Mrs. Tippers PE Class

By Anonymous


It was a cold morning, and the 2nd period was about to start, which was PE (Physical Education). Because I had missed the cooper run last week, I was sent to the girl’s class to do it in this lesson and the boys were in the sports hall. When I got out onto the Astro, all the girls were waiting for me in their tight short-shorts and thin tops. Mrs. Tipper got us all in a line, and I was on the end. “Kit checks…Charlotte good, Emily good, Sophie good, Hannah…” Mrs. Tipper looked at her up and down in disgust. “Those aren’t Rowlett shorts, Hannah Turnbull, go get someone’s from the lost property now” Just as she was about to go Mrs. Tipper quickly thought of an idea. “Wait, Hannah, I don’t think lost property have anything at all today…take them off.”

All the girls gasped, and Hannah’s face reddened. “But, but what about everyone else, what about Matt I can’t show him.”

“It’s either that or I give you a ‘U’ in all coursework.”

Hannah knew she had no choice and slowly pulled her shorts down to her ankles showing off her small peachy bum to the rest of the class, and she began to sob. My dick started to grow in my pants looking at Hannah’s little ass, a full three inches, but no one seemed to notice. “Olivia Taylor. You know that isn’t a school top, I want it off now!” Mrs. Tipper screamed.

Olivia had large breasts, which looked terrific; she pulled the top over her head and shown off her giant tits, making my dick twitch, as she wasn’t even wearing a bra. “Oh dear, Lauren Gaffney, I expected better from you. Shorts off now,” Mrs. Tipper ordered.

“But, miss, I’ve, I’ve… I’ve got no panties on.” she squeaked.

“I don’t care, take them off now!”

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Lauren began to take her shorts off, but her ass was too big to get her shorts around and down. Before she knew it, Mrs. Tipper came over yanked them down in one so quick Lauren didn’t have time to cover up, so I got a big full frontal view of her tight shaved little pussy. Lauren turned away from me to hide it, but that treated me to view of her massive ass. She went through all the girls down the line, Molly Hammond had to take off her shorts and top leaving her in bra and thong, and Lily Kinsella had to take her shorts, top, and bra off because it had lace on it. Finally, it got to Jess Masters. She was cute, had a nice jiggly ass and a big pair of boobs with a slender figure and big eyes.

“Jess, you’ve got the wrong polo, wrong shorts, and from what I saw in the changing room, the wrong thong and bra…strip naked.”

“Wait, Miss, no, please, I can’t, I just won’t do the lesson, it’s okay.”

“Oh, OK then, and get a ‘U’ in all results? I think not.”

Before I knew it, she was butt naked right next to me, and my cock was about to explode “Right, Matt, because you’re in a girls class and you’re in boys uniform you need to strip naked as well.”

I froze, and all the girls started looking at me. “I think he needs some help girls…”

Before I knew it, the girls were all over me they pinned me down by my arms and legs. I had Olivia holding my head as her tits wobbled in my face, lily and Hannah holding my arms facing away from me so I had great views of their butts, and Mrs. Tipper and Molly were holding my legs and were looking up my body both laughing probably because my small bulge was evident from that position. “Jess, pull his shorts and pants down now,” Mrs. Tipper said. Jess was still standing nearby awkwardly, trying to cover their breasts and pussy with her hands. “JESS! Now or I will fail you.”

I screamed in protest when Jess started to make her way over still trying and failing to keep everything covered, and Mrs. Tipper said the unthinkable… “Oh, Lauren, will you sit on his face.”

Lauren turned to the group of girls, pulling her shirt down over her pussy but not succeeding in covering up her big juicy ass. She reddened. “W-what? But I-I’ve got no pants on…” she stuttered.

“Yes, exactly, we won’t be able to hear him if he has your ass and pussy on his face, especially with an ass your size. Do it now, Lauren, or there will be consequences…”

Lauren didn’t even protest. She knew that she couldn’t afford to have happened what the teacher threatened, so she came over to me standing over me so I could see everything, and slowly lowered onto my face. Her pussy tasted amazing. It was slightly wet so she must’ve been a little bit turned on. I could barely breathe, but it was worth it. I felt like I was in heaven. I was trying to resist the temptation to eat her out, but I needed to. I was lost in my own world but then realized what was happening when I felt my pants pulled down to my ankles and a shriek of laughter going up. I heard Lily and Hannah singing, “Mattie’s got a baby dick. Mattie’s got a baby dick.”

I heard Olivia howling and commenting to the other girls around her how she has bigger nipples than my dick and Molly and Mrs. Tipper saying I’m a loser and a pathetic little dick bitch. I even heard Lauren laughing over her embarrassment and her and Jess saying things like, “Do you think you’d feel it if you fucked it?”

“Moreover,” Jess replied, “It’s smaller than my little finger. No chance…”

I was hornier than I have ever been. I had semi-naked girls and fully naked ones all mocking me for my small member, and a rush came over me, and I couldn’t take it. I plunged my tongue into the wet warm pussy of Lauren. She let out a massive moan.

“What’s happening Lauren? You get turned on by Matthews dicklette?” Molly said as the girls laughed.

“M-Mrs. Tip…” she struggled to get her words out. “Mrs. T-Tipper. Matt’s e-eating my pussy…”

Mrs. Tipper replied with no humor in her voice. “Good. You need to be punished for your poor, poor uniform. In fact, Jess, yours was even worse. I want you to ride Matt’s dick now.”

