Smaller and Smaller 3 (Gay SPH)


By degrbi

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I was in a state of shock, having just given my very first blow job to Liam, a subordinate at my office. He was also in possession of some very damaging information on me. Not only did I suck his four inch cock, to completion, but he also knew I was the owner of tiny penis. As the evening wrapped up and members slowly started filing out, I was finally given my clothes. I looked down at my hairless body and was not entirely unhappy. What did frighten me though was the thought of Lisa see my tattoo. I think she could get over the hairlessness, but the tattoo? My clothes felt strangely exciting as they moved against my newly shaved skin. The tattoo was starting to itch and burn though, which counteracted any good feelings I was having. Liam’s was not the only cock I sucked that evening as I found myself kneeling before a few of the members. My belly must have been full of their cum, mixed with the scotch I consumed. Lisa was fast asleep of course, by the time I arrived home. I had never been a fan of pajamas and had for the last few years slept naked next to my wife. Pajamas would now be my new best friend.

I slipped into the bedroom and rummaged through my bureau until I found a set. I though Lisa had stirred at one point, but she was merely turning over. I went to my office and stripped out of my clothes. There was a full length mirror on the back of the door, and I stood gawking at myself for a few minutes. I was pathetic. There I was a middle aged man with male pattern baldness and more than a paunch for a gut, sporting a completely hairless body and a new tattoo. MICROPENIS. Shit! What had I agreed to? The lettering was raised and angry the next morning as I got dressed for work. Lisa said nothing of the pajamas, so perhaps I was off the hook. Any attempt at masturbating was too painful as each time my hand would touch my pubis it would burn. Today was an innie day, probably due to the discomfort, my penis not even showing itself at all. I kissed Lisa goodbye as I headed out for work, and my dreaded forthcoming encounter with Liam. “Pajamas?” She smirked. “I thought you hated them.” “I was feeling cold so I decided to try them. It was quite comfortable.” I lied. “That’s fine dear, have a good day at the office.” That was doubtful.

As I arrived, my office was thankfully empty and there was no sign of Liam. I sat down and paged through my agenda for the day. Just under the face page was a hand written note. Andy, Had a great time last night. You give great head, btw. I am looking forward to advancing through the ranks now that I have a hook. I am sure that you would not want any news of your little predicament to become common knowledge either here or at home. Meet me in the mens at 10am. L Shit! I quickly hid the paper in my top drawer and noticed that it was nearly ten. I quickly got up and made for the men’s restroom.

“Lock the door, Micropenis.” I complied but was very nervous. “Good. Now cameras are strictly forbidden at the Little Morleys Club, but I so happen to have my cell phone here. Now Strip!” Not sure what to do I hesitated for a moment. “Perhaps you really don’t care who knows about your ‘condition’.” He chuckled. I immediately began to strip out of my clothing, until I was standing naked on the tile floor. There were several quick flashes and my hairless, tattooed body was immortalized on his phone. “Now, one last picture, but this is for me.” He undid his slacks and allowed them to fall to his ankles. His number “4” tattoo stared out at me as I knew what I was expected to do. Kneeling before him, i took his cock in my mouth and began to suck. “Eyes up.” Just as I raised my head he snapped a picture. “Okay, get dressed, Micropenis.” He quickly lifted his pants and was fulled clothed long before I even had my underwear on. “So, your penis is a no show today?” He laughed. Nervously I got dressed without returning his comment. “You can go.”

I unlocked the door and slipped out. Back at my desk, I was feeling ill. All of this was just too much, and my heart was racing. What had I gotten myself into? Suddenly my phone signaled an incoming text: Read it and weep, microboy. There staring me in the face was each and every image he had taken of me. To make matters worse, the company logo was clearly visible in most of them. He had me. The most damning of all was the one of me sucking his cock. Somehow he had managed to get my entire face in the photo, with his cock half submerged between my lips. Underneath was the caption: For My Loving Wife, Lisa. Fuck! I was about to be blackmailed, but I had no idea what form that extortion would take. Strangely enough, for the first time all day, my penis, or rather micropenis, had made an appearance and was standing at full attention. How could this be arousing? I questioned myself. I had no idea, but arousing it was. The rest of that day I was left to wonder what form my tormentor would use to either elevate himself or pull me down in the process. Five o’clock arrived finally, and I made my way to my car. “Nice car.” A few years back I had purchased a jaguar XJS.

