A Bull, Not A Boyfriend

By sammy529.

Bob hesitated as he reached for the door leading from the street to the restaurant. He could hear Chrissie’s high heels clicking behind him on the sidewalk, but he knew that he was a step closer to being cuckolded once he pulled that door open.

‘Cuckolded.’ That word rolled around his brain, crashing into the logical side that told him this was a TERRIBLE thing to do and then settling itself into the side of his brain that housed his ‘id’ – the side that initially brought up the idea of female domination, and chastity, and cuckolding to his wife.

“Well? What’s it gonna be, boy? Yes, or No?” Chrissie asked from a step behind him. She was goading him on and reciting some lyrics from an old Meatloaf song called ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’- a joke between them since they started playing with some of the more kinky aspects of their sexual relationship.

Bob took a deep breath and pulled the door open. His senses immediately overcome the restaurant noise and smell of fresh food. He stepped to the side and made a gallant gesture to allow Chrissie to enter the restaurant before him. This was done out of chivalry, respect, and, quite frankly, a necessity as only Chrissie knew what the man with whom they were to have drinks looked like.

After a pause at the hostess stand to get her bearings, Chrissie looked out hopefully across the restaurant and lifted her right arm high to wave to a very tall African American gentleman. He had suddenly risen from a booth by a window. Bob noticed that the short dress that Chrissie was wearing rose higher on her thigh as she waved, exposing the tops of the stockings to those who were looking. He took a deep breath, put on his friendliest “Hi there, happy to meet you, hope you enjoyed fucking my wife,” smile, and began following her across the restaurant.

When they reached the table, Chrissie leaned up and in to kiss their table companion on the cheek while his arm snaked around her, grazing over her beautiful backside. Chrissie turned to look at Bob, subtly and quickly raising her eyebrows to acknowledge her approval, and said, “Bob.. this is Kurt. Kurt, this is my husband, Bob.”

Bob leaned in to shake Kurt’s hand and felt Kurt’s enormous hand envelope his own in a friendly and none-too-threatening way. “It’s great to meet you, Bob. Chrissie has told me many great things about you,” Kurt said. Bob sighed in relief and visibly relaxed while Kurt ushered them into the booth, Chrissie and Bob sitting on one bench while Kurt sat on the opposite bench.

Chrissie started up the conversation with Kurt like they were old friends. Of course, they weren’t, but Bob knew from the amount of texting and phone calls that had been going on lately that Chrissie and Kurt had been sharing a lot, and Bob did his best to keep up. However, he soon felt like a spectator at a tennis match, looking back and forth between the two and occasionally inserting himself in the conversation.

Chrissie must have felt him pulling away and dropped her hand to his thigh, moving it to hold his hand and squeeze it to show her excitement of finally meeting Kurt in person. Bob swallowed and tried harder to join the conversation, knowing how important this was to Chrissie. Still, his mind drifted…

About six months ago, Bob and Chrissie took a test called “Yes No Maybe” published by a podcast called “Sex with Emily.” Bob had listened to podcasts about sex and sex topics and didn’t realize that the podcasts he subscribed to were also auto-loading on Chrissie’s phone through their shared iTunes account. She brought it up one evening, and soon they were having a very open conversation about WHY Bob was listening to such a podcast. Chrissie took umbrage to the title “Sex with Emily,” thinking it was a porn podcast or something more akin to cheating. Once Bob explained what it was, and more importantly, why it was in his subscriptions, it led to more conversations and, eventually, Chrissie spent some time listening to episodes. At the prompting of the podcast host, Chrissie downloaded the “Yes No Maybe” checklist, and they both took turns filling out the form in private. When they met up, they found that Bob had a lot of “Yes” or “Maybe” responses, while Chrissie’s responses leaned toward “Maybe” and “No.” This didn’t surprise Bob, as Chrissie had always been a little reluctant to explore in the bedroom, but it did open up the conversation, and Bob was surprised that Chrissie had checked ‘Maybe,’ or ‘Yes’ in some areas that he thought had always been off-limits.

Bob stirred his drink, realizing he had lost the pace of the conversation. He could hear Chrissie telling a story about a wedding disaster they had attended a few months before, and his mind drifted back.

The ‘Yes/No/Maybe’ list didn’t get into anything specific – it was more a guide guiding their conversation. Chrissie – an attorney who knew how to get someone to speak, started working her magic on Bob, and eventually, he spilled it all. Bob was interested in a female-dominant relationship. He surfed the internet looking for websites, forums, and articles on these subjects, including BDSM, humiliation play, spanking, some mild ball torture, and chastity. His exploration of chastity topics led him to the issue of tease and denial, and cuckolding, and this led him to

Bob felt the silence at the table. He looked up and realized that someone had asked him a question, but he couldn’t determine who or what for the life of him. He cleared his throat and looked sheepishly at Chrissie for help, but she just stifled a laugh.

Kurt interjected. “Sorry, man. You look like you’re 10,000 miles away. I asked if this was your idea, to let Chrissie explore with other men.”

Bob felt his face flush, and he swallowed. “No, actually, it was her idea. I uh… I introduced some of the things I was interested in, and she – like the good prosecutorial attorney that she is – took me further along until we settled on the topic of…” Steve looked around to see if anyone was within range to hear what they were talking about, and then quietly said “cuckolding.”

“That’s interesting,” Kurt continued. “Most of the couples I’ve been with, the husband has led on the subject of cuckolding.”

“I’m sorry, did you say ‘most of the couples?’ ” Steve quickly responded, his eyes wide in amazement.”

“Yeah. Uh. Sorry. I’m a bull. I play with wives and cuckolds. Did you not understand that?” Kurt responded.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I found Kurt on a cuckold match site and not on Tinder. We talked about this.”

Bob wracked his brain. He knew that she had been going out on these dating sites, and she had told him the ones she was checking, but he didn’t remember exactly which one she had found Kurt.

“Oh hey, I’m sorry, man. You knew why you were coming here tonight, right?”

“I did,” Bob responded. “Sorry. I uh did. I just thought something else.”

“Okay, man. Look, I apologize. This is my ‘thing.’ I know from conversations with Chrissie that you have your ‘thing,’ for instance. Kurt nodded to the key to Bob’s chastity device prominently displayed on Chrissie’s necklace, and Bob turned five shades of red. “But listen, I will head up to the bar and grab a drink because you two need to talk before we go any further.”

After Bob had left, Chrissie turned to Bob, “You didn’t know? I’m so sorry, but we talked about cuckolding and how it’s something that I want to try in the work-up to this. I thought it would be best to get started with someone who has done it before and remembers we talked a long time about doing it with someone who wouldn’t become a threat to our marriage? That’s one of the reasons I like Kurt – he has experience as a bull and is not into becoming a long-term partner.”

