Gift of Love

By Bodington.


My name is Frank Crowder, and I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Ever since I went through puberty, I became aware of my physical shortcomings, pun intended. Alas! I’m cursed with a small penis.

In high school, I played football and basketball for the school teams. Consequently, I was constantly taking communal showers after games and practices, whereby the inadequacy of my manhood was glaringly obvious to others in the shower room.

I was somewhat consoled by the fact that some other guys were lacking like me, but we were definitely in the tiny minority, pun again intended. Initially, I pinned my hopes on the chance that I was a late bloomer and that I would eventually grow big. However, as I did stretch to a height of five feet eleven inches tall by my senior year in high school, my penis did not enlarge at all from the age of thirteen years on. To confront my fears, I actually measured my cock. When enlarged to a full erection, I could only to get it up to, at the most, four inches long. At least I believed that my cock was thick enough, but I dared not measure it for fear of totally undermining my self-esteem and confidence.

Once I started dating, I was always self-conscious about my male package, so much so that I did not have my first real date until I was eighteen years of age. Invariably my dates turned into a disaster. My greatest humiliation in dating occurred when I was twenty years old, and my date was nineteen years old. At the end of that date when we were making out heavily on the living room couch of the girl’s residence; suddenly in a passion, she reached and grabbed hold of my cock, which had become rock hard in the process of our necking and petting, while it was still in my pants. Within seconds of squeezing my rod, she withdrew her hand and broke off our kissing.

She cried out, “What’s the matter, Frank? Why aren’t you excited? Am I not pretty enough for you? Don’t you think I’m sexy? Anyway, why don’t you just go!”

I was totally red-faced, as I realized that the girl, upon touching my penis, had concluded that I must still be soft, despite the hot and heavy petting, we had been engaged in. I had no appetite to point out to her, her erroneous assumption, so I just wordlessly left.

When I graduated from high school. I had no desire to continue my education. I started out at McDonald’s and took on various other entry-level jobs. Finally, when I was twenty-six years of age, I found my niche in telemarketing.

I was a virgin when I graduated from high school, but I finally did have sex when I reached my twenty-first birthday. I decided it was high time that I actually experience sex no matter what. I had saved up enough money for the occasion, so I elected to treat myself to a professional prostitute as my birthday gift to myself, to mark the occasion when I could legally drink.

I went to a downtown Detroit bar and struck up a conversation with an obvious hooker. She was a youngish looking, somewhat attractive, black woman. She quickly cut to the chase, and we struck up a deal. She conveniently retained a room in a nearby motel, and the cost of the room was included in her fees. Once we were in the room and payment was culminated, we mutually undressed.

Once she espied my erection, such as it was, she exclaimed, “Oh, lordy! What have we here? I think I need my magnifying glass. You sure you haven’t been amputated?”

I naturally turned twenty shades of red in reaction to her graceless utterances.

I replied, “Unfortunately, that is all that I have been blessed with by God, so there is no reason for you to make fun of me, especially since I’ve paid good money for you to make me happy.”

I noticed that the prostitute was somewhat mortified by hurting my feelings as she replied, “You’re quite right good sir. It is my responsibility to make you feel good, and I’m the woman to do it. I promise you that when I’m through with you, I’ll make you the man you want to be.”

I was somewhat taken aback by the whore’s response, and as a result, I became less apprehensive in my first full sexual experience. She dropped to her knees and started giving me a blow job. She was unexpectedly passionate in her sex work, as not only did she deep throat me but was able to take my balls in her mouth as well. She actually started perspiring from her efforts, and before I was getting to the point of no return.

She stopped and said, “In my spare time, I actually read novels. One of my favorites is a series of vampire books, being the Anita Blake series written by Laurell Hamilton. In one of the stories, the author has her heroine, Anita, declare her desire to swallow not only a man’s penis but his balls in conjunction; the entire male package as you will. She had always been thwarted. With you, I’ve been able to do it! I think I’ll send an email to that author telling her I had done it, and to assure her that the accomplishment of such a feat is definitely a worthwhile desire. Now lets us get to the bed, and you can fuck the shit out of me!”

