My Name Is Fred

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by gushogan

My name is Fred. I am in graduate school in History at a Large Midwestern State University known for its outstanding basketball. I grew up in-state here in a mid-sized fallen industrial town. My town used to have factories. They are all in China now.

I’m a mongrel. A little Polish, German, English, Italian and whatever mix accumulated in the family tree over the past 140 years or so since whatever set of relatives passed through Ellis Island. One side of the family is Catholic. The other side is Baptist. I think we mostly went to Presbyterian Church growing up. Church taught me to be good and honest.

I am average height, average weight, average build. If you saw me walking around campus I would look like every other graduate student on campus. I have a bad haircut from some place at the mall. I have $99 glasses, but usually wear contacts. I played basketball growing up because every kid in my state plays ball. But I am no Jimmy Chitwood. I am more the Ollie type.

I have always been shy around girls. I was always too geeky smart for girls back in high school. I scared them away with too many books and too many big words. Or maybe I was to goody goody. I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke. My folks didn’t have a lot of money so we didn’t play video games or go on fancy trips or go to Disney. I didn’t have an I-pod or any of the other latest I-gadgets. We were pretty downwardly mobile blue-collar folks.

As I mentioned, I played ball when I was a kid. For fun to stay in shape. We all played ball, but I was not a jock guy. I still play ball over at the HPER with some pick up games and IMs.

I wasn’t one of the pretty people in high school. And as I learned early on in the high school gym class locker room, I was poorly equipped in the “boy parts” category. I knew mine worked because I worked mine nearly every day with great success. I also did the back seat romp with my prom date and the occasional summer night grope with another girl. But the fact remained the boy parts were small compared to what you could see hanging off most of the other guys.

I was good with computers, but spent most of my time using my dad’s Dell. I didn’t have a fancy MAC. I didn’t cruise porn sites. I wasn’t on My Space or Facebook.

Mom and dad worked hard to send me to college. I was a good college kid. Mostly all A’s. But I never really dated. I spent my Friday nights and Saturday nights at the library, not out at the Fraternities. I avoided girls. I think everyone but me was having lots of crazy sex.

I graduated summa cum laude and earned a fellowship to the History graduate program. My parents were excited. So was I. I was the first person in the family to earn a college degree and now was going to be the first with a Ph. D as well.

Then I met a girl. Her name is Sarah. Sarah and I had a class together. Sarah is a junior English major. In graduate school there are these mixed level introductory classes populated by new graduate students and upper level undergraduates. Without getting into all the complicated program requirements for undergraduates and graduate students that put me in the same class with Sarah, I’ll just say we were both in a class outside of our field. The class was in Politics. Because we were both alien to the discipline neither of us knew most of the other folks in class. I took naturally to the subject and spoke often in class (which the professor seemed to like). Sarah struggled early on and the professor did not take well to her struggles.

Sarah introduced herself to me on an early September afternoon after the professor reamed her out for having “shallow thought” on the day’s subject. Sarah was fighting back tears and asked how I, as a fellow alien, had managed to do so well. Sarah needed a friend.

I was flattered. Pretty girls did not seem to pay much attention to me, and geek smarts had not won me many admirers as an undergraduate or in high school.

About Sarah, she stood about 5′ 4″ with longish thick dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was well toned, like she had serious dance training. She was a B-cup who might have ambitions to grow into a C when she turned 30.

I managed to say something back to Sarah about reading a lot of books and being good with most of history since Eve bit the apple back in the Garden.

Sarah laughed. She invited herself to pick my brain and announced that I had no choice but to be her new study buddy. I agreed.

This was not a whirlwind romance.

Our class met on Wednesdays. Sarah and I started by getting together on Tuesday’s for lunch. I usually brought a sandwich and an apple. Sarah usually had a yogurt and some kind of fruit. We were pretty disciplined and talked about the week’s readings before the class met for the week. Sarah was an English major and active in the University’s drama program. She was bright, but suffered from the modern undergraduate problem that she hadn’t read anything. Tet, hadn’t heard of it. Watergate, a mystery to her. Jimmy Carter, who was Cyrus Vance? Iranian hostage crisis? Who took the Iranians hostage? Menachem Begin? Wasn’t he a terrorist or something? You get the idea.

By late October, Tuesdays turned into Tuesday pre-class meet and Wednesday after class dinner. We both lived in dorms. No one had a kitchen. We didn’t have much cash so we did cheap off campus spaghetti special at a greasy Italian place.

In November Sarah panicked. She had a first draft of a paper due in our class and she was supposed to be “opening” in a black box production of a play in drama. Black Box productions are small. They are not main stage. Her part was not huge, but the play still meant a big time commitment each night while the play was up.

In crisis mode, Sarah’s laptop moved to my dorm room. Sarah wanted ready access to my thoughts, an eye over he shoulder while she wrote, and my small library of books (it seemed to Sarah that I had read everything on the planet and owned a copy of it).

Did I mention that Sarah was a pretty good student herself? She had a spectacular GPA and had big plans for graduate school and beyond. In her mind A means average. B means bad. She was not a geek girl. She partied more than I ever did. But all in all she was a grind when she needed to grind.

Sarah’s play turned out good. Ally, the lead in the play, was grateful that Sarah had been a trooper and took the play so seriously. Ally and Sarah were friends. The Black Box was supposed to feature Ally as a future professional star — there were a few potential agents in the audience. Ally got some good agent leads from the production.

Sarah’s paper draft was a hit with the professor. He commented (in red) that perhaps he was wrong early in the term when he accused her of laboring with the burden of “shitty thought.”

Sarah finished the semester in style taking As in all of her classes.

Sarah was no longer camping in my room come Christmas break. I was surprised to find a Christmas card from Sarah waiting for me when I got home to my folks for break. Sarah wrote a sweet note about how I was the best part of her fall. She also called on Christmas and told me not to be a stranger come Spring term. She called again to wish me a Happy New year.

I had to take another Politics class come Spring. We have to take three classes outside our graduate “major.” Big surprise when I walked into class the first day and Sarah was sitting there waiting. She asked if she could be my study buddy again. I agreed.

She was over at my dorm room most nights.

How do you know when something has changed? I got the idea maybe the last week in January. Drama did some small “show case” productions to get “newer” actors on stage. After the “show cases” Sarah went out drinking with the drama crowd. I got a call around 1:00 AM. It was Sarah. She was drunk she said and needed a ride home. We had to talk a bit to figure out where she was. I went and got her and helped her home. Key take away point, she was at some big off campus house rented by some of the drama guys. She could have crashed there. But for some reason she did not feel comfortable doing that. It was clear when I got there that lots of the drama folks were hooking up (in all possible combinations) and she wanted to escape that little event. I was surprised. I thought pretty girl like her ought to be hooking up with the pretty drama people. She had to have guys (or girls) chasing after her.

After her drunk drama night her interest in me seemed to grow. She wanted to talk more about me, not just about class. She came over every night and did all of her homework in my room. She stayed late. She brought snacks. She left a case of bottled water. She brought work out clothes and went to use the exercise room in my dorm on many nights. If she was hot and sweaty, she would steal one of my towels and go clean up in the showers on my floor.

So here is the question, I had a nubile twenty year old sitting in spandex on my bed nearly every night, why didn’t I do anything? I was shy.

