Louisiana Lessons: Part 2

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By Victorsev (edited)


Read Part 1

Part 2…

I returned from my “close shave” with Aunt Delia to the bedroom allocated to Gary and me. Having removed my towel I lay down on my bed by the window. Due to the heat and humidity the curtains on the window were not drawn and the full moon lit up our room. My mind ran over the day’s events. Having been invited to stay in Aunt Delia’s Louisiana Plantation House, casual dinner in the main dining room with Aunt Delia wearing a totally see through gown with no underwear to dinner. I must say it showed off her magnificent tits and put her shaved cunt on full display. The view that she obviously portrayed provided a major distraction during dinner for Gray and I. As you can imagine 16-year-old cousin Lee Anne was not happy with her 34-year-old mother stealing all the feminine attraction from her boyfriend, Gary and her cousin, me. Lee Anne letting her tits fall out of her untied blouse over dinner. The thought of Gary fucking my sixteen year old cousin out on the porch as “good night kiss” Then being hijacked as I passed Aunt Delia’s bedroom on my way back from the shower, her examining my body and saying how I had developed into such a strapping young man, then her total disillusionment when she removed my towel to expose my small four-inch erect cock.

My humiliation at the situation for I’m sure she expected me to fuck her. Aunt Delia then taking on aunt duty, and shaving all my pubic hair and saying that with my pathetically small cock I could now look like a pre-teen boy. Then her thinking that my little cock looked like a baby’s dummy (pacifier) and sucking it! How embarrassed I was when I came in her mouth deposited my load of cum and her then deep kissing her nephew returning all my cum to my mouth to swallow. I was half dozing off when Gary came back from the shower. He removed his towel his naked body glistened in the moonlight. He glanced down at my semi erect cock, but said nothing. He too lay naked on his back on his bed. I noticed that he started to play with his cock slowly bringing it to full erection. I watched in fascination as he languidly wanked away. He seemed oblivious of me lying in the bed so close next to him. This visual activity caused me to get yet another full erection.

Gary looked across at my bed and seeing my aroused state said, “I hope I am not disturbing you. Do you know what I am doing?”

“Wanking your cock,” I replied.

“Yes, I have to wank it at least twice a day to get it to grow longer.”

Thinking of Aunt Delia’s recent lecture on cock exercise I asked still caressing my hard cock. “Is that working for you?”

“Yes, since I have joined the Wanking Club my cock is an inch longer and much thicker, do you want to see?” he asked. I moved over to his bed my cock in hand. “Here sit next to me” he said. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my stiff cock. I did not object. After a few shaft jerks, he said, “Wow, for a 20-year-old man you have a very small cock. How long is it if I may ask, and why the shaved pubic hair?”

“Four inches when fully erect,” I replied avoiding the shaved question.

“And not very thick either. About the average erect size of a 14-year-old boy. Are you happy with your small cock?” He asked. I did not reply as he continued to slowly wank my small aroused cock. “Here, grab my cock and feel what a 16-year-old boy’s cock really should feel like”

I could not resist the opportunity so wrapped my fingers around Gary’s hard cock. It was both much longer and thicker than my miserable 4 inch cock. “How big are you?” I asked

“Seven and a half inches now, but I am exercising to get to 8 inches within the next few months.”

“What exercises do you do to get your cock longer?” I asked.

“Here I will show you,” he said.

Grabbing my cock tightly between his hand he started a wanking process that stretched my little cock Four stokes straight up just about pulling my cock from my body, then four to the left, four to the right and four straight down. I must say despite the pain it was pleasurable having my cock wanked by a young well endowed 16-year-old boy who knew what he was doing when it came to wanking. With his other hand he wanked his large cock in time to wanking my cock. I buckled, contracting my stomach muscles and came all over his hand. He didn’t seem to mind and took my hand and wrapped it around his throbbing cock and told me to make him cum. He lay back and let me enjoy playing with his large, thick cock. Gary came in volumes squirting all over his stomach. We both lay back satisfied, he with his hand-made large cock and me with my shrivelled small cock.

“Tell me about this Wanking Club” I asked.

“We meet about once a week on a Wednesday night at an old barn on a friend’s farm,” he said. “There are about 6 members and we are all 16 years old, we enjoy communal wanking and showing off our erect cocks. The objective is to teach each other ways and means to stretch our cocks to greater lengths and thicknesses. This is all measured and recorded something like Weight Watchers.”