Bob sighed ” You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry, his cavalier attitude about cuckolding lots of couples caught me by surprise. So he seems nice and down-to-Earth, but I feel like I’m about three steps behind everyone else right now.”

“Okay, hon. I get it. I’m sorry,” Chrissie responded. She turned and waved Kurt back over to the table.

“So Kurt,” Chrissie continued, “Just so there’s no confusion, we’re not going to be doing this tonight. Bob and I have to figure this out. I’m so sorry.”

“No, no. I get it,” Kurt responded. He turned to Bob and said, “Look, man, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve done this a bunch of times in the past, and I don’t want to get into anything unless you both are on-board and communicating. You two need to figure that out, and then we go from there. No misunderstanding here though, you’re a lucky, lucky guy to have a charming, beautiful wife like Chrissie, and whichever way you guys decide to go, that’s fine by me. Quite frankly, I’m just happy you’re here – lots of folks decide to meet with me and then back out. Often, I never hear from them again. But yeah, you gotta figure that out and make sure you’re both on the same page, or you could be opening up a can of worms.”

At this point, Kurt turned the conversation to Bob, and they got to know one another a bit better. Bob even found himself laughing along with Kurt and Chrissie, and he realized that part of Chrissie’s attraction to Kurt is that he was genuinely a nice guy – quick with a joke and very self-assured. As the evening wound down, Kurt and Bob traded numbers, and then Kurt motioned for and picked up the check. He gave Chrissie another kiss on the cheek and shook Bob’s hand before he left them.

“Let’s go get some coffee,” Chrissie suggested to Bob as they left the restaurant. They headed to a local coffee shop known for its low lighting and privacy, and they replayed the evening to one another. Chrissie apologized for not communicating everything to Bob as clearly as she should have, and he agreed to think seriously about Kurt as their ‘bull.’ He remembered what Kurt had said ‘A Bull, not a boyfriend.’

They headed back to the house that evening and spent the night in their arms. The rest of the weekend passed with some of the hum-drum house activities. Sunday night, as Bob was preparing himself for the workweek, he looked at his phone lying on the desk. After a hesitation, he picked it up, searched through the contacts, and found Kurt’s number. He texted him to thank him for the drinks on Friday night. A few seconds later, Kurt responded, and soon Bob found himself texting with Bob. The subject eventually turned from the baseball game that afternoon (The Phillies bullpen had blown yet another lead) to Chrissie. Kurt again complimented how gorgeous and intelligent she was and then signed off.

As Bob and Chrissie got ready for bed, Bob not-so-innocently inquired whether Chrissie had heard from “Miss Christine.” Chrissie raised her left eyebrow, looking at Bob. “Are you sure?” The ‘Miss Christine’ character was Chrissie’s play name when they played with female domination.

“It’s a little late for me to reach out to Miss Christine,” Chrissie responded, “But she *did* tell me to let you know that your chastity period will last at least to the end of the month.”

Bob felt himself begin to harden in the steel confines of his cage.

“And,” she continued, “If you play your cards right, she might just swing by later this week.” Then, finally, Chrissie looked him in the eye and said: “And by ‘play your cards right,’ I think its time for you to get that talented tongue of yours to work.”

The cage seemed to shrink as Bob felt himself engorge. Finally, Chrissie turned and headed for the bathroom to prepare for bed. Steve finished folding his clothes and putting them away. When Chrissie returned from the bathroom, he headed off to brush his teeth and wash his face. When he returned to the bedroom, Chrissie was in bed. The covers pulled up to her chest. As Bob entered the room, he heard her snap her fingers twice. Instantly, he turned, and Chrissie pointed down toward the floor, directing him to kneel.

Being well trained, Bob immediately disrobed, kneeling in only his cage, his eyes focused on the floor awaiting Chrissie’s command.

“Look at you and your tiny little cage. A tiny little cage for a tiny little man. Isn’t that cute? If your little cock was longer and wider, I might be the one on my knees right now. But sadly, that isn’t the case. I married you for many reasons, but your tiny little cock wasn’t one of them.”

Bob felt the humiliating words roll over him. He took a deep breath and said, “No, Miss. My tiny cock is best locked away. Would you like me to get the strap-on so you can feel a real cock?”

Chrissie chuckled. “Oh, I think I’m done with the plastic strap-on. I think I’m ready to move on. But for now, you can take that tongue of yours and those nimble fingers and try to please me.” Chrissie snapped her fingers, and Bob immediately rose and lifted the covers, diving into his work.

As he lifted the covers, he found her naked from the waist down and immediately worshiped her. Bob started by gently kissing and licking her toes and moving up to her thighs. His hands rubbed all around her upper legs and lowered stomach, but for now, avoiding her beautiful pussy. He looked up and saw that Chrissie was freshly shaved – did that happen BEFORE the meeting with Kurt, or did that happen this weekend, he wondered. He could feel the heat emanating between her legs, and he felt drawn to it. He kissed gently further up her thighs and then began kissing and licking along the length of her outer labia, noticing that Chrissie had become very wet in just the last few minutes. Bob deliberately and slowly kissed his way as his fingers gently penetrated Chrissie. First one finger, and then two, and finally three. Meanwhile, he continued kissing and licking along the length of her lips until he felt her breath begin to deepen, finally hearing her involuntarily moan as he added a fourth finger.

Chrissie’s hand grabbed his hair and directed his head to her clit. Bob took a deep breath and then surrounded her clit with his lips and sucked it in, putting pressure around the base of the clit, his tongue gently teasing the tip while his fingers continued to stroke her G-Spot.

Suddenly Chrissie grabbed his head with both hands pushing him against her sex, her orgasm washing over her as Bob continued to worship her. He began to panic a bit as his position prevented him from breathing until Chrissie released him and lay back to enjoy the afterglow of her orgasm.

Bob slowly and gently licked up the result of Chrissie’s orgasm and then slid from the bed back into his kneeling position, waiting for her to release him.

After staring at the floor and listening to Chrissie’s breath return to an average pace, she said, “Thank you, dear. You’re so kind and caring to me. You may be excused.”

Bob thanked Chrissie and went around to hop into bed, putting on only a pair of boxer briefs and noting how his cock had leaked while pleasuring Chrissie. He got into bed and snuggled behind her.

“You know… you leaked all over the bed. My feet are now swimming in pre-cum” Chrissie announced. “We’re going to have to figure out something to stop that from happening in the future.”

“So what all did you tell Kurt about us?” Bob asked, “You know. He knew about the chastity key on your necklace the other night, so that wasn’t a surprise.”

“I told him that we had been doing male chastity for the past few months and some humiliation play,” Chrissie explained. “I also told him about ‘Miss Christine.'”

“And what did he think about Miss Christine?”

Chrissie answered, “He asked a few questions, but the long and short of it is, Miss Christine is only for you, not for him. Although, I feel that he’s used to being the one in charge.”