Jess laughed, thinking it was a joke. “Miss, I wouldn’t feel it, what’s the point?”

“Oh, if you won’t feel it then it won’t be too bad. Sit on it. NOW!”

I began to panic. If Jess actually got on my dick and started to fuck me I would cum in 5 seconds flat, I thought. I was still tongue-pounding Lauren’s wet pussy and struggling to catch air from under her enormous ass. The comments and laughter didn’t stop, and I heard plenty more of, “Baby dick,” and, “Pathetic,” and, “Clit dick,” barbs.

Jess got onto me and was about to put me inside her until Mrs. Tipper interrupted, “Wait. You need to be wet, Jess. Lily and Molly. You two were both the next worst dressed today. Lily, I want you to suck Matt’s itty-bitty cock. Moreover, Molly, I want you to eat Jess’s pussy. No questions just do it…”

The girls were about to protest, but both didn’t even start before they realized it was futile. I felt Lily’s soft, warm lips enclose my tiny helmet and begin to suck and lick around my fat short shaft. I could also feel her giggles as she came off it for a moment to say to the class of girls, “It feels like I’m sucking my little toe…” and a roar of laughter followed.

She resumed sucking my small cock, and I heard Jess begin to moan and whimper. The thought of seeing Molly eating Jess’s fat pussy made me frustrated, but I couldn’t complain because I had Lauren leaking all over my face. “I think you’re ready, Jess, thank you girls, but I’m sure she can take it from here,” the teacher said.

Jess lowered her pussy down to my cock, and I felt her fat juicy pussy swallow my cock whole without Jess even making a sound other than hysterical laughter. “Is it even in?” she said.

I nodded my head.

“Baby dick said yes,” Olivia said.

Jess began to grind slowly on my dick, and I knew I had to control myself somehow and not jizz inside her while still sucking and slurping at Lauren’s now soaking wet flaps as she started to moan even more. “What does it feel like Jess?” Hannah asked still in her little cute baby blue thong.

“It feels a bit like when a lad puts the tip in first. However, that’s it. Cos there’s nothing else to put in,” Jess laughed and so did the girls.

It had been about 30 seconds since Jess had started and I was managing myself well, and I thought I was gonna make it for a second when Miss told Jess to stop but all of a sudden Lauren screamed, “IM CUMMING!”

She let out a massive squirt, my mouth began to fill up with Lauren’s hot wet mess, and I began to choke. I was literally drowning in cum and Lauren was trembling like crazy, and I couldn’t move her fat ass off my face. I lost all control and focus, unleashed my load into Jess’s fat wet pussy, and heard her scream, “MATTS CUMMING INSIDE ME!”

It all went so fast, but I never felt so good. I had just made the best-looking girl in our year squirt and had cum inside the second best. Lauren got off me still trembling. As I lean up, I saw Jess sitting there with her legs spread wide open and my sperm dripping out of her meaty vagina. I said, “J-Jess I’m so sorry.”

“NO, fuck you…you disgusting little sissy. Fuck you and your small ass tiny, mini, pathetic, clit. I HATE YOU!”

I had never felt so degraded in my life but deep down I fucking loved it. Mrs. Tipper turned her eyes to Hannah who was laughing at the situation. “You think this is funny, do you? Huh? This poor girl could get pregnant from this little loser and think it’s appropriate to laugh as well as come to my class in the wrong uniform? Jess needs help and you will help her. Eat Matt’s cum out of her pussy.”

Hannah’s laughter instantly stopped. “No. No, I won’t do that. It’s disgusting. I don’t care about my grades at this point. I will NOT do it.”

Mrs. Tipper smirked. “Suit yourself. Girls. Get her…”

Nevertheless, no girls moved.


The girls refused. Hannah now smirked, and said, “Girls, let’s give Mrs. Tipper a taste of her own medicine.”

They grabbed her and began to strip her. She struggled and screamed but could not stop it. She pulled her shorts and thong down to her ankles, revealing her hairy but neat bush and big pussy flaps. Her top and bra came next, showing a fantastic pair of tanned perky tits. They pushed her face into Jess’s pussy and made her eat every bit of cum as Jess moaned and screamed in pleasure and embarrassment. After they’d finished with her, they threw her clothes on her, and all ran back into the changing rooms. I heard them all shout back things like, “See you around clit dick,” and, “Later micro Matt.”

The last one to shout back was Jess saying, “If you tell anyone about this, we’ll tell everyone about you. Deal?”

I shouted back, “Deal.”

Jess smiled and produced a small penis sign by pinching her thumb and finger close together. “You won’t get away with this,” Mrs. Tipper shouted, trying to cover up her naked body.

Hannah shouted back, “Neither will you if you tell on us. Cos, we’ll tell on you.”

I watched them all go. Seeing all the girls’ arses wobbling as they went made me wish they’d all come back. I turned my head back to see Mrs. Tipper right in my face, and she grabbed me by the dick with her index finger, thumbs, and began to squeeze. “If you ever EVER tell anyone about what happened today. I will tell everyone about your very, very, little secret and make your life a living hell. Ok?”

“OK…” I squeaked.

“Good. Now, I’ll see you next week, pathetic little pussy.”

She stormed off after quickly putting her clothes on. I lay down and looked up to the sky. Still, butt naked and cold with my measly 1-inch flaccid penis almost tucked inside me. I was about to get up but as soon as I was. I blacked out. I don’t remember how long I was out for I woke up in the nurse’s room. Still naked. Still shriveled, and the door began to open…

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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