Just A Little Thing 3

By Oppswalla.

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Part 3…

The ringing of the alarm clock came crashing through the sleep, rousing Ben to an upright posture, fumbling for the off button. After stopping the constant screams of the morning torture device, he flopped back into his pillow. He surveyed the ceiling, processing his consciousness.

The air was cold, and the covers were warm. He knew the temporary jolt of discomfort that would follow as the air would hit him as he scrambled into pajama pants and a sweatshirt before taking to his next step on the morning agenda. Competing with that concern was the call for coffee, which was always helpful in jump-starting the morning.

A morning erection rubbed against his lower stomach when he shifted as a reminder that he had to pee.

Wrestling with his resolve to shift and plant his feet on the floor, which would inevitably kick the morning into gear, he thought back two days to the insane sex he and Layla had after she had found his porn.

They hadn’t said much about it since, which kept his mind in a slight state of turmoil and full of questions. Was she initially disgusted by what she found? Which videos did she find? Did she find more than that? Did she get off on it? Did she play it up for him? Did she really think his cock was small? Was she lying about Jeff? If she was into it, what else did it inspire? Was she thinking about other men, open relationships, cheating? A whirlwind of possibilities, both arousing and frightening, spiraled through his thoughts and, of course, made his dick twitch.

Now, definitely awake from the tumultuous waves in his mind, he shifted, placed his feet on the floor, and began dressing.

He leaned over the toilet, trying to get an angle that he could pee despite his slowly waning erection. Finally, his bladder expelled down through the shaft in a stream of hot piss into the bowl. A sigh of relief came over him.

Coffee always made the morning more tolerable. Relaxing for a moment, he took in the rays of light shining into the dining room, sipping the magical mugged concoction.

His mind tried to shake the thoughts that wanted to grip his brain and hold it captive as little drops of precum moistened spots in his pajama pants. Even that turned him on.

Luckily, the tasks of the day demanded his focus and shook him from his mental torture. Clothes need to be selected, put on, teeth need to be brushed, lunch packed…

So the normal workday began, and for now, Ben’s mind was directed at that.

Layla’s day began earlier than Ben’s and required her to leave just before he usually got out of bed. Needing gas in her car, she had to go a bit ahead of her normal schedule.

It was a shame that so much of her morning required responding to emails. I’d even ⅓ of the emails could be reduced, so much more work could actually get done. Most of them barely served any purpose, but all of them apparently needed immediate responses.

“Hey,” a voice shook her from her focus on the screen, ” just wanted to make sure you got the numbers I sent ya…”

The cheerful but baritone voice belonged to Jason Mccalister. Jason was 6’2″ and probably close to about 210 lbs. He was a blonde with a sculpted body and neatly trimmed beard in his late 20s.

He was a bit of a player, or at least that’s the impression Layla got from the gossip in the office. Despite that, he was nice and professional enough that she had never seen that side of him aside from some harmless flirting at work events.

“I did. Thank you. I’ll review them and, assuming everything looks right, plug it into the presentation,” Layla responded.

“Great. Also, I didn’t pack a lunch and was going to run by Armon’s for a bite. Care to join?”

Layla thought for a second and, deciding it was harmless, replied, “Sure. I could use a quick escape from the office.”

“Perfect. I need to go grab my jacket, but then I can meet you on the ground floor and walk on over.”

“Sounds good. I need to respond to this last email, and I’ll head down.”

Layla shortly exited her cubicle and went down the hall to the elevator. It was empty, and she hit the ground floor button.

Her thoughts turned to Ben and the video she had watched the night before. Goosebumps ran across her skin as the images flooded her mind. She had considered running by the adult bookstore later as she left work to pick up a little something.

As the elevator neared her floor of choice, she tried to shake off the thought, as she still had to get through the rest of the day.

Armon’s was only about a block from the office. Usual business banter filled the time between Layla and Jason through the walk.

She couldn’t help but glance at his tall stature and impressive physique. His hands were large, his shoes were large, and one might only guess…

Occasionally, she’d try to steal peeks towards his fly to get an answer.

The server came by, took their orders, and delivered them to the kitchen.