“Wow you must have one of the longest and thickest cocks among the 16-year-old members” I said.

“No ways,” he laughed. “I’m on the short end of the scale. You should see some of the cocks at the top of the ladder. I could invite you to attend the next Wednesday meeting if you are interested?”

“But you guys are all 16-year-old,” I pleaded, “and I will have the smallest cock among the members.”

“Yes, but with proper regular exercise, wanking at least twice a day your cock will grow in thickness and length. The results of your efforts will be recorded at the meetings and you will be able to proudly show off your achievements. Are you keen?”

I drifted off to sleep with Gary again exercising his seven and half-inch cock in full view, giving it a severe work over. I felt slightly guilty yet sexually stimulated about last night but excited about the prospect of joining a 16-year-old wanking club and having my small 4 inch cock manipulated by six sixteen year old boys.


After the morning coffee-room service start of my day at Plantation House, late breakfast downstairs was a bit of a sombre/hung-over affair with lots of coffee being consumed. After breakfast, pushing back from the table, Lee Anne said, “It’s a glorious, sunny day, and Gary and I are planning to spend time at the waterhole in the river swimming and tanning. Charlie would you like to join us?”

“Won’t three be a bit of a crowd for you and Gary?” I asked knowing full well that they would be doing more than just swimming and tanning in their randy teen love state.

“No we would enjoy having you with us and you could join in the fun.” Lee Anne replied.

The “join in the fun” had a double ring to it so I agreed and went and got changed into my swimming costume and we met on the front porch at 10:00am Lee Anne had got the kitchen to pack a light picnic lunch with lots of ice tea. Gary carried the picnic hamper. Lee Anne, her dark hair hanging to her barely bikini covered ample breasts, wore a large floppy white sun hat that gave a southern festive flair to the outing. Gray had a size-too-big tee-shirt on worn over very thin cotton pants. It was obvious from the salami sized bulge hanging in the pants that he had no underwear on. I just wore my old swimming trunks and tee over and grabbed a cap. Lee Anne took Gary’s hand and we headed off to the river. The grass in the meadow was deep, lush and green. As we approached the river we saw old drooping willow trees that grew along the banks creating concealed green cathedrals. It was a very Southern scene. Lee Anne led the way to the Plantation House picnic site where there were wooden picnic tables and hammocks hanging between the trees next to the water’s edge.

“Put the picnic basket on the table,” Lee Anne said, “and come over here guys.”

She walked to the nearest low slung hammock. Reaching behind her caramel tanned back she undid the ties of her bikini top and let it drop to the ground leaving her large 16-year-old tits for all to see. They were indeed big like a bowling ball cut in half and glued to her chest. I noticed that they were all-over caramel tanned as well. I was OK with my young teen cousin going topless and I’m sure Gary did not mind me seeing his girlfriend’s assets.

Cupping and lifting up her breasts, she teasingly asked, “You boys like what you see?” Noticing our embarrassment she then asked. “Would you like to see more?”

With that she stepped out of her very brief bikini bottom leaving her totally naked. Again I couldn’t help notice that there were no tell-tale bikini tan lines. Her lithe tall body was uniformly tanned to caramel perfection. My cousin had obviously been spending a lot of time tanning in the nude to achieve such a magnificent tan.

“Now don’t be shocked, ever since I was a child I have followed in my mother’s footsteps and practiced naturism. That’s nudism. As you know mum likes to be naked or near naked whenever she can as you two randy young men noticed last night. Oh come on it’s the most natural thing in the world to go naked and clothes free especially in this beautiful natural outdoor environment. It’s so liberating. For the first time you only feel shy for the first 10 minutes and then you just forget that you are naked and get on with enjoying the sun experience. Now are you two guys going to join me in my liberated state so we can all enjoy what is known as social naturism?”

With Lee Anne’s encouragement, Gary removed his tee-shirt and hesitated to remove his shorts.

“Oh come on Gary I have seen you naked before,” Lee Anne pleaded. “Why, we have fucked naked so many times What are you shy about in broad sunlight? Are you worried about my cousin Charlie seeing your cock? You have nothing to be shy about. He has a super sized cock Charlie for a boy of sixteen,” Lee Anne said.