My birthday comes in March (every year). I usually try to avoid a birthday spotlight. Sarah thought otherwise.

Forward is the word that comes to mind about the birthday. Sarah began with what was now the usual routine. Shows up at my room. Studies a bit. Yaks at me. Heads off to work out. Comes back. Asks me if she is stinky. Sniffs herself and says a shower is in order. Steals a towel.

Sarah hanging out with me was so routine until that point that I had missed all the signals.

She comes back from the shower in just the towel.

Closes my room door. Looks at me. Sarah says, “Birthday.” She drops the towel, “Birthday suit … now you have to get into yours.” Sarah looked good naked. Say nipples. Sarah had good ones.

She walks up and gives me a huge kiss. We end up naked and in my bed and have crazy sex. Mind you, I don’t know much about sex but I know I had fun. Sarah spent the night.

We had more sex again in the morning.

For the rest of March we had sex at least twice a day. Sarah introduced me to lots of things about sex that I did not do before. Sarah essentially moved into my room. And we had lots of sex.

My life was very good while I was just a geeky kid who kept to myself and studied History. Now life was different.

One night during the first week in April I was at dinner at the cheap Italian place with Sarah and Ally. Ally had a deal with an agent and was supposed to move to California after graduation. Sarah did not seem herself.

After dinner Ally talked. “Fred, Sarah does not know how to say this but you two aren’t really long term compatible.”

I didn’t get what was going on at first.

Ally continued, “Sarah tells me that you are a little small ‘down there.’ Sarah has been with bigger guys and that is what she wants. You and her just won’t work out. You won’t be her long term boy because you are not a long boy where it counts.”

Sarah hadn’t said anything. This was bizarre. We had bumped like bunnies for a month and Sarah had never said a word about my boy bits. Sarah seemed to have lots of fun. The boy bits worked just fine. Now, Ally was dumping me for Sarah because the boy parts were too small.

Ally and I exchanged a few more words and then I excused myself.

A few hours later there was a knock at my dorm door. It was Ally and Sarah. Sarah had a key so they let themselves in.

Sarah was very apologetic and said she had handled this all wrong. She stepped up and gave me a big kiss and groped me a bit. Then she started to pull my pants down. She said she had to show Ally what this was all about.

This was new to me. I was in a room with two girls. One who I had recently had much crazy sex with. One who had just told me that crazy sex girl was dumping me because I was too small. And now I was wearing no pants.

Ally and Sarah both kneeled down in front of my penis. They looked at it. There faces were like a foot away from it.

Ally started to play with it. I was pretty excited and got very hard. She felt up my balls. She stroked the shaft. She ran her hand through my pubic hair.

Ally looked at Sarah, said, “you don’t mind,” and began to suck.

I was confused.

Sarah shucked her clothes off and joined in. Sarah moved around my backside and started licking at my asshole, then fingering it.

I was not going to last long. I came hard and Ally sucked it all down. Ally had clearly done this before.

Ally then took her clothes off. I guess we were not done with small penis display.

Ally is a busty read head. She is about 5’6″ with d cup breasts.

Sarah came around and gave Ally a big kiss. I think Ally still had sperm in her mouth.

Ally said, “Ok maybe you can keep him.”

There was clearly more to this story than I knew about. Ally and Sarah must have had a few conversations about my boy parts.

And Sarah and Ally seemed to be very acquainted with each other in a private way.

We needed a true confessions moment to fill me in on what Ally and Sarah obviously knew.

In the mean time, Sarah got me the rest of the way naked. Sarah pulled Ally over to the bed. Sarah went down between Ally’s legs and asked me to come and help her grope Ally’s girl parts.

Ally was a natural red head by the way, you could tell from her cute red public hair. Ally also had a big clit. Maybe not big, I am not a clit expert, but bigger than Sarah’s.

Recall that as of January had not been with girls much at all. I had done the back seat thing with my prom date and the occasional summer time grope with another girl. I was not wild sex boy. My undergraduate years had been a desert.

Here it was the end of April and I was in bed with two girls who seemed to know each other’s bodies quite well. I thought one of the two was my girlfriend. We had spent the last month fucking like bunnies.

It was not long and Sarah and I had Ally worked into a real lather. Ally came very hard, then again, then again. Ally was loud.

Sarah was proving tireless and she reached over to kiss me. She stroked me a bit to get me hard again. She pulled me aside and whispered to watch the fun. She then told Ally to touch herself.

Ally started to masturbate like crazy. Soon she came hard again (a few times). Ally looked beat.

We were at a good point to pause.

Sarah started on the true confession. Sarah had not complained that I was too small. What had happened was that Ally asked whom Sarah had been fucking all month. Sarah told her about me. Ally wanted to know “size.” Ally wanted to know everything. Sarah told her. Ally (who is admitted to be a bit of a size queen when she sleeps with boys) said that would not do. Ally promised Sarah that she would take care of things.

About Sarah and Ally, they have been bed friends for a few years, back since Sarah was a freshman. In fact, Sarah really hadn’t been with a guy (until me) since high school. Ally usually dates black guys (football players) or other drama girls. Sarah was Ally’s drama girl of choice.

Its now May. I am not sure if this is a happy ending or not. Sarah moved into my room for the rest of the semester. She thinks we should get an off campus apartment together for her senior year. Sarah wants to cook for us.

Ally has come over a few times to have me and Sarah “do her” together. Ally likes the attention. Ally really likes when we watch her masturbate. Ally also keeps talking about bringing along one of her football players. I think Ally wants to convince me to let the football player have my butt. Ally wants to watch that (and help). Ally usually plays with my butt when she is over. Sarah sucks my cock and Ally fingers my prostate. Ally will be in LA next year so the Ally bit in my life will go away soon.

But its clear that Sarah really gets off being with girls (too). So if not Ally, then? I am sure Sarah will find someone. What will that mean?

And how do I know that Sarah really doesn’t want bigger? Is this what happens to all small guys? Do they always wonder? How can you not wonder after “too small” night?

But how many girls just pull down their boyfriend’s pants to show his (small) cock to their girlfriends? This is not normal. I am all about normal. I want my normal back.

But I like having sex twice a day (or more). What 23 year old guy wouldn’t like that?


Chapter 02: About Missy

My Name Is Fred, the first story in this series is not a true story, but it is not entirely false either. On the old Dragnet TV series they always said, “The names were changed to protect the innocent.” In “Fred” no names are real. The places are not really real either. The actual Fred “show me the penis” moment talked about in “My Name is Fred” took place in a restaurant bathroom. So did the double girl blowjob with Sarah and Ally. Can’t tell that actual story because insightful people could figure out where the restaurant really is. Are the women real? Some people might be shocked if they knew who the real world women and Fred were, if there actually are real world women and a real Fred. Would you believe that Fred married Ally the red haired d-cup size queen? No one would. They later divorced. Fred also married Sarah, but that was fifteen years after he married Ally. Leave it at that. If you went to the right college at the right moment somewhere east of the Mississippi you know all of these people. Size queens never marry small penis boys so none of this can be true.

So what about Missy? Missy is hard to explain. There is a Masters Thesis somewhere in the United States done in the past 30 years with a dedication to Missy. If you find that thesis and read that dedication you will understand Missy and Fred.