After ordering, Layla drifted off into her thoughts, imagining Jason having a huge dick and her slapping Ben’s with it, degrading him…

“Layla…Laaaayyylllla,” Jason interrupted her mental journey.

“Oh, sorry, just got lost in thought,” she chimed in, blinking her eyes and shaking her head.

“It’s ok, you just went off into space.”

“Yeah, I just was thinking about something Ben wanted my help doing.”

“So you’re still with Ben?”

“Oh…of course.”

“Well,” he raised an eyebrow, ” that’s a shame. The pretty ones are always committed to someone. Can’t blame a guy for asking?”

The image of a giant cock slapping against Ben’s smaller member popped into her head again. Still, she immediately tried to dismiss it in her mind.

“Oh, no offense taken…and thank you.”

The server arrived with their sandwiches, interrupting their conversation. Digging in, they made small talk between bites.

As they finished and paid their bills, Jason thanked her for joining him. She stood up readying to leave, and could feel Jason’s eyes drinking her up. Then he stood up and as she glanced across the table, noticed a prominent bulge in Jason’s pants. While it didn’t look like a full-on erection, it did look like it was chubbed up a little.

Layla knew If that was only slightly hard, he definitely had a substantial piece of equipment.

For a moment, Jason thought she just checked out his cock, which he was afraid maybe showing just a bit. But then again, if she was looking..? He stretched upwards, offering another view, but she was already turning.

The walk back was mostly silent.

“That food has me all relaxed and ready for a nap. Wish I wasn’t going back to work,” Jason laughed.

“I could say the same, Layla laughed.

When Layla got back to her cubicle, she could feel the wetness soaking her panties. The thought of her rubbing both their cocks in her hands against each other.

She could imagine what she would say. “Oh baby, does Jason’s cock make you jealous? You know I love you, but how can you not love such an impressive piece of manhood.”

Layla shook her head and banished herself from any more of that. She jumped into her work, hoping to get away from such thoughts for now.

For her, the rest of the day was flying by. When the time finally came to clock out, she knew exactly what she needed at the store.


Ben’s day had droned on, slow and antagonizing in nature. He would occasionally drift into a rabbit hole of trying to know exactly what Layla was thinking. Obviously, he was excited that he had opened the door to that being part of their sex life, but how seriously did she take it? Was it a “this is a fun dirty roleplay,” or was it a “now that you mention it, I want something more” kind of a thing? Had she really been dissatisfied or disappointed in his endowment?

He could feel the steady flow of precum oozing out of his penis every time his mind went down that road. He didn’t really want to watch another man fuck his girlfriend…though it would probably get him off…but did he really want that? Did he want to be diminished? What if that is all she wanted?

The drive home was excruciating for Ben. He felt like he was standing in front of a scale that weighed the consequences of his actions.

He pulled into the driveway, locked his car, and entered his house.

Layla wasn’t home and had left a note stating that she had run out and would be home shortly. She also pointed out the leftovers that were in the fridge.

Ben ate before deciding to get a quick shower. The hot water was a good refuge from his thoughts. He just let it wash over him, and for a moment, there was silence in his head.

Rinsing the soap off his body, Ben heard the door close in the entryway. He sped up his shower time and stepped out shortly after, toweling himself off in the brisk air. Flossing, brushing, and a quick mouth rinse took place. Then he slid on some pajama pants and a shirt and stepped out of the bathroom.

Ben could hear rustling in the kitchen and made his way there. He turned the corner, and Layla was wearing a black tank top style shirt and a short black skirt. She was bending over the counter, grabbing glasses. He could see her black lace panties that were separated by luscious thighs from long knee-high socks.

“Hey,” Ben said, with a hint of suggestion in his voice.

“Oh, hey,” a bit of a reflective tone in hers. As she turned, she smiled awkwardly and then began pouring herself a drink. The vodka and ginger beer were out. “Do you want me to make you a drink as well?” Her tone perked up a bit.

“Moscow mule?”

“Yeah. That sounds good.”

Ben noticed that she poured a bit heavy, not that he’d complain. She stepped towards him. The smell of liquor on her breath filled his nostrils. He wondered whether she had drunk while out or whether she had just drunk something when she got home.