Gary and I looked at each knowingly. Then with a flourish Gary stepped out of his thin cotton shorts. Yes as expected he was sporting a semi-hard on with his girlfriend standing in all her naked glory in front of us. He reached down and put his hands over his cock in shy mode, stretching the growing erection downwards.

“It’s quiet natural for men and boys to get erections with their first time nudist experiences. Everyone just turns a blind eye and soon the eroticism of the moment is forgotten. Now come on Charlie, your turn to get naked and join the naturist club” Lee Anne said. I hesitated and suggested that best I head back to the house as I did not want to spoil their fun in the sun. Gray realised my dilemma and came to my rescue.

“Lee Anne, you must understand why Charlie is reluctant because I saw his cock last night and it’s very much smaller than mine. Guys are sensitive about these things.”

Lee Anne came to me and stood naked and up close to me and sliding her hand down inside my swimming trunks. She said, “Oh, come on, it cannot be so small. Look at him Gary, he is 6 feet three inches tall exceptionally built and athletic he must have something at least as big as your 16-year-old cock.”

At that point her hand reached my little erect 4 inch cock. I could feel her hesitation and loss of words.

“Take your pants off Charlie. I want to see with my own eyes how small your cock really is.”

I obediently dropped my pants with her still holding onto my hard on. She fell to her knees in front of me in shock, holding my penis with both hands as if in prayer. “I cannot believe this! I just can’t. Why, Charlie, your wee wee is just as small as when we used to bathe together as kids. What has happened to you, you have grown into such a handsome young man yet, yet, your manhood does not seem to have grown at all!”

She was almost crying as I was thinking she was expecting a manhood much bigger than Gary’s on her 20-year-old cousin.

“And it looks like your Aunt has managed to fulfill her fetish by shaving your pubic area. With your small uncircumcised cock and hairless pink pubic area it makes you look like a seven-year old boy. Why, I have seen 14-year-old boys with bigger erections than yours.”

As reconciliation Gary said that he was helping me with cock lengthening and thickening exercises and that he had spent time with me last night teaching me how to wank for increased size and that he had let me wank his cock so I could appreciate what it was like to handle a large cock.

“So you two boys have been having private big and small wanking sessions behind my back,” Lee Anne said with a wicked smile. “Well, you will both just have to come over here and demonstrate to me”.

She went to the hammock getting in and lying naked on her back, her firm tits pointing upwards, her long tanned legs slightly open to expose her shaved cunt. Both Gary and I approached the hammock with raging erections and stood on either side of Lee Anne in the hammock like obedient sex slaves.

“Now, I want to watch you both wank your cocks. Take it slowly we have all day and I want to savor the spectacle. Come close to the hammock your cocks opposite each of my tits,” she instructed.

As we started our dual wanking we were stimulated by my cousin lying naked and slightly spread-eagle in the hammock. Any boys wet dream. We were not the only ones getting aroused as I watched as her brown nipples started to rise up from their perfect mounds and how her hand found its way down to her moist cunt and she started to roughly finger her young cunt. All these visuals added to the sensual erotic outdoor scene.

“Guys, you don’t know what a turn on it is for a girl to have two naked boys on either side of her, looking down onto my naked and very randy body. Do you realize the sense of power it gives me that my young female body can cause two young men to get raging erections in my honor? Oh, that feels so good,” she said, as she increased the finger fucking tempo. “Isn’t great that we are sexually liberated, that we can be relaxed about being naked together and mutually masturbate ourselves? To a girl, any girl, an erection is a compliment and what makes it more interesting and exciting for me is that I am watching two young men wank their cocks in my honor. You both have different cock shapes, cock length, cock curvature, circumcised and uncut, thick and thin. Even the coloration of each cock is different. I’m sure it turns you two on watching each other wank your cocks off as much as it turns me on.”

Lee Anne closed her eyes, contracted her stomach muscles and went into a sort of pre orgasm spasm. I looked at the fine hair down that covered her tanned stomach, more visual stimulus. Gary was pumping his seven and half thick shaft his eyes also shutting in anticipated ecstasy.

“Let’s time it so that we all cum together,” said Lee Anne ever in charge. “Are you both ready, as I am at bursting point. I want you guys to target my tits and cover them with your young cum. Glaze my breasts, that should be big enough targets. I want my nipples coated in cum. I’m cumming, cum with me,” she yelled.

