A Birthday Suprise

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by Glenda100

It was a birthday I’d never forget. Karen, my wife, had arranged a surprise party for me. I’d always been the one in control, the strong one, and I hated surprises. And this one was a shock and a half!

When I arrived home from work a room full of people shouted ‘surprise’ and I started blushing. I can’t help it. I blush easily. Karen came out of the crowd and smiled at me, handed me a drink and kissed me softly. Then everyone was patting me on the back, claiming 50 wasn’t old and that I looked much younger. Part of me was embarrassed but another part was pleased at the attention. I flitted from group to group, trying to smile and enjoy myself.

A little later, a few people left and the rest of us settled down outside, by the pool. The talk eventually got round to sex, as it always does, and one of Karen’s friends mentioned her husband’s little cock. Everyone was laughing at her stories of it’s tiny size. I’m not very well endowed so found all this talk a little close to home but tried to join in on the merriment. The man in question wasn’t there, so he was spared what was to come.

“It can’t be as small as his!” Karen said, pointing at me and giggling.

“Not the birthday boy, surely,” said the friend, Lucy.

“How small?” asked someone else.

Karen held her fingers about three inches apart and everyone screamed with laughter. I gave a nervous chuckle but felt deeply humiliated. There were more drinks and the topic seemed to be forgotten. More people left until there was only about 12 of us sitting round drinking and talking.

Suddenly Lucy announced that she wanted to see my little cock. I blushed and flustered as the others started to agree with her. Karen stood up and addressed the group.

“Ok, ok, hang on. How many of you really want to see a small cock?” Everyone, except me, raised a hand and cheered. Karen turned to me and smiled. “I think you’d better give them what they want, little fella!”

I just stared at her, unable to move. There was no way I was going to show them. I tried to laugh it off with a joke but my birthday guests kept chanting “Show us the cock! Show us the cock!” I started to get angry and made to go into the house. But I was grabbed from behind, my arms held behind my back in someone’s grip. Lucy walked up to me, her smile less than friendly. She reached for my belt and undid it. I started kicking and wriggling, trying to get free. Suddenly someone else grabbed my legs, holding me still as Lucy continued undoing my trousers.

“Wait!” Karen shouted and I thought she had come to her senses. “Get him on the table so everyone can see!”

Four men (golfing buddies) lifted onto the big table and held me in place as Lucy pulled my trousers to my ankles. Karen came over and removed my shoes and socks and the men managed to remove my shirt while I struggled. I stood in just my brief pink jocks. I don’t normally wear pink underwear but this pair had been through the wash with a red sock and now looked decidedly feminine. Naturally they all thought they were very funny.

Karen decided she was going to do the honours and reached up, a pair of scissors in her hand. She dramatically slid the blade between my jocks and my skin then stopped.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to present to you, the worlds most useless cock!” And she snipped the material.

My cock was virtually invisible, my balls had almost crept back inside me. Karen cut away the other side of my jocks and pulled the material free. Everyone was quiet as they started at my tiny cock. I felt about as big as the people holding me moved off the table and round to the front to have a look. I started to cry.

“That’s pathetic, Karen!” said Lucy, “How the hell do you have sex with that?”

“Not very well,” replied my wife, “but his tongue is very good!”

Everyone laughed again as cameras were produced and the obvious jokes concerning zoom lenses were cracked. I was ordered to pose this way and that while flashes went off around me. I felt pathetic and very, very sad. Lucy then demanded that they measure me, both soft and hard, and everyone agreed. A metal tape was produced and I was told to measure myself. From my body to the tip of my foreskin, I was an inch and three quarters. As I announced this, they all burst into laughter, not believing their ears.

“Now make it hard!” cried Lucy but I just stood and stared. “We need a volunteer!”

Lots of hands went up but eventually Karen said she’d do it. She stood behind me and gripped my tiny cock, squeezing it. At first there was no reaction and the crowd muttered unkind things about my being only half a man but then she started massaging my balls and licking the inside of my ear. Suddenly I felt the blood enter my cock and it started to stiffen. Karen was very good at turning me one and I soon forgot where I was as she managed to get me to full erection. I snapped out of it when Lucy shouted that it was time to measure it again.

