My Friend Peter has a Small Dick

By Nova.

I have a confession. My friend Peter has lived with his girlfriend Mia for many years. I like Mia a lot. She is a lot of fun, always filling every room with her bubbly personality. She’s the kind of girl who usually wants to stay at the party until the very end when everyone who’s left has either passed out or cleaning up. She’s friendly to just about everyone she meets, and her disposition can even border on the flirtatious at times. I’ve often felt the desire to flirt with her; it’s never been lost on me that she has a super round bubble butt and is always walking around in leggings or super short shorts that show off her big ass, jiggling like crazy as she walks. Mia is a short, petite, curvy brunette with a cute smile. Her face might not necessarily grab your attention right away, but that booty will stop you in your tracks and make your heart flutter.

I’ve been friends with Peter since middle school, and by now, we are in our mid-twenties and know everything about each other. We’re the closest thing either of us has to a brother. We even look generally alike, both over six feet tall, though my body is stronger and more defined. We still laugh about all our old exploits, like when we snuck onto the roof of our high school to drink beer or when we stole my parents’ car to pick up the twins—Jenny and Jackie Simmons—for a late-night make-out rendezvous. I remember when Peter fell asleep and started snoring in Geometry class in the eighth grade, right before Ms. Hansen kicked him out of class and called his mom. I remember when we were sixteen, and both had crushes on Haley Ramsey. I can still picture how his face fell when I started dating her shortly after that. And I remember all the times we’ve shared locker rooms, in the showers after gym class, or now after a workout at the gym we both frequent. All the times we’ve silently compared various parts of our bodies, our quietly competitive natures almost surfacing. I know everything about Peter, even his shortcomings. And he knows my strengths.

Everyone in our friend group knows that Peter has a tiny penis. You can’t be in the locker room with him for more than five seconds and not notice that he’s got only a tiny little pocket of flesh resting on top of what seems to be a shriveled, empty sack. I love when there’s a group of us in the locker room, changing. I can position myself next to him, letting everyone visually compare my impressive, thick, soft cock hanging down more than six inches next to his trivial little dick. No one has ever mentioned it to him, but we’ve all spent many a night wondering how he is possibly hitting Mia’s big ass from behind. The consensus is that he isn’t doing it right and that he might actually not be able to fuck her doggy style at all, which we’ve all agreed would be a terrible waste.

As has typically been the case with Peter’s girlfriends, I’ve often thought Mia might have a bit of a crush on me. I don’t mean to be cocky, but like I said, Peter and I look rather similar, and we act similar too. We have the same sense of humor and share most of the same interests. People have always noticed our likenesses, and many have noted that I am generally more handsome and have a much higher-paying job. Some people jokingly refer to me as Peter Senior, never when he is around, of course. Never to his face.

So, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that someone who would be attracted to Peter would also be attracted to me. In fact, logic would state that, on average, they’d be even more attracted to me. Some of his girlfriends have seemed to flirt with me before, and I’ve often felt that if I’d wanted to do something, I could’ve. My confession, now, is that I want to do something. I want to fuck Mia so badly. I want to bend her over their bed in their apartment and watch her fat ass jiggle as I pound her from behind with my massive cock.

It’s winter in Chino County, Florida, which means it’s beach season. Spring, summer, and fall are beach seasons, too, of course. But I like the relative mildness of the winter heat. I was hanging out at the beach with Peter and Mia, along with some of our other friends. I was in my swimsuit, desperately waiting for Mia to pull her cover-up dress over her head so I could glimpse her body in her bikini. I was laid back in my chair, with my sunglasses on, watching her steal surreptitious glances at my muscles. She sauntered over, putting her phone in her bag, which was in the sand next to me.

“Hi, Jack.”

We smiled at one another.

“I’m wearing a new bikini today,” she said. “I just got it last week, and I haven’t worn it yet.”

“Oh, nice,” I said. “When are you going to debut it?”

I jokingly reached at her cover-up to pull it away, and she stepped back, giggling.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just keep my cover-up on. My new bikini is a little bit revealing.”

I paused. “Well, now you’ve got to take off the cover-up,” I said, and we both laughed. Give the people what they want.”

“I want to,” she said, “but you know Peter gets a little possessive.”

I nodded.

“It’s hard because I like to show off,” she said, winking at me.

I smiled, noticing that Peter was walking back to the parking lot, probably to get something from the car.

“Well, here’s your chance,” I said, directing her glance to Peter.

A sly smile came over her face. “Alright,” she said, looking back at me. “Tell me if you think Peter’s going to get mad.”

She slipped the cover-up over her head, and my eyes took in her toned, curvy shape. From the front, it seemed to be a normal bikini.

“Oh, that’s fine,” I said. “Peter can’t possibly care about this. Every other girl here is dressed the same way.”

She grinned devilishly at me. “You haven’t seen the back yet,” she said as she turned slowly.

My lips parted slightly as she turned to display her ass cheeks, fully uncovered in her thong bikini, and thrust it towards me a bit. I swear she made it jiggle on purpose. “My God,” I whispered. Her cheeks were so smooth and round, a perfect bubble jutting out from a perfect body. “You have such a fat ass.”

“I know!” she giggled delightedly. “It feels wrong to conceal it.”

I lifted my sunglasses off of my eyes, staring at the magnificent butt in front of me. “You know,” I said. “You shouldn’t have to hide your body just because Peter is self-conscious of his.”

