In Praise of Pindicks

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By rembrandt

Welcome all to the first of what I hope is an informative and eye opening look into an untapped resource that is available to all us ladies out there.

Imagine having a man at your beck and call, ready to drop his plans and pick you up, always willing to give your feet a rub or help you get ready for a night out. A man you can be yourself around, bitch about your boyfriends or take him shopping! A man who you can have fun teasing and a man who will always be there, begging for more, whether it’s a sexy back rub you want, a shoulder to cry on, or even a girlfriend to go panty shopping with!

I’m here to tell you that all of you women could have all this and more. All it takes is a little effort to find the right specimen, a little time to condition and emasculate the poor little dear, and the willingness to flirt and demand in just the right ways for you to have your very own human puppy dog.

Over the course of these guides, I’ll be telling you the best ways I’ve found to capture a man with a small penis under your spell, how to keep him there, and the amazing and fun things he’ll be desperate to do for you just to stay around in your company.

But first, what is a pindick? It might seem like an obvious question, but a lot of ladies out there don’t give them much of a thought at all (no wonder why!). A pindick is a cute name for a man with a below average sized penis. Anything under 5 ½ inches is definitely considered small, and the psyche of the men who have been cursed with these little units is preprogrammed ready for you to exploit.

It’s especially useful if you can find a guy with a really small penis, especially in it’s width. There’s been a lot of movement lately to make a guy with a small penis feel more like a man by stressing the importance of girth, so if you have one who’s packing a skinny pencil down there, he’ll be all the more easy to control.

The nature of a pindick is a curious thing indeed. I personally get off on the sexual humiliation of others, love watching boys squirm and beg for what they so desperately want. A guy with a small penis is the ultimate victim of sexual humiliation. Whilst other things can be worked on, looks improved, money gained, there is still no way for an itsy-bitsy penis to become anything more than just that.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a man with a small cock. No doubt you’ve felt the shame of being small all your post-pubescent life. Maybe other boys teased you growing up? Even if they didn’t you certainly wouldn’t have felt as masculine as them. Maybe you’ve had girlfriends laugh at you, or dates refuse you sexual contact. To be seen by the outside world as a sexual inferior, to know in your heart and mind that there is nothing you can do about it, to feel like you’ll never be as masculine or confident as other blessed men. This is the mind of a pindick.

Because of this, a lot of pindicks feel like they somehow deserve a rougher treatment. They don’t have the goods to please a woman, so they’re not surprised when she passes them over for another man. You will hardly ever find a pindick with a healthy or even regular sex life, it simply isn’t available to them. Because of this the pindick cherishes any woman who will give him the time of day, but he’s also away that normal sexual roles are an unlikely eventuality. He will do almost anything to please an attractive woman, often despite his better judgment. Because he doesn’t feel that he deserves sexual equality, it is incredibly simple to reduce a pindick to an emasculated, inferior status.

But does a pindick grow tired of trying to date or please women? In my experience, the answer is a firm no. Because his sexual dreams lie unfulfilled, the intensity and obsessive nature of them often consumes his thoughts. A lot of pindicks are virgins, so they have that social stigma to shame them as well and in our sex-obsessed society almost all unfulfilled little babydicks are horny little masturbaters.

This is where we come in! If you’re reading this and wondering why anyone would want to do this to a man, I will address that later. Just bear in mind that if you have a pindick as a friend, you can certainly tweak his buttons and play to his insecurities in just the right ways to gain full control over his sexually obsessed little package.

What you gain out of it is remarkably rewarding. A guy who worships the ground you walk on, is available 24/7 to tend to your needs and whims, is forced to concede your right to date and fuck other men and who will only grow more and more attentive and obedient over time.

Keep in mind that to start with this is subtle domination. The pindick will never feel like a slave, nor you a mistress. You will feel like two regular friends, except you will discover you are able to expect and request a great deal more from him. A pindick will always hide his true pindick status (as best he can) so the public will see you as friends.

It is, in fact a nice way to foster a close and rewarding relationship (for both parties) with a man who is simply unable to ever rise to the role of a sexual equal. By following my suggestions correctly, he will never guess that you are manipulating him, in fact he will be glad for your relationship and seek to please you.

It is possible to continue the relationship with subtle manipulation. It is also possible to embark on a new form of relationship, one with more explicit demands and one in which he will definitely feel like a true submissive. I have had both forms of relationships, and can recommend both of them. It is up to you how far you twist your pindick around your little finger.

The system I have devised is a remarkably simple set of instructions, based on the 5 tenets of “Pindick Conditioning and Control”. Even if you are skeptical about your chances of capturing the attention of a little pindick, or even if you are morally or in any way opposed to the idea, I urge you to read on, to consider what I have to say and to see if you can’t find some aspect that may work for you.

A quick summary of the positive points of having a little pindick under your control –

* He is always be there for you. He will drop everything to be by your side or to help you in any way.

* He will never say no to you, so back rubs, running errands, even household chores can be expected of him

* Many women gain a sexual charge from controlling a man, especially a man they are not even sleeping with.

* He works in a good tandem with a regular boyfriend, who may not care too much about every last person in your office, or your exercise regime, or girly conversations. A pindick will be there to listen to you, no matter what your pick for conversation is.

* Shopping! It’s always much more fun shopping with another person, so if you know in the back of your mind that he’s available any time, you know you can always have a girlfriend to shop with.

* He is a true friend. Despite however cynical or mean my suggestions may sound, they are built around a mutual love of each other.

Keep in mind that this is not an explicit sexual or Dominant / submissive relationship. The outside world will view it as a normal friendship. He will view it as a friendship where you are slightly demanding, but still nothing more than that. By taking small steps with your domination of him, you will learn to control him bit by bit, until he is so infatuated with you that he cannot see the hold you have over him.