Karen took the tape and shouted out the result: “Almost, 3 inches!”

“We need an exact measurement, Karen,” shouted someone.

“OK, hang on. It’s…two and five eighths!”

Everyone laughed again and my erection quickly started to fade which only made them laugh more. Karen got down from the table, only to be replaced by Lucy who grabbed my cock and balls in her hand and whispered in my ear: “Ok, little boy, let’s see what you can do!”

She started pulling on me, making me hard again. Rougher than my wife but enough to get me aroused again. She stood behind me, pulling on my cock while everyone watched. Someone yelled “make him come” and soon everyone picked up the chant until Lucy was stroking in time with the words. I felt ridiculous and utterly humiliated but couldn’t help myself as I felt myself responding to her hand. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the crowd in front of me.

“Open your eyes,” Lucy said in my ear, “Watch your wife.”

I opened my eyes and saw Karen, standing in the front, eyes glued to my cock as a man’s hands were massaging her breasts. His hands were inside her shirt, squeezing her nipples but she seemed unaware of it. I looked around and other people were touching each other, getting excited. The man behind Karen had lifted her skirt and I saw a finger lifting the elastic of her panties and moving towards her pussy. Then I came.

Over the years the force of my ejaculations has decreased a lot so I now tend to sort of dribble rather than explode so it was a while before anyone actually knew I’d come. Lucy felt my come on her hand as she kept pulling. She looked over my shoulder and laughed.

“That was an orgasm? My God! Look, he didn’t even reach the end of the table.”

It was true. My come had basically just fallen out, at my feet. Lucy was still pulling me as I softened, squeezing the last few drops out of me. I felt abused and had not enjoyed the orgasm. Eventually I was so small that she had to pull me between two of her fingers. I looked down at Karen, hoping for a little love and understanding from the woman I loved but she was well beyond that. The man behind her was a guy from my office, a young filing clerk, Greg. He had her bent over and was rubbing his hard cock between her legs. She wasn’t complaining.

The crowd had forgotten about me as they craned to watch my wife with Greg. The shout went out for them to perform on the table. Lucy led my off, still holding on to my cock and Karen and Greg took our places. Greg’s cock was hard and sticking out of his jeans. It was probably only of average dimensions but in contrast to mine was huge. He lifted Karen’s skirt, exposing her panties as the crowd urged him on. He quickly pulled them down and off, threw them into his audience, which cheered loudly. When he entered her, a hush fell over them all.

Greg started slowly, pushing and pumping, Karen’s face looked pained and pleasured at the same time. Lucy whispered in my ear that she wasn’t used to a normal size so Greg was stretching her a bit. She now had hold of my cock and balls and squeezed me every now and then to make sure I knew about it. Karen meanwhile had started to scream with pleasure as Greg pumped faster and faster. Their audience was responding with claps in time with Greg’s thrusts. Finally he howled to the heavens as he exploded inside her, back arched, thighs giving short movements as his come filled her. The crowd cheered and applauded the performance.

Greg pulled out of my wife, his cock still semi-hard, wet with come and Karen’s juices along its length. He bowed, smiling. Karen stood beside him, smiling and gave a little curtsey, her hand giving his cock a little squeeze before he put it away. They climbed down from the table with the help of the other guests – I noticed a few of the men taking the opportunity to feel Karen up. She just giggled at the attention.

“Who’s next?” yelled Lucy, squeezing me harder, making me feel faint.

“I need a blow job,” someone yelled back and the rest laughed.

Karen held her arms high and yelled for everyone to be quiet, she had an announcement to make. Gradually they all quietened.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today is my husband’s birthday and we have given him a BIG surprise!” They all laughed; someone said ‘you mean little’ which made them laugh even more. “But there’s more to come!”

“Me, I hope,” yelled the blow job voice from earlier.

“Oh, you’ll ALL come,” continued my wife. “But first, I’m not sure how many of you know that my husband hasn’t seen his younger sister for about 10 years. They fell out over something silly and haven’t spoken or seen each other since. Well, as a special birthday treat and with a wish that they can patch things up, here she is! ROSALIE!”