Is Missy “real”? Sure. Is Missy her name? No. Again, “the names are changed …” But you wish you earned what Missy earns from her “day job” today. Missy is a very unique and special person. And back in college Missy’s ability at reverse cowgirl was without peer. Sarah and Ally were both in awe. It’s easy to go up and down on 8 inches like all the porn girls do. 5 inches? Not so easy. That takes amazing muscle control.

People have stories they cannot tell, private lives they cannot share, because they do not want to betray the secrets of others. If you had a great threesome at Harvard back in the 80s, you cannot tell that story because one of those folks likely runs a hedge fund today. If you got the best blowjob of your life from a guy at Yale back in the 80s, the problem is that guy is probably married with two kids and a Federal judge today. The cute girl with hairy armpits that you fucked up the ass in the 80s at UVA is probably a Hollywood producer today. The Theta with blonde hair and unkempt girly parts whose parents belonged to Norfolk Yacht married the bartender. Who would have figured that.

But those untold stories matter. Here is more about Fred.


About Missy. Missy is 5’5″. She is the shortest woman on our University’s varsity women’s volleyball team. The coach usually doesn’t take women shorter than about 5’9″, but Missy is a scrapper. She has quick hands. She can dig maybe better than any college girl in the country. She is the setter. The setter on a volleyball team calls the plays and runs the offense. Missy is a sophomore. The volleyball coach usually does not start a sophomore as the setter, and certainly not a 5’5″ sophomore, but Missy so good that the coach changed up what she usually does because she had to have Missy on the floor.

Missy is buff. She is a jock babe. She is one of the hot volleyball players at the school. There are a few. The school could do a poster.

Missy is a gym rat and spends hours each week training.

Missy has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is shoulder length and curly. Missy is pasty white.

Missy likes to do roadwork in the summers on country back roads with some of the girls from the track team. Missy says the track girls give her a better workout than do the volleyball girls. Missy wears tight spandex when she works out. She likes to show off her toned body. Missy has a great camel toe. She has a tight boy butt and strong thighs. She is nearly flat like a boy as well. An A-cup on a good day. Missy has thick nipples that poke at her spandex tops.

I am in my second year in the graduate history program at a Large Midwestern State University. My name is Fred. I live off campus in a rented house with a girl named Sarah. It’s an old house with steam heat and a big claw foot bathtub. We have hard wood floors, plaster walls, large windows, and a great gas stove in the kitchen.

Sarah is a senior English major. Sarah trained in dance through high school and she maintains a lean toned dancer’s body. I won’t call Sarah a gym rat, but she works out and still takes dance classes for fun. Sarah had a part in a Black Box production in Drama last school year with her friend Ally. Sarah plans to read for parts in a few drama productions this year as well. Sarah has started to dabble in photography. Sarah masquerades as shy, but that is all a front. Sarah likes to perform and does not mind a bit of spectacle. Sarah likes to show off her body. Sarah posed nude for some studio art classes as a freshman. Sarah also posed for some real life photographers for nudes. Sarah is not sure about the professional work. Sarah avoids underwear as often as she can. She likes to be ogled. Sarah will often work a schoolgirl look with a plaid skirt, white button down, but no bra and one button too few buttoned on the blouse. She loves when folks get a glimpse of nipple through her top. For the Fall, Sarah decided to color her hair jet black and wear dark lipstick and dark nail polish. Her nails are always trimmed Dyke short. The paint on her toenails always matches the fingernails. Sarah is wearing lots of eyeliner with the black hair.

I think Sarah is rocket scientist smart. She denies that, and insists I am the smart one in the relationship. I read a lot. Sarah reads a little less. Sarah gets out more than I do. Sarah tries to see every movie that comes out. She loves to watch Turner Classic Movies when she’s home. Sarah enjoys white wine. Sarah likes me. Sarah also likes to play with girls.

When Sarah and I first had sex last Spring, she kept the hair on her girly parts trimmed very short or shaved entirely. She is letting it grow wild this year because I like the texture when it gets long. Sarah has a little treasure trail and a more than a bit of pubes running onto her thighs when she lets her bush grow natural. I like to watch when she wears short skirts and flashes a bit of bush. Sarah is still learning how best to do that and make the flash seem entirely unintentional.

I mention Missy and Sarah together here because I plan to explain how I came to know Missy and why Missy moved into the house with Sarah and me second semester.

I was at the HPER on a Sunday morning in early September getting loose before a pick up basketball game. We have a professor in History, John Luzerne, who loves to “invite” (read: compel) a bunch of graduate students to get together with some faculty for Sunday morning pick up games. Luzerne never thought people might want to sleep or go to church on Sunday. Luzerne drives a pickup truck. He likes to think he is a man’s man.

It was about 8:00 AM and I was shooting around trying to get a touch before the game. I had no touch that morning at all. Lots of rim, little net. The HPER is a big place. I’m minding my own business and chasing my own misses when this girl walks up and asks if I mind if she shares the ball. She thought I might want help chasing down my misses. She introduces herself as Missy. I say go ahead. Missy, misses, ha, never mind. She shoots the lights out of it. I asked what her deal was and Missy admitted she played guard on her high school team. I didn’t realize this was Missy the superstar volleyball player and all around University jock babe.

I asked Missy if she wanted to stick around and be our ringer against Luzerne’s hand picked team. Missy said yes. She loved to play whenever she could. We kicked butt. Missy sank outside jumpers left and right. Luzerne’s team came out to double her and Missy fed the open guy every time with sharp crisp passes. It really wasn’t fair. We had a professional.

Luzerne is 6’3″. He is a big guy. A couple times Missy drove the lane and was happy to take the ball right to Luzerne when he stepped up to block her shot. Missy has strong legs and Luzerne ended up flat on his butt more than a few times. Missy knew how to pick her spots. She never battled Luzerne on the boards for rebounds; she just pulled him outside then drove hard to the basket. The faculty got winded and the game wound down. Luzerne griped that the graduate students had found some undergraduate ringer. He did not take losing well.

The graduate students taunted Luzerne by pointing out the “ringer” was a little 5’5″ girl who had run him silly. Fact is that I was the only graduate student who could keep up with Missy. We need more wind in the department.

Missy asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends on their run. A couple other girls had walked up to watch us finish our game. Missy introduced me to two tall skinny black girls, Vershana and LaTanya. I smiled and said I didn’t want to hold them up. Vershana and LaTanya run track. They look like they run track. Vershana is buff. LaTanya is less buff, but very tall.

Vershana grinned and said that if they had to slow down for me that might just save Missy’s sorry butt from a beat down.

I begged off and said that I would leave Missy’s butt to them.

LaTanya said “yum.”

The three of them ran off with Missy insisting “that” (whatever that was) was not what I meant about her butt. The girls were all laughing.

With what I know now, the volleyball coach probably would not have been happy to learn that her star setter played pickup basketball on her off Sunday during the first month of the season. That was a knee waiting to happen. Missy was just being social. Missy is like that, social and independent.

Of course with what else I know now my comment of Missy’s butt was square on.

A couple weeks later I met Missy again. I got a call from someone named Buzz in the Athletic Department. They were looking for a History graduate student, a good writer, who could “advise” some of the women athletes about some of their humanities and social science courses. By “advise” Buzz really meant tutor, but they didn’t like to use the “T” word at our school. We admitted only smart athletes.

I said sure. When I showed up for my first “advising” session, one of the girls was Missy. Missy’s friends Vershana and LaTanya were there too, as well a few other girls.