My wife had even said that it was in lieu of a penis. Perhaps she was right. I turned to see Liam, his silhouetted figure a few feet away. “Let’s swap, shall we?” He blurted out. I was escorted over to what would be my ride home. It wasn’t a junker by any means. It was older, perhaps 10 years old. A ford sedan. Very plain and ordinary looking. Reluctantly, I stripped the car key off my key ring and handed it to him. He did the same. “We’ll do the paperwork tomorrow, lunch?”

I just nodded. I watched as my jag slipped out of the parking lot and once again my little boner was back. What on earth could it be happy about, I thought to myself? I flopped down into the car I had been left. The interior was a little tatty and the mileage was over the top. It took a few tries to start it but I was able to get it going and putter home, my status already diminished considerably. Fortunately, Lisa didn’t see me pull in. She never cared much for the jaguar anyway. Perhaps she wouldn’t miss it. I feeling completely drained and deflated. I went upstairs after dinner to shower. I hadn’t been in for more than a few seconds when Lisa came in.

“Sorry, I misplaced something earlier.”

There I was completely naked with only a thin transparent sheet of plastic preventing her from discovering my embarrassment. Once again my penis was hard. I was befuddled altogether. Did I truly desire humiliation. I certainly seemed to enjoy it last night. I had even enjoyed my exposure at work. I was still puzzling on its excitement over losing my car. Finally my wife left the room, and i simply had to masturbate. The soap and slippery smooth skin made it hard to grip, even with two fingers. Out of desperation I resorted to rubbing it like a girl would her own sex. I was rewarded with an explosive orgasm, that sprayed cum all over the floor of the tub. I walked gingerly to my office nude, and donned the pajamas once again. The thought that Lisa might catch me made it even more enticing. What was I doing? The following day, Liam and I arranged to go to lunch together. I told my boss that I was going to mentor him as I felt he had management potential.

“Good thinking, Andy. Careful you don’t get caught grooming your replacement.” He snickered.

Boing! Little micro was pointed straight out, this time almost immediately. I had to look down to make sure it didn’t show, but who was I kidding. There was no lunch, only a wait in line at the motor vehicle bureau. As we left it was official, Liam now owned my jag and I was left with his piece of shit ford. In the daylight the car was a beater, with dents and scratches all over and no hubcaps. It looked like someones first car, and it probably was. Now it was mine. All the way back to the office my boner was hard, driving my new wreck. So things went for the next few days, Liam slowly inching his way into my life. He took my expensive watch one day. The next he insisted on me giving him all of my underwear, in a box. He even forced me to remove the ones I was wearing and forbid me ever wearing any from that day forward. The tattoo had all but healed now and was more stark and bold than ever. More pictures were taken. I was slowly becoming a wreck. My micropenis was constantly hard. Lisa was even beginning to suspect something. Finally, after a week of erratic behavior, my boss called me into his office.

“Will, I think you need some time off. Liam seems to be stepping up quite well, and could cover you while you sort out whatever it is you are going through.” I started to protest. “Andy, I’m not taking no for an answer here. Take some time, and get it together.”

I shuffled out of his office and back to mine only to find Liam there, waiting. “Well, M.P., you really have been off the mark lately after all.” M.P. had become my token nickname. “What did you think was going to happen.”

He had a box of his office things. “Jack said I could have your office until you return. He said you could leave your things in my cubicle for now.”

Liam had a smile that almost split his face as I slowly gathered all my personal things and boxed them up. Of course the micropenis was a stiff as a steel pole the whole while.

To be Continued…


  • Wolf

    Great small story

  • Joe smith

    Is there a place to find a woman that already know about this condition and either she doesn’t care about sex or doesn’t mind if you have a micropenis I want to be with a woman but I want her to know up front so I’m not humiliated again

  • Paul

    Great story I hope there another instalment


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