“Have you seen pictures of his cock?” Bob asked. “I mean, is it bigger?”

Chrissie sighed. “Yes. I’ve seen pictures of his cock, and it is pretty big. He’s a big guy, so you know… it would be kinda funny if he had a small little dick,” Chrissie giggled. “So listen, here’s the thing. He’s a bull. If we get involved with him, it will be BOTH of us involved with him. So that means he will expect things from both of us…”

“Wait, I’m not having sex with Kurt,” Bob interjected.

“No, no. Not like that. It’s um… more your role. Like the first time, you will have to ask him to cuckold you. After that, he may ask you to do something to help him cuckold you. So you know like some of the stories we’ve read, where you might hold my legs open.”

“Every time?”

“No. Well, I hope there’s more than one time, but we’ll have to see. I like Kurt, and he’s sexy as Hell, but we don’t know what will happen. He’ll likely move to be more exclusive if there are other times. Like you won’t be there.” Chrissie said.

“Okay. So. Okay. What else?”

“I don’t know. Kurt and I didn’t do a whole deep dive.”

“I’m not going down on him!” Bob exclaimed.

“Okay yeah. I know that. I know you’re not into guys, so I explained that to him. He said some couples are into that, some aren’t. He seems to like the role of a bull. He likes being in control, and from what he said, once he has found a good fit with a couple, he makes sure not to screw it up by doing something hurtful or harmful. So now you know, and now let’s get some sleep.”

“Wait, I don’t understand. How is Kurt going to know how NOT to screw things up?” Bob asked, a bit of desperation in his voice.

“If you are good with this, then that’s a conversation that the three of us will have. But hon. I’m exhausted. Lets’ talk tomorrow, okay?” Chrissie kissed him and then turned on her side to drift off to sleep.

Bob lay there for a while thinking about everything that had transpired. Eventually, he, too, was overcome by sleep.

The following day, Bob headed off to work, catching the train to the city. He looked at his phone, seeing that the last text interaction he had had was with Kurt. He looked around to make sure no one could see what he was texting and then began: “Hey Kurt. So, I’m on board. I know I can’t give her what she needs, and I’d like you to be the one.” Bob hit ‘Send’ and put the phone back in his pocket, sitting around and taking a deep breath.

Bob felt a buzz in his pocket as the train pulled into the station, indicating he had received a text. He exited the train and the station and walked the three blocks to his office building. As he did so, he pulled out his phone and read a text from Kurt. “Hey, Bob. Good to hear from you, and glad to hear you’ve decided. So the thing is, you don’t ask someone to cuckold you over the phone. If you want me to cuckold you, you’ll do it to my face. I’m a bull, not a boyfriend. Have Chrissie reach out to me to make a date for us to get together again. Have a good week.”

Kurt finished reading the text, put his phone away in his jacket pocket. He had reached his office building, and as he reached for the door handle, it reminded him of the door handle he had opened on Friday night at the restaurant. Kurt hesitated, thinking about how Kurt had just spoken to him. He thought about how Chrissie had spoken to him the evening before, and he stood there, one hand on the door handle.

“Are you going to stand there, or will you open that door” a voice intoned from behind him. Kurt turned and saw a tall woman, a coffee in one hand, her attache case in another. He pulled the door open and gallantly stepped to the side. She rolled her eyes and proceeded into the building before him.


Bob sat in the restaurant booth nervously. He kept checking his watch – knowing he was early but anticipating a 1:1 meeting with Kurt. This was the same restaurant booth that he and Chrissie had sat in just a week before their first meeting with Kurt, but now he knew it was real. He had made up his mind and was going to ask Kurt to be Chrissie’s Bull and officially make him a cuckold.

A cuckold. The word didn’t roll off Bob’s tongue. When he and Chrissie started experimenting and playing with some kinky things, cuckoldry (as it was called) was a back-burner issue. Bob’s primary interest was in male chastity and female domination; however, the more he dived into the chastity aspect, the more he saw that it went hand-in-glove with cuckolding in some ways. Part of the chastity play that he and Chrissie had instituted involved ‘SPH’ or Small Penis Humiliation. Bob knew he wasn’t the most endowed guy on the planet, and although Chrissie had never complained in the years they’d been together, once they started down that road, it was like they couldn’t stop.

Now that he was locked up for long stretches at a time, Chrissie would often tease him by commenting on how small he was, how he couldn’t satisfy her or any woman, and Bob got off on it. It didn’t take long until Chrissie insisted on using a strap-on dildo to replace Bob when he was in chastity, and he noted that the dildo they used – at about 6″ long was probably 2″ longer than he was naturally. It was weird to see a larger appendage between his legs, but he knew that she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the longer and girthier lifelike dildo.

And now he was here. Chrissie had told him that Kurt was much bigger than he was, much bigger than the strap-on dildo and that this – while not the only factor – was one of the factors that piqued her interest in having him as a sex partner.

Bob considered this all, feeling himself grow a bit in his chastity cage. He reached down to adjust it slightly when Kurt approached the table.

“Bob. You got here early. Wow. I didn’t expect that. Great to see you again,” Kurt said, announcing his presence.

Bob went to stand up to greet Kurt, but the chastity cage caught on something in his pants, and he stutter-stepped. Kurt stopped him. “No, no, sit down,” and then sat on the bench opposite Bob. After a few bits of small talk, an uneasy silence fell across the table. Bob realized that Chrissie had been there to carry the conversation the last time they were together. She was always good like that – the social lodestone that he could rely upon at parties or family gatherings.

When Kurt’s drink arrived, they both toasted one another, and then Kurt broke the ice. “So you have something to ask me. Might as well do so.”

Bob took a deep breath and mustered up his courage: “Kurt. I’d like to ask you to take Chrissie as a lover.”


Bob continued, “I’d like you to please take Chrissie as a lover as her Bull, and please cuckold me.”

“And why should I do that?” Kurt pressed.

“I’d like you to do that because Chrissie is intrigued by you, and I’m convinced that you could be a much better lover to her than I could ever be.”

“And why is that?” Kurt prompted.

“While Chrissie and I have a loving relationship and want to continue to do so, I can’t satisfy her. Over the past few months, I’ve realized that I’m not physically capable of doing so because I have a small penis.”

“There are a lot of small penises out there. So why do you need to be cuckolded?” Kurt continued.

Bob took another drink both to muster up some courage and consider his answer. “Over the past few months, I found that I’m much better at giving Chrissie orgasms orally and that if I want her to be truly sexually satisfied, she needs a man who can provide her a complete experience. So please, Kurt, I’m asking you to become my wife’s Bull.”

Kurt sat back and smiled. “Okay. Okay, I think that was sincere, and I think you have a good understanding of what you’re asking for. I hope you understand why we are doing this in person. First, that shows respect to me, and secondly, it shows respect to your lovely wife.”