When I got home Sarah asked if I liked my private time with a room full of jock babes. She then stripped off her clothes and we fucked like bunnies. As busy as both Sarah and I were this Fall, we found time virtually every morning and night for very good sex. Sarah loved to try new things and I never complained when she pushed boundaries. Sarah is very creative about her sex. Before I met Sarah I might masturbate three times a day, I hardly ever touched myself now. Sarah would be pissed if I masturbated and she didn’t at least get watch.

Of course the problem tonight was that Sarah got herself soaking wet just from talking about me hanging out with jock babes. Sarah’s panties were soaked as she pulled them off. There was a sense of urgency about her need for a fuck. Something gave me the impression that Sarah wanted to be used by a strong athletic girl. Sarah was in a dirty mood and made me fuck her butt while she rubbed her clit hard. Sarah bent over, lubed up her back hole, and insisted that I put my “little wee, wee” in. No foreplay, just right to hard butt fuck. I obliged. Sarah moved her but around as we fucked. She pushed up against me when I thrust. I pumped hard. Sarah pushed back hard and squeezed and relaxed her anus. Sarah’s in great shape but I’ve got more wind. I guess that means I am in better shape. After a very hard butt fuck I came gobs. I am not sure I have enough down there to make it hurt, but I sure tried. Sarah just laid there smiling with cum oozing out her ass when I was done. I should have taken a picture. That was a good cum. Sarah likes to get fucked in the ass. That asshole looked fucked. Red, puffy, dripping.

I got into a regular routine where I saw my jock babes on Sunday and Tuesday nights, with an occasional Thursday if they were not travelling for a game or meet. The girls were good workers. Big time college sports take quite a bit of work; with all your weight work and practice, you don’t have much time for studies. My jock babes worked hard on their school stuff with the little time we had together.

As the jock babe got to know me better they talked “out of school” about other athletes, coaches and such. One night Vershana admitted she preferred girls to boys. That’s a big step for a college athlete. College athletes usually don’t come out while they are still in school. They certainly don’t come out to outsiders. There are always rumors and stories about some folks, but the athletes usually are good at keeping what they know about teammates to themselves. Maybe that meant I was now an insider. Vershana did keep her actual “hookups” pretty private, but made one big slip. She mentioned that she thought a few of the women’s teams liked their road trips better than being at home because no one really cared where they slept on the road, unlike back in the dorms where there were always prying eyes. There are some things best left alone, and I did not comment on Vershana’s revelation about road trip bed buddies.

The betting line at this point would have to be that Missy preferred girls to boys. A few key facts: even though they were in different sports, Vershana and Missy did roadwork together, they lifted together, if they were sore they hit the training room together and Missy was on one of those women’s teams that took long overnight road trips, I presumed with bed buddies. I wondered who Missy slept with on the road. Of course those facts could mean nothing at all. Some of the girls were straight.

I told Sarah when I got home that Vershana outed like half the jock babes at school tonight. Needless to say, that got Sarah hot. She wondered how she could hook up with a jock babe? She also proceeded to get naked and invite me to join her in our big claw foot bathtub. I stripped off and laid down in the tub. Sarah squatted over me and let go a stream of piss in my mouth. Yum. We had done piss play before. A couple times I pissed in Sarah’s mouth and all over her face. When Sarah wants to do it she “saves up” and drinks a lot so she can give me a really big pee. When Sarah finished with her pee, I ate her out. She came hard. We showered (to clean the pee off) and headed to bed. In bed, Sarah said she wanted a little show. I jacked myself off for her. When I came, she licked the cum off my hand and cock. Sarah loves eating cum.

Mid-November at a Tuesday night “advising” session Missy asked if we could talk in private. I said sure, after the session. The other girls left and Missy and I sat to chat. Missy then “outed” herself. Missy said that she needed a respectable “boy date” for a dinner with her parents first of December. She really didn’t have other boys in mind. She hadn’t dated much in college. Her folks would be coming to town for this dress up dinner thing. Her mom had asked her if she was going to bring that boy she always talked about to the dinner. That boy happened to be me. Missy’s mom had taken a comment from Missy that Missy saw me a couple nights a week to mean that we were “an item.” Missy talked with her mom about me all the time. Missy saw no reason to correct her mom. And besides, if Missy’s mom talked about me that usually meant the track girls never came up in conversation.

I was flattered. But I am also nothing if loyal to the women I love. I told Missy that I would be her date, but that she would have to ask Sarah (my girlfriend) for permission to “borrow me” for the night. I warned Missy that Sarah might be tough on her. Missy winked. Missy had an away road trip starting the next day, but said she would come by and ask Sarah upon her return.

I told Sarah about my “date” with Missy first thing when I got home. Sarah thought it was cute that Missy had outed herself to me of all people. Sarah then told me to take off my pants so she could blow me. Sarah wanted me to remember that she was my best girl and liked to eat the cum from my little dick. Sarah told me not to get the idea that Missy would be willing to eat my cum like she did. Sarah blew me again first thing the next morning. Sarah seemed convinced that if she drank all of my cum, there would be none for Missy. Sarah vowed that she would drink so much cum from my cock between now and December that I wouldn’t be able to get the little thing up for Missy. It would be small and limp as a noodle.

Sunday night Sarah and I were sitting around the house not doing too much. Sarah had finished her work for the night and was on her second glass of wine. I went to take a shower. I hadn’t taken the time to clean up after the morning Luzerne basketball game over at the HPER and wanted to scrub off some grime and sweat before bed. I was just out of the shower and the doorbell rang. Sarah yelled that I should get the door.

I am naked drying off and Sarah is doing what? The naked boy gets the door? Who knew why. So I wrapped a towel around me and got the door.

It was Missy to ask Sarah about borrowing me. I had totally forgotten when Missy would come by. I yelled to Sarah that Missy was here to see her. Not sure which room Sarah was in but she wandered into the living room wearing one of my shirts (and it looked like no pants) and holding a glass of wine.

Sarah is very polite and offered to get Missy a glass of wine too. Sarah says it is rude to not offer a guest a drink.

I am still standing there in a towel. Thanks everyone for the concern.

Sarah put her glass down and ran to the kitchen. She was back in an instant with the bottle and another glass. She poured and handed the glass to Missy. Sarah implored Missy to sit down on the couch. Sarah planted herself right next to Missy.

I think Sarah may have been a little drunk.

I told everyone that I was going to run and get some clothes; Sarah said I did not need to bother. We were among friends. I should just sit.

Missy chuckled.

Missy started to talk and explain to Sarah what she wanted.

Sarah interrupted Missy and explained that I had already filled her in on what Missy wanted. Sarah motioned me to come stand by her. Sarah began to tell Missy that she had no objection at all to my being Missy’s dress up date, but that Sarah was not sure that Missy knew what she was getting. Missy looked confused. I certainly was confused.

Sarah then pulled my towel off and pointed at my dick. Sarah went on, “he’s not that big and I don’t know if a jock babe such as yourself wants to stake her reputation for being straight on that little thing.” Sarah grabbed my cock.

Missy blushed and held back a laugh. I was not sure if the laugh was at my expense for my little dick or at Sarah’s for acting so crazy. Missy should have run for the door.

Sarah went on, “but it works fine.” Sarah started to fondle me and play with my balls.