I was feeling ecstatic! I can finally say I’m no longer a virgin! Sure it is a paid prostitute, but it still counts as a score. I was proud of myself in that I felt that I did not act like a pussy. I plunged in, all four inches of me. She made me pause for a moment as she adjusted her position underneath me. Then she gave me the signal to fire away. And I did! I pounded in a stroke after stroke. I picked up the pace until I came. Did I ever cum! I let out a war-whoop as I felt fulfilled as a man.

The prostitute was no doubt bemused by my antics as she remarked, “At a go tiger! Who says a small dick can’t be fun. You made me cum too! By the way, I hope you noticed what I did to take you in my pussy. Get your future girlfriends to do the same, and they will be mightily satisfied with your cock.”

I wasn’t sure if the whore was lying about her orgasm, but I was sure her advice about positioning was sincere. As I believed that her recommendation would be helpful in the future, I tipped her an extra twenty dollars in gratitude. In return for the unexpected gratuity, she allowed me to eat her out for about fifteen minutes. I subsequently realized that cunnilingus was not a practice usually tolerated by professional prostitutes as the activity prolongs their time at work without additional revenue.

All in all, I was happily satisfied with my first time in sex. Sure it was with a paid whore, but nevertheless, the encounter boosted my self-confidence. I was no longer diffident in company with women, and I was able to bed some of them in the succeeding years. I heeded the advice of the whore and made sure my female partners were advantageously positioned to receive my cock fully. My attention to this detail seemed to have produced the desired outcome. None of my partners except for one ever overtly complained about my size and exhibited full satisfaction with their time in my arms.

The one possible exception had been a vibrant redhead named Joyce Burisma. On our third date, we got it on in her apartment. She had made no comment whatsoever when she first espied me naked. We had progressed to the point wherein I was on my back on her bed while she was riding me upright. Her eyes were closed, as she displayed a most glowing and gratifying look of pleasure that can be imagined.

Suddenly, in the midst of our coitus, she stopped, disengaged from me, and repositioning herself supine alongside me, took my cock into her mouth to commence a vigorous blow job. I soon climaxed, and the ejaculation was explosive. She kept her mouth on my prick until she was sure that no more drops of sperm were forthcoming. She raised her head, and I could see that she was sweating profusely. She visibly gulped as she swallowed my seed. Then she opened her mouth to display her now empty oral cavity to assure me that she had ingested all of my ejaculate. She was smiling luridly and panting heavily, making me suspect that she had experienced an orgasm.

In between pants, she declared, “I knew that there had to be more to you than just your small dick to make me happy. You sure did come through for me with lots and lots of the best tasting cum I’ve ever had. Thank you, Frank, for a terrific fuck!”

I wondered at the time if she realized that she had inadvertently articulated a pun. In any case, it was not the kind of praise that boosts one’s masculine ego, but at least I took comfort to have pleased Ms. Burisma. It is my opinion that to please one’s female partner sexually is the ultimate goal of sex in the mind of every man. Even those egotistical guys who think they are God’s gift to women would be desolate to learn that they did not please their love squeezes. At this point in my life, I was no longer bothered by my male package as I now knew that I could satisfy my women.

As I was approaching the age of thirty, I thought it was high time I started giving serious consideration to getting married. I always had the ambition to sire at least two legitimate children, and I did want to still be a vibrant, active man when my children matured to adulthood. In that context, I took notice of a newly hired employee to the telemarketing company at which I was employed. Her name was Bianca Sanchez. When I first set eyes on her, I instinctively knew this woman was MY WOMAN. I had since then always harbored the notion that had the mythical character of Cupid really existed, my reaction in reality to first seeing Bianca, would not have been any different had I been actually pierced by that love god’s arrows.