Bob nodded his understanding.

“So before we go any further, I will lay out some more information for you. I’ve covered some of this with Chrissie, but I want you to hear it directly from me. Remember when I told you earlier this week that I’m a bull, not a boyfriend?”

Bob nodded again.

“Well, I mean that,” Kurt continued. “And as a bull, I have a way of doing things. First, I play safe. That means I only play with couples that are monogamous with me. Chrissie went out last week and got an STD test which – as I’m sure you probably could have guessed – is clear. I also get tested regularly. When I’m involved with a couple like you all, I generally don’t play around unless it’s with another cuckold couple that is also safe.”

“I do this,” Kurt continued, “because I believe in bareback sex. I also need to know that I won’t become a daddy. I understand that Chrissie can’t have children and isn’t on birth control, so that takes that out of the way.”

“So next – I need to know whether YOU want to be involved.”

Bob gave him a questioning look.

“What I mean is there are some cuckolds who want to suck me off or have sex with me. Is that something you’re interested in?”

Bob immediately blurted out, “Oh my God, no!”

Kurt laughed a bit, taking another drink. “I didn’t think so. Chrissie said you weren’t interested in that, and I see that she’s right by the speed of your response. I just need to know now before we do anything. Let me make myself clear – I’m very interested in your wife, but not so much in you. However, what we’re doing requires all three of us to be involved in some way and on the same page.”

Bob nodded his understanding, “So if I wanted to be there, can I be there?”

Kurt nodded. “Okay, so in the beginning, I want you to be there. The first time I take your wife, I think it’s important that you be there during and afterward because nothing can prepare you for the experience for you and me, of course. Also, there’s a possibility that Chrissie might get cold feet. If that’s the case, I’ll likely take off, and you’ll need to be there with her to get her through it. It isn’t uncommon for something like that to happen.”

Kurt waited for that to sink in with Bob. Then, when he was satisfied, he moved on, “If we keep it up after that first time, we’ll figure out what your role is. I’m hoping to have an overnight with your wife and then possibly a weekend away. When and if that happens, I’ll promise you that I’ll look out for her and make sure she’s safe.”

Bob said, “Okay, thanks. I’ve read stories about Bulls sharing wives, and I’m not…”

Kurt cut him off. “Okay, so what you’ve read is porn. I don’t do that. Remember when I said I play safe – I’m serious about that. I don’t share women around. Now – if things don’t work out for us – like if I see that Chrissie and I aren’t a fit, I may refer her to another bull with whom she might get along with better, but that’s a big maybe, and a big if, and its hopefully not something we need to think about now.”

Bob nodded his understanding and said, “Okay, what’s the next step?”

Kurt acknowledged the question and said, “How about we meet at my place tomorrow night. I’ll text you the address, and I’ll reach out tonight by phone to Chrissie to invite you. I’ll give her some ideas of what to wear etc. Don’t plan on staying over – this is just a ‘get to you know better’ type of thing.”

“What about me?” Bob asked.

“Well, I know you and Chrissie are playing with chastity. So I will ask her to unlock you before tomorrow night,” Kurt said.

“Well, why? I mean, I’m not going to be…” Bob stuttered out.

Kurt raised his hand to calm Bob down. “No. You’re right. You’re not going to be having sex with your wife tomorrow night. However, I want you to be there uncaged so we can establish my role. Trust me, you’ll understand tomorrow.”

Bob didn’t 100% understand where this was going, but he nodded in agreement. It had been a few weeks since he had been uncaged, so he was looking forward to it.

“And finally. Let me be clear. When we’re together – maybe not like this in a bar or a restaurant, I’ll be referring to you as ‘cuck’ or ‘cucky.’ Chrissie says you get off on humiliation, so I’ll do that, but I won’t do it in a mean way. At the end of the night, you’re going home with your wife, and you’ve got to maintain that relationship with her. So I’m filling a part of that relationship, but not the whole thing. Right?”

Bob responded. “Thanks. I get it.”

Kurt finished his drink and said, “One more thing. Tomorrow you’re going to help your wife get ready. She’s going to ask you to prepare her for tomorrow, meaning helping her get dressed, helping her bathe, all that stuff. This is part of your role as the cuckold, so you need to get used to it.”

When Bob got home that evening, Chrissie was waiting for him. She had taken a late afternoon appointment to have her hair cut and her nails done, and she looked great.

“I understand you and Kurt had a good talk,” Chrissie opened. “I just got off the phone with him, and we’re going over to his place tomorrow evening at 8:00. He said you would know where to go, and he said you’d help me get ready.”

Bob responded, “Yeah. Kurt knows his shit. I can’t say it was the most comfortable conversation for me, but he isn’t just doing this for laughs, he seems to understand what he’s doing, and he seems to care about you. So I’m starting to look forward to it.”

Chrissie smiled and asked, “And what are you looking forward to, dear?”

Bob thought a minute and then responded, “I’m looking forward to seeing you happy and satisfied. I’m looking forward to hearing you orgasm as another man gives you something I can’t. I’m looking forward to taking this to the next level.”

Chrissie smiled and nodded. “Good answer. Good answer! So I guess Kurt told you that he wants you unlocked for tomorrow.”

“Yeah. That kinda threw me for a loop,” Bob responded.

“I think tomorrow is about Kurt establishing his place in our relationship. Interestingly, he told me to unlock you and bring the cage and key with me, so I’m sure he’s got a plan. He also told me that neither of us is to cum tonight.”

Chrissie could see the disappointment in Bob’s eyes, but she smiled and said, “Here’s the key. Go ahead and unlock, clean yourself thoroughly, shave, and then return for inspection. And no playing in the shower – keep the door open so I can check on you!”

Bob took the key and headed to the shower. He’d wanted to ask for a chance to shave his penis and balls, but he bristled a bit at Chrissie’s instructions to leave the door open. Nevertheless, he was looking forward to at least playing a little bit. After a hot shower, with a pause to lather and shave and then another rinse, he felt like a new man. Bob came out of the shower, drying his hair with the towel to find Chrissie in the bedroom. She was sitting on a dining room chair she had brought into the bedroom. Chrissie was absorbed with something on her phone and looked up to see Bob enter the room.

“Put the towel on the bed and then sit on it. We’re going to try something here, and I made sure Kurt was okay with it first,” Chrissie declared.

Bob raised his eyebrow, wondering what exactly he was getting into now, but sat on the bed, putting his now disassembled and cleaned cage on the bed next to himself. He returned the key to Chrissie, and she, in turn, gave him a small bottle of lube.

“Remember the sex quiz we took? There was a box to check “Yes, No, and Maybe” for ‘Edging.’ So tonight, we will do some edge play. Do you know what that means?

“It means I get to stroke, but I can’t cum?” Bob asked.

