My Husbands Small Dick

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By Anon

My name is Brigitte; I am 28 years old and married to a wonderful guy who is 12 years older than I am. Gary is a sales rep and he travels a lot, which means that I’m home alone a lot. Home alone is not a condition I care for so for the past two years I have been fucking around on Gary whenever he is out of town. Believe me, it is just for the sex. I am 5’6″ and have auburn hair and I tape out at 34C-25-35. I keep my pussy shaved and I absolutely adore sex. I love everything except anal sex and I have no desire to try anything really kinky like BDSM, golden showers or anything like that.

I just love sucking cock and fucking and I really like girls too. Gary has no idea about the guys I’ve been having fun with and I pray that he never finds out because I really love him. He is a great sexual partner, but he just isn’t there when he needs to be. He is marvellous in bed and if he were home all the time it really wouldn’t matter, but he only has a 6 1/2 cock. As much as I love him and making love to him I have had large cocks in my life and I miss them. When I go out on the prowl I look for large bulges.

The boyfriend that I had before Gary had an eight-inch cock and I loved the hell out of what it did for me. I really didn’t care for Brad all that much, but it was a package deal; to get his cock I had to take him. When I met Gary I fell ass end over tea-kettle in love with him and Brad and his absolutely beautiful and marvellous cock had to go. The cock was gone, but I could never forget how it felt and how it was able to send me to the moon.

Gary and I got married and one week after the end of the honeymoon Brad was fucking me again while Gary was out of town on business. That lasted about two months and then Brad started getting cocky and I was afraid he would do something stupid that would let Gary find out what was going on so I reluctantly ended the affair. After that I settled for one night stands when Gary was out of town.

Eight months after we were married Gary was promoted and we packed up our things and moved to Denver. We bought a nice little three-bedroom ranch and the day we moved in the next door neighbour came over and introduced herself. Susie was a stay at home mom with two kids. She was about my age and within a week we were having coffee every morning in either her kitchen or mine. Within a month we were as close as sisters and by the time two months had gone by we were telling each other our deepest and darkest secrets.

One morning I was telling her about the guy I’d brought home with me two nights previous while Gary was in Salt Lake and she asked me if he had a big cock. I told her that yes he did:

“That’s what I go out looking for. Gary is a great lover, but if I can find size I’ll go after it.”

I found out that she and her husband Pete had an ‘open marriage’ type of arrangement and she told me about some of the men with large cocks that I might run across on nights I was out trolling. I told her all about Brad and how he could make me scream. One morning over coffee she said:

“Do you miss Brad’s big cock enough to see him on the side if he were around?”

“Yes and no.”

“That is certainly a clear answer.”

“If his cock were here and attached to someone else I would, but Brad is an obnoxious asshole and he is the type of guy who would find a way to rub Gary’s nose in the fact that he could give me something that Gary couldn’t. Brad wouldn’t come right out and say it, but he would do a lot of smirking when he was around Gary and there would be a lot of innuendoes and double entendres. Gary isn’t stupid and he would eventually figure it out and I can’t have that. I love him to death and I don’t want to lose him.”

“So Brad’s big cock hanging on some one discrete would tempt you?”

I thought about that for all of a hundredth of a second before saying, “Yes it would.”

“You know about the lifestyle that Pete and I have, but one thing I’ve never told you is that Pete packs a hard nine inches in his boxers and Pete would very much like to fuck you.”

“When?” was my almost instantaneous answer to that.

“How about right now?” came a voice from behind me and I turned to see Pete standing in the doorway. He was naked and sporting a hard on, a huge hard on and when I saw it I went weak in the knees. I looked at Pete’s cock and then I looked from it to Susie.

“Are you sure about this?”

“He wants a shot at you and from the look on your face right at this moment you want to try him on for size.”

“Yeah, but I know my hubby. If this is a ‘you can have Pete if I can try Gary’ I can’t do it. Gary is the original “straight arrow” and approaching him to try and involve him in a wife swap would cost me big time. Oh no Susie, I’m a slut, but Gary can never ever be allowed to find that out.”

“No problem honey, I’m not interested in him. You two go on in the bedroom and have a good time.”