Bianca was a second-generation child of Mexican immigrants (i.e., her grandparents moved to the US) who could still speak Spanish. Such being the case, she was constantly being importuned by co-workers to take over a call where the customers asserted that they only spoke Spanish. This was, in fact, how I first took notice of her at work, as my next cubicle co-worker suggested I utilize her whenever I encountered a Spanish speaking only customer. When I first asked her to take over one of my calls, I was immediately smitten upon seeing her!

In my eyes, Bianca was beautiful! I thought she had the face of an angel! What was even better in my unconventional mind was the impression that I believed empirically not too many male or female persons would consider her pretty in the same way as I did. She was a big woman, overweight, about 220 pounds in a body frame of five foot eight inches tall. That probably was the most prevalent factor that would suggest to most people, that her appearance was forgettable. For me, though, her plumpness, by contrast, was her most attractive physical feature. I could never countenance the universal appeal of slim women.

My best friend, who had at the time been married for just over two years, was telling me that he was constantly ragging on his wife to lose some more weight. I was always nonplussed by his attitude since, in my view, if his wife did lose any more weight, a strong wind would be able to blow her off the face of this earth.

I asked Bianca for a date, a movie followed by a bite to eat and some drinks thereafter. The movie was enjoyable enough, but totally forgettable. However, the conversation afterward was, for a first date, surprisingly scintillating; we obviously were totally compatible. After the closing of the bar, about 2:00 AM, we engaged in serious kissing and petting in my car, mainly confined to second base variety, but with some ventures to the third base.

I finally delivered her to her residence, the home of her widowed mother, at about 6:30 AM. Bianca later told me that her mother tore her a new asshole in conjunction with her late arrival. Bianca protested to her mother that she was an adult, twenty-four years of age and that she was no longer a child who needed parental protection. Her mother retorted that as her mother, she would always be concerned as to her welfare and besides so long as Bianca lived under her roof, it was incumbent on her to obey her rules as to the mutual living arrangements.

On the second date, Bianca suggested that I come to her residence for a home-cooked meal. This allowed Bianca to introduce me to her mother. That woman turned out not to be an ogre, and we seemed to get along. She duly disappeared to the confines of her space in the house to allow us privacy.

It was actually surprising to me that Bianca had prepared an absolutely delicious spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and a salad, plus a bottle of Chianti, a traditional Italian dry red wine. I would have thought her mother would have partaken of the meal with us before retiring. The fact that this was not the case brought me to surmise, hopefully, that Bianca was getting serious about me. I asked her why she had elected to cook an Italian meal for me instead of Mexican.

Bianca snorted and replied, “I may have Mexican ancestors, but I’m an American through and through, so I’m not confined to cooking Mexican, as I like to cook a variety of dishes; ethnic or otherwise. However, next time if you insist, I’ll be happy to cook you an authentic Mexican meal, which I guarantee will be better than what you can get at Taco Bell.”

I reassured her, “I was just teasing Bianca. This meal is absolutely delicious and definitely better than anything available at the Olive Garden. It’s been some time since I have eaten such a wonderful home-cooked meal. You’re quite the good cook.”

She beamed at my praise, which she could perceive was sincere.

The excellent meal she had provided, proving to me that she was a wonderful cook, which was not often encountered in women of her age, reinforced my original notion that she was the WOMAN for me. The cliché the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, most certainly applied in my case.

Our third date cemented our future. The date consisted of a sumptuous dinner at a terrific trendy restaurant in the city of Detroit known for its excellent cuisine. Afterward, we repaired to Bianca’s residence. Her mother had been called away for a couple of days to attend to her sister’s (Bianca’s aunt) apparent crisis. As the aunt lived in Toledo, Ohio, Bianca’s residence was free of any possible intrusion by her mother that night.