“Exactly. We’re going to edge you a few times tonight. I’ve been reading up on it while you’ve been in the shower. Tonight’s goal will be eight edges, to celebrate the eight years we’ve been married. Edging means we take you right to the edge of an orgasm and then stop.”

Bob replied, “I’ve got it. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out of the cage, so I don’t think this will be a problem.” Bob poured some lube on his hand and started working his shaft. He already had a semi-, and it didn’t take long to get going.

Chrissie sat across from him and began her litany about how small Bob’s penis was. “Oh honey, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you out of the cage. I always thought the cage made your little guy so small, but I guess he’s just like that.”

This only got Bob more excited, so Chrissie continued, “Maybe it’s me. Maybe after looking at all those pictures of those Bulls who wanted to meet me, I just expected that you’d have a normal-sized cock, and not a little penis like that.”

This last statement pushed Bob even further, and he stopped stroking, both of them watching as his penis waved in the air. Chrissie handed him a bottle of water next to her chair, and Bob and she waited for his excitement level to drop.

They continued like this several times, Bob’s hand covered in lube and pre-cum. At one point, Chrissie upped the ante and told Bob that he was only able to stroke using his thumb and his pointer finger, emphasizing how diminutive in size he was. Finally, they reached the 8th edge. Bob’s blood boiled with the endorphin release of almost cumming, and Chrissie sat back to observe her work. She stood up, walked over to Bob, gave him a deep kiss to heighten the pleasure, then moved her head to speak softly into his ear. “Now, can I trust you not to touch yourself tonight without the cage?”

Bob nodded and confirmed he could. He got a pair of boxer briefs from the drawer and then headed downstairs to cool off and make sure the house was locked and lights off. When he climbed the stairs again, he found Chrissie already tucked into bed, her back turned to Bob’s side, indicating that there would be no further cuddling that night.

Saturday morning came, and Bob woke, feeling the strange sensation of freedom. He was almost tempted to start stroking himself again but remembered the promise he had made to Chrissie. The day revolved around some household tasks – cleaning windows and repairing some trim that had come loose from one of the doors. Chrissie had stepped out for a few hours to do some shopping, and when she returned, she told him to get cleaned up as it was time to get ready for their date.

Bob ordered some dinner from GrubHub and then went to the bedroom looking for Chrissie. He heard the shower running, and as he stripped to take his shower, he noticed some clothing lying on the bed. Chrissie had picked out a tight black dress with a deep scooped back. The bed also had some black stockings and a burgundy thong. He noticed no bra and figured that the dress precluded her from wearing one. Bob also saw that his cage was sitting on the bed in the black velvet bag that had come with it when they ordered it online a few months ago.

“Honey, are you there?” Chrissie called out from the shower. “I’d like to teach you to shave my legs, and you know… ‘no time like the present.’ ”

Bob hurried to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes on the way. He had asked her before for this privilege and was excited to get the chance to shave Chrissie’s long legs finally. After a bit of instruction from Chrissie, he got into position and slowly and deliberately shaved her legs without nicking her. Chrissie then took over and touched up her pubic area, commenting that Kurt had requested that she be clean-shaven at all times. Bob knelt in the shower listening to this and observing her move the razor along the area now denied to him. He felt himself getting hard but remembered his promise to respect Chrissie and Kurt’s wishes.

Finally, Chrissie finished and stepped out of the shower. Bob took a quick shower to wash the day off himself. When he stepped out of the shower and into the bedroom, he found Chrissie sitting in just a short robe at the makeup table. She had dried her hair and blown out the curls, so it was seductively straight with just a hint of a curl as it reached her neck and was now busy doing her eye makeup.

Chrissie told Bob to get dressed in a pair of nice slacks and a button-down shirt she had taken out for him without looking. “Don’t bother with underwear. I have a feeling you won’t be needing that tonight,” she instructed.

Bob quickly got dressed, unused to the feeling of freeballing after so many weeks of chastity. His phone buzzed, announcing that the GrubHub driver had arrived, and he went downstairs to get the order. Chrissie joined him in her robe, and they had a quick but delicious meal. While Bob stowed the leftovers, Chrissie returned to the bedroom and directed Bob to do the same.

When he returned to the bedroom, he found Chrissie waiting for him. She directed him onto his knees and showed him how to pull the stockings up her legs. He then retrieved the panties and pulled those up past the thigh-high stockings. As Chrissie dropped the robe on the floor, Bob moved quickly to grab it, hang it on the door, and return with the dress, which he carefully slid over her head, making sure not to mess with her eyelashes or makeup.

Chrissie shoed him out of the room, telling him to get the car ready while she put on some finishing touches. When she got to the car, she sat in Bob’s back seat while she drove. Kurt had instructed her to do this to start building the distance between herself and Bob. This, along with the leg shaving and the dressing, we’re all a part of conditioning Bob to willingly accept the cuckold role. He was preparing and delivering her to Kurt on a silver platter.

They pulled into the parking lot for Kurt’s condo, parking in a visitor slot and then taking the elevator to his 3rd-floor apartment. Kurt met them at the door with a handshake for Bob and a hug and kiss for Chrissie. Once the door was closed, he leaned in to give Chrissie a deeper kiss and then moved to her neck to inhale her perfumed scent.

“Chrissie, you don’t disappoint,” Kurt announced. “Bob, she is truly the entire package, and I have you to thank for bringing her here tonight.” Kurt then invited them into the living room and got drinks together for all of them. They briefly sat and caught up – Bob on a swivel chair and Kurt and Chrissie together on the loveseat. Kurt had his left arm casually around Chrissie’s shoulder as he spoke,

“So Bob, I want you to repeat what you said to me at the restaurant,” Kurt instructed.

Bob took a deep breath and said, “Kurt, I’d be so happy and grateful if you’d make me a cuckold by becoming my wife’s lover. I cannot satisfy her in the way that I’m sure you are, and because I love Chrissie so much, I want her to have the best.”

Kurt then turned to the beautiful woman sitting next to him, “Chrissie, tell me what YOU want.”

Chrissie had thought this through and replied, “Bob, Kurt is going to take me tonight. He’s going to have me beg for his delicious cock, and he’s going to use me in any way he likes. In the process, he’s going to make you a cuckold. If tonight works out as I hope it will, I may never need to rely on your pathetic little penis again.”

Bob could feel himself getting hard throughout Chrissie’s declaration, and since he wasn’t wearing underwear under the dress slacks, his erection became apparent to both Kurt and Chrissie.

Kurt said, “Bob, why don’t you stand up, drop those pants, and take off the shirt. Let’s see what Chrissie has had to work with for the past eight years.”

At this Bob, stood and sheepishly began to remove his shirt. He was fit, but he could tell that his chest and arms paled in comparison to what Kurt had under his shirt, and he rightfully assumed that this applied to just about every other part of his body. When Bob finally stood naked before Kurt and Chrissie, Chrissie leaned in and whispered something in Kurt’s ear. He nodded and whispered back to her.

