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The three friends were all sitting around watching TV. Jessica was on the chair and Danny and Bret were on the couch. Jessica had the remote, and every time she clicked the button, her boobs jumped up and down, making Danny and Bret drool.

That was the only reason they were friends with her; because she was so hot. All the boys at school had dreamed of fucking Jessica, and Danny and Bret had each spent nights masturbating to images of her. Now they were her friend, but all they could do was think about how great her giant boobs were.

“There’s nothing on,” Jessica sighed, “This is so boring.”

Danny was daring. “I have a porno upstairs we could watch.”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Yes, let’s watch that, I love watching porno.”

Danny ran upstairs and grabbed the disc and put it in the TV. He pressed play and a movie of a huge-titted girl getting fucked came up.

“This is making me so hot,” Jessica said, unconsciously rubbing her nipples over her shirt, “Damn, that guy has such a huge cock.”

“She’s not bad either,” Danny commented, “Though her boobs aren’t as big as yours.”

“No one’s ever are,” Jessica giggled, “Do you ever jack off to this?”

Danny awkwardly scratched his head. “Yeah, sometimes.”

“And what about you, Bret, you pump your cock to movies of girls getting fucked?”

Bret was timid. “Yea,” he admitted, “Kind of.”

“Kind of?” Jessica asked, “How often do you masturbate?”

“Like twice a day,” Bret said, and Jessica laughed.

“Twice a day!” She giggled heavily. “That’s a lot of jerking. Have you ever even fucked a girl?”

“Not yet,” Bret said, shy.

“What about you?” Jessica asked Danny.

“Yeah, I fucked a girl once,” he answers.

“I’ve fucked loads of guys,” Jessica admits, “They all go ga-ga over my tits. I love it when they cum all over them.”

Jessica looked down at both boys’ pants. They both were trying to cover their hard-ons.

“Am I turning you guys on?” she laughed, “You guys want to fuck me?”

“So much,” Danny replied, “You are so hot.”

“You ever jack off while thinking about me?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, all the time,” Danny responded.

“Yeah, me too,” Bret said quietly.

“Well, boys,” Jessica said, smiling, “Let’s get those pants off then.”

Jessica walked over to the couch and slid down Danny’s body. She undid the belt and pulled down his pants.

“Damn!” she said, staring at his nine inch dick, “That is some serious cock! You’ve only been laid once?”

“Yeah,” Danny said proudly.

Jessica licked her lips. “I can’t wait to let you fuck me.”

She moved over to Bret.

“What about you, tiger? You want to fuck me, too?”

Bret nodded.

“Well, then, let’s hope your dick’s at least as big as your friend’s.”

She pulled down Bret’s pants and burst into laugher.

“Are you kidding me?” she said through giggles, pointing at his three inch dick, “That thing is TINY!”

Bret blushed heavily.

“I can’t let you fuck me with that thing,” she said, “I wouldn’t even be able to feel it. It’s just too small.”

Bret frowned and started to put his pants, but Jessica stopped him.

“You said you jerk it to me twice a day?” she said.

Bret nodded again.

“Well, I can at least let you do that.”

She took off her top and undid her bra, letting the two glorious mounds of flesh sway with her body. Bret’s eyes widend as she shoved his head into them.

“You like that?” she asked, “You like my terrific cleavage? Guys have cum in my cleavage all the time, and now your head is there.”

She pushed his head away and picked her 36DD bra off the floor.

“Here,” she said, handing him the bra, “I’m going to fuck your friend over there, who actually has a working penis. You can pump your tiny little junk into here while I fuck someone who isn’t a dickless loser.”

Jessica waltzed over to Bret, who was standing on the other side of the room, and slowliy slid off her skirt.

“Fuck me,” she said to him, “I want you to make your friend over there wish he was you.”

Jessica leaned over the coffee table in front of Bret and laid down on it, her legs still touching the ground. Her tits were squished up against the glass, and Bret could see deep into her cleavage.

Danny took his dick and pushed it into her pussy, causing her to moan deeply. They were fucking doggy style, and Bret was sitting right in front of them. Danny started pumping.

“That feel great!” Jessica called back to Danny, then looked up at Bret.

“Ha, that thing really is tiny,” she said, her boobs swaying back in forth against the glass table, “I doubt you’ll ever get laid. You’ll just have to keep jerking off to girls like me. That’s the way things work. The big boys, the ones hung like your friend over there, they get to fuck, to be real men, and enjoy the pleasures of my huge tits. You have to sit there, and wank off like the loser you are.”

Bret was jerking off faster and faster now.

“It won’t take long until you cum. Watch, I’ll bet you cum twice before your friend does. Don’t worry, there’s enough in once cup of that bra to hold three loads. I have very large breasts, if you hadn’t noticed.”

Sure enough, Bret felt himself cumming. He held out the bra to his dick, and, inches from Jessica’s face, he spewed a load of thick, creamy jizz into the left cup of her bra. She laughed at him while he did it.

“Told you so. Though I was wrong, you sure cum a lot. You filled up whole cup!”

The bra was in his hand, full to the brim with his seed. He held it with his left hand and started jerking again with his right.

“Okay, pindick, I’ll give you a little reward. Since you proved me wrong by having such a huge amount of cum for such a small, worthless dick, I’ll let you cum in my face this time. Just let it go. I bet some will fall between my tits. You’ll like that, won’t you? Then you can lick it off.”

Jessica’s words were exciting Bret, and it wasn’t long before he came again, this time all over Jessica’s face. She licked it greedily into her mouth, but a lot dripped down her chest and formed a huge bubble of semen in her cleavage.

She swished the jizz around in her mouth for awhile before spitting it on the floor.

“Yuck! It tastes like a loser dick. I guess that’s cause it came from one.”

From behind her, Danny, who has been fucking her vigoruly the whole time, announces, “I’m about to cum!”

“Sorry, loser, but I’m going to have to change your view.”

She got off the table, and bent down in front of Danny. He whipped his dick towards her face, and spewed all of his load into her tits. By the time he was done, there wasn’t a speck of flesh that wasn’t generously covered in the oozing white mixture.

“Shit,” Danny yelled, picking his clothes off the ground, “I gotta get home!” And Danny left.

“Guess that just leaves you and me, dickless,” Jessica said, moving over to Bret on the couch, “But I have to go soon too. I’m meeting up with the football team later and they all want me to suck them off before the game. But I don’t want to go looking like this, do I?” She picked up a glob of jizz off her chest and let it drip through her fingers into her mouth.

“Now that tastes like a real man’s jizz,” she announces, “Lick it all off me so I can get away from your tiny ugly penis.”

Bret leaped down and started lapping up all the liquid off her chest. She giggle maliciously and said, “Wow, I didn’t think you were this much of a loser. I mean, you have a tiny penis, but I didn’t realize you were desperate for tits enough to lick another man’s jizz off of them.”

Despite the words, Bret kept lapping up the mess on Jessica’s body. When he finished, her tits shined brightly from the mizzture of his saliva and the traces of jizz.

“She picked up her bra from the floor, still covered in Bret’s cum, and placed it on her chest, causing it to spill over the edges and dry on her breasts. She put her shirt on over this and recovered her skirt and panties from the floor.

“See you later, loser,” she said, walking to the door. She stopped and turned around again.

“On second though, come with me. I’ll find something for you to do there.” She laughed again.

Bret got dressed and followed her out the door.

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