We entered the living room wordlessly and sat ourselves down on the sofa after having turned on the two lamps beside each end of the furniture. We then settled on kissing. To my way of thinking, kissing Bianca had to be one of the sweetest pleasures I’ve ever been happy to experience. Her lips were full, luscious, and soft to the touch of my lips. Her lipstick that night was just the right shade of red to make her lips irresistible. She had let down her jet black hair, so I had free reign to twist and twirl her hair as I was exchanging kisses with her. Playing with her hair, I instinctively believed, was a precursor to some serious petting. When my tongue entered her mouth for the first time, Bianca gasped and then moaned. This left no doubt in my mind that I was destined to score that night. That realization reduced any feeling of angst I normally feel when trying to seduce any woman to have sex.

That confident feeling of ultimate sexual success obviates any need on my part to be frantic or nervous. This had the effect of calming Bianca’s nerves as she offered no resistance throughout that night to my taking liberties in fondling her body. There are times, of course, when a couple is simultaneously aroused, where both react frantically and impulsively to their lovemaking with hardly any foreplay. Since this was the first time with each other, we seemed to have been in sync for desiring to savor the occasion and all its lasting pleasures.

After quite some time of deep, delicious soul searching kissing, I broke off the kiss to do some ear action. I nibbled on her ear lobe, licked the ear, and finally curled my tongue into a spear and stabbed the inside of her ear.

Bianca gasped and began breathing heavily. I sensed that her arousal was equivalent to mine. That is, we were totally in full fledge unbridled ecstasy. To use the baseball metaphor, we were only rounding first base, but we both knew there was no impediment to reaching the home base.

To reinforce the completion of our mutual desires, I unzipped the back of her dress. This enabled her to slip her dress off her shoulders. I then reached behind to undo her bra, which she then removed and tossed away, rendering her top naked to the waist. Ah! This was my first glimpse at her ample, mouth-watering, tits! They were magnificent! Beautiful! I was later to find out that they were double ‘D’ sized cups. Her areola in size seemed much larger than would seem proportionate, but nevertheless, it was awesome to behold. Her nipples in shape were cylindrical and were begging to be tasted and sucked on. I, of course, could not help but take advantage. I licked, slurped, and slobbered on her nipples. I touched, rubbed, caressed, felt, and squeezed her boobs. At this point, Bianca was moaning with occasional squeaks every time I happened to take a bite on one of her nipples. I smothered my face in her generous bosom, giving me a feeling corresponding to a child’s guilty pleasure in surreptitiously raiding the cookie jar.

Once I had lusted on her breasts to my satisfaction, I got off the sofa to undress. Likewise, Bianca got off the couch to remove her dress, shoes, and panties. She kept her garter belt and stockings on, which in itself was a terrific turn-on for me. The sight of her complete naked flesh naturally caused me to become completely erect as hard as I was capable. Bianca simply smiled at my nakedness, seemingly oblivious to my shortcomings. I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on her hips to sniff and luxuriate in her female smell. I also took the opportunity to do some tongue action on her cunt and clit.

Initially, Bianca had her hands in my hair to encourage my cunnilingus, but in a little while, she stopped and blurted out, “That’s enough for now, Frankie! I need you to fuck me NOW!”

Bianca then situated herself prone on the sofa. She spread her legs as wide as possible with one leg up and over the top edge of the sofa, and the other resting on the floor. I then got in between her thighs and entered her. As soon as I was in, Bianca wrapped her legs around me as if to lock me in and not let me escape. Her hands were on my back as well, holding on to me for dear life.

She grunted vociferously while I was pumping my cock in her. She became a wild animal underneath, squirming and trembling in the throes of passionate lust. Within a few seconds of my ejaculation, she climaxed and began to hyperventilate fiercely. It was the most violent orgasmic reaction that I had ever observed from any of my previous love partners. Bianca confirmed her enjoyment once she regained her breath and equilibrium.

