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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader found the proof is in the fucking…

My girlfriend kept calling my dick small in a teasing way even though she didn’t know I liked SPH so it made it all genuine. Yesterday was different. She was jerking me off with three fingers. I told her to do it with just two fingers. And as soon as she started doing that, I told her it felt much much better! So she now always jerks me off with two fingers.

Yesterday, while jerking me off, I was hard but I noticed it was smaller than usual for some reason. I also crossed my thighs to make it even look shorter as usual. Then I told her to quickly grab the ruler telling her I wanted to measure it while I was “really hard”. She measured it from the top. It was 3.5 inches!! Lucky it never went above 4 inches at all, although I’m normally a bronze member of the small dick club. Then she said ‘Ah, I see. So that’s why you slip out.”

Then I talked about how the average length was 5.16 inches. Then she put the ruler against my dick and worked out how bigger that would be! Then she continued to say how she’s been missing out! And she continued to jerk me off with two fingers. And I told her to measure it again from the areas where the dick meets the balls. It was just over three inches now.

Then she eventually concluded that my dick ranges from 3.2″ to 4.7″ Damn…

But the bummer was she quickly said, “It’s okay! I don’t really mind! I’m just kidding,” to be PC, of course.

So, I said nothing, and just fucked her afterward with short strokes in spooning position, kept ‘slipping out,’ and then as I came in her, halfway through I slipped out again and shot all over between her thighs. This proved it wrong about the old size doesn’t matter/ Motion if the ocean thing to me.


A woman shares an experience she enjoyed…

I’m a 42-year-old working mother of two kids. My job as a professional masseuse gives me the satisfaction of doing what I love. The place I work at is very high-end and the customers are ones that don’t mind paying the rather expensive price for a professional massage. Usually, they come in for a back massage or a relaxing pain-relief massage, but we also offer a full body massage. And no, it’s not the kind with happy endings, but it does require the person getting the massage to get fully naked and lie on the table with only a towel to cover their privates.

I was thrilled the day when a handsome young man came in for a full body massage. He looked like he was in his early 20s and had a slim build with a slight tan. His dark hair and glasses made him look like someone smart who doesn’t have many girlfriends and seemed reserved. He was shy and I noticed his hesitation in getting naked and lying on the table in just his towel, but he knew he would have to do it. He came out of the changing room with his towel wrapped around him and I ushered him to lie down facing forward on the massage table.

I told him I would need to adjust the towel, and proceeded to unwrap it around his waist. I asked him to lift himself a little to help me pull it out from below before neatly placing it over his bottom. This did give me a quick look at his nice little butt. It looked firm and had a noticeably lighter skin tone from the rest of this body.

After a few back massages, I proceeded to massage his legs. He had no hair whatsoever on his body and I liked running my hands over his smooth skin. I presumed he would be neatly shaved in his groin area as well, but I had to know for myself. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do something about it.

“I hope you’re feeling relaxed,” I said to him, and he replied yes.

This gave me the chance to readjust the towel I had placed over his butt. I lifted the bottom of the towel and gently made another fold over it, so as to reveal more of his thighs. Now it was just barely covering his butt, but he had no idea how much I could now see. All I had to do was bring my line of sight down and I could very easily see under the towel. As I massaged his legs, I took the opportunity to peep under the towel and although it was a little dark, I caught a glimpse of his genitals. His ballsack was resting on his penis and from what I could make of it, he was fully shaved.

I needed to get a better look, so as I massaged his thighs, I intentionally ran my hands higher up, making the towel shift up as well.

I bent to have my second look and there it was. I could see in between his legs very clearly now. His penis was uncircumcised and his foreskin was sticking out from under his balls, all shriveled up. I couldn’t make out the size of his penis but it looked tiny like a little boys’ and was kinda cute. I also noticed a drop of liquid glistening in his peehole, which got me excited. This whole time, he had no idea I had a view of his genitals from under the towel which I had strategically placed over his butt.

After a while, it was time to massage his front side. “Could you please turn around for me?” I asked as I pretended to be busy with the oil cabinet.