“Sorry, I’m home so late. I just got caught up with some work stuff.”

Ben, noticing that it was unlike her to have work stuff later in the evening, began to feel his mind spiral.

“Jason and I went out to get a bite while we went over the presentation we have in a few days.”

“Oh,” Ben replied. He had never liked Jason. Maybe it was his forward behavior, maybe it was how he seemed to always have a different woman at his side, maybe he just screamed asshole, or maybe Ben was slightly jealous of his “perfect” body. “How’s the presentation coming along?”

“It’s going really well. I appreciated the way Jason got a handle on things.”

“I’m sure he had a handle on something,” Ben said, not realizing he had muttered it aloud.

Layla, handing Ben his drink, smiled and almost floated in the moment, “Baby, are you jealous of Jason?”

“No…I just…never liked the guy.”

“Is it that he clearly works out? Or perhaps his luck with women?” She stepped into him, their faces close, her body pressing against him.

“It’s not that, I just….”

“You just are what? Are you afraid his dick is bigger than yours? Are you afraid that I noticed it, and he made me feel some way you couldn’t?” She liked this feeling of power

“I…” Ben was again spiraling, at a loss for words….he felt her lips meet his…

“Maybe you should be jealous…,” she started rubbing his cock through the microfleece pants, “what if my pussy had been soaking through my panties all night, craving that cock…or what if I took it a step further..,”

Ben tossed back some of his drink, perhaps more than he realized, given how strong she had made it.

Layla paused her hand next to the head of his cock and flicked it. It had grown significantly in the last few moments. Then she took hold of his balls through his pajama pants and pulled hard downwards. Her lips met his again. “Oh my, someone seems to have gotten reluctantly turned on.”

Ben still felt apprehensive. “Uh…”

Layla lifted his glass to his lips, tilted it back for him, and he swallowed almost of his drink. “Good boy,” she said in his ear as her hand started rubbing the length of his erection. “Did the thought of Jason’s big, fat, meaty cock luring me in get you all excited?”

Ben had no idea quite what to say. She didn’t really…did she? “I…” he started to try to form words, but she pressed her finger to his lips and “shushed” him.

Layla grabbed his hand and pulled it under her skirt, placing it directly over her sex. There was no question he’d feel how wet her panties were. “Can you tell? Is all that from me being so horny thinking about his big dick, or is that partly from him unloading a nice creamy load between your girlfriend’s legs?”

Ben’s dick twitched in response. She gave it another hard squeeze while guiding his hand in circles over her wetness.

Her hands then reached around and down the back of his pajama bottoms. She grasped both his butt cheeks, squeezing them firmly and pulling them apart. A little moan escaped his lips. She ran a finger down his crack and over his tight hole, circling it a few times. His body jumped a bit and trembled in response.

Layla took hold of his hips and spun him around, shoving his back forward so he was leaning over the island. One hand crept around, cupping his crotch, and the other grabbed his waistband and tugged it down, “well, since you are a little bitch, that gets all hard thinking about big cocks fucking my pussy; I guess we should treat you like one. She grabbed a little bag from the counter behind her and began opening something. He could hear a cap open, and suddenly, a warm liquid was rubbed over his rectum, followed by something pressed against it, until it popped through the opening, causing him to gasp.”Oh, that’s more like it. I needed to open up my bitch’s little boy pussy…”

Layla was excited about her purchase of the little silver butt plug and its phone app compatibility. She liked the idea of having that control over him at a distance.

An alternating pulsing pattern began to stimulate his insides, and she gave his ass cheek a hard spank causing him to jump.

She leaned over him next to his ear, grabbed his dick again, and whispered, “My my, all this is making your little baby dick all worked up.” She swiped some precum from the slit and dipped it into her pussy before slipping her fingers into his mouth. Layal turned him around and passionately kissed him. She grabbed her phone, pressed something, and the plug stopped.

After a moment, she took his hand, said, “Come with me,” and led him to the bedroom.