She said, “Oh wow, Frankie, that was awesome! Wonderful! You made my toes curl! Thank you! Thank you!”

Needless to say, her pronouncement made my male pride swell and soar to newer heights that had not yet been explored. My previous self-consciousness, concerning the inadequacy of my male package, had relegated me to believe that all the sex I would have with women would occur as a result of reluctant indulgence on their part.

Bianca’s demonstration had me convinced that I was actually able to truly satisfy her. That was a most welcome notion indeed. Mind you, I had not come to grips with one troubling concern regarding this wonderful evening.

I said, “I’m truly thrilled that I’ve pleased you. However, you realize I did not use a condom.”

Here Bianca interrupted, “Not to worry, Frankie, baby! I’m on the Pill. I’ve been on it since I was fifteen to regulate my periods and to ease my excessive personal discomfort I’ve experienced while I’m having my periods.”

“Oh, well! OK then! But I was going to say that before I started, I did think about the consequences, and I went ahead anyway because I knew if you did get pregnant, I certainly would want to marry you.”

“Oh! That’s so sweet of you to say so. But if it’s children you want, I can go off the Pill right away.”

“Well, in that case, then, why don’t you!”

“No sooner said than done! Your wish is my command.”

And so it turned out that this exchange became tantamount to my marriage proposal and her acceptance.

We were married within six months, and Bianca was four months pregnant on our wedding day.

Despite the short interval of our courtship, our marriage was strong, and it seemed like truly only by death would we part.

Of course, we had our share of fights and arguments, but they were never of a vindictive nature. Most of our arguments basically were grounded on money worries. Our financial means, however, improved substantially because of two different changes in our circumstances, both occurring relatively near the same time.

The first change in circumstance was that Bianca’s mother died of heart failure during our fifth year of marriage.

Bianca had two older brothers, one living in Chicago, the other living in Denver. They were twenty-two and twenty years senior to Bianca. Bianca’s mother had given birth to her sons when she was nineteen and twenty-one. Because Mrs. Sanchez had her two sons so early in her marriage, it put quite a strain on the family’s finances. Consequently, she practiced birth control thereafter.

When Bianca’s mother reached forty years of age, she discontinued her birth control safeguards, ostensibly on the premise that she had surpassed her childbearing years. Although she genuinely believed it would be unlikely that she would become pregnant. Nevertheless, she was elated upon discovering her late in life pregnancy. One of the happiest days in her life occurred when she gave birth to Bianca.

As both of her brothers had moved out of the family home some years prior to her birth, Bianca had, in essence, grown up as an only child. This did not mean, however, that her brothers were oblivious of her existence. Whenever either of them had occasion to meet her, it was always a joyous event, and each of them loved her unconditionally. They each had been financially successful. The one in Denver had started out as a car salesman but had parlayed his career into acquiring a successful Ford dealership. The one in Chicago was in the advertising business, and by the time of Mrs. Sanchez’s death was a full partner of one of the largest ad agencies in the windy city.

That being the case, the brothers were not mercenary. There were enough liquid assets to cover funeral and probate expenses with about ten grand left over. The brothers then proposed to divide that money between them and that Bianca and I could have the house, which was free and clear of title. The house, of course, was worth more substantially in value than the cash available, so it was no wonder the spouses of the brothers protested vehemently against the settlement. The brothers pointed out that we were more financially strapped than they were, so that was surely what their deceased mother would have wanted.

Needless to say, this inheritance agreement was a gigantic boon to our financial well being. We had been renting and saving for a down payment on a home, but we were not close to achieving that goal.

The second occurrence that helped our income was my promotion at work. I had been a good producer for the company and had been given upgraded telemarketing duties. Then about two months after the death of my mother-in-law, I was given the position of a supervisor with a significant increase in my salary.

Bianca had been a stay home mother to our two children, a son named Ken born about five months after our wedding, and a daughter named Samantha (Sammie for short) born two years later.

