My Harsh Reality

By Williamsolder.

My name is Will. I’ve spent most of my life living in the North East, where the “normal” guys are bros, and the ordinary girls have a less-than-inviting attitude. Growing up chubby led me to strike out quite a lot until I got into the gym around high school was when I started catching eyes.

I was full-fledged. 6-7 days a week, sometimes twice a day, I played football and basketball and partied with my friends. The only thing that separated me from the full-fledged jocks, I had a small dick.

Not to say I was alone. I know I wasn’t. But where others could hide their little secret, I realized my fetish for humiliation. Teasing, really. I didn’t want to be ball-busted or teased with feet. I was much more straightforward. That was until I met Taylor.

I had my run of hookups from my first year to my senior. Some girls thought it was tiny, some thought average, and some had no idea because I was the biggest they had been with due to our ages. But after I graduated, I met this 5-foot tall, maybe even 4’11, Brunette, and she had the perfect shape. She had 36C breasts and a big perky butt. By this point, I had my own body. The only thing that kept me from my 6-pack being washboard abs was the alcohol I wanted to consume every weekend, which I made up for with tree trunks for legs and big veiny arms. What could I say? The gym was my happy place.

When I started getting closer to Taylor, I knew my fetish would get brought up sooner rather than later, but she was hot, and I had to win her over first. We got way too drunk the first time we hung out and had sex. I’ve never had an issue with that. My problems stem from needing to be made fun of, which drives the person away. My dick is 4.5 inches long but not very girthy. But forcing your significant other to partake in that humiliation can drive them away, and I learned the hard way.

After we hooked up a few times and I took her out on a couple dates, I felt secure enough in our relationship to make things official. I’m a sucker for clichés, so I wasn’t going to ask her to be my girlfriend until I could wow her with my proposal.

I’ll keep this part short. I had the flowers, the chocolates, and the candle-lit dinner beforehand. By this point, she was all mine. I topped it off with a rose-pedaled path to the bedroom, where she was met with another bouquet inside a rose-pedaled heart. Popped the question, and it was over. Now it was her turn.

She moved quickly and told me she loved me, and I believed her, and the feeling was mutual. I barely had time to untie my shoes when she ripped my clothes off. Do you know how sometimes you can feel that your hard-on isn’t at its full potential? (length). That was tonight. I don’t have an issue with cumming quickly (the opposite, in fact), so I didn’t bother relieving myself beforehand. I wanted to put on a show. To this point, my dick is between 4-5 inches long when erect, and I say that because I don’t know where to start my measurement. So, I believed I was average for those without high standards.

Well, things got started, and it was hot. Taylor took control and got right on top, but for the first time between us, I slipped out of her while she rode me. Seizing this opportunity, I decided to slide a joke in there.

“Relax, baby. I’m not THAT big.”

A sly giggle from her creeped out. I can work with this, I thought.

We resumed, and I was ready to go rounds. She came multiple times, which was the most rewarding thing for me. I didn’t expect any humiliation by this point, but I craved it. I wanted to cum next. This is where I dug my own grave.

I guided her down to my penis. Her tiny hands looked normal on my dick, which was getting beat up from the sex by this point. He certainly was now if he wasn’t down to a measly 4 inches before. She began stroking it.

“Baby, can I tell you something? It’s about me cumming.”

Here we go.

Another sly giggle. “Yes, baby, what is it?”. She knows I have a smart mouth, so she’s ready for some bullshit.

“I know I’m only average, but if you tease me… I’ll cum. Like in a mean way.”

She made a face, and I didn’t know how to read it. “I can do that.”

“Like, making fun of my dick for being little.”

“Oh honey, I knew what you meant.”

“You don’t have to if you’re not into it, but if you can, just pretend.”

She stopped. Gripped my dick, and her whole hand covered it.

“Pretend? Will,” she said sternly. “Do you not know that you have a tiny dick? I don’t need to pretend. You have the smallest dick I’ve ever seen, let alone been with.”

Fuck. What did I start? There’s a fine line where my ego gets hurt by this, and I think she’s crossing it, But I know im not going to ask her to retreat. My mouth is open, but I can’t formulate any words.”

“I uh… I know I do. I just thought..”

“You thought what? That you were average? Honey, Alex was bigger than this… soft. I knew you were little when I first saw it, but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Now I have permission to tell you about your little boy dick?”.

Okay, she’s done this before. I can tell, I think. But fuck was this good? Alex was her ex that we talked about earlier. No shame story there. He was just a cheat. But Im hot now. Im conceding.

“Can you suck my little boy dick and make me cum then?”

No words. Just action. Small dick or not, I made her cum more times than she could keep track, which is more of a testament to me being in shape than having a good dick game. I can go without getting tired, and I found someone who enjoys it. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have a smaller dick than anyone she’s been with.

Between the moment of head, I can hear and feel her giggles. I looked down, and we made eye contact. She slows her motion and stares at me.

She takes her thumb and index finger and gives me the small dick sign.

“Cum for me, babydick. So we can talk about how you’ll let me fuck a big dick again.”

That was it for me. I felt the rush, and she kept sucking. She swallowed every bit nice and slow, and when she was done, she released my now soft dick out of her mouth, and she just stared. She looked down at it in pity as he fell slightly to the side. My already tiny balls from cumming engulfed most of my soft penis, and a burst of laughter arose from her.

“You do have a little dick, Will.”

She left me speechless. The gut-wrenching words filled me with pleasure and regret. I had never been so turned on, yet I don’t know if I was prepared for what doors I may have opened. I finally managed to squeak out a statement to avoid being obvious that I was now at her command.

“I love you.” This was the best I could come up with, but it was true. We loved each other, I knew I loved her, and I think I was even more in love with her after this round of fucking and sucking.

“Awwww… I love you too… Now shut the fuck up and eat me.” Her words stung like she had lost respect for me. My dick has been the same size since we’ve been together, but now that I openly told her how I want to be humiliated, It’s as if It’s even smaller and more pathetic because it turns me on. However, eating pussy is a punishment I’ll take any time.

She took control and sat right on my face; all I did was get a good grip on her ass. Despite her being on top, I felt I had complete control in this position. It showed off everything that was still alpha about me. She had strong hands, good stamina, and strong muscles to lift her into any position I needed. Her pussy was dripping at this point, shocking and satisfying. Was she as into this as I was? Little dick or not, she has already come 4x as much as I did tonight because of my penis. Was she holding back not scolding me for my size before? The theories I was coming up with in my head distracted me from the fact she came again.

It didn’t even occur to me until she spoke up, begging me to stop, but at this point, I needed to reclaim some of my dominance in the bedroom, so I continued. She cooed, pleaded, and begged me to stop while her whole body twitched. When I felt she had enough, her legs were shaking profusely, and repetitive utters of “oh my God” informed me I had brought my A-game. Shortly after that, she was sound asleep in my arms, and despite my mind racing with the theatrics of that night, I was exhausted and was out like a light.

When I awoke in the morning, Taylor was gone. Nothing would have been better to wake up to than her, but I knew she had work early, so this was no surprise. What did surprise me, however, was the note she left me on the kitchen counter. The fact there even was a note was strange in itself. It wasn’t our first departure from my home, where I was still asleep, and usually, she’d send a heartfelt text attached to a good morning, so I knew something was different. The contents of the note sent a burst of heat through my entire body that I wasn’t prepared for.

“Good morning, babydick :). I had more fun than I think you realized last night. Keep your composure while I’m gone. I have a BIG surprise for your LITTLE secret when I get off work. Have an amazing day, stud ;).”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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