Pete took my hand and said, “Come on Brigitte we are wasting valuable time here” and he tugged me along behind him into the bedroom. He walked me over to the bed and I sat down and he stood in front of me. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock as I pulled my skirt up and pushed my panties down. I couldn’t believe how wet I had gotten at just seeing that huge nine inches. I had not had a really big one since I had dumped Brad.

“Get down here” I moaned, “I want it, I have to have it.”

I lay back and spread my legs and Pete moved between them and placed the tip of his cock against my pussy. I pushed up at him before he could even start to push in and he grinned and said:

“Kind of eager are you?”

“Oh God yes. Push it in. Come on, fuck me.”

He pushed and in three lunges he was buried deep in me and I was screaming at him to fuck me. Susie came into the room and chuckled as she said:

“I thought you would like it.”

Pete was pounding into me and I was clutching and clawing at his back. I had two orgasms before he told me he was going to cum and I pushed myself up hard at him at him just as he came and I felt the hot liquid heat flood me.

He fell to the bed next to me and we lay there breathing heavily. I wanted more and I reached over and started fondling his limp cock. I felt it twitch and I slid down and took him in my mouth. I had him up in less than a minute and I swung over him and let myself down on him. I just sat there for several seconds just enjoying the full feeling and then I started to ride him.

I bounced up and down and moaned as Susie said, “You go girl, ride him cowgirl, ride.”

I felt another orgasm coming, but it was staying just out of reach and I couldn’t quite get it so I hoped off of Pete and got on my hands and knees and Pete got right up and moved behind me and pushed into me.

“Hard baby, hard. Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Pete grabbed my hips and started ramming into me and I caught that elusive orgasm and rode it and one more before Pete shot into me again. When I recovered my breath I thanked Susie for sharing Pete with me and started to pull on my panties. Pete wanted to go again, but as much as I would have liked to, Gary was not out of town and I had housewifey things to do, not the least of which was to get myself fresh, sweet smelling and fuckable for my husband when he got home. As much as I loved big cock, Gary still came first.


That was the start of it. Until Pete I only fucked around on Gary when he was out of town on business, but I love being fucked by Pete’s cock and I fuck him every chance I get. We started out slow, twice, maybe three times a week when Gary was at work and twice when Gary was out of town I spent the night with Susie and Pete.

Lately though, Pete has wanted to become more daring. Two weeks ago when Gary was out playing golf Pete came over and fucked me on my own bed. That was the first time I had ever done that. Not fucked other guys on my bed, I’d done a lot of that, but fuck someone on my own bed when Gary was in town.

Then Pete decided that he wanted to do something really wild – he wanted to fuck me while Gary was nearby and not knowing what was going on. I had some really mixed feelings about that. On the one hand doing it could lead to getting caught and that would be disastrous, but on the other hand the thought of it just drove me wild. Praying that I wouldn’t come to regret it I said okay and we started thinking of ways to make it happen.

The first thing we decided was that I should start wearing skirts and loose fitting panties all the time. That would make things easier if opportunities presented themselves. The first opportunity came the next weeGaryd. Gary and I had invited Pete and Susie over for a barbecue. Gary was handling the grill and Susie was sitting at the picnic table next to him and talking with him.

I was in the kitchen making a tossed salad when Pete came into the kitchen, took my arm and pulled me over to the kitchen sink. There was a window over the sink and as I looked out at Gary turning the steaks on the grill Pete lifted my skirt up to my waist, pushed my loose fitting panties to one side and poked his huge nine inches at my slit. I hadn’t expected it so I was a little dry and I was going to need some lube if I was going to accommodate Pete. I grabbed the bottle of Joy dishwashing liquid and handed it to Pete and he soaped up his cock and started pushing it into my hole. I pushed my ass back at him and moaned as I felt the feeling that only a huge cock can give me. Three pushes is all that it took for Pete to be buried to the hilt in me and then he grabbed my hips and started fucking me.

There I was, hands braced against the sink, pushing my ass back at Pete and feeling the start of and orgasm when Gary turned away from the grill and started walking toward the house. “Oh shit!” Pete and I said almost together as he pulled out of me, stuffed his cock back in his pants and moved to put some distance between us. I stood up and that allowed my skirt to drop and I was washing my hands in the sink when Gary walked in and went through the kitchen into the downstairs bathroom.