He cautiously turned over on his back holding the towel to make sure it didn’t slip off to expose his privates. I got another small towel which I placed over his eyes, as it would be uncomfortable facing up directly at the ceiling lights.

“Let’s adjust your towel now, please keep your arms to the side,” I said to him as I proceeded to neatly fold his towel in the same manner I had done before.

I went around him and asked him to keep his legs apart, and helped gently place his legs where I wanted them. The view I now had was much better and very revealing. From under his towel, I could clearly see his uncut penis resting over his balls. As I had guessed, his soft penis was tiny. It was maybe 2cm in length and I would say he has a pencil dick too. I admired his adorable little cock as I massaged his legs, and thought maybe I could get him to get a stiffy

I had an idea, and so as I ran my hands up his thigh, I pretended to accidentally touch his genitals on the way up. My fingers lightly brushed against his balls, but I pretended I didn’t realize and continued with the massage.

I hadn’t noticed that I had shifted the towel much higher up his tummy while I was rubbing his legs. Although it seemed like the towel was still covering his modesty, it was quite the view I had. The tip of his penis was peeping out from under the towel so much that it was now directly in the light and this turned me on. He had no idea that I had a full close-up view of his baby dicklette. A drop of pee or pre-cum or sweat was clearly visible on his peehole. I almost wanted to touch the tip of his tiny uncut cock, his wet foreskin, but that would be risky.

I was almost done with the massage and I had enjoyed it thoroughly, looking at his boy-sized genitals on view under the towel, for my eyes only. I had come to grow fond of his cute little clitty dicklette for some reason during the time and thought of how fun it would be to play with it. Although I didn’t get to see it erect, I certainly imagined it.

I was so caught up in my own fantasy that I forgot to lower the towel and properly cover his privates before having him sit up as the massage was now finished. This led to an embarrassing moment for him when he sat up. He saw the tip of his penis visibly peeping out from under the towel, which I too looked at, exactly as he looked up at me.

“Oo, oops!” I exclaimed with a slight smile. “Your baby pee-pee seems to have slipped out, sweetie,” pretending like I had nothing to do with it.

He flushed with embarrassment and quickly pulled the towel down to cover up. He thanked me and said he really like the massage, and went into the changing room to get dressed. Little did he know that I enjoyed it more, and how much of his lovely boy-sized genitals I got to look at the whole time. It was quite the view! Just goes to show that grown men come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them even have little baby-sized dicks. Life is weird.


As is often the case, this readers SPH journey began in school…

I was about 15 years old in gym class, standing in line for something like high jump (the line before the run-up). As I was standing in this line, a guy in my class pantsed me. Unfortunately, he didn’t just get my gym shorts, he got my boxers too.

So, there I was, standing in a class with both boys and girls with my dick barely poking out from underneath my t-shirt. Maybe an inch if I was lucky.

I have a TINY flaccid penis. And I live in the UK which isn’t the warmest country. So my shriveled balls look absolutely tiny, and my dick in the cold looked even smaller. Probably about 1.5 inches. There were a group of three girls in front of me at the time. All of them were the popular girls. I will never forget the look on one of the girl’s faces as she looked directly at me the second it happened. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what had happened so this girl got a really good look at my small dick before I scrambled to pull my shorts back up. The other girls took a little bit longer, but this girl just burst out laughing instantly. I remember one of the girls turning around and literally looking directly down at my penis. She contained her laughter a bit better but I definitely saw her eyes widen for a split second

I didn’t hear much about it until a week later. A girl in the year below randomly came up with her friend and asked me if I got pantsed in class. I said, “Yeah, it sucked.”

She then asked me if my dick was out too. I got kinda awkward by this and tried to shut down the conversation, only for her to then say, “No need to get all defensive about it,” and then as she turned her head away she muttered, “I heard it was tiny anyway,” and laughing a little bit too.

But the absolute worst thing that happened was a year later. I was hooking up with this girl who wasn’t in the gym class at the time. We were starting to get into and then she touched my crotch over my trousers. The second she did she said, “Aw, yeah, I forgot, it’s not very big.”