Sarah continued, “and I like to do this …” And Sarah started to suck.

Missy was paralyzed and looked like she wanted to die. I guess I was paralyzed too because I let Sarah suck away at my dick.

I suppose that for various institutional and legal reasons I should have stopped Sarah and kept the towel on and the like. I had an official university position of sorts. I did “advise” Missy a few nights a week. But technically I had no authority over Missy and Missy had asked me on a date.

Missy kept watching. I don’t know why.

Sarah turned to Missy, “Your turn. I have to see how you are going to take care of him.”

Sarah tugged Missy’s arm to pull her closer to where I was standing.

“Come on,” Sarah went on, “don’t be shy. It’s easy to do. Here watch me again.”

Sarah sucked more. She fondled my balls.

Sarah stopped sucking and gently pushed me in front of Missy so that my cock was in Missy’s face.

“C’mon let’s see you do it.” Sarah encouraged.

Missy protested.

Sarah encouraged more.

Missy reached up to touch. She hesitated a bit. Sarah smiled. Sarah grabbed Missy’s hand and put it on my cock. Missy fondled a bit, slowly at first, then with a little more grip.

“That’s the spirit,” Sarah said.

Missy moved to put her mouth on my cock. Her lips touched the head, she moved down the shaft. Then back up.

“Good girl, ” Sarah encouraged Missy. “Suck more, there is not that much. Take it all in.”

Missy sucked my cock in all the way to the base. She played with my balls while she did that.

Sarah lost her shirt while Missy sucked. Sarah then slowly and gently started to touch Missy. Sarah kissed Missy’s neck moved her mouth to meet Missy’s mouth on my cock. Soon the girls pulled off my cock and started to kiss each other.

Sarah stopped. Missy looked wide-eyed at Sarah.

“Let’s get you undressed, girl.” Sarah said.

Missy stood and shucked off her sweat shirt and warm up pants. Missy pulled off Sarah’s panties and went right for Missy’s slit. Missy’s girly bits were furry. Sarah pushed Missy back on the couch and spread her legs. Sarah lapped at Missy’s clit. Missy bucked and moaned. I sat next to Missy and sucked on her nipples. Missy had really no areolae but she had big dark pink nipples that poked out from her chest. Missy came fast and hard as Sarah licked furiously at her clit.

Sarah congratulated Missy on a good cum and said that we had more work to do. Sarah invited Missy back to the master bedroom. We have a king sized bed. Sarah grabbed Missy’s arm. Missy didn’t get much of a choice.

For the next three hours the three of us hooked up in various couplings. Sarah wanted very much to show Missy how she liked to rub my prostate while I was getting blown. Missy blew me and Sarah poked some fingers up my butt. Sarah said she could tell I was about to cum and warned Missy. Missy sucked down the cum like a trooper. Sarah deep kissed missy to lick my cum from her mouth.

Sarah and I then took turns licking Missy’s various holes. Missy was the center of attention for the rest of the night. I tongued Missy’s clit while Sarah tongued her ass. We sucked on Missy’s toes, her nipples, her earlobes, and kissed her endlessly. Missy must have come a dozen times. We wore the poor girl out.

We all fell asleep.

In the morning, I was up first and put on the coffee then scrambled some eggs. Missy crawled out of the bedroom second. She pulled on one of my sweatshirts. I didn’t think she had any pants on. Sarah followed in a bit wearing one of my dress shirts. Also no pants. I guess a Fred shirt and no pants was the girl uniform of the day.

Not to belabor the conversation. Missy confessed she preferred girls. She owned up to the fact that she had never seriously dated a boy. She was not out to her parents. She wasn’t ready to be out to her parents. Her parents were small town religious folks. Missy’s parents just thought she was shy around boys—and a bit sports obsessed.

Missy had seen some of the naked football and basketball guys in the sports program training room at the HPER and yes there were some really big guys out there. Really big. Really, really big. I was “smaller” as Missy put it. Missy giggled when she said that. But Missy agreed with Sarah that it still worked fine even if it was kind of little. Missy was not into size (as she wasn’t into guys). Missy agreed that Sarah knew her way around a girl’s body, but so did I. Missy shyly admitted that she had more than a few good times with some of the “track girls” since she had gotten to school, but Missy thought she wouldn’t mind hanging out with us too. Missy more or less invited herself over for future fuck dates. Missy wasn’t in anything committed. Missy found our house to be safe and warm.

Missy could tell Sarah and I were in love—and a little bit odd too. Missy had not ever met folks who the first time they met someone as a couple make it a point to show off the guy’s small cock. That was not my plan. That was not Missy’s plan. That was all Sarah’s idea of naughty introduction. It could have turned out badly; but Sarah didn’t want Missy around if she wasn’t up for something “spontaneous” like Sarah sticking my dick in her mouth.

Sarah confessed that she had been hot for Missy ever since I had started “advising” the “jock babes.” Sarah had looked up Missy’s picture and was insanely jealous that I got to spend three nights a week with Missy. Sarah also admitted that she could never be an advisor to jock babes like I was because she would want to get in their pants all the time. Very little “advising” would happen.

I think at that point in the conversation Sarah stepped behind Missy and started to kiss her neck. Missy reached back and rubbed between Sarah’s legs. The girls headed back to the Master bedroom while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

When the kitchen was clean I joined the girls in the bedroom. I watched some really physical girl-girl sex. Missy was strong and pinned Sarah on her back with her butt in the air. Missy held Sarah’s leg’s apart and licked Sarah’s slit. Sarah squirmed and bucked, but Missy held her fast. Sarah came very loudly.

Missy let Sarah down. The girls’ crotches moved together, bush on bush. Dancer legs and arms and jock-babe leg and arms pushed dancer clit hard against jock clit. Both girls were panting and sweating. Clit ground against clit. They came, Missy first then Sarah. Sarah squealed with delight.

I waved and signaled faint praise at the show.

The girls then conspired to make me fuck Missy. Missy had fucked dildos and girls’ fingers but never a boy. I was her first boy. Missy was in world-class shape so I didn’t know if I could keep up with her fuck pace, although Sarah had given Missy a great workout already and maybe had worn her down some. We did it missionary. Missy pushed back hard to meet my thrusts. Her legs wrapped tight around me at first—then I grabbed her ankles and held her legs back over her head. Missy was really flexible. Once Missy and I got in a rhythm Sarah joined in; she stuck a lubricated finger up my ass, then a second, and poked my prostate. That did it and I came hard. Sarah went down and licked the cum in Missy’s slit.

I asked—late to the game—if we had thought about babies here?

The girls laughed and told me that Missy was on the depo shot because she didn’t want periods during the season. No babies that day.

The clock told us that we would be late for class if no one moved. We all moved and agreed to plot more later.

First of December the Missy date went well. Her parents were impressed that she was chasing after such a smart boy, a Ph. D candidate and all.

Missy’s parents did not object at all when Missy told her folks that come second semester she wanted to move out of the dorms and into the house I shared with my “roommate” Sarah. Her parents were religious, but thought that was eminently sensible for Missy to be out of those nasty dorms.

The house has four bedrooms. “Officially” one is Missy’s, one is Sarah’s, one is mine, and the other is the “spare.” Missy’s parents stayed in the spare room one night. That was a quiet night in the house.