I felt so damned frustrated; I had been right on the edge of cumming when Pete had pulled out of me. I dried my hands on a dishtowel and then practically ran to the upstairs bathroom where I got myself off by hand. That night I was so horny that I fucked Gary into exhaustion.


The next time wasn’t really an opportunity, it was more of a tease. Susie, Pete, Gary and I went to a party and Gary drove. It was a pretty good party and there was a lot of drinking and dancing. About two hours into the party, while Susie had Gary out on the dance floor, Pete and I snuck off and found a dark place and I gave him a quick blow job. After I’d wiped his cum off my lips with the back of my hand he told me that he was going to try and get his dick in me in the car on the way home. I laughed at him and said:

“Yeah, right! I can just see that happening.”

“Trust me sweetie, I’ll make it happen.”

As I said, it was a great party and some people drank a little more than they should have. Bill and Terry Coldwell got pretty wasted and Pete took their car keys away from them and he turned to Gary.

“We can’t let them drive in their condition. Can we give them a lift home? They can call me in the morning and I’ll come over and drive them back here to pick up their car.”

Gary said no problem, but when we got ready to leave we found out that they had brought Jim Sampson with them so we had to give him a ride home too. It was a tight fit getting all seven of us into our car. Susie and Jim sat in front with Gary and Terry, Bill, Pete and I ended up in back. I started to climb in, but Pete grabbed my arm and stopped me to let Terry and Bill get in first. While standing there he opened his fly and then took my hand and carried it inside and put my hand on his hard cock. In a panic I looked around to see if anyone could see what he was doing, but no one was looking our way.

By then Bill and Terry were in the car and Pete got in and then pulled me in onto his lap. My skirt was hiding his hands as he worked his cock out of his pants. I knew what he wanted so I leaned forward over the front seat and that lifted me off his lap enough that he could push my panties aside and put the head of his cock against my pussy. My face was next to Gary’s ear and I whispered:

“Think about this while you are driving. I’m going to fuck you to death when we get home” and then I pushed myself down on Pete’s lap driving myself down on those magnificent nine inches. Pete couldn’t actually fuck me, but we hit enough potholes and bumps in the road that I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming when I had an orgasm. I don’t know if it was the combination of the bumps and Pete’s cock, or the fact that Pete had his cock in me while my husband was sitting less than two feet in front of me, but it was a killer or an orgasm.

Just before we got to Terry and Bill’s I leaned forward over the seat, which pulled me off Pete’s cock, and I whispered in Gary’s ear:

“We need to hurry this up baby, I’m horny as a goat.”

Pete and Gary helped Terry and Bill into their house and while they were gone Susie asked:

“Did Pete get his cock into you?”

“Did he ever.”

“He said he was going to try.”

“It was a kick whispering in Gary’s ear while Pete had his cock buried in me. God, I wish he could have fucked me.”

“He wants to try again this weeGaryd. We will have the barbecue this time and try to get Gary smashed on margaritas. Uh oh, here they come.”

I got in the front with Gary and Susie got in back with Pete for the rest of the ride home. I kicked off my high heels, stretched out on the front seat and let my foot rub on the lump in Gary’s pants as he drove. Once in the house he chased me into the bedroom and then things got hot. I practically ripped his clothes off of him and then pushed him back on the bed. I took his hard cock in my mouth and licked and sucked on him as I worked my own clothes off.

Once naked I swung over my husband in a sixty-nine and I swear I had an immediate orgasm when his tongue licked my pussy – a pussy that Pete’s huge cock had been in less than ten minutes before. Make no mistake, I loved my hubby to death and there is no way on this earth that I would plant a pussy with another man’s cum in it on my husbands mouth, but God did it turn me on to have his mouth on me so soon after Pete had been there.

I rubbed my juicy pussy on his face and then I rolled over on my back and moaned:

“Fuck me Gary, fuck me.”

He moved between my legs and pushed his hard cock into me and I came again. I locked my legs around him and dug my nails into his back and humped up at him as he drove down into me. He fucked me hard for several minutes and then I felt him shoot into me. He pulled out of me, kissed me and then he did the one thing that I really loved and that no other man had ever done for me. He licked and kissed my body from my mouth all the way down to my pussy and when he got there he looked up at me and whispered:

“I love you.”