She then realized what she said instantly and started apologizing. That was the single most humiliating moment of my life and the start of my SPH fetish


A big dick guy gets pwned by a short dick friend…

My girlfriend and I went on holidays with our friends, another couple. It was a road trip, we drove from hotel to hotel, which we searched at each place. This time it got pretty late and this small B&B we found, only had one room left with a queen-size bed and a sofa couch. We were happy we didn’t have to sleep in the car. However, our horny asses still had to fuck.

We didn’t talk about it, just exchanged glances with the other couple, and everybody was okay with having sex in the same room – so we simply started. We weren’t having a foursome, only two couples having sex in the same room. I have to add that I’m on the bigger side – the other guy, our friend, apparently isn’t. My gf and I looked us in the eyes and we were kinda laughing about the situation and what the other ones were doing.

He ate her pussy out at first, and after a while pulled his pants down. There it was – his Wiener – maybe 4.5 inches hard. My girlfriend gazed into my eyes, sitting already on top of me, with that grin on her face and whispered, “Eew, those small dicks are absolutely disgusting.”

I whispered back, “I don’t think he’s even average.”

But then our female friend started moaning very loud as her short dick man fucked the living shit out of her with his tiny pecker. We couldn’t believe it. Every now and then, he’d do back to eating her pussy for a bit and fingering her asshole as he did, then as if knowing the time was right, he’d start fucking her hard again with his baby Weiner. She came hard, and I hate to admit it, but my girlfriend hasn’t even cum like that on my eight incher. My girlfriend changed her expression from superiority and disgust, to outright envy.

I learned a lesson that day that old adage was true, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it. I broke up with that girlfriend 6 months later and I heard she had moved in with our short dick friend a few months later. Take heart, guys. Having a short dick isn’t the handicap you think it is. I didn’t have any hard feelings toward that short dick guy being with my ex, we broke up cos I cheated on her.


This reader enjoys the thrill of public exposure…

Went to a music festival a few years ago in the UK that involved using portable bathrooms. There were a number of cabins as expected but along with that was a urinal type cabin too. This was positioned in such a way that if you used it you could see in and out slightly while queuing for the other cabins. This offered a unique situation for some SPH. While going I always faced out a bit so that anyone nearby queue could easily see my little cock peeing. Best time was as night when everyone was a bit drunk, of course. One girl who had a headlamp looked straight at me while exiting a nearby cabin and immediately burst out laughing. Other times others would take a quick look and I could see a slight smirk on their faces as they passed by. I had the best time ever.


Another readers mother pwned him…

Recently my mum was driving us back from a university open day, and I had to pee, so we pulled over at the side of the road. When I was little and we used to drive home from camping trips and me or my brother needed to pee, we used to do this thing where our parents would open both the side doors and you would stand between them to pee on the grass, with the doors almost acting as the walls of a bathroom stall. Of course, this privacy barrier is nowhere near as effective now that I’m taller and my mum could basically see everything. She agreed to look away and keep watch.

With a bit of effort and some fumbling, I got my dick and balls to poke out of my fly and held the (inch long) shaft with my thumb and index finger. I was nervous and couldn’t pee so my mum glanced over impatiently and told me to just take it out and do what I had to do. I paused for a second and quietly explained that it was out. She paused before skeptically asking, “Noooooo? Really?” Then taking a clearer look.

She smirked and brought a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh before telling me she was going to wait in the car. She walked around and sat into the driver’s seat, I saw her through the window, thinking she was unseen quietly chuckling to herself. Anyway, with her no longer in my immediate vicinity, I did my business, closed up my temporary toilet cubicle, and got in the passenger seat. My mum looked sheepish and genuinely apologetic, but also like she was about to burst into laughter again at any second. She turned to me and said, “I’m sorry, it was wrong of me to laugh at your pee-pee, it just took me by surprise and I couldn’t help myself. I just didn’t expect it to be so small at your age.”

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