True Stories: Our Readers SPH Experiences 31

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Our readers share their moments of Small Dick Zen!


This reader demonstrates the innate wimpiness of some small dick men….

I walked out of a bar with a beautiful thinking I was going to get laid. Thirty mins later we’re on my bed drinking a glass of red wine and she starts to feel my crotch. But then she takes of my pants and all she can do is laugh. She orders me to me to lie on the bed as she takes pics and puts them all over hers and my Instagram account. I felt so humiliated!


This reader claims schoolgirl bullies made his life tough….

Going into my freshman year of high school I started talking to this girl who I had the biggest crush on. she started coming over my house after school and we started to become close. But one day when we were hanging out I was wearing sweat pants and you could see the little bulge on my pants. She asked me how big my penis is, and said she wanted to see and measure it. But I told her I didn’t wanna tell her and every time I’d see her she would just laugh and say I probably have a baby penis, and would hold up her pinkie finger at me.

So one day when I was hanging with her friend and her, she had her friend distract me while she went and table topped me on the ground, and she then sat on top of me. I didn’t know what she was doing so I just laid there. She kissed me on my neck and then her friend came over and took my pants and underwear off and threw them on top of the ceiling fan. I freaked out and pushed her off, but couldn’t get my pants when they saw my penis they laughed so hard and the girl I like just put her pinkie up to my penis, and said, “I told you so!”

They called me babydick. The next day I saw a picture on Facebook and it was me standing there with my pants off and the profile was called baby penis. I didn’t know that her friend took a picture and when I went to school everyone laughed at me and called me babydick. All the girls would ask to see it just so they could laugh, I would then get pants all the time and laughed at until I refused to go to school anymore I decided to do home school.


This reader enjoys his online games….

I’m a mature gay guy in London, England, and I’ve been conscious all my life of having a small cock, but made even more aware of it in middle age as I’ve seen so many and know how low down in the pecking order I am. To make things worse, it seems to be shrinking. I’m now barely 4 inches hard, and under 2 inches soft.

I’ve got a profile on a gay sex site in which I admit to being tiny and even invite guys to humiliate me: shybutnotshy. A dominate guy on the site persuaded me to give him my password and the profile is now regularly visited by dozens of other guys for their amusement. I don’t even know who most of them are, as some give my password to other guys. They log on, see my full frontal naked pics, find out my phone number, read my messages, send my embarrassing pics to other guys and even go into chat rooms pretending to be me, in order to expose me even more.


This reader reports that Speedos are not a man’s best friend….

It’s really horrible. Forever I’m going to be teased as that weak, skinny, lanky six-feet Indian guy with a small dick. I’m not hung, I’m a bit below average. Hard I’m 4.5 inches x 4.3 inches, soft I’m 2.7 inches x 3.5 inches (Bronze Member). Our school decided to switch to these kinds of speedos, and we have swimming daily.

The first day I accidentally lost my swimming kit, but something I noticed was almost all the kids were hung as fuck compared to me, when seeing their bulges. It then hit me that actually, they were average, and I’m small. When wearing the speedos, my groin area is literally flat. If you didn’t see the rest of my body, you would probably think I was a chick, my hair aside.

Anyway, I didn’t think too much of it, but then the teasing started. I was called ‘flat-pants‘ and someone started a rumour that I had no penis and that I was some sort of asexual being. At first it was kinda funny, but soon I lost friends because of it, and life just went down in only one day. Eventually someone stuck a post-it note on my back, saying: I have no penis. It just sucked, and the teachers did nothing about it.

So I decided to counter act it. The second lesson back I put a sock in, and I modelled it carefully in a way to make it look like a bulge. Most people noticed it, some must have thought I was hard, but most just decided that maybe last time I was wearing thick speedos or something. Some guy said to me, “So… Not as small as you were last week?”

I made up a bullshit excuse like I was on medication, and that did something to me (I was on medication, but that didn’t do anything).

This worked for a few days. But on the fourth day, something scary as fuck happened. I brushed against the side of the wall when getting out of the pool, and the sock moved to the left, and a part of it stuck out of the top. Worst part? It’s on video, and it’s being shared like crazy. It didn’t take long to for people to notice when it happened.

Even the hottest girl in my school knows now, and I have literally no chance at anything now, because of that fucking sock.

I also hate everyone for being bigger than me soft. I know it sounds stupid, but not having a concave groin area is something I’d love, and I’m just fucking super jealous of everyone right now.


This reader feels that his penis size sabotages his relationships before they even start….

I met a girl on Tinder and we started chatting. I have very limited sexual experience due to my small penis, but I’ve got to the stage in my life where I am so damn lonely and sad I really just want someone to hang out with.

She had just been through a divorce and had had a few shitty dates, where people had treated her like crap. So I listened to her problems and we talked away. She seemed to really like talking to me and she kept messaging me on Whatsapp regularly to chat. She seemed really sweet and I really really liked her too until she mentioned that she had to go to Saudi Arabia on a business trip. She said she didn’t want to because Saudi men treated her like shit for being a woman. I said that really sucked, and she said, “That’s what happens when you have a tiny, one-inch cock.”

My heart immediately sank because I thought, she’s obviously a size queen and I’m clearly not going to be man enough to satisfy her.

She then started to message more and more sexual innuendo, saying things like, “I really need someone to wear me out again.”

Having very little sexual experience and a pathetic sized cock, I wouldn’t be wearing her out any time soon.

A couple of days later, I messaged her, and said, “I don’t really think I’m what you are looking for. It won’t work.”