Sarah and I share the Master bedroom (except when Missy’s parents visit). Missy joins us once or twice a week (depending). Maybe twice a week Sarah and Missy will head to bed alone together, but Sarah always ends those nights by slipping into the Master bedroom with me.

Vershana has come over a few times to play with Missy. Sarah has been about to die when she saw Vershana walking around the house in the morning in just a t-shirt. Vershana is lean, very toned, and long.

On some mornings when Sarah has to leave early for class Missy crawls into bed with me to play with my little wee wee. Missy has great legs and a great butt, which makes for spectacular reverse cowgirl. The girls have a rule that I am not to be neglected or abused just because my wee wee is small. Missy works hard to keep up her end of that promise. And Missy loves to be on top, cowgirl or reverse, to grind her pubes right into me. Missy doesn’t want me to tell folks that she fucks a little dick boy and likes to be on top.

Sarah graduates in May. Missy graduates in two years. I could take a Masters in May, and finish the Ph. D somewhere else. Or I could spend two more years here and finish my Ph. D. Sarah wants more school, but she has not decided what or where. At some point Sarah and I have to have the how do we plan to fill the space between birth and death talk.

You might recall Ally from the last story. Sarah’s friend Ally is in LA and although Ally hasn’t been in anything yet that you might have seen, she tells us that her agent keeps her busy (with classes, the gym, auditions and the like). Ally tells Sarah that she would love the west coast. I think Ally is just lonely. Ally keeps asking Sarah how I am doing. For a girl who hated my small cock, Ally seems much too concerned.

I am a bit confused. Maybe a year ago I had had sex about four or five times with very average girls back home. Girls were ok. Sex was poor. Likely both were my fault. I masturbated two or three times a day. That was fine. Now I was in graduate school living with a very photogenic dancer girl and a jock babe. The jock babe was lesbian at heart, but fucked me just because. The dancer girl was pretty lesbian as well, but took a liking to my small male endowment. What guy would complain about this.

This is not normal. I want my normal back.


Chapter 3

As they say in every “Dragnet” episode, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. As they say in every “Law and Order” episode, none of this is real. Versh might be familiar to guys who drove long haul trucks and parked sometimes at a certain truck stop around Indianapolis. After college, Versh got hungry for something she had tasted once long ago in the ghetto. You always go home. Most suburban middle class folks know what Versh got a taste for as “heroin.”

Versh had stayed clean in college. Versh fell hard and fast when she got on the junk after graduation. Versh paid her bills by turning tricks at the truck stop outside of Indy. Versh was still hot so she made good money. She shared an apartment on the east side of Indianapolis with a guy named Wilbur. Wilbur was the first guy Versh slept with—back when Versh was sleeping with guys just for fun.

I don’t think the Black Crowes ever met Versh. But whenever I hear “She Talks to Angels,” I think of Versh. Sometimes I shed a tear when I hear that song. For me, that is Versh’s song.

Wilbur had no balls. He lost them in a prison knife fight a couple years back. Needless to say, that changed Wilbur’s outlook on the world. Versh didn’t care that Wilbur couldn’t fuck much anymore, Versh fucked too many guys to pay the bills and her sexual taste had turned to girls anyway.

One day Wilbur got caught trying to shoplift two suits from a department store in downtown Indy. Versh had the cash to pay for the suits. Wilbur was an idiot. Wilbur had a long record so the prosecutor sent him back to prison for a long time. The prosecutor said something about needing to keep a dangerous menace off the streets.

Versh had a hard time keeping life together without Wilbur. Maybe two months after Wilbur was sent up, Versh overdosed. They autopsied Versh and found she was carrying a baby. About three months along. They also found a picture of a small white penis in Versh’s purse. The picture was a bit tattered and didn’t have any names or anything on it.

Versh had been back to the Large Midwestern State University shortly before Wilbur got sent up. She had visited her old college friends Fred and Sarah. The baby was probably Fred’s. Versh usually didn’t like to fuck Fred. Versh said Fred was too small and they were “incompatible.” But Versh had Fred’s “cute” little penis picture with her all the time. Most of the truckers who fucked Versh were too small too when it got right down to it. If Versh was going to fuck a guy, she wanted a real fuck. It took 8″ thick inches or more for Versh to feel “fucked.” Versh was pretty up front about what she thought. Versh wanted a penis that could hurt her before she called it a fuck.


My name is Fred.

I am in my third year in the graduate History program at a Large Midwestern State University. I live in a four bedroom off campus house with my girlfriend Sarah.

Last May, Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in English. About a month before graduation, we had the talk about how we planned to fill the time until death. We decided we were not yet ready for marriage, but we were crazy in love and belong in the same town. Sarah agreed that she should stick in town until I finish my Ph. D. Sarah took a job as a cashier at the bookstore at the student union to pick up some extra cash. Those who pay attention might have seen some of the modeling work that Sarah did for the bookstore’s advertising and web page. Sarah looks good in pictures. Sarah has also been doing more with her photography “hobby”, but more on that in a bit. Also my Sarah is not to be confused with the “Infamous Sarah” for those who know her. That is another story.

Sarah and I have a “roomie,” Missy. Missy is a junior and the setter on the women’s volleyball team. Missy mostly sleeps with girls, but has been known to sleep with me on occasion, and with me and Sarah on occasion as well.

I think I am in the best shape of my life. Missy is a master motivator and she insists that Sarah and I do a good run every morning. We try to run with Missy (if we can keep up with Missy). Missy also makes me hit the weight room over at the HPER. Sarah likes to keep limber and does a bit of yoga when she gets home from work at the bookstore. Sarah hasn’t taken a dance class in some time, but she maintains the diet and physical discipline you see in dancers.

Missy has a sometimes relationship with a girl on the track team, Vershana or Versh. Versh is about 5’8″ and lean. Because Versh is so lean she seems taller than 5’8″. Versh has nice B-cup breasts that seem larger than B-cups, again because Versh is so lean.

Versh and Missy’s relationship is “sometimes” thing because Versh has also been seeing a woman affiliated with a pro sports league. Ms. Pro-sports is about 15 years older than Versh, and pretty rich. Ms. Pro-sports might almost be called a sugar-mommy. Pro-sports thinks Versh is hot. Sarah thinks Versh is hot. Missy thinks Versh is hot. I have to agree that Versh is hot.

Versh is also kind of ghetto. That’s not fair. Better to say Versh grew up in the bad part of a fallen Midwest Industrial Town. Her dad, the man who got her mom pregnant, is in prison for the rest of his life for beating a county jail guard to death with a pipe wrench. The jail guard was the second person Versh’s semen daddy killed. The first man he killed was an old man in semen daddy’s neighborhood who caught semen daddy stealing tools from a cable TV installer’s truck. Semen daddy knifed the old man as payback, which is what landed him in the county jail with the jail guard.

Versh’s mom was sixteen when she had Versh. It would be one of those perfect tales to say either that Versh’s mom walked the streets and took drugs but Versh got out, or that Versh’s mom worked two jobs to support Versh and fought to make sure that Versh could escape. Neither is true. Versh’s mom got her GED after she had Versh and went to a small bible college. Versh’s grandmamma watched Versh while Versh’s mom was in college. At college, Versh’s mom met her dream guy. Dream guy became a Baptist preacher. Versh’s mom married the preacher and the happy couple moved right back into Versh’s ghetto neighborhood and opened a Storefront Baptist Church. Versh has two half-sisters from mom’s marriage to dream guy. So Versh has a felon semen daddy, but grew up a minister’s daughter not quite dirt poor in the ghetto. Versh has seen quite a bit more than any of the rest of us ever will see. Versh is sweet as they come. And she is hot.