It is also not a mean relationship. Sure, I would never consider sleeping with any of the pindicks I have been friends with in the past, and yes I have used them for my own personal gain and pleasure. But pindicks are not likely to form close sexual relationships with women regardless, thus he is happy to spend his time on whatever he can get. He is also free to leave at any time, a concept you will see, rarely enters the mind of a pindick.

In short, a pindick loves the attention and closeness of your special relationship. He would certainly love to be your sexual equal, but since he is unable to perform this role, he will love to take what he can get. The other point to consider is that a life of rejection and shame has probably already wired him to be sexually excited by humiliation or servitude. You are providing him sexual excitement through the sexual frustration you inflict upon him. This is a difficult concept and will be explained in more detail later.

The Five Points of Pindick Conditioning and Control

1)Small Steps


3)Tease and Denial

4)Exploit The “Friend Zone”

5)Using Your Sexual Side to Confuse And Condition.

The next lessons and guides in this series will give you specifics of what I mean by each of these, including detailed procedures for you to start using them on some unfortunate pindick of your own. There are approximately three areas within each of the points that I expand upon and let you know how to go about doing them, and the benefits of them all.

For now, a quick rundown –

1) Small Steps

The overriding piece of advice when undertaking any of the other ideas or attitudes in the other four points is to take things slowly. If you start out by giving your pindick a spanking or by dressing him up in your panties, chances are that he’ll head for the hills!

Working slowly allows your pindick time to absorb, rationalize and become okay with what is happening. This is an important step because it gives you room to really push his limits later on.

2) Discipline

From verbal teasing to subtle acknowledgments that you have more power in the relationship, to more direct slapping and physical discipline, it is important to let your pindick know who is in charge in the relationship.

As always we start slow, your discipline is simply to flex your superior role in your relationship. I’ll then move on and tell you exactly how far you can expect to take it with a pindick (you’ll be surprised!) and how to move onto more traditional Dominant/submissive activities like spanking or verbal humiliation.

3) Tease and Denial

One of the most important parts of cultivating a good little obedient pindick are the suggestions I outline under this point. This relationship will have to give something of value to the submissive little pindick, or he will go elsewhere. One of these valuable things can be the opportunity to look at your naked body, to come very close to realising his sexual fantasy of making love, or pleasing you.

Of course, if you go too far, the little pindick might start to think too highly of his sexual prowess, or that you want to be more than friends. By subtly denying him what his little willy wants, we are conditioning him to expect and welcome rejection and disappointment.

The aim is to keep the poor little pindick in a state of sexual frustration. Desperate to be around you and see your beauty and be close to you, but cursing himself for the frustration that he is so close but can never become a true sexual partner.

4) Exploit The “Friend Zone”

People are often surprised that any men would knowingly go along with what seems like a ridiculously one-sided or unfair relationship. On a similar note, girlfriends of mine are often surprised when I reveal to them the relationship I have with some pindicks known to them personally.

The reason for this, is the exploitation of the “Friend Zone”. The “Friend Zone” is a mindset for women that most men dread. It refers to men that women do not find sexually appealing, or for whatever reason do not wish to sleep with.

It is important that your little pindick feels like he is your friend. Because, after all, he is! I would never have a relationship with a pindick that I didn’t consider a good friend first, such is the nature of the relationship. A relationship with a pindick emerges from a traditional friendship, otherwise the closeness and the mutual benefit from the attention would not work.

By exploiting a pindick’s belief (and fear of) the “Friend Zone”, we can shatter his hopes of ever being more than friends, whilst playing up to the idea that our relationship is growing stronger. A pindick will do anything to remain close to you, but because he is your friend he will justify the exclusion of his sexual identity.

5) Using Your Sexual Side to Confuse And Condition.

This final point goes great with the “Friend Zone”. You’ve already used your body to tantalize and tempt the sissy little pindick, now you can have some fun and let him see all sides of you. By going to the toilet in front of him, by dressing in front of him, even by burping and farting (gross I know, but they serve a purpose to condition) you further enforce the idea of him as a friend, and not a potential partner.

Many people overlook this aspect of the relationship, but I find it ties all the previous points up together very succinctly. You emphasis the idea that you will never be more than friends, you tease his little pindick by exposing your body to him (and by enforcing his sexual addiction to the shame that you do not see him as a prospective lover) and you also end up confusing and conditioning his little pindick to grow hard at the thought of you on the toilet, or dressing, or showering, or plenty of other mundane activities.

I hope you will continue to read this series, and would love to hear feedback from you ladies on anything you think I’ve missed out, or questions about how to do certain things, even constructive criticism or requests for clarification of why I consider this a worthwhile use of my time.

On a final note, ladies I am sure that you have guessed that we are not alone. No doubt there are hundreds, thousands of little pindicks out there reading my words and jerking their tiny little cockettes off to the idea of a glamorous lady friend of theirs deciding that it was time to put them to their best (and only) use.

To the pindicks I say this. Your days are numbered. We are sick of having to pretend that size doesn’t matter, or that you could make decent sexual partners, or that you’re ever going to become real men. We will expose your lack of masculinity, your true desires to serve and to deny your own sexual dreams and we will humiliate your little baby penises.

You are not real men, you will not be treated like them. You will be another one of our girlfriends, but through your devotion and attentiveness to us you may find yourself in the only position you know you could fill in our lives. Driving our cars, washing our clothes, listening to our problems and knowing that you will never get to fuck, never get to conquer, only jerk off into your hand while a real stud is out getting laid.

Happy jerking pindicks!

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