With my new income and a home free of debt, we were living fairly comfortably. Once Sammie started grade school, Bianca took a real estate course and obtained a realtor’s license. She then went to work for a real estate firm and was sufficiently successful at it to augment our family income substantially.

Having independent hours, she was able to still be an effective mother for our children when they arrived home from school. Our next-door neighbor, a woman in her fifties, was happy to look after our children for a few hours anytime when both of us happened not to be at home. She charged very little for her services and would refuse any of my offers to pay more. So with no crushing financial worries, we seldom had any domestic arguments. We were mutually content with our lifestyle, and we’re not inclined to feel deprived unduly of our fair share of material goods available.

Our sex life was totally enjoyable, fun-filled, and absolutely devoid of tension. There was complete trust with regard to fidelity between us. I could see that she was not the least bit interested in other men, and she discouraged any flirtation from any man she would come in contact with. As for me, I could say that she had ample evidence of my regard for her, such that it would naturally stop any feelings of jealousy in its tracts.

I was certain that she was not jealous of me, and was totally assured of my love for her. In fact, when we were out in public, and I would happen to gawk at a particularly good looking female passer-by, Bianca would not be disheartened or take any umbrage at my not too subtle notice. She would just chalk it up as a norm, that an attractive woman would inspire a similar visible reaction from any man, just as I had exhibited. I would say that her certitude in my being faithful to our wedding vows was well-founded. Since I got married, I had no inclination to even flirt with another woman, never mind even making a suggestion of a desire for intimacy.

In contrast to most men, I was not in the habit of just hitting on women willy nilly as a normal pastime. I recall a time I visited another friend of mine from high school who had become a high school teacher in a small town in northern Michigan. He was at the time engaged to a teacher also of his school and subsequently married her. We had spent an evening, just the two of us, drinking in a bar reminiscing old times. As the bar closed at 01:00 AM, we repaired to an all-night restaurant, probably the only one of its kind in the town, to have a bite to eat before going to his place. We were being served by a mature woman possibly in her late forties, but more likely in her fifties. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the energetic sexual byplay between them replete with flirtatious innuendos and double entendres.

When the waitress left our table to place our order, I could not help but ask, “Ray (my friend’s name)! What the hell? You have no intention or desire to either fuck her or even finagle a date with her. So what is the point? Why do you even bother? Besides, you’ve told me you are engaged. Are you not, then?”

He replied, “Of course I’m engaged to be married, although the wedding date is not yet written in stone. And yes, I’ve no expectation or desire that anything will come out of this conversation from our charming waitress. It’s just harmless banter to keep my mojo intact.”

I rolled my eyes as I inquired, “And why do you need to keep your mojo intact if you plan to marry?”

“You never know when it might come in handy.”

I dropped the subject as obviously Ray, and I had different outlooks in interacting with the opposite sex.

Although I was a late bloomer in that, I did not lose my virginity until I was twenty-one, and with a prostitute at that, still, I had the savoir-faire to successfully seduce women. Since the time with the prostitute until the time I met Bianca, I had bedded my share of women. It wasn’t until I bedded Bianca that I made love with a woman who didn’t overtly or inadvertently ridicule my small penis.

Bianca, at all times, appreciated the sex we had, which she described with sincere conviction as the most beautiful moments in her life. She was not a virgin when I met her, as she advised she had had three one night stands with three different men. The sex with each of them was just plain awful. They obviously had no regard for her, and the sex was of the “Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am,” variety. I could understand that my penis being small was of little (pun unintended) concern to her since she totally reveled in my love for her.

That, in turn, was the reason I was not the least bit inclined to or interested in cheating on her. To my mind, I could not discern any advantage for me should I meet a very attractive woman whom I could successfully bed. I would inevitably, in such a case, be met with scorn by the seduced woman as soon as she saw my cock. I sure as hell did not need such grief or aggravation.

