Rudely I Came

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by kleincox

Looking up at my wife and her sister I slowly realized that they had been watching me sleep. “Wonder what he was dreaming about,” My sister-in-law, Jennifer, said flatly. As I fully woke I realized, to my horror, that my hand was in my shorts holding my limp cock. “I hope he was dreaming about you, Sis, because I think he made a mess in his pants.” My wife giggled when I pulled my cum covered hand out.

“Don’t encourage him,” Jennifer said coming over to me. She bent down and wiped my hand off with a baby wipe. With her bending over I could completely see down her blouse. I was mesmerized by the sight of her breast hanging there held tightly by her bra. Jennifer noticed what I was doing but didn’t move to block my view.

“I bet you couldn’t do that again,” she said quietly, letting my hand fall to my crotch. She squatted down in front of me and her skirt fell open exposing her panty clad crotch. My hand flew back into my shorts to my dick.

“Sweetie? Really?” My wife said coming over. “Again?”

“I have to go to the pee,” I muttered pretending that I was just being desperate and not trying to jack off to the sight of my sister-in-laws panties.

“Well, let’s get you to the potty then,” she said with a sigh. She took my shorts off me and made me walk naked to the bathroom. Jennifer laugh at my shrunken manhood. “Wow, he’s smaller than I thought. No wonder you complain about being satisfied.”

My wife ignored her sisters comments and lead me to the bathroom. “You said you needed to pee, now pee. I would hate to think you lied to me.” A wave of panic washed over me. I was trying to jack off and I really didn’t have to pee.

From the doorway Jennifer said, “I think he lied to you.” We both looked at her. In her hand was the shorts I was wearing. The shorts were unmistakably peed in. Facing my wife I could see the anger in her eyes. I was frozen with shame and fear that I would be getting another spanking.

“What the hell!” Jennifer blurted out. My wife quickly stepped back from me as I realize that I had started peeing. Unfortunately my wife was too slow to react, distracted by her anger. I had managed to hose her down a bit. Still frozen with fear, all I could do was stand there peeing all over the floor.

Once the stream stopped I started to cry. I had no hope of ever reclaiming my manhood at that point. Both my wife and her sister started to laugh. “I stand corrected,” Jennifer said. “I guess he really did have to pee some more.”

“Sweetie,” my wife finally said to me, “you need to get this all cleaned up.” Humiliated and naked I wiped up all my piss with a towel. The two ladies watched as I worked to get the mess cleaned up and were quick to point out spots that I missed. When I was finished I stood before the to two sisters with my head hung in shame.

“Jennifer, I think he’s been very naughty,” my wife said playfully.

“I would completely agree,” her sister concurred. “Behavior like that should be allowed to continue.”

“Sweetie, we both agree that you need punished for peeing on me and making a mess of the bathroom. It seems like my spanking you doesn’t affect your behavior. Sis, maybe if you spanked him we’d have a more positive result.” My wife said to her sister. My ass started to hurt with anticipation.

I looked up and to see them whispering between themselves. As Jennifer spoke in my wife’s ear her eyes shifted between my crotch and my face. Finally my wife spoke, “Jennifer has agreed and I think we need to have a new course of action. Maybe you’ll respond better to her instruction so I’m going to turn over your discipline to her.”

Jennifer looked as if she had won the lottery. She quickly grabbed my wrist, sat on the edge of the tub and pulled me over her knees. She reached around and pulled my penis down and trapped it between her thighs. She began by rubbing my ass lightly. “You’ve been very naughty and even if you did clean up your mess, it should never had been problem in the first place. Your wife has been too easy on you but we will work on being better won’t we?”

Before I could respond her hand fell upon my butt with a loud smack. As I writhed under her hand she squeezed my dick harder between her legs causing pain both to my front and back side. I soon realized something odd. As Jennifer continued to lecture me her blows became lighter and if I moved my body just right her legs clamped on my dick in such a way that it was giving me a hard on. I some found myself humping her legs as she spanked my bottom. For a split second I was horrified at my behavior. Then everything came to an abrupt end, Jennifer was finished.