Everyone cheered and clapped as my sister walked out of the house. I couldn’t believe that Karen would do this to me. I was trying to figure out what I had done to deserve it. Lucy had let go of me but I was too shocked to do anything except stare at my sister, then at my wife. Rosalie waved and smiled at everyone before walking up to me, her eyes on my tiny cock. She put out an index finger and poked it with a long nail then turned to everyone else.

“Last time I saw this he was about 6 and I don’t think it’s changed!” Everyone screamed with laughter. “Does it get any bigger?”

“Not so’s you’d notice,” said Lucy.

“Now, Rosalie, I believe there’s something you’d like to give your brother for his 50th birthday,” Karen continued.

“Ah, yes,” Rosalie said, turning back to look me in the eyes. “You probably don’t remember but when I was about 12 you and your mates teased me about my small breasts. It bothered me for a while but as I started growing, it didn’t seem important and I put it down to you being immature. Looking at your cock, I realise it was sympathetic ribbing! But you humiliated me. It wasn’t just then, either, you kept at it. It didn’t matter what I did or where I went, you always managed to demean me. Do you remember the swimming pool incident?”

I bowed my head, ashamed. I remembered it all right. A group of us had headed down to the local pool one afternoon after school. The place was pretty deserted so we more or less had the place to ourselves. Rosalie was with a couple of her school friends and I was with a larger group of boys. We were playing a bit rough, bombing, wrestling and the usual stuff boys get up to but the girls weren’t that keen. Rosalie’s friends said they were going home but my sister had to wait for me under strict instructions from our parents.

She just sat on the grass and waited. Annoyed that she had to sit alone. Eventually we decided it was time to head home so we all piled into the boy’s changing room. Then someone suggested crashing the girl’s changing room and catching Rosalie naked. A bunch of 15 year old boys are not to be denied and there was a sudden rush for the rooms next door. I have to admit I was one of the first to see her.

She was standing under a shower, her hands rinsing her hair, facing us all. We just stopped and looked, for most of us, this was our first naked female and we were in awe. Then someone pointed at her crutch.

“Look! She’s got no hair! Ha! Baldy puss, baldy puss!” and we were all chanting it as my sister frantically tried to cover herself up with her towel while tears streamed down her face.

I joined in the jeering but felt pretty awful about it.

I now looked into the face of my sister and felt deeply ashamed.

“I’m sorry, Rosalie, I –“ but she put a finger to my lips.

“Can someone tie him spreadeagle on the table, please?” There was no shortage of volunteers as I was lifted and spread out, then my hands and feet were tied securely to the legs. “I will need some shaving cream, a wet towel and a razor, please.”

While Karen went for these, Rosalie took a small collar from her handbag. It looked like a cat’s collar and was studded. She held it up to Lucy and smiled. Lucy took hold of it and quickly secured it around the base of my balls, tightening it painfully.

“Hang on, I’ve got some cream!” yelled someone and suddenly my best friend, Ted was standing beside the table, his cock in his hand, pumping furiously away. He was joined by another guy then another.

They all came on me as Karen returned with the shaving stuff. She laughed as she handed the things to Rosalie.

“What a waste!” she cried as she squeezed Ted’s now flaccid member.

“Plenty more where that came from, Karen,” he said as he squeezed her breast.

Meanwhile Lucy and Rosalie were rubbing the come into my body. Rosalie then took the razor and started shaving me. It hurt as she scrapped away my chest hairs, leaving red marks. Lucy took the towel and rinsed between my legs, lifting my balls by the cat collar then covered my lower body with shaving foam. The crowd cheered as Rosalie removed my pubic hair. I was crying again.

Karen leant over my face and spat into my mouth, Ted standing behind her.

“I’m going to fuck your wife now, buddy. Much better doing it this way than behind your back, eh?” he crowed.

He lifted her bottom onto the table and spread her legs, took his now hard cock in his hand and entered her. Karen gasped as he started fucking her. I could feel the razor as it removed all my body hair. I could hear the party guests cheering and clapping as Rosalie finished each part of me. I felt someone flick my balls and another pull on my foreskin. Meanwhile Ted was pounding into Karen next to my head. When he finished, someone else took his place, a black guy I’d never seen before. Karen didn’t seem to notice that one had finished and another started.

Eventually Rosalie had finished, the black guy had carried Karen off, his cock still inside her and the crowd were indulging in various acts of sex around the pool area. Rosalie now looked down at me, her hand running over my smooth body, her grin malicious.

