My Foot Fetish Exposes Me!

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It was just a few weeks ago. I was back in my hometown visiting some old buddies. And you know how old buddies are, so the first thing we do is get some drinks and go to over to Matt’s house. When we first get there Matt’s wife, Julie, is getting ready for work, she’s a waitress. She’s not wearing any socks or shoes and her sexy white feet are topped off with the perfect shade of red nail polish. As she applies her make up she’s oblivious to me, her bare feet and sexy make up start to give me a little boner. I worried what my buddies would think so I went to the bathroom to “take care of it,” if you know what I mean…

As soon as I close the door in the bathroom and turn on the lights I see a pile of Julie’s dirty clothes on the floor: Pants, thongs, spaghetti strap shirts, and best of all socks! I always steal a sniff of a girl’s sock when I can get away with it. So while I’m sitting on the toilet with my pants down, I pick up one of the white ankle socks. It’s a little grey and dirty, but still cute. I put it up to my nose and am blown away by the intoxicating scent. Now most girl’s socks smell either dirty and sweaty, or sweet and perfumy; well, somehow, hers did both at the same time. A slightly flowery smell, but still full of that overpowering sweat that makes me weak.

I hear Matt’s car leave the driveway, so I assume he is taking her to work and it’s safe to keep going. So I start to lightly stroke my cock with Julie’s dirty sock smashed up against my nose when BAM all of sudden the bathroom door opens and Julie is standing there. I was so horny I forgot to lock it! I quickly dropped the sock, but there was no hiding it…Julie knew what she had seen.

“Eww!! What are you doing you little loser!?” she yells at me.

I’m too dumbfounded to answer, so I just tuck my penis between my legs hoping she hadn’t seen my boner yet.

She walks over to me and picks up the sock and holds it up to my face as I sit on the toilet.

“Where you smelling my dirty sock you little perv?” she says.

I’m helpless, even a few inches away I can still smell her sock and on top of that I look down so I don’t have to look her in the eye and I see her sexy red toes standing there on the bathroom rug.

“Don’t look at my feet!” she yells, “Answer me! Were you jerking off to my dirty sock!?”

I meekly shake my head yes and barely manage to squeak out a “sorry.”

Now she turns around and locks the bathroom door. I don’t know what she is doing now.

She turns around quickly, whipping her blond hair to the side and says “Open your legs.”

“HAHAHAH No wonder you like feet! No pussy would ever want that little thing!”

I start to go even softer since she is making fun of me.

“Aww what’s the matter? little baby boy can’t get a stiffie? Aww poor wittle baby…”

She then smirks with an evil look in her eye and dangles the sock in front of my face, “Maybe if I give you my dirty sock? Huh bitch boy, how would that help your little small dicklet out?”

She grabs my head from behind with one hand and shoves the sock over my nose and mouth with the other. I can’t breathe anything but the smell of her sock. She was right, I got rock hard, but it still wasn’t enough for her.

“That’s still all you can get up for me? HAHAH What a fucking loser! I bet you’re a one minute man, too!” She mocks, “Hell, I bet you could even be a 10 second man!”

Then she grabs my cock with her sexy hands and red painted finger nails and slowly strokes around the base.

“Breath in” she coos softly.

I breathe in all the aroma of her sock and she starts to jack me off with perfect skill. She does it up and down, big long, firm strokes.

I’m so close to cumming and it hasn’t even been a few seconds yet. I guess she knew how close I was because the next thing she says is “You little dick bitch…CUM!” and I instantly squirt my pathetic load all over my own leg.

She laughs so loud “HAHAHAHAH What a fucking loser, you came on your leg!” She scoops up a little bit with her finger and then removes the sock from my face and shoves the cum in my mouth.

“I can’t believe how pathetic you are” she says as she walks out of the bathroom just as Matt gets back home.

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