Chrissie’s hands then went to Kurt’s belt and opened his pants. Kurt stood and asked Chrissie to remove his pants and his boxer briefs. Bob saw Kurt’s still flaccid penis emerge. Even in its flaccid state, Kurt’s monster was larger than Bob. Chrissie stood up and went to her purse. While she was getting her phone, Kurt went to stand next to Bob, the difference in size more apparent when the two were next to one another. Kurt began to slowly stroke himself, causing his erection to grow to at least half staff. When Chrissie returned with the phone, she opened it to the camera app and took a series of shots comparing the two.

“I’m going to keep at least one of these in my ‘favorites’ folder on my phone to recall just what I’ve been missing,” she announced.

Bob recoiled a bit from this humiliation, and Kurt told Bob to sit back down in the chair, sensing the room’s shift. Kurt moved to Chrissie, who was now the only one in the room still clothed, and began to kiss her as he ran his hands across her body, slowly and deliberately caressing her lower back, behind, and breasts. He then reached down to Chrissie’s hemline and pulled the dress up and over her head, standing back to admire Chrissie’s lithe body clad only in the burgundy panties and black stockings.

As he did so, Kurt held out the dress, and without looking at him, he said, “Bob, please take this lovely dress and hang it up in the bedroom closet. And while you’re at it, please fold your clothes and put those by the front hallway.”

Bob scrambled to his feet to do as he was told. When he returned to the living room, Kurt and Chrissie were locked in a full-body embrace and kiss, running their hands over one another. Kurt turned Chrissie around, so she was facing away from him and toward Bob and began nibbling on her ear and her neck while he slowly and sensually stroked her body. Chrissie’s eyes eventually opened, and she caught Bob’s stare as she reached behind herself to stroke Kurt’s cock.

Kurt moved her once again, bending Chrissie over the loveseat as he ground his pelvis into her. His right hand reached around now and dived between Chrissie’s legs as she gasped in surprise at Kurt’s large rough hands manipulating her pussy.

Kurt instructed Bob, “Go into the bedroom and lay up against the headboard and wait for us. Oh, and put a towel down under you, please. ”

Bob speed-walked to the master bathroom and grabbed a folded fresh towel from the shelf; returning to the bedroom, he laid it under where he would be sitting and then sat back leaning on the bed’s headboard. Soon, Chrissie and Kurt entered the room, and in Kurt’s direction, Chrissie lay down on her back on the bed, her head on Bob’s chest. She grabbed Bob’s hands in her own, and as Kurt approached the bed, she spread her legs to welcome him.

Kurt stood at the foot of the bed, admiring the scene before him. Chrissie splayed out for him, supported by Bob, waiting impatiently for Kurt to enter her.

Kurt looked up and caught Bob’s eye. “A few things. First of all, Bob, this is the last time I’ll address you as Bob. When we’re alone, you’ll be ‘cuck’ or ‘cucky.’ Secondly, this is the closest you’re going to get to me taking your wife, so enjoy it. You won’t be on the bed with us ever again from now on. Finally, I want you to focus on the sounds your wife will be making and how her body moves and vibrates when she cums. This is why you asked me to take your wife, so take it all in.

Bob swallowed deeply as he felt Chrissie squeeze his hands to indicate her anticipation and excitement. Then, finally, he nodded to Kurt and said, “Kurt, please make my wife your own.”

Needing no further invitation, Kurt got up on the bed and slowly fed his long thick cock into Chrissie’s dripping pussy. He took his time to enter her slowly, and Bob could feel her tense as she adjusted to the size of the cock that was now fucking her. True to Kurt’s prediction, Bob could feel Chrissie thrash and hear her moan. He could feel her muscles contract and relax as Kurt’s cock entered her. Kurt grabbed her hips and began slowly by deeply thrusting his entire length into Chrissie, causing her to yell out in pain and pleasure.

Bob held on for dear life, almost like taming a bronco. After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, Kurt pulled out and moved further up the bed to feed his cock to Chrissie’s mouth. Bob had a front-row seat to Chrissie’s pleasuring of Kurt, and he marveled at the length, girth, and size of Kurt’s balls. He could see Kurt clenching his abdominal muscles as Chrissie worked her magic. Finally, Kurt moved back down and physically rolled Chrissy over, so she was facing away from him, her face now in line with Bob’s. As Kurt moved to retake her, Bob could see the ecstasy in Chrissie’s face as he took her and made her his.

Bob lay there mesmerized by the sounds Chrissie was making and the expression on her face, almost missing the point when Kurt cried out and began filling her. Chrissie gasped as yet another orgasm rolled over her, probably putting her in the double-digit category for orgasms this evening.

When Kurt pulled out, Chrissie continued to clench Bob as the orgasms left her body. Finally, she knelt up to change the angle, and Bob felt the lovers combined cum begin to drip down onto him and the bed. Chrissie leaned forward and kissed Bob, crying as she whispered her thanks to him for giving her to Kurt for the evening.

As Kurt stepped away from the bed, he gently grabbed Chrissie’s hand and pulled her with him, leaving Bob on the bed, among the sweat-stained and cum-filled sheets.

“Cuck. I’m going to get your wife something to drink so she can recover. Then, go get fresh sheets from the hall closet and change the bedding before returning,” Kurt directed.

Bob sat there, realizing the power exchange that had just taken place. He was no longer ‘Bob.’ He was ‘Cuck,’ and he wasn’t enjoying the afterglow. He was assigned a job. Bob looked down and saw a puddle of pre-cum on his stomach. He must have been leaking like a sieve the entire time, but surprisingly he wasn’t hard. During Kurt and Chrissie’s affair, he had lost his erection, and his small penis was now embarrassingly even smaller.

Bob stood from the bed, stretched, and attended to the task. He took the dirty sheets, found a washer/dryer in another hallway closet, and washed them while he retrieved a new set of sheets and remade the bed, taking pride in his work.

As he finished, Bob turned around upon hearing Kurt and Chrissie enter the room. Chrissie tossed a black velvet bag to Bob and told him to get his chastity device back on. Bob went to the bathroom to clean up and returned to the bedroom to find Kurt and Chrissie embracing and whispering to one another.

Chrissie sensed rather than saw Bob and turned to provide him the lock. She took the key from the hasp and put it on the nightstand. “You were a leaky mess while Kurt was fucking me. Why don’t you put on some underwear so you don’t mess up the place again.”

Bob protested, “I didn’t bring underwear, Chrissie.”

“Well then, just put on mine. Lord knows I won’t need them tonight,” Chrissie laughed.