He bent his head and I took it in my hands and pulled it to the pussy he had just filled.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes” I moaned as he slid his tongue into me. His tongue felt marvelous moving over my swollen pussy lips and poking into my love hole. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I moaned and pushed my hips at his face. I don’t know why I found it to be so erotic that Gary loved to suck his own cum out of me, but I did and I thrashed around as he worked on me. Two minutes was all it took for him to give me a screaming orgasm. I pushed him away and pulled my knees up, spreading my legs wide and panted:

“Fuck me lover, fuck me.”

He moved over me and I moaned with pleasure as he pushed his hard cock into me. He put his mouth on mine and gave me a deep kiss as I locked my legs around him. I sucked on his tongue and as his cock began banging into me I moaned and let his tongue slip from my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes lover, oh yes, oh God yes. Fuck me baby, fuck me ” I groaned as he shoved himself deep into me, pulled back and then shoved again. I pushed up at him to meet his thrusts and I moaned and gasped as he pounded me and from somewhere in my body I dredged up yet another orgasm and shook and shuddered as he spilled another load into me.

He lay next to me on the bed and once again I wished that he had a job that kept him at home. His cock wasn’t huge, but I could live without huge if I could just have him with me all the time.


That Sunday over at Pete and Susie’s Gary did hit the margaritas pretty hard, but he was never out of it enough for Pete to get away with fucking me all the way. Pete did get his cock in me twice. The first time was a teaser. Gary had gone in to use the bathroom and Pete bent me over the patio table, slid those magnificent nine inches into me and got in a half dozen strokes before we heard the toilet flush and had to stop.

The second time was in the kitchen while Gary was sitting on the patio nodding off and I was in the kitchen helping Susie shuck corn on the cob. I was bent over the kitchen table and Pete was slamming his cock into me and Susie was watching out the window with an eye on Gary. Pete had been pounding me long enough to get me right on the edge of an orgasm when Susie said:

“Oh shit! Here he comes.”

Pete hurriedly pulled out and had his back to the door and was zipping up when Gary came in. Gary didn’t stand a chance when we got home. I was on him like a duck on a bug. It was frustrating in a way because the very margaritas we had been pouring into Gary to get him so blitzed that Pete could fuck me made it hard for him to perform. I was able to get him to go twice, but that was all. I ended up having to go into the bathroom when Gary fell asleep and get myself off by hand.


It finally happened! Pete got what he wanted. Gary got promoted and we held a promotion party for him at the house and Gary overindulged on the margaritas. After the last of the company had gone, all except for Pete and Susie, Gary was sitting on the couch talking to Pete when all of a sudden he went quiet. Pete reached over and poked Gary and Gary just sat there. Pete poked him again and Gary fell sideways on the couch – he was out!

Susie whispered, “You two go and get it get it done. I’ll stay here and keep and eye on him.”

I took Pete’s hand and led him into my bedroom and then, while Gary was in the next room, Pete fucked me on Gary’s bed. The first time was fast and furious, but oh so totally satisfying. I wasn’t wearing panties so I pulled up my skirt to my waist, bent forward and grabbed the footboard and Pete took me from behind. He took me hard and fast and gave me an orgasm in less than a minute. It took him five to get his and then we went out to the living room and checked on Gary. He was still out. Susie told us not to worry, that she would alert us if anything happened.

We went back into the bedroom and I sucked Pete hard again and then I lay down on my back and pulled my knees back almost to my ears, which made me wide open for Pete. He slammed his cock into me and for the next seven or eight minutes he fucked me as hard as he could. I had three orgasms before he came again.

After the second time Pete got up and went into the living room, picked up Gary and brought him in and set him down on the bed next to me. “Hold his hand” Pete whispered and then as I held my husbands hand in mine Pete fucked me for the third time and I came and came and came. I orgasmed so hard that I saw stars, exploding rockets, the whole thing.


I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. All that night did was fire up Pete more. Now he wanted to fuck me with Gary wide-awake and within calling distance – the closer the better. I didn’t have a clue as to how Pete could possibly make that happen, but the thought of being able to do made my pussy wet and kept it wet.

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