Unfortunately, to mar the serendipity of our marriage, there hung over each of our heads a discordant dissatisfaction with a physical aspect of our bodies. In the case of Bianca, she despaired of her weight. Ever since she could remember, she was overweight. Throughout her life, she had to endure mean spirited jibes poking fun over her stoutness. Even after one of her, one night stands, her partner had the brass to utter this parting shot, “Thanks for the fuck, pig. It was better than I expected. See you around.”

It was no wonder she so quickly glommed on to me. I was the only guy that had ever been decent to her. I was constantly reassuring her that I found her pretty and attractive. To my eyes, her plumpness was her greatest asset. I constantly told her I did not want her to lose an ounce of weight or not even a gram. I suspect deep down she believed me to be sincere. After all, I did marry her. Her greatest reaction, however, was her display of gratitude that I was there for her. I attribute that mindset to the reason she enthusiastically enjoyed her orgasms, notwithstanding my shortcomings. (That darn pun again)

That, of course, was my dissatisfaction with my body. I was truly in love with Bianca, and I constantly wished I was more for her. Pardon yet another pun. I was bitter in the thought that if she really hated being overweight, she always had the option to starve herself until she reached her desired weight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware of how difficult it is to truly lose weight. It really does require a change in lifestyle in addition to strictly following a reasonable diet. Options that are not readily doable.

My point is that in my case, there was nothing I could do about the size of my penis. I had noticed penis enlargement remedies advertised in some sexually explicit magazines, and I even purchased one such product. It was to no avail; not that I was surprised. Even when I ordered the product, I had the suspicion that its effectiveness was no better than the proverbial snake oil remedies hawked by the unscrupulous carnival barkers in the nineteenth century. I was resigned that my small penis was my cross to bear in my life.

As the years of domestic bliss continued unabated, I had inevitably resigned myself to my diminutive male package. However, I started to concern myself with the happiness of my wife. As a man who not only wants to protect and provide for his WOMAN, I believed it was my actual duty to make her the happiest of women. I had concluded that she was being deprived of the pleasure of experiencing a real, truly huge male cock. This led to the conviction that I was selfish if I did not allow Bianca to have sex with a well-hung stud. Consequently, I began to entertain the idea to arrange for an erotic tryst whereby my wife would be fucked by a well-hung black man. I even started having dreams that Bianca was being serviced by assorted virile black studs. I envisioned a black man solely on the basis of the general reputation that white people have about black males; that they are all well hung.

As I was developing my plan to arrange for this envisioned sexual assignation, I started to realize I was advancing a latent fantasy to be the voyeur of this event. In any case, I was pretty sure Bianca would not agree unless I was present. Another happy circumstance to make the event happen without troublesome consequences was the fact that there was no danger of Bianca getting pregnant. Bianca’s first pregnancy was troublesome, and the second pregnancy was very difficult. The birth of our daughter was truly traumatic and almost fatal. The obstetrician strongly advised that she should not risk another pregnancy as death to either her or the child or both would be highly likely to occur. Since neither one of us was invested with a categorical desire to have more children considering we now had one of each sex, Bianca elected to undergo tubal ligation. The procedure was done before she left the hospital with our newly born daughter.

During our fourteenth year of marriage, I had cultivated a friendship at work with a black co-supervisor whose name was Charles Washington. We each had a day off on Wednesday to accommodate a change of shift during the week work schedule. We worked from 04:00 PM to midnight on Monday and Tuesday, and from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM Thursday to Saturday. As telemarketing calls are not allowed by law past 09:00 PM local time, we were naturally calling the west coast exclusively during the last hour. Similarly, as we were not allowed to call before 08:00 AM local time, we could not call the west coast before 11:00 AM our time.

Because of our mutual schedule, we started a weekly habit of imbibing a couple of beers at a nearby bar on Tuesday nights before heading towards our respective abodes.