With a glint in her eye and a crooked little smirk, she pulled his shirt off and pushed him onto the bed. Climbing on top of him, she ground her wet snatch into his crotch while guiding his arms above his head. Leaning over him so her cleavage hung in his face, she clicked something around each of his wrists, now restraining them to the headboard. “That’s better; we wouldn’t want you getting any ideas now, would we?”

She shimmied down his body until she slipped off the bed and pulled his pj pants down and off his legs. Layla reached into a drawer, pulled out a lacy red pair of panties with little frills along the waistband, and reapproached him. She started sliding them up his legs slowly, stopped short of his groin, and slapped Ben’s cock hard a few times, causing Ben to groan. She then slapped his balls a few times as well, eliciting a similar response. Then she lifted his ass to slide the panties on all the way, taking care to tuck his penis fully inside.

“We don’t need that left out right now, do we?” She laughed as she tapped her phone, and the plug began pulsing again.

“Ohhh,” Ben cried out, caught by surprise as it started again.

Pinching his dick through the undies, she snarked, “Awwww, so cute all wrapped up…” Her hands ran down his legs to his ankles, where she snapped two more restraints that were attached to the bottom legs of the bed.

She stepped away to grab another bag and set it on the floor just out of sight, leaving Ben in question as to what she had planned.

She crawled up and hovered just above his crotch. With the top of her finger, she traced the outline of his cock head over the panties. It jumped and quivered as the pulsing inside him continued. Dark wet spots turning red to a plum color formed where his slit touched the fabric. “It’s a shame I came home to this,” she said, extending her finger along the length of his cock, as if measuring it and then using too thin gets to press around the edge of the shaft and trace down it. “Such a minuscule little tool all wrapped up in frilly little bottoms. A tiny little penis aching from the thought that maybe I was actually satisfied for once and stretched out like a woman should be.”

Her words continued to fill his brain with conflict. He liked the fantasy of it, but Jason felt too close for comfort, and of course, his (probably) massive cock did too.

She shifted so she could reach the floor to where she had placed her surprise. When she sat back up on the bed, she was holding a large 9″ pink dildo with a more than adequate girth. Holding it to her lips, she gave it a little peck on the bulbous head. Then a quick flick of her tongue followed as she lowered it, dragging its length down her collar to in between her breasts and further to just in front of the opening of her legs. Her other hand came around and, with palm open and fat, pressed the large phallus, facing upwards against her stomach, and proceeded to run it up and down.

“Do you see this big fat pink cock? Do you see what a real man looks like? The filling a woman like me deserves.”

Her bra was expertly removed from underneath her tank top, letting her breasts topple out freely. Her beautiful nipples were hard and pushing into the fabric.

She inched her way up his body, sitting just below his cock and straddling him. She slapped the big rubbery cock against his balls hard enough to make him jump, wince, and let out a groan. Then, taking hold of his sack and squeezing, causing his balls to bulge together, she slapped the heavy head of it against him a few more times. This time, his cries were louder, teetering between pleasure and some pain.

She smiled, letting go of his balls, laughed a little, lined the head up with the tip of his cock, and started slapping it against his, still slapping into his balls due to the difference in length. “What a little bitch. I want to hear you say you are a pathetic little cock bitch!”

“Uh…” he barely made out the sound before she slapped him across the face with the big pink dildo.

“I want you to say it,” she said firmly.

“I’m …a pathetic little cock bitch” he stammered.

She placed the dildo back along his penis and put both her hands around it and Ben. With her hips, she thrust into it, driving it forward over Ben’s’ stick, making the extra girth and length very real to him. She peeled back the panties just to below the head of his dick.

She paused for a second, then catching him off guard, the pulsating against his prostate changed rhythms and became more intense.

She resumed stroking as his inferior pecker oozed precum and smeared all over the head of the pink giant against him. “Ohhh, you are such a bad little boy. Is this little clit spitting as this beautiful man’s meat rolls across your little nub? If I knew any better, I’d think I’ve got a little sissy on my hands, just as interested in feeling a big cock as watching me take one.” She gave Ben’s shaft a hard squeeze, slowly rising until she reached his head, more of his cream spewing onto the big pink unit.