“Right?!” she exclaimed, turning back towards me now. “I’d better not be showing you my ass when Peter comes back. He’s very jealous of you, you know.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean, he’s never mentioned it out loud, but I can tell. I can’t really blame him. You’re so much fitter and everything. Women are always falling all over you. It’s not a surprise he’d be envious.” She sat down in the chair next to me and looked into my eyes with a knowing smile. “I know they call you Peter Senior.”

I smiled back at her. “Yeah, I’ve heard that one a few times.”

“He’s heard it too, many times probably. He usually just pretends not to.”

“That’s gotta be tough for him.”

I was surprised. Most of the time, people didn’t say things like that in front of him. I racked my brain for when he might have heard it. “I’m surprised someone would have said it when we as around.”

“I overheard him muttering something about it earlier this year,” she said, still smiling. “I’m not sure about the circumstances.”

Suddenly, I remembered when it must have happened. It was a few months back, in the locker room. “I remember now,” I said, and Mia’s face lit up.

“Tell me!” she bubbled.

“Well, we were in the showers, and Peter and I were next to each other. And I remember hearing Rob say, ‘Look at Peter Junior and Peter Senior over there.’ I tried to motion to him to shut up, but everyone was laughing.”

“Ooh,” she said, her face flushing but still smiling clear. “Why do you think Rob said that right then?”

“Well,” I said, trying to approach this matter with delicacy. I didn’t want to insult Mia by mocking her boyfriend’s manhood. Still, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to point out my superiority, either. “Peter and I make quite a contrast when we’re naked.”

Mia paused and bit her lower lip. “I see.” She thought momentarily. “Well, you are obviously so much more muscular. Is that what you mean?”

“Yes,” I said. “Among other things.”

I saw Peter from up the beach now, returning from the car.

“What other things,” Mia asked girlishly.

Peter had spotted us now but had gotten sidetracked in a conversation with one of our other friends. He was eyeing us nervously.

“Let’s just say I look more manly than your boyfriend when we’re naked.”

Mia opened her mouth in a fake gasp and laughed. “You aren’t implying that you have a bigger penis, are you?”

I winked at her. “I’m the not one rushing to get dressed in the locker room every time.”

Mia was laughing openly at her boyfriend’s misfortune, and I was getting turned on. I started laughing, too.

“Tell me something,” she said. Who’s the biggest of all you guys?”

I snorted. “Me, obviously.”

“Come on,” she said. “It can’t be you. You have everything else in life—the job, the looks—you can’t possibly have the biggest dick too.”

I chortled. “No, really, I do. Ask anyone.”

“Don’t think I won’t. I’ll ask Rob Jackorrow at work. He’ll tell me.”

“Or you could ask Peter,” I said quickly.

She dropped her jaw at me and then smiled. “Jack, you are so bad.” Then she thought about it for a moment. “Can you imagine how much he would squirm if I drilled him with questions and made him admit that you had the biggest dick out of all his friends?”

“That might break him,” I said.

“You are totally right, though. I should ask him. I should ask him to estimate how big he thinks you are, too.” She winked at me.

“Don’t do that,” I said. “Peter will undersell me. I’d hate for you to get the wrong idea.”

Mia smiled, lost in her thoughts. “Do you bully him? In the locker room? I always hear that guys with tiny dicks like Peter get bullied in locker rooms.”

“I don’t bully him,” I said slowly. “But I do try to think of sly ways to embarrass him,” I admitted. Mia was hanging on to every word as I spoke, loving every second of her boyfriend’s shame. “Like when we go into the sauna, I always make sure no one wears a towel, saying real men don’t cover up or whatever, and then I sit next to him so everyone can see my long cock hanging down between my legs and his…”

“Little baby package?” she offered.

I laughed. “Exactly. His little baby package…paling in comparison.”

Mia was biting her lip at me again. “He must look quite…funny…next to you.”

Peter was walking towards us now.

“A boy among men,” I said.

She gasped, and we started laughing hysterically. We were still cracking up as Peter finally got to us.

“Hey guys,” he said nervously. “Can I join?”

“Sure,” Mia said flatly.

“What’re we talking about?” There wasn’t an open chair, so Peter had to sit awkwardly in the sand.

“Sports,” Mia said calmly. “You know, winners and losers. That kind of thing.”

“Ah,” Peter said, looking down at the sand.

We sat quietly for a few moments, and I realized Peter hadn’t seen Mia’s ass hanging out of her bikini yet. Tired of the quiet awkwardness that had fallen over us since Peter’s arrival, Mia stood up and said she was going in the water. She winked at me and strutted off, her round butt bouncing as she walked. Peter looked, too, and his mouth gaped open. His eyes swung over to me to see if I was watching it, and I didn’t bother to look away.

“Who does she think she is,” he muttered to himself.

“Oh, come on,” I said, not taking my eyes off her ass. “She’s got a fatty man. You should be proud.”

“I love her butt,” he said. “It’s just that it’s not for everyone to see.”

“Seems like she disagrees.”

Right as I said that, Mia walked past two muscular guys, catching them as they checked her out and gave them a flirty smile.

“I can’t believe her,” he said.

He got up and stormed over to her. I watched her feign surprise as he stood there, hands on his hips, scolding her for showing off her ass. Exasperated, he looked over towards the water, searching for answers on the horizon, and she glanced at me and winked. I smiled, looking at Peter’s skinny arms, picturing how Cherry would rush into his cheeks if he knew what I was going to do to his girlfriend.


To Be Continued…?


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