As Bob turned to leave, Kurt spoke out, “Oh, and close the bedroom door on the way out, Cuck. I’ll yell out if we need something. There are some snacks in the cabinet next to the fridge, and go ahead and have a beer.”

Bob turned and left. He enjoyed the snacks and the beer in the living room but could hear the sounds of Chrissie and Kurt through the closed door. Chrissie was making sounds he had never heard before, and he could tell that she was getting quite the workout. Bob listened to Chrissie’s moans, screams, and laughter; his cage felt tighter. Five weeks of not cumming, Friday night’s edging session, and now first watching in person and then listening to his wife get what sounded like the fucking of a lifetime from her bull had him on edge. He closed his eyes and recalled the look in Chrissie’s eyes earlier this evening when she was in his arms and being fucked from behind by Kurt. Her face had contorted into a mixture of joy, pain, surprise, and excitement. He had never seen that look in Chrissie’s eyes before, and he reveled that this was something that they had experienced together.

Finally, he heard his name being called. “Hey, Cuck. Cucky. Come on in here,” called Kurt.

Bob returned to the room to see Kurt hopping out of bed. “I’m going to take a shower now and then head out to the kitchen. Why don’t you hop in here with your beautiful wife and help her out? Bob quickly got under the covers with Chrissie. He could feel the heat emanating from her body and the sheen of sweat on her body. She was breathing deeply, and her body would shudder every once in a while. Bob put his arm around her and spooned her from behind. He felt Chrissie’s hand reach back and grab his hand tightly. She pulled it across her chest and encouraged Bob to get closer to her.

After a while, Chrissie spoke – “Are you still wearing my panties?” she laughed. “You’ll need to take those off, or you’re going to ruin them for me, and tonight I’m going to need them on the way home!”

Bob laughed with her. “Yeah, I really can’t believe I’m wearing women’s panties. Next time we do this, I need to be better prepared.”

They laughed together, enjoying the intimacy of the moment. Then, when they fell silent, Bob asked, “Do you want me to go down on you?”

“Oh my God, NO! I’m a mess down there. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m not ready for that. Let’s hold that off until tomorrow. I need sleep and a shower,” she responded.

Bob indicated that he understood. He kissed Chrissie’s neck, noticing some bite marks and hickeys that Kurt had left behind for the first time. Finally, Chrissie pushed him back so she could get up to go to the bathroom. She turned to Bob and said, “Panties, please! And can you get my purse? I need a pad.”

Bob hopped out of bed and walked naked – but for his cage – into the living room and found Chrissie’s purse. Instead of taking out the pad, he picked up the whole purse and headed back to the bedroom.

“Hey cuck, how’d that go?” he heard Kurt ask.

“Oh, hey. Ummm. Good? She’s cleaning up right now, but thanks for bringing me in to reconnect with her.”

Kurt responded, “That’s one special lady you have there. You’re a lucky guy to have found that. I’m jealous. ”

Bob nodded his thanks and headed back to the bedroom. He was a little confused by Kurt’s statement. So here was the guy who had just fucked his wife three ways from Sunday, and he was telling Bob how lucky he was?

Bob knocked on the door and then reached in to put Chrissie’s purse on the vanity. In the shower/tub, he saw her reflected in the mirror, in the shower/tub, using a spray wand and spraying down her stomach and legs.

“Oh, hey. Thanks, hon! I’ll be out in a minute.”

Kurt went out of the bedroom and noticed that the sheets were a mess. He recalled a third set of sheets in the hallway and changed out the sheets again as a gesture to Kurt. As he moved around the bedroom, he noticed a glint of light from the nightstand and recognized it as the key to his chastity device. He made a mental note to remind Chrissie to pick it up before they left. Behind him, he heard Chrissie exit the bathroom and reach into the closet for her dress.

“Oh my God, these stockings are ruined. I went to put them back on, but they were so laddered that they would make me look like a total slut if I wore them out” Chrissie laughed.

She put on her dress and headed out to get a drink of water from the kitchen while Bob finished making the bed, taking pride in his job. He checked to see that the first set of sheets was done in the washer as he headed down the hall. He moved that set to the dryer and then started the second load in the washer. Satisfied, he returned to the living room and found Kurt and Chrissie sitting on the couch, whispering.

“Hey, so, we’re gonna take off,” Chrissie said, standing and grabbing her purse and putting on her shoes. Bob quickly dressed, and Kurt escorted them to the door. He gave Chrissie a goodbye hug and kiss and shook Bob’s hand.

When they got home, Chrissie headed right to the bathroom and took a full shower. Bob got ready for bed using the vanity in the guest bathroom. He put out some food for the cat, made sure all the doors were locked, and then hopped in bed. He found Chrissie in bed, already asleep. Bob lay there and went over the events of the night and the past week and then finally drifted off the sleep.

The next day, Bob was up before Chrissie. He made coffee and then got some berries and yogurt for her and sat down to check texts and emails. Soon, she heard stirring from upstairs and was greeted by Chrissie’s tired but smiling face. She made a beeline for the coffee and then reached into the kitchen cabinet to get some ibuprofen. “Sore” was all he heard her say before she downed some ibuprofen with a coffee chaser.

Bob chuckled to himself. Chrissie hadn’t had much to drink last night, but she moved like she was hungover. First, she moved over to the table and thanked him for getting her favorite breakfast together. Then, as she spooned blueberries on top of her yogurt, she started to speak. “Oh my God. My head is still spinning from last night.”

“Right?” Bob intoned.

“I can’t tell you how many times I came last night, and I still can’t get the thought of looking you in the eye as Kurt took me that first time. You were so sweet to be there for me. Thank you!”

Bob blushed slightly. “So tell me more. I could hear you from the living room, and it sounded like you were in another dimension.”

“I think I might have blacked out at some point. A lot of it was a blur. Kurt was just relentless. After he came that first time you were in the room, he was like the Energizer Bunny – just going and going and going. Could you hear us from the living room?”

“Hon. I think everyone in that apartment building could hear you last night! You were making noises and saying things I never heard you say before,” Bob informed her.

“I uh… yeah. So it was like Kurt opened up a valve last night. I couldn’t get enough, but I’m so thankful that you gave me that gift last night.” Chrissie started to get emotional and had to choke back some tears. “What you gave me was amazing, and I don’t know if I can thank you enough.”

Bob blushed a bit. “Well, I promised to make your dreams come true, right?”. So what do you want to do today?

Chrissie looked him in the eye and said, “I want you to make love to me. Kurt said it was called ‘reclaiming’ and that it was important.” Chrissie’s hand went to the necklace and then stopped as she realized that the key wasn’t on the necklace. “Oh my God, Your KEY! It’s not here. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

Bob recalled seeing the key on the nightstand in Kurt’s bedroom. “It’s okay he said, getting up and moving to the freezer. He opened the door and pulled out a plastic cup from the back of the freezer. “Remember, we have the spare key frozen in this cup. It’s okay.”