She lifted a hand, causing one of the straps of her tank top to fall over her shoulder, revealing her amazing cuppable breast. Then they leaned over him and kissed him. Still gripping the two cocks below, she leaned into his ear, “Do you like feeling that. Does it turn you on to feel another dick rubbing against yours? I think it does. I bet that little vibrating ass of yours would like it, too, wouldn’t it? Tell me, you want to see Jason fucking me with his fucking log. Tell me you get all wet and want to watch how he owns my pussy…”

Ben was hard, hot, and lost in whatever she was doing to him, but he didn’t want to say those words, he didn’t want to tell her to fuck Jason, and he didn’t want to admit that the thought got him so to turned on. The image of Jason’s well-tuned body against his girlfriend, railing her with something quite similar to that pink piece against him.

“Just admit that this long, hard, thick rod is making your little girl bits spew; I want to hear you say it. I’ve watched your porn searches. I know that your dirty little mind feeds off of what makes that puny prick spit. You either want this pole in your little sissy ass, or you want to watch it take me.” She growled as she paused the vibration, took hold of his balls, and squeezed outwardly l, and hard, “say it, you little slut!”

“Oh fuuuck,” He moaned, “I just want to watch him pound that little tight pussy to oblivion and see my girlfriend scream in ecstasy. I want to watch him unload in her little pussy and see it gaping, leaking out his jizz.” His words were frantic from her grip on his bits. His heart raced as he wasn’t sure if he’d regret those words or maybe he should have regretted previous ones.

“Mmm, there it is….there’s me…” she flicked his inflated dick head, “boy…there’s my nasty slut,” her eyes lit up as she spoke those words. The pulsating began again.

She sat up and scooched forward on him, her sopping womanhood dragging over his stomach and chest, leaving a wet trail.

Layla’s pussy sat just above his lips, and he dove in, but after only a moment, she pushed his head back, and slid back, then placed the head of the pink dick to his face.

“I thought you needed a closer look.”

Ben could see how massive the phallus was as it lingered right next to his face. Then she rested it on his lips, his precum still smeared on the head, and started rubbing it back and forth. The pressure and the angle parted his lips. Her deliberate movements were clear. The sensations from the plug hadn’t stopped.

“Yeah, I want you to taste what my lover is about to give me. I want you to read him and be ready to keep my little pussy wet for him.”

She reached back with one hand, wiped the dribbling leakage from Ben’s appendage, and smeared it on the head of the pink monster.

“Kiss it, lick that salty meat up and down. ”

While this wasn’t quite what he had in mind, at this point, he decided to go with the hit. Kissing the tip, a thick string of pre-ejaculate connected the massive dong to his lips. He licked them, savoring his flavor. The thought of Jason grinding his large unit over Ben’s face crossed his mind, making his dick swell just a bit more. Ben licked up that shaft, imagining what Jason might say to him.

“You like that, don’t you? I didn’t know Layla’s boyfriend would be such a pathetic cocksucker. Well, that opens up options on how many holes I have to use. You see this, Layla; I don’t know who wants this cock more.”

Layla’s body quivered with anticipation. She lowered her body to his, her opening grinding against his manhood.

He could feel her hands meet his hips, inching down the red-laced cage that had trapped him long enough.

She gently pressed his tip into her, leaned into his ear, “I didn’t fuck him, but I kind of think you wish I did.” Her vaginal muscles gripped his cock as she slid down it, “it wouldn’t be near this tight, but probably a little more wet.”

She teased the head of his dick with her opening and then drove hard upon it, “does it feel nice and tight, baby?” She ground her hips on his pelvis in rhythm.

He could feel himself on the edge, and then she lifted her body, letting his member fall from her and all the warmth she brought,

“I just wanted you to feel it before it got properly fucked.”

She slid the dildo under her and spit on her hand, lubing the toy a little. If she was being completely honest with herself, she was a little worried this toy may be a bit too much, but at least she was in control of how much she took.

She positioned the dildo so that the head was pressing through her lips and started to open her little hold. Her eyes rolled back as her pussy now felt the pressure of something much wider than her boy, whose aching, throbbing penis saluted to the sky, once again shedding light on the size difference. Gently, she began lowering herself on it, “Oooohh my fucckkkinggg….”