As I said, Versh is on the track team here at the University. She will never be Olympic caliber, but she will be all conference and likely show well at the NCAAs. Versh has friends back in the ghetto, but that is not where she wants to end up. That’s what Versh always says.

Being a minister’s daughter, Versh denies ever having sex. When she does admit to having sex, she will never admit that any of it happened before she was of legal age. Today Versh is squarely on the women’s team when it comes to sexual preference. The twenty or so guys she slept with before joining the women’s team were maybe an accident or something that happened after her eighteenth birthday. Some of those twenty guys now are probably in the same prison where Versh’s semen daddy lives. I sometimes wonder if those boys have butt-boy sex with Versh’s semen daddy. It’s a small world that way.

I mentioned that Sarah has been doing more with her own photography. Sarah has dabbled with photography for years. Her grandparents gave her a pro-quality digital camera for graduation. That inspired Sarah. Summer time was picture time, buy more lenses time, buy lighting gear time, photoshop time, and shoot, shoot , shoot time. Sarah carried the camera everywhere. Sarah shot pictures of everything and everyone.

In October Sarah got the bright idea that she wanted a home photo studio. The house we rent has big rooms, white plaster walls and 10 foot ceilings, 15 foot ceilings on the first floor. That is not pro-studio space as such, but its good space and Sarah and the girls moved a bunch of the living room furniture to bedroom four—turning bedroom four into the “TV” room. They moved the single bed from bedroom four into the dining room as a possible photo “prop.” The stuffed some furniture in the attic. They pushed one of the couches against the wall in the dining room. Sarah now had a studio.

Sarah bought some lights, not the best, not the worst. She found an old department store mannequin at an antique store. She bought that. She found a little pedestal table, she bought that. She seemed to spend the entire month of October shooting “Mannie” the mannequin and a bunch of pottery and flowers sitting on the pedestal table. She had fun. Missy and I (and Versh when she came over) watched a lot of TV in the TV room while Sarah took pictures of “Mannie.”

Come November Sarah declared herself an artist and wanted a human model. We all nominated Versh.

Versh, however, did not nominate Versh. Versh had no problem walking around a college track meet in those little bits of spandex that pass as track uniforms these days. Versh has no problem walking around a locker room stark naked. But there is something about adding a camera to the mix that runs square into the storefront Baptist Church conscience that she grew up with. Not sure how sleeping with girls and twenty guys squares with that conscience.

Versh spent some time considering the offer to model nude for Sarah.

After Sarah showed Versh her portfolio of “Mannie”, clay pots, and flowers, and after Versh had time to think, and after Sarah and Versh talked in private (the betting here is that Sarah gave Versh the best sex Versh ever had had) Versh agreed. Versh trusted that Sarah would show good taste and not smear Versh’s pictures all over the Internet. Versh saw herself as a college track star, not an Internet sex bunny.

Sarah and I fucked like bunnies after Versh agreed. The thought of Versh naked got Sarah crazy hot. Sarah stripped naked, bent over, and told me to take her ass hard. Sarah wanted a punishing ass fuck to celebrate. I lubed up and went to work. Not sure my small wee wee ever punishes someone’s ass, but I pumped hard. Sarah screeched. She moaned that she wanted my cum in her mouth. I got close and pulled out of her ass. I shoved my ass-dirty cock in her mouth. Sarah swallowed it whole. She licked and slurped. She sucked and sucked and I filled her mouth with sperm. She drank it down then made sure to lick all of the butt-juices off my cock, balls, and crotch. She was a dirty girl some times. Sarah looked very satisfied.

Two days later was Versh picture day. Missy and I sat on the couch in the dining room to watch Versh. There is a big arch that separates living room from dining room. It started as a fashion shoot. Versh posed in a white summer dress that she liked to wear to Storefront Baptist when she was home. Maybe Versh could give one of these pictures to her mom and the Preacher.

Then Sarah shot Versh in this little black cocktail dress that Pro-sports had given her and liked Versh to wear when they did dinner and such. The cocktail dress reminded you that Versh had breasts and long legs. They also showed off that Versh hadn’t shaved her pits in a month. Black girls with furry pits slay me (and Missy).

Next up came a few shy jock shots of Versh in a warm up suit. Sarah used those to get Versh familiar with various poses. Sarah walked Versh through a bunch of the poses and postions Sarah used when she modeled for Art classes a couple years back.

Then came the nudes. Versh walked into the living room wearing a robe. There was nothing new here for Missy. She and Versh were bed buddies. But Sarah and I had only seen Versh half-naked when she ran around the house in a T-shirt and panties.

Versh dropped the robe and stepped under Sarah’s lights. Stunning.

As Versh started, I could see only the back side. Versh has a great back. She is strong with slender hips, but she still has a delightful curve down the back through her waist to her hips. Her butt is small and tight. You can see the strength and muscles in her thighs, and as she tenses in her calves.

Sarah moved slowly. You could see Sarah’s nipples go hard. Versh was making Sarah hot. Sarah had Versh turn and I could see the front side. I went hard. Missy giggled when she saw my little bone poking in my shorts.

Versh’s breasts, I’ve already called them deceptive. Versh is slender so her B-cup breasts look large. You could not hang D-cups on Versh’s chest. C-cups might look fake. Versh’s aureole were bigger than silver-dollars, not “saucers” (for those guy’s who fantasize about saucer sized aureole) because a B-cup can’t do a saucer. But her aureole were large, puffy, and dark, dark brown. Versh’s nipples were wide but not that long. They were hard.

Versh’s belly button was a cute little outie.

Versh’s girly parts with natural, no razor for this girl. And she had a set of lips that looked long and dangled. If I was closer, I could have seen her clit better. From across the room, it looked long and like it stuck out just a little. I am tempted to call Versh’s genitals aggressive. Versh nude has girly parts that ask to be sucked. Her lips and clit stand out and are framed neatly by her natural bush.

Missy started to rub my cock through my shorts. I think the setting was making Missy hot.

Versh was warming to being naked. Her body was moving like in a slow dance at suggestive angles. Versh knew she was making Sarah hot.

Sarah wanted porn, not just naked. Called a time out to move the “day bed” under the lights. Sarah wanted Versh to recline and spread her legs. Sarah wanted Versh to touch herself. Versh was totally up for it.

This was too much for Missy and me, we excused ourselves to go fuck.

In some ways Missy and I were like an old married couple, we had our routine. We didn’t play alone much, but when we did we knew what we liked about each other. Missy was instantly naked and I followed. Missy was on the bed on her back legs in the air. I dove between her legs and started to lick. To tease, I tongued her asshole just a bit. Missy thought that tickled. Actually, she tingled a bit and you could see her juices flow. Missy was like a river when she got wet. I made her clit wait. I licked and pulled on one lip with my lips, then I slowly kissed down her thigh to her knee. Back up the other side and I licked and sucked on the other lip. I tongued her slit. Finally, I licked her clit. Gently and slowly at first, then faster and harder.