She kept pressing and pressing me to explain why, but I obviously couldn’t to tell her why. I just made some lame cop out, and said, ‘”You’re out of my league. I don’t think we should meet.”

She got really angry, and said, “I really, really wanted to meet you. I thought you were different.”

I think I hurt her feelings and I HATE hurting peoples feelings. Having had mine hurt so often in the past, but judging on what she said, she sounded like a highly sexual, voracious woman who wanted a big cock. Even if she did like me as a person and to talk to, the disappointment she would have felt and shown upon seeing my inadequate manhood would have killed me. It’s just hard because you can’t really be honest to people about such a personal, humiliating thing.

This isn’t the first time I have had to reject a woman’s advances because of my small cock. Apparently I’m deemed attractive by a certain type of woman, which kind of makes the whole experience even worse because if I had a normal sized cock (I just want a NORMAL sized cock!) life would be pretty sweet.


This reader has had his confidence busted by a so-called friend…

Every time I go to the movie theatre or to buy food, I always see the hot girls, but I can’t help think I’ll never have the courage to go talk to them. I know that if I go and talk to them and I actually get one of them interested in me, I wouldn’t be able to take it much further because it’s going to end up in a big disappointment. The other thing is that I used to talk to a friend who always made fun of my small penis (Silver Member). He’s above average and always used to tell me that small penis’s are useless. I had to agree with him so he wouldn’t know I have a small one. It was really uncomfortable. Made me more insecure than I already was.


A Reader has decided that women are becoming size queens more and more…

All girls in my age bracket (mid 20s) are size queens. I have been rejected simply after I take my pants off on numerous occasions. I honestly think due to small penis shaming being so accepted and all the dick pics and vids posted online they’re taught to be size queens. I have begun to hate myself completely because of this. There’s no bigger ego killer then being rejected for penis as soon as she sees it. I’m a Bronze Member at 4.2″ erect length x 4″ girth.


One reader appears to be stuck in a rut….

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about suicide or my small member. I finished studying like 3 weeks ago and since then, I haven’t done nothing. I’m always in my room and I barely socialise. I requested a job application for a supermarket, hopefully they will call me so I can start working for the first time in my life and clear my mind from these negative thoughts I always have.


This reader reports even shrinks recognise the futility of life with a micropenis…

I recently had a mental breakdown and had to speak to a psychiatrist regarding my depression. He asked me if I was married or had a partner and I laughed, saying, “Women aren’t interested in me.”

He looked at me strangely, as if to say you’re not a bad looking guy, what’s your problem.

I said, “I was born with Klinefelter’s Syndrome and have a micropenis as a result, no woman wants that.”

He froze for a moment, then changed the subject. The question of partners never came up again.


This Reader conducted his own “penis-size” study and got put in his place…..

A few months ago I saw some studies on the web about average penis size. I hadn’t really given my own size much thought, as I hadn’t measured myself in at least in twenty years. I recall I was typically about 5.5 inches and remember that I once hit 6 inches, which I was pretty proud of. So after reading about average size, I decided to measure myself again. I was shocked to discover however in my more advanced age, that I could barely get much bigger than 4.75”. I couldn’t believe it.

One night I was home by myself, drinking quite a bit and was trying to justify to myself that my size was still normal. I decided I was going to conduct my own size survey with the local population. I know this is kind of shady, but I decided to post an ad posing as a married woman who had a conversation with her husband about his penis size, which was just under 5”. I stated that the husband claimed that his size was average, but I (the wife) wasn’t sure about that, so was asking local men if they’d be willing to share their size and comment if 5” was indeed average. Once I posted the ad, replies started to pour in. I intended out of courtesy to reply to each message, but was quickly overwhelmed by the number of responses and had to delete the ad.

I know that in this type of scenario, men will not necessarily tell the truth about their size, so I threw out a number of responses that didn’t seem sincere. The rest of the results were quite humbling, though. Once I tabulated and counted everything, I had 81 replies. Of those 81 men who replied, each and every one of them reported to be larger than me. Again, I know that many guys will exaggerate, but I wasn’t even close in comparison to most of them.

I tabulated the results from the emails and put the numbers in a spreadsheet. And again, I know men will lie and “inflate” their size, but my size distribution results are very similar to more scientific national and international surveys. And many of the men provided pictures to back up their claims.

Here are the stats I collected from 81 responses:

Smallest = 5.0″
Largest = 10.5″
Average size = 7.280″

0 men less than 5″
1 man at 5″
4 men between 5.5 – 5.8″
5 men at 6″
17 men between 6 – 7″
16 men at 7″
14 men between 7 – 8″
11 men at 8″
6 men between 8 – 8.9″
4 men at 9″
1 at 9.5″
1 at 10″
1 at 10.5″

And here are some comments that really helped to put me in my place:

“That’s kinda small if you’re under 5.”

“No, that’s not normal I kinda feel bad.”

“Just under 5″ wood be considered small and below average. I’m just over 7″.”

“You stated he’s under 5 inches, which means the poor guy is sporting a smaller than average cock.”

“Seven inches here. He is small.”

“I am 8.5″ of cut and shaved cock and tell your husband that anything under 6′ is a wee wee and not a cock.”

“Well, the average penis size is 5.5-6 inches. If it’s 5 or under, I’m pretty sure that is considered small.”

“A lot of women have told me that they consider anything over 7 inches big/large. Mine is around 8 inches.”

“Well, I have to say I’m just a little bigger than he is about 6 1/2, but is he at 5 when it is soft or what?”

I guess I no longer need any evidence to know that I am solidly below average. Thanks for reading.


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