Finger Cot Condoms For MicroPenis

By Dominia Sax.

In every bathroom where a sissy with a micropenis sits to pee, the counter adjacent to the sink should have a display of finger cots.

I require this for all the sissies who share a toilet with me. The cots serve as a daily message.

‘Your penis is so small…your penis is so useless…you might as well use a finger cot as your condom.’

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my columns and are unaware of what a devilishly delicious dom I am, you’re likely thinking, ‘why would a penis that small even need a condom?’

Technically, it doesn’t. Practically speaking, it does. There has to be some method in place–at certain times–to catch all the worthless semen that keeps dribbling out of it! That is when it’s not locked in chastity.

So, my August 2022 ‘How To’ column is to explain to you–my followers–how to take the finger cot condom idea several steps further. To take the symbol–of finger cot humiliation–and make it a reality. I’m not kidding. I speak from first-hand experience.

(Although, whether you partake or not, having cots on the counter should now be a thing.)

If you’re not a sissy–or a person who likes to dom a sissy–then you should stop reading now.

Don’t read any further if you don’t want to be humiliated by me. All of you out there with your pathetically tiny penises, it’s time for you to learn another way to punish your useless appendage. You already lock yourself in chastity; now you need to wear the ultimate micro condom. And that is a finger cot.

If you’re not interested in small penis humiliation, this HOW TO column isn’t for you. Seriously, exit this page NOW.

The Why

When the time comes that your sissy micro penis dribbles sperm, you need to have a method to keep your mess from ending up staining the carpet or bed sheets.

It doesn’t matter if your excitement comes from watching big cocks on the internet or milking your prostate with your Aneros. Ideally, it’s not from an actual orgasm: you’d be breaking my demand (see my column ‘Sissy Goal to be Orgasm Free Till 2023,’ published 12/16/2021 in the ‘How To’ section).

The How

You can find Latex Finger Cots, 144 per box, Extra Large, for $7.49 from a leading online retailer. Purchase extra large. They are the ones that fit on the human thumb. Don’t get regular finger cots. Even though your penis is smaller than anyone else you’ve ever met, you’ll spend too much time squeezing it into the standard size. Trust me. Extra Large is perfect for your little willie.

When they arrive, follow these steps. If you want to humiliate yourself, write a comment at the end of this column detailing your success.

The ‘How To’ Steps

Step One:

Cut the tips off of several cots. Henceforth, I’ll call these sleeves.

Step Two:

Blow into several cots like you are attempting to make tiny balloons. You’ll want to assist the latex in its ability to stretch. Henceforth, I’ll call these cot tips.

Step Three

Edge for hours until your little dicklette can’t possibly get stiff. Not that it ever does. You must be as limp and soft as possible to slip into your first finger cot condom.

Step Four

Slip a cot tip over your tiny little penis head. It feels good, doesn’t it? All those frustrating years in high school and college, you tried unsuccessfully to wear a condom and learned there was no such thing as extra, extra small. (Which is why they never stayed on.)

It’s okay if your cot tip rips or tears. Until you master this step, you’ll go through several cot tips. Rookies always do. But you can and will succeed. I know how small you are. I’ve seen little penises just like yours mummified in latex finger cots. Be patient.

Note: this is why I suggested you prepare several in Step Two.

Step Five

Once your cot tip is snugly in place, you’ll need to add a sleeve or two onto your short soft shaft. You’ll find this step to be pretty straightforward. But again, if it rips or tears, be patient.

The goal is to have your condom cot appear as if you’re wearing just one cot. But unless your micro pud is less than one inch, you’ll need a sleeve or two to complete your latex bondage.

Step Six

Admire your work.

Photograph your success.

You did it!

Be proud of the rarified air you now find yourself in. Seriously, not many sissies can wear a finger cot as a condom. But you can.

Words of Advice

There is no step even. So, what now?

You’ve noticed that your condom-cot has squeezed your tiny sissy penis into a ridiculously skinny pencil-thin sleeve. Even you can’t believe how small your penis looks now.

In fairness, since you humiliated yourself into this pathetic condom-cot, I will give you a heads’ up.

There isn’t a reservoir to collect seepage like a real condom. So, if you’re only dripping, you’ll be fine. However, if you cum, your sperm doesn’t have anywhere to ejaculate. Your shaft is squeezed so tight that most (or all) of your cum won’t escape. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Your body will reabsorb the sperm that does not leave the shaft upon ejaculation. Plus, it’s just as efficient as returning your load to your stomach. I know you eat your cum.

And hey, you shouldn’t be having an orgasm.

Also, don’t wear your prize proudly for too long. Condom cots will limit your circulation. With the exciting snugness of your first real condom, I know you’ll want to slip on another one tomorrow. But take this one off soon. Then plan ahead. You have 144 to go through. You can even wear a condom cot inside your chastity cage.

And one last thing, if you stick that condom-covered pencil in anyone who can procreate, I certainly won’t vouch for its contraceptive abilities. So, please don’t use it for that. Even though we both know you don’t fuck. You never have. You’re too small.

Now, don’t you go whining to me that finger cot condoms aren’t possible? I only write about what I know. And I’ve witnessed this first hand, many times.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.


  • bambiegirl

    Dear Dominia Sax,
    Thank You for your instructions. i had a difficult time in the past to wear the finger cots. My wife bought them for me years ago because i kept slipping out of a regular condom. She even stopped me from penetrating her also because of my quickdraw as she calls me, shortly after our wedding. We are married nine years and i haven’t been allowed an orgasm in over five years. She knows i’m a gold member and tells all our friends, especially her girlfriends and their boyfriends. i was diagnosed with a micropenis by her doctor. That was a very humiliating event. i’m her sissy house maid now and i serve her and her friends. Even her exhusband visits often.

  • Chris

    Wow! What a great read! I swear i enjoy most of the stories here but out of 10 there is always that one I love! Thank you for the steps and lessons! I cant wait to hear or read more from you! 🙂

  • Willy Widdle

    Quite informative…Great job in stressing that everyone should start out with the extra large cots…I remember the first time I tried it.. I used the biggest size initially, & even gave up trying for a bit due to every single one popping, snapping, some even literally exploding…I was determined to prove my cock belonged inside them thnxx to all the extra room left in even the smallest standard condoms I could find…After much patience, and a ton of practice, I can slip into the smallest size just as quickly and easily as the rest of the sizes…One trick that I always use is anytime I’m about to roll down a fresh one, I first take a sewing needle & give it a quick, “practice tiny prick” by Poking a small hole in the tip…now, anyone gifted with the rare ability to successfully execute a “total roll down”, can do so with such greater ease, as there’s no stubborn pocket of air to have to contend with…The lack of a reservoir is a non issue, as blowing a large enough load will cause those fkrs to swell & slip until they’ll ultimately blow themselves right off that tiny throbbin tip…Thnxx for puttin in the hours & spreadin the news! XD

  • Charli

    This is wildly humiliating. Thank you Dominia Sax for your fresh spin on small penis humiliation accountability.


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