Gary’s cock jerked and he applied extra hand grip pressure shooting a fountain of cum into the air in slow motion, landing its slippery slimy load on my cousin’s left tit. The creamy cum ran down her tit from her nipple in little rivulets down each side. Lee Ann arched her back and experienced a second orgasm in the hammock. I pushed against the side of the hammock my ready-to-cum cock positioned directly over her right tit. Bombs away and my cum exploded over the target area, drowning her aroused nipple and slowly glazing her 38 C cup tit. All three of us came together. We had fulfilled Lee Anne’s requests by coating her tits in fresh cum and hiding her brown nipples under a heap of sperm.

“Well done, boys,” Lee Anne said in a sex drugged post orgasmic state. “You two have no idea what it’s like for a girl to have fresh warm cum squirt down onto my receptive tits. And not just from one source but sauce from two young randy cocks,” she said as she smeared the cum over both her large breasts. Then she returned her fingers to her sex swollen cunt. “Here, as reward you can each lick my cum drenched fingers.”

She removed them from her sodden cunt and held one index finger for each of her boy wankers to suck. It tasted salty, musty, and exotic, a rare and tasty luxury.

“Now, for being such good boys, I want you to present your spent cum covered cocks to me and I will have the pleasure of licking them clean. Laddie’s first,” she said in a mock Scottish accent beckoning me to approach with my shrinking small cock.

Gary watched in fascination as she sucked the flaccid offering into her mouth, having no trouble taking it entirely to its base. She licked and sucked my humble phallic offering and soon like the Phoenix it was rising again and came out all four inches fully erect and suck glistening clean. It felt strange enough to be standing stark naked in the outdoors having your well tanned and titted cousin sucking your cock clean, but what added another dimension to this sensual situation was having my cousin’s boyfriend, Gary, standing by, cock in hand watching his girlfriend suck my cock.

“Gary, your turn now,” she said. “I have left the largest until last.”

Gary presented his semi-hard cum covered cock to Lee Anne’s receptive mouth and she started to lick suck and clean with relish. Still standing close to the hammock I watched in fascination as Lee Anne manager to get the huge head of Gary’s seven and half-inch cock into her mouth then slowly consume the thick shaft. Just by watching my 4 inch cock was hard again. She seemed to take extra time in cleaning her boyfriend’s cock but I supposed there was so much more of it than my.

Once all cleaned and released from Lee Anne’s oral cavity, she said, “So I have been ladylike and licked you clean of the mess you two made on your cocks. Well now it’s your turn to be Southern gentlemen and lick your cum from my tits. I will just lay here in the hammock thrust my tits up and close my eyes as you clean me up. I hope it won’t be too hard of a job,” she said noticing the pair of erect cocks on either side of her.

Gary was on her left and as he lowered his head to clean her left breast. Lee Anne said, “No, Gary, I want you guys to swap sides. You lick Charlie’s cum off my right tit, and Charlie, you come around here and lick Gary’s cum off my left tit. It should be both a pleasure for me to endure and watch,” she giggled.

Another out-of-our-comfort zone situations, but well worth trying. It would have been strange enough licking up my own cum but having to lick up Gary’s cum from my cousin’s tits was yet another erotic scenario devised by Lee Anne. I was sure Gary felt the same way as I did about having to lick clean my cum from his girlfriend’s tit. Apart from the chlorine smell/salty taste of Gary’s cum it was also an opportunity for me to lick and suck my cousin’s very erect and aroused nipples. Once Lee Anne was satisfied that both her tits were cum free she sat up in the hammock. Her nipples were still highly aroused and her cunt glistened in the sun with her flow of fresh juices. Both Gary and I were at full erection again. We were just a bunch of randy young teens enjoying some healthy outdoor sex. This can only lead to one thing I thought. That Gary and I are both going to take turns fucking my cousin silly until we all collapse satiated on the grass. But as usual Lee Anne had other plans. Taking the boys in hand. That is grasping each of us by our hard on cocks she led us like two obedient dogs to the waterhole’s edge.

“Time to cool off,” she said, jumping naked into the pool, pulling us in by our ever erect penises. “Time for lunch at Plantation House. I hope you two boys have enjoyed your time at the waterhole as much as I have?” Lee Anne said as we packed up the picnic things and headed back home.


To be continued…




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