“Now who’s a baldy puss?” She sneered as her fingers took my foreskin and stretched it up. I whimpered but she pulled harder. “I said, now who’s a baldy puss?”

“Me, I am, Rosalie, I’m a baldy puss. Can we stop now? I’m humiliated enough, please stop.”

She laughed as she released the cat collar, letting my cock and balls rest on the top of my leg.

“I think we should milk him dry,” said Lucy, mauling my balls. “I’ve always wanted to do that. Just to see what would happen. What do you think?”

“Sure, why not. Just make sure he doesn’t enjoy it too much.” Rosalie looked down at me again. “How much come have you got, brother dear?”

“Not a lot I reckon,” said Lucy, “The containers are pretty small!”

They both laughed. Then Lucy took hold of my cock and started masturbating me with her fingers. it took a while for me to get hard but eventually I did even with her rough handling. I came once more, dribbling over her fingers, my cock instantly softening

“Is that it?” laughed Rosalie.

“Yeah, he doesn’t exactly gush, does he. Last time I didn’t even know it had happened!”

“Can’t see the point, myself. Maybe he’s really a woman. How about we cut ‘em off for him?” They both laughed hysterically at this.

“Let’s do him again. God, he won’t get hard this time. You want to try?” Lucy held out my cock for Rosalie to take hold of.

“I can only use two fingers. It is so small.” She looked at me again, “How the hell do you manage with such a tiny cock?”

“I assume Karen has never felt him inside her,” offered Lucy.

“Hang on, I think he’s growing a bit.”

Rosalie had managed to get me semi-hard again and was pumping me. My cock hurt and my balls ached as she squeezed and jerked me off.

“How will we know when he comes if there’s nothing left?”

“No idea. Just keep doing it till he can’t get hard anymore, I guess,” said Lucy. “We’ll take turns.”

It took a long time for me to come this time and when I did there was very little of it. I groaned with the pain. My cock shrunk even smaller as Rosalie squeezed the final drop out of me.

“I hope that wasn’t a groan of pleasure,” said Lucy as she took hold of my cock and started squeezing it. “Rosalie will not be pleased if you enjoy it.”

“It’s pain, Lucy, I’m in pain. I can’t come anymore. There’s nothing left. Please stop.” I begged but she just laughed.

“Rubbish! You can do it again. Just for us. Come on. Hey, Rosalie. Do you reckon he can come if he’s soft?”

“Probably. Just keep a firm grip and pump. See what happens.”

They were both bent over my cock, Lucy masturbating my softness, Rosalie intently watching, her fingers twiddling my nipples.

“You’re going to have to take over, my hand is aching.” Lucy handed my cock to Rosalie who kept up the pumping.

I jerked my body as I had another orgasm, my cock burning with pain. I hadn’t managed to get hard. Rosalie didn’t stop. I screamed in agony. She still didn’t stop. Lucy gagged me with my pink jocks, telling me to quieten down as I was disturbing the others.

“Do you think he’ll eventually come blood if we keep at it?” Rosalie asked as Lucy took over on my cock.

“Dunno. I don’t think he has any come left though and I think his cock has actually got smaller. I’m finding it difficult to keep a grip.”

“We need a cock ring. Here, put this hair elastic around the base. Twist it a few times.”

Lucy stopped pumping as they did this. A new pain hit me as the blood was cut off. Lucy started pumping me again as my cock grew with the pressure.

“That’s better! I think that’s the biggest he’s been. Must really want it, eh?” They both laughed as they took turns to pump me over and over.

They brought me to another couple of dry orgasms, my cock staying hard throughout, my head screaming with the pain. They only stopped because Karen suddenly appeared beside them. She was naked and flushed.

“C.mon girls. You’re missing all the action. Leave this loser here and come and get some real cock!”

Lucy and Rosalie smiled and agreed. Lucy left but Rosalie looked down at me and grinned.

“Thank you, brother dear for a lovely birthday. Yours! Here’s your present.” And she slapped me between the legs, hard. My blood ran cold and I screamed into the gag. She just laughed and walked away. I sobbed to myself as I listened to the cries of pleasure around me.

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