made me used to being undressed around fully-clothed women. And my trips to the waxing and tanning salon had helped too. But I was still a bit nervous as I took my clothes off in front of Grace. I cupped myself as I stood barefoot on the cold tile floor with everything off.

Grace turned to me and pointed to the examination table with her gloves snapped into place. She instructed, “Please, Alexa, hop on the table and get on all fours.”

I did as instructed and got on the cushioned table. Its disposable paper cover crinkled under my hands and knees as I got on all fours. My face was nearly against the back wall, and my ass was pointing back towards Grace as I shifted myself on this new elevated position.

Hearing something snap open, I looked back and saw Grace reaching into a drawer and pulling out a tube. It looked like a tube containing ointment or lotion.

She took the tube in her gloved hands, approached the table, and positioned herself between my legs.

“Alexa, you weren’t lying. You are completely hairless! Anyways, let’s get started… I will first apply this bleaching cream to the outside of your anus. You might feel a little burning sensation. That is perfectly normal. Nothing to fear.”

She paused for a second, looked me in the eye, and asked, “Are you ready to have your boy pussy bleached, Alexa?”

“Yes… yes, ma’am,” I responded as I looked back and saw her squirt some white cream onto her gloved hands.

“Here we go…” Grace said as she put one hand on my lower back and moved the other between my cheeks. I instantly flinched as I felt the cold ointment slowly but firmly spread around my anus. I remained still after the initial shock as Grace rubbed the cream into my skin. A light burning sensation soon replaced the initial coldness. It was a bit painful, but nothing like the wax treatment I had had earlier in the week. I quickly grew used to the new sensation and paid little attention.

“We like to apply two ‘coats’ or so of this cream. We find we get the best results that way. We also will do this again for your next visit,” Grace explained.

“Next visit?”

“You’ve been enrolled in our full Stage 1 through 3 feminization package, Alexa. You have a lot of work ahead of you. This is just the start.”

Grace continued, “Now, over the next few days, I want you to send photos of your pretty new anus to my front office. They will help us determine if this procedure was successful and if we need to modify future treatments.”

I slowly nodded in response. I knew my girlfriend would gladly volunteer to take those photos.

She smiled at my acknowledgment and added, “Next time you are here, we will have to perform many more procedures on you. But don’t worry about that now…”

Grace stopped rubbing her gloved fingers against me and walked back to the metal cabinets. She reached into one and pulled out a simple pair of pink panties and a shiny metal butt plug.

“I almost forgot Alexa. We like to do this every time we do anal bleaching…”

“Is that a buttplug?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“It is! We find that the bleaching treatment takes hold when the asshole is kept nice and stretched. At least for a few hours after each treatment.”

Grace began pressing the stainless steel plug against me without waiting for a response. After about twenty seconds or so of constant pressure, I began to open up to it. I grimaced as my ass started to stretch around the broad base. There was no need for lube. Another a few seconds passed before my ass swallowed the plug to its tapered base. The plug quickly slid inside me, and its flat metal base kissed my stretched (and now bleached!) ring. I let out a little gasp as the cold metal pressed against me, smearing the bleaching cream.

“Oh, what a lovely sight! Never gets old!” Grace narrated as she watched the whole spectacle. She applied a final layer of bleaching cream around my hole when the plug was in place. I shuddered the last time as she wiped the cold ointment against me.

Grace next instructed me to get off the table and get dressed.

As I moved towards my clothes piled on the side chair, Grace silently shook her head and handed me the pink panties.

“No, no, Alexa. Put these on first. Panties only from now on.”

Not wanting to stay another minute, I did not protest these instructions. I took the soft cotton undergarment from her hands and put them on. They were tight, but I managed to tuck myself into them. Thankfully, they were a standard brief style and not an uncomfortable thong. However, printed in a small, black font on the front of the panties, right across my bulge, was the phrase, “WARNING: CONTAINS UNNEUTERED MALE GENITALIA.”

It took me a while to figure out what this label spelled out at first –I had to read the small text upside down. But I felt a cold chill down my spine when I managed to decipher it. I looked up at Grace and saw her wink at me with a knowing smile on her face.

And just a few minutes later, I left the sissy clinic wearing the panties underneath my regular street clothes. As I tried to walk down the street with the buttplug randomly adjusting itself inside my sore ass, I wondered what my next visit to the sissy clinic would entail. What would happen to me next? I knew my transformation was only beginning.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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