Chrissie started crying again. “No, it’s not okay. I was thinking only of me. That’s so inconsiderate. Here. Give me that; I’ll thaw it.” Chrissie stood up, took the iced-over cup, and peered into it to look for the key. She put a pot of water on the stove and floated the cup with the key in the middle.

“Why don’t you keep an eye on this. Then, when you can get the key out, bring it to the bedroom. I’m going to go get myself together,” Chrissie promised, leaving the room.

Bob was left in the kitchen and began putting away the breakfast items. Just then his phone rang, it was Kurt.

“Hey, Cuck. How you doing this morning” asked Kurt.

The name still stung a bit, but Bob wasn’t deterred. “Hey, Kurt. I’m great, just cleaning up breakfast right now. Thanks again for last night. You made it special for the both of us.”

“Yeah, so Cuck. You guys left something behind.”

“We just realized that. So I’m in the process of getting the spare key,” Bob responded.

“Okay, good. I was a little confused – I didn’t know if that was an accident or on purpose. We never really discussed me keeping your key, and I thought it was a little odd,” Kurt explained.

“No. I get it. I get it.” Kurt said. He eyed the slowly melting ice in the pot. Finally, the ice had melted enough to free it from the plastic cup, so Bob reached in and dumped the ice directly in the water and removed the cup. “We’ve got it covered, but I appreciate the call.”

Kurt continued, “So listen, I’m out of town this week on business, so if you guys want to get together again, it will have to be next week. I think that’s good because it will give you guys some time to think about last night and make sure you’re good with it. For my part, I’d like to spend some more time with both of you.”

Bob replied, “Both of us? Sorry, I’m a little lost here.”

Kurt responded almost immediately, “Yeah, of course. Remember when we met, and I said this is my ‘thing’? Well, I mean that because first, I love having sex with beautiful women like your wife. But I also really get off on cuckolding guys too. I don’t mean that in a mean way, but it’s like .. remember when you left, and you changed the bedding without being asked to? I like that. It gives me a sense that you respect me. And you were there in the living room listening to us. So, not all cucks like you are that patient and understanding. Some guys would be at the door or trying to get in the middle of it. But, no, you’re a perfect guy. You must love your wife, and it’s exceptional that you gave her to me. Listen, I have to go. Do you want me to drop off this key, or are you good with just the spare?”

“I think we’re good with the spare. It’ll give us a reason to see you again soon. Thanks for calling Kurt,” Bob replied and hung up the phone. Bob grabbed a spoon, fished the key out of the pan of water, and then headed to the bedroom.

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” Chrissie asked as he entered the room.

Bob walked over and responded, “Oh, Kurt called. He found the key. Wanted to know whether you left it on purpose!”.

They both laughed a bit, and then Bob realized that Chrissie was sitting on the bed wearing his favorite lingerie. Gosh, it had been months since she’d worn that for him. A little red and black basque pushed up her gorgeous breasts. Below was a pair of matching red and black crotchless panties.

Chrissie caught his gaze, “I would have put on some stockings for you, but the pair that goes with this ensemble got ruined last night.”

Chrissie’s reminder of the previous evening brought Bob out of his stupor. He cleared his thoughts and then leaned forward to give her the key and watched as she moved to unlock it. Chrissie looked up at him as she opened it, not breaking eye contact as she removed the lock and the tube. Bob reached down and maneuvered himself out of the oval ring and then massaged himself back to life.

Chrissie lay back on the bed, still looking him in the eye, started playing with herself. She spread her legs further and leaned her head back, arching her back as her fingers massaged and then penetrated her sex. Bob’s penis sprung to life, and he stepped forward as Chrissie removed her finger from her sex and seductively put it in her mouth.

As Bob moved up on the bed and positioned himself, his left hand stroked her side through the basque and then moved up to grasp the swell of Chrissie’s breast. He breathed in her scent – a combination of perfume and the musk of her sex. Bob moved forward and put the tip of his cock at her entrance, and then slowly sunk in. Chrissie’s arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him to her. Bob revealed in the wet warmth that surrounded his cock. It had been weeks since he had been in this position, and even though he knew he was on a hair-trigger after all the teasing and sexual excitement of the past week, he wanted it to last.

Chrissie whimpered as he entered her and sighed once their bodies met as Bob bottomed out. Bob whispered to her – “Is this still alright?”

Chrissie closed her eyes and said, “I love having you in me. It’s different from last night, but it’s comforting to feel you and your body next to mine. Fuck me, lover.”

Bob complied, driving himself as deep as he could go. Chrissie took the pounding for a while and signaled she wanted to be on top. She climbed onto Bob and settled down onto his cock. Her hands rested on his chest. Chrissie used the leverage to settle her clit down and stimulate it on Bob’s pubic bone, starting to move faster. Finally, Bob felt himself losing control and announced that he was close.

Chrissie urged him to hold off but saw that Bob was too far gone. At this moment, she lay down on him and whispered. “Fill me with that cum, lover, and then you’ll clean me out like my good little cuckold.”

Hearing this, Bob exploded, dumping weeks of pent-up orgasm deeply into his wife’s pussy. It seemed like it went on for several minutes until Bob stopped shaking with orgasm. He looked up to make eye contact with Chrissie and then shrank back as she alit from his crotch and moved to hover over his mouth.

“You offered to do this last night, and I think someday we’ll get there. This should be good practice.”

With that, Bob was surrounded by the musky sex-smelling warmth of Chrissie and did his best to clean up all of his offerings. When he was done, and after Chrissie had ridden his face to another orgasm, they lay together and drifted off to sleep.

Bob awoke to Chrissie gently playing with his cock. Chrissie saw his eyes open and kissed him on the cheek. “I love your little cock. It’s so cute, and after last night it was so comforting to have this little fella back.”

“Tell me how Kurt’s cock feels,” Bob prompted her.

“Oh my God. I can’t even. It’s long, but it’s the girth that gets me. Oh my goodness, I felt like it was splitting me in two. At one point, I tried to blow him, but I struggled to get it in my mouth.”

Chrissie’s admission gave Bob that cuckold kick to the gut that he had gotten a few times last night, but he didn’t say anything preferring to let her finish.

“I want to see him again. Would you be okay with that?” she asked.

Bob laughed, “Well since he has the other key to my chastity cage, I think we have to! But yeah, I liked him. He did a nice job of including us, and I’d like to continue. But, unfortunately, he told me this morning that he’s out of town this week, so it’s going to be another week until we can get together with him.”

“Well, if my cycle stays the same, that’s good because I should be getting my period in the next day or two.” Chrissie added, “Anyway, I need to get to the gym and get some cardio in to keep up with you and Kurt.”

Bob laughed and stroked Chrissie’s shoulder. Things were taking a life of their own, and he kind of it.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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