Missy squirmed and slid. I wrapped my arms around and over her legs to hold her close. I tongued her clit harder and faster. Missy came. Waters ran. Missy needs like zero recycle time after a cum so I kept tonguing her clit. Her body convulsed. I kept licking, pausing just a moment, then licking again. Then I paused and laid back. That was Missy’s cue.

Missy sat her pussy down on my little dick and fucked away. Her ass pointed toward my face. Missy’s strong legs gave her the perfect control to go up and down on my little wee wee. I could feel Missy’s juices running down my balls. Then I shot. Missy kept grinding till I went limp.

We hadn’t even kissed. It was all clit and cock action. We caught our breath, barely, and went back to the “studio” to see what was going on.

Sarah was still taking pictures. I didn’t understand how she had endured that long without surrendering to her desire for Versh. I would imagine neither did Missy.

Versh was on her knees, face and breasts pressed down into the day bed, ass up and pussy lips sticking out boldly. Sarah was about two feet away carefully composing shots telling Versh to touch her clit, rub, and then shooting more pictures. Versh’s hand reached back and under her body to her clit. Versh slowly rubbed her clit herself while Sarah captured image after image of Versh’s growing arousal.

Missy and I stayed silent.

Sarah had enough. She set the Camera down and planted her face on Versh’s pussy. Sarah’s tongue eagerly probed Versh’s slit. Sarah sucked on Versh’s large lips. Versh moaned. Versh’s breathing got heavy. Versh pushed her ass back into Sarah’s face. Sarah held onto Versh’s thighs and kept licking. Versh came.

Sarah pushed Versh on her side and lay next to her. The two started to kiss. Sarah pushed Versh’s arm up and played with the hair in Versh’s pit. Sarah moved her mouth to Versh’s pit and licked the hairs. Versh moved like she was being tickled. Sarah’s hand moved to Versh’s clit and rubbed. Sarah was going to get Versh off again. Versh bucked against Sarah’s hand. Sarah stuck in one finger, then two, then three, then four and fucked Versh’s pussy hard. Versh’s body arched and she came again.

Missy and I added ourselves to the pile on the day bed—which was far too small. We adjourned the cum fest to the master bedroom. But even the King-Sized bed there was barely space for sex for four. But we still had sex.

Late night Missy and Versh moved to Missy’s bed. Sarah and I stretched out in our bed. Sarah smiled. She had fun. Sarah told me she wanted me in a picture or two with Versh “tomorrow.”

Tomorrow arrived and Sarah “announced” her idea for dramatic art. She wanted images of my small pee pee set against Versh’s dark skin. Sarah had a few sets in mind. And we had to behave. No erections to ruin the shot. Missy watched. Versh and I got naked and took direction.

Shot one, I was to stand there naked, legs slightly spread. I was to encourage wee wee to be as soft and small as possible. Sarah wanted Versh to sit on the ground away from me, stick out he hand and long fingers palm side up, and barely touch my balls with the tips of her fingers.

Shot two, I was the same, and Versh was to turn her hand over, arm outstretched and barely touch the tip of my wee wee with her hand extended and index finger bent down slightly. You would see the long hand stretched versus the small wee wee hanging limp.

Sarah shot close up from a few angles for both shots. All you really see is small wee wee and finger.

Shot three was harder—and harder on Sarah to frame it—Sarah wanted Versh to put her face near my crotch and stick out her tongue so the tip barely touched the tip of my cock.

Shot four was similar, but she wanted Versh’s lips on my cock.

Then Sarah shot about a dozen of just my little cock. Sarah made one of those the wallpaper on her I-phone.

Sarah was done for a bit.

Once Sarah had finished with her crop and edits in Photoshop you couldn’t tell it was Versh or me. Sarah loved it. Sarah shot some smaller sized jpegs of the Versh and Fred pictures to Versh in an email for her to take a look.

Versh meant well, but she printed one of the images and mailed to it semen daddy in prison with a comment that his daughter had taken a liking to white meat. Versh also sent one of the jpeg images to one of the “twenty boys” back home with a similar comment.

That got Mister One-Of-The-Twenty a bit upset, and he sent the jpeg back to a friend at Large Midwestern State University wondering who Mr Tiny Wee Wee in the picture could be. The way these things work, the picture of my tiny wee wee and Versh’s finger was all over campus in about a week.

I glared at Sarah when I got home after the first time I saw my little wee wee was someone’s computer wallpaper. I saw that one at the library. I am sure there are others. My little wee wee likely would be all over the Internet before too long.

When Versh saw me she was so apologetic that my little wee wee was all over campus, her Storefront Baptist conscience and all. Versh admitted that her playful childish side had wanted a little fun so she sent some of the jpegs to a few of the “guys” she knew back home. Versh prattled a bit about it being so small and cute next to her long black fingers. Versh wanted to get under the skin of the boys back home. Versh was very sorry. She knew she had done bad. Versh came by the house to talk privately when she knew Sarah was at work and Missy was at practice.

We chatted a bit a bit more about Versh’s mind. Versh admitted that most of the Twenty guys from her sleep with boy days back home were “well-endowed.” I wasn’t her kind of guy. If I wasn’t with Sarah and Missy, Versh would never hang with someone like me. Versh was sorry about that too. Now that she got to know me she liked spending time at the house with me and Sarah. We were crazy people. But she liked us. She had never met people who did things like Sarah and I did. She could not believe that Sarah had shot several thousand pictures of a mannequin “to get it right” as Sarah said.

Which was a long way of saying that the point of sending the picture of my small wee wee to the guys back home was a message. It was a joke on the boys at home. None of this was to say that I was bad or anything, just that Versh’s tastes were different. But maybe Versh could see why maybe my small wee wee worked—at least for Sarah.

Versh then took her clothes off and said I deserved a fuck. Sarah and I had fooled around with Versh and Missy, but I had never actually fucked Versh. Versh wanted plain missionary. We had fun in a vanilla sort of way. Versh was tighter than she thought. Versh was also the wettest woman I ever had met. There were points where Versh really got too wet. You would fuck and you could not feel anything because Versh was that wet. My little cock felt lost in that sea of liquid. I could see how Versh could handle a really big guy being that wet. But we worked with it. It helped that Missy had me in the best shape of my life. I fucked very hard and just kept pounding. Versh came. I don’t think she expected that. I think it was my pubic bone pounding into her clit.

Versh was my first black girl. As not normal as my life was, I still hadn’t sex with a lot of different women. I had prom night with Lily White. I had a few summer romps with at home when I was an undergraduate with this girl named Tracy. Then came Sarah. Then Sarah and Ally. Then Missy. And now Versh.

Maybe this was my new normal.

Versh hung around the house a bit through the Spring because Sarah loved to get Versh to pose nude. Sarah probably took five thousand pictures of Versh. Sarah and Versh really hit it off when Sarah was shooting her camera. And even though I wasn’t what Versh had in mind, she had I had a few more of our vanilla fuck sessions as well. Sarah really liked to watch Versh and I do it in dim light because of the white and black. Mostly if Versh spent the night it was in bed with Missy.

Versh graduated in May. Her mom and the Preacher were so proud. Missy, Sarah, and I sat in the stands to watch. We saw Pro-Sports. She was there in dark sun glasses. Sarah took pictures. Gave one to Versh to send to her semen-daddy in prison. He has it on a wall in his cell next to the white boy penis picture Versh sent him.

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