My Nasty Girlfriend

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By Gbrants


Author’s Note: This story is inspired by a story I saw in a newspaper problem page, and is my first story.


I’m 45 and have been dating this stunning 35 lady, she’s been living with me for a few months, and now my 20-year-old son has come back from traveling.

One evening when me and my girlfriend where on the sofa watching TV, he came in after having a shower in just a towel, I could see her looking him up and down as she bit her lower lip.

As soon as he left she turned and started making out with me, she seamed more turned on then normal.

One morning, as we where at the table having breakfast, he came in from his morning bike ride in his tight vest and even tighter shorts, showing off his huge bulge.

Again she was looking him up and down and staying at his shorts, under her breath I heard her say, “Fuck!”

After he left to go up for a shower, she turned to me and said, “He’s very… Gifted! I’m guessing that… It… You know, comes from his mum’s side of the family.”

I was shocked by that, I know I’m only four inches hard, but I thought she was happy with it. “I think he gets most his genes from me,” I told her.

She let out a laugh, and said, “Really? I could understand the body, but not that cock.”

I just looked down at the table feeling sad. She kissed me on the cheek and reminded me it was time I went to work. aAs I left, I saw her heading upstairs.


The next day I had a short day at work and I came home three hours early. As I came in, and before I could call out I was home, I could hear moaning from upstairs. So, I went up and saw my sons door is open. When I peeked in, I see her riding him cowgirl style. She’s naked, and his hands are on her hips holding her as she goes up and down on his cock.

In the mist of her moaning and heavy breathing, I heard her say, “It’s so big… So fucking big… Fuck me hard… Fuck me better than your dad ever could… You’re so much bigger and better than him!”

I felt heart broken, but at the same time I felt myself getting hard seeing the woman I love fucking my son.

The End.


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