Getting into the sight, Ben asked, “Does it feel good, baby? Does that feel right?”

“Fuck yes,” she growled, another inch sinking in, “it feels so fucking good,” and another was taken in, “It feels so much better than your tiny baby dick. I don’t even know why I’d ever fuck you again when I can have Jason’s size in me.” Another inch disappeared into her glistening pussy, and a guttural sound came from her mouth as her whole body quivered.

Ben smeared his little pecker around her clit as the superior pole impaled his beautiful girlfriend. The other strap of her tank top had rolled off, and now both her beautiful breasts heaved with her intense breathing.

Layla was now working herself of 3/4 the length of the pink pole. She took a deep breath and, on the exhale, lower the rest of the way, “hoooolllyyy shhhhhiiiitt, it’s so much cock!” She yelled. While letting her pussy adjust not only to the depth inside her but the widening base, she grabbed Ben’s cock and rested it against her front. With her other hand, she demonstrated how deep the rod had entered her, “this is somewhere you won’t ever reach….and that’s just too bad because now that I’ve had it, I’ll always have that lingering feeling of it not being stimulated when I fuck you.”

Ben shuddered, she held his dick against her, and she began slowly riding it again, the look of pure ecstasy in her face. She trembled and bit her lip as she stroked Ben’s cock with her movements against the wet cock and her pussy.

After a moment, she lifted herself off of it, letting Ben’s dick flop back to his stomach. She crawled off to his side, crawled up further, turned around, and straddled his face, lowering her pussy to his mouth. Her distended hope hung open from the massive invader.

“Do you see how much Jason stretched me? My sloppy and wide it is? I want you to lick it.”

Ben began working his tongue and mouth in her cunt, having easy access due to its “enlargement.” He swirled his tongue around the walls of her vagina, finding it quite easy to access her. As he was lapping at her, the big pink cock pushed its way through and began plunging into her pussy. Now that she had adjusted, she rammed it hard into her, making unintelligible sounds of pleasure.

“Keep his cock wet for me….that’s it, baby. That’s the best view in the house.”

He could feel her hot breath on his bits.

“You like that baby? Do you like a front-row seat to my pussy being fucking owned?”

“Fuck yes,” he said before starting to alternate between wetting the dildo with his mouth and tongue and working on her clit.

Her body began to tense, a building crescendo, all her muscles tightening, a moment where she held her breath, her thighs clenching. Then waves of shudders and shakes occurred. Squirts of fluid began shooting out from her coating his face in her warm. Ejaculate. He had never experienced her squirting but enjoyed it and began licking it all up.

As her body slowed, as well as her screams and moans, she rolled off him and slowly pulled out the pink monster. It was coated with her cream. She flopped it on his face, “Clean it, you pathetic bitch.”

Without hesitation, Ben took it in his hand and began licking and sucking her juices off it.

“What a good little slut,” she said, out of breath still.

“Jason just fucked me to the best orgasm I’ve had in so long!” She spread her legs and gave him a look, ” Now you can put that little twig in and get what you want.”

He slithered between her legs and inserted his aching dicklette. Her pussy was sopping wet, but he felt like a hotdog thrown into a cave.

“Oh, is it too loose for that tiny prick… here, let me help,” she said as she wrapped her hand around his base as he pounded himself into her frantically.

It didn’t take him long until he was blowing a massive load into her. She scooped a ton of it into her hand and stuffed his mouth with his cum.

“Next time, I’m going just to let Jason fuck your little boy pussy, like the sissy slut you are, because you don’t do much for me when he gets done.”

She turned off the plug and rolled over to him, lifting her leg over his crotch. The gravity caused tall the cum left in her to pour out over his spent, shriveling dick. Kissing him and looking into his eyes as she used a few fingers to tease his jizz-coated flaccid nub, he twitched from sensitivity.

“You didn’t really…with Jason.”

She laughed heartily, with a little glint in her eye, “No, of course not. I had to get the supplies. I did, however, see he was sporting a semi when he stood up today after talking to me, and I guarantee his cock is a lot bigger than yours.” She then pinched the head of his soaked flesh, and he shuddered again.


To Be Continued…?


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