Letter to my Wife’s Lover

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By pduro

Dear Sir,

I’m a good husband. Never cheated on my wife and I love her deeply. I need her and I crave her. We have been together for many years in a very, very happy marriage. Nonetheless, I have this recurring fantasy in which my wife is pretty much a slut and she fucks whoever she feels like, male or female. I know she won’t do it for real, but it excites me a huge deal to imagine that she would. Sometimes we exchange messages playing that fantasy and that gets me hard right away. In our fun time, I am the understanding submissive cuckold husband and she’s a dominant hotwife. It really gets me very hard to be the submissive part, nothing more than a pet for her. All that matters for me is her pleasure.

I’m a good cucky hubby. I’m always telling her to go ahead and flirt with some hot looking guy, and ask her to tell me all about it. I wish things were much simpler in life, with no diseases and no prejudice, so maybe there were more chances to fulfil my fantasy. I’d be glad to do anything to help her fuck other people, and maybe I could watch and jerk. In a utopic world, everyone would win. She would have as much pleasure as she could get from boys and girls. Her lovers would profit from fucking and using a deliciously horny hotwife, and I would be the happiest one in that fine arrangement. I actually have to play down that part, saying that “for sure they would have much more fun than I do”, but the truth is that I *know* I’d be the happiest one in the scene, I just can’t allow them to fully realize that. This is a secret, nobody knows that.

Watching my wife cumming because of somebody else, looking me in the eye and yet not wanting my little dick because she’s overwhelmed by too much pleasure. I feel like I would probably cum without even touching myself if I could watch that.

She knows I will do anything she asks me. And I keep waiting, anxiously, that she gives me an assignment, a task for her pleasure. For instance, I’m not gay and I don’t feel any attraction to men at all, but if she asks me, I’ll browse the net to find pics of hot looking studs to send her. If she asks I’ll even browse for cock pictures to send her, but thankfully she never did that. Maybe one day she will do that to “punish” me and amuse herself. It would be a nasty thing to force me to have an erection and keep it while browsing for cocks. Even worse, she could force me to masturbate myself and cum watching cocks, under her supervision. I hope she never does that though. I know she’s not into pictures, that’s a guy thing. Like many women she likes a good story.

At one time I gave her a special night, fucking her slowly with her favourite dildo vibrator, pretending it was one of her lovers. That dildo is much bigger than my tiny four-inch dick, and after she came three times, I asked if she finally wanted my dick, but she declined saying my dick is way too small for her. She just turned on the bed and slept, completely ignored me, exhausted and satisfied over and over by her big dick lover. That night I had to sleep completely horny and without being allowed to relieve myself. It was one of the best nights ever. All that teasing went on for more than two hours and finally I was denied of having my release. I got much pleasure from being treated like that, like an object. I dream of the day we repeat that.

I wish we could go a little further with this fantasy. I set up an email account for her, hoping that she could have conversations with men and women that want to fuck her. It would be awesome to see her sexting with people like that, and putting me on the recipients list. In this way her lovers would know that I’m reading their exchange, and I’d not only agree with that but also encourage my hotwife. That is not so hard to do. She works a lot and she doesn’t have much time, but maybe she could spare some time over the weekend to write and reply to guys and girls that want to fuck her. It is harmless in the sense it would only be a virtual relationship, but it would be super-hot because it’s real people interacting.

I’m coming home after spending one week away for work, I’m writing this in the airplane and I’m gonna send her this text as soon as I land. I hope my hotwife will be waiting for me with a surprise, horny, and maybe with a hot story to tell me about someone she fucked while I was away. Of course I can never be totally sure if what she tells me is really a fantasy, or if she wants me to believe it is. She’s so smart that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that actually she “planted” in me this whole idea of hotwife/cuckold lifestyle like it was all my idea from the beginning, and I’m the one trying to get her on-board now. Yes, she’s super intelligent just like that. But I think I started with this fantasy by myself (or did I? Yes I did. I think).

Do you want to fuck my wife? I certainly hope so. And I hope you are smart and funny enough to get her attention, don’t be too blunt and obvious from the start. She’s not a whore. Conquer her slowly, make her intrigued, so she will want to write back to you. Think context. If you are the right person, male or female, soon she will feel more at ease, curious, and I hope she will get to talk about what she can do with you. I bet this could be fun. She will get wet by writing to you and I bet you will get a lot excited too. And she will keep me on the recipients list so I can see all you both want to do to each other. I’ll be the happiest one in this trio. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.


The Husband

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