With my bottom sufficiently reddened she stood me up. My erection popped out from between her thighs. Standing there, my boner was mere inches from her face. Jennifer stared at it for a moment contemplating her next move. My wife completely embarrassed by my reaction to the spanking left the room.

Looking down at Jennifer’s lap were my cock was previously trapped I could see just the very edge of her crotch where her skirt had ridden up. This only fueled my horniness, sustaining my hard-on. Jennifer sighed and with two fingers began jerking me off. She seemed bored and disinterested like it was a task that had to be endured out of duty. I must have been taking too long because her strokes were becoming rougher. After a few more minutes of her trying to pull my dick off she said, “Look, I know boys need to cum but I don’t have all night.” After a few more tugs she gave up, “My arm is getting tired, you are going to have to finish yourself off.” He tone was flat and disinterested.Jennifer looked away with disgust but didn’t get up to leave. I was still fixated on her crotch as I jerked myself off beside her.

Knowing that I was looking, she hiked her skirt up a bit more to show me more of her panties. I pumped harder fixated on her crotch. I think this was the reaction she was looking for because her dismissive demeanor changed. She lifted her skirt so that I could see all of her panties. My knees started to wobble from excitement. I think she was enjoying the power. I jerked hard on my little cock. To complete the show and throw me over the edge, she rolled down the front of her panties exposing her pubic hair.

A small noise escaped my lips as a few drops of seamen dribbled from my throbbing penis. The show was over. Jennifer stood up and said, “That was a lot of buildup for nothing. Kind of pathetic really.” But I was content even if my orgasm wasn’t that big.

Jennifer stood up, reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Holding them out she said, “Put these on. You’ll wear there’s the rest of the evening. If you make a mess in them you will sorely regret it.”

I took her underwear from her and slid them on. They were still warm from her body heat. The whole thing was getting me excited but since I just came my little guy just couldn’t respond to the thought. Jennifer looked me over and said, “Now I think we are getting somewhere.”

Wearing only her panties, I followed Jennifer out of the bathroom. We found my wife sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine. Without looking up she asked, “All finished?”

“Yay, I think he’s learned his lesson this time…” she replied. My wife looked up and was speechless. “What’s this?” She finally said amused. She stood up and circled me, looking me over as she went. She lightly ran her hand over my spanked ass. “Do you like wearing women’s panties?” I hesitated. She pull the waistband out in the front of panties so she could look at my now flaccid penis. “From this angle you don’t look much like a man,” she said with a laugh.

Jennifer spoke up, “I told him that if he had to wear those for the rest of the evening and that he’d regret it if he made a mess in them.”

I knew I should have been humiliated but somehow the whole thing was just too kinky to to be embarrassed by. Even with my dick still soft I was getting horny. My wife snapped the waistband back. “Jennifer, I think you’re on to something here. His behavior has improved already.”

“You know Sister,” Jennifer said slyly. “He doesn’t look to bad in those panties. There’s just one problem.” My wife laughed, “Just one?” Her sister continued, “Don’t you think his bikini area is a bit unsightly?”

“OH MY GOD YES!” My wife shouted, “I’ve got some hair removal cream that will work perfectly. Will you help me Sis?”

At this point I thought it might be good to speak up but as I began to protest Jennifer gave me a hard swat across the bottom. “No one is talking to you so you need to just be quiet and do what you’re told.” She said to me harshly.

I looked to my wife for help. “Sweetie, I’d recommend doing what she says.”

The took me back to the bathroom and stripped off the only piece of clothing I had on. Laying naked on the floor I looked up at the two ladies conferring about the next steps. My wife retrieved a tube hair removal cream while her sister filled a bowl of warm water and got a washcloth.

“Now Sweetie, you’ve never done this before so you are just going to have to trust us. This may sting a little but it will be all worth it. Beauty has its price you know. It’s a bit of an untamed jungle down there so we have our work cut of for us.”

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