Charles was a good looking black man. He had a regular haircut so that he did not project an intimidating picture of those black men sporting dreadlocks or Afro style. He was tall, a little over six feet. He has slender but not thin, a truly virile body. In my mind, I thought he should be an ideal lover for Bianca.

In our conversations, I learned he was married, but he occasionally did fool around when the opportunity presented itself. In his retelling of various extramarital sex he had experienced, he was sure to boast about the size of his cock. He intimated that his reputation of having a monster cock had spread amongst his circle of acquaintances. This recognized fact was his best selling point in seducing women. They wanted to see for themselves and not miss out on the fun.

That information played out well for my desires. When the topic turned around to my dalliances, I quite frankly told Charles that I did not fool around because the women I had before I had married invariably made fun of my small dick, which in turn did not translate into great sex. He opined in a reaction that I must have an adequate enough dick as I had sired two children. I advised that my wife never complained about my size, but I always wondered if she didn’t secretly wish for a big cock at least once in her life. I even hinted that I had a fantasy of seeing my wife fucked by a genuine stud. We both realized that this was loose alcohol-induced talk, but I thought I saw a glimmer in his eye that would leave me to believe he would not be averse to fucking Bianca with me present.

I felt the groundwork was sufficiently laid out for the successful fulfillment of my erotic plans for my wife. All that really remained was to secure Bianca’s agreement. So I first broached the subject one night in our bed after a particularly satisfactory and energetic lovemaking session.

During the afterglow, I said, “Oh wow, Bianca! That was sensational! Even after all the years, we’ve been married, you and I still have terrific exciting sex. I’m so grateful that you seem to truly enjoy our couplings, despite my small dick.”

“Just you stop, Frankie, wining about your so-called small dick. I love your cock! I love sucking on it and swallowing your cum. I love it when you poke your prick in my ass. I cannot tell you enough how much I love having it in my pussy. You do so many wonderful things with it that it drives me crazy every time. I’m always looking forward to the next time I get to play with your wonderful cock. Period, end of the sentence! I don’t want to hear any more about your perceived small cock.”

Of course, I was delighted with her attitude, but I could not let the subject drop, so I replied, “What about the three guys before me? Did they have bigger cocks? How was the difference for you?”

“Baby, those three guys I had before you are forgettable. In fact, I’ve forgotten their names. All I can say is that when I first had sex with you, there was no obvious difference to me as to the size of cocks. There was an obvious difference in lovemaking styles, though. I can still vividly recall every detail of that first time with you and how I felt at every moment. With the others, I can really only remember the circumstances that led me to get into bed with them, but the actual sex was not memorable at all except for that vile supposed thank you comment by the second guy I had fucked.”

I shuddered at her reference to the crude remark by one of the men who had sex with Bianca before me. However, I persisted with my plan to get her to consider sex with another man.

So I continued, “Be that as it may, you do realize that other men do have bigger cocks than me, just as other women have smaller tits than you?”

“I don’t doubt that, but so what?”

“Don’t you ever fantasize being fucked by a man with a monster cock? Don’t you think you would love and savor such an occasion, assuming it was not rape, but consensual?”

Bianca paused for a moment before coming up with a reply.

She finally said: “I would be lying if I denied your supposition, but that is just it. It’s a fantasy. Just the same fantasy that I have in contemplating winning the lottery and have millions to spend. I won’t delve into what is not to be.”

“Ah, but you know it is possible to win the lottery, and it is also possible to fuck a stranger with a monster cock.”

“What are you getting at? Are you asking me to seek out strangers for sex to fulfill my fantasy just like I occasionally buy a lottery ticket?”

“No. I’m not suggesting that. However, I do admit that I’ve fantasized and even dreamed of watching you being fucked by a black man with a huge cock twice or even thrice my size.”

“Really, baby? And why’s that? Are you tired of me sexually that you want to farm me out to relieve you of your husbandly duty?”

“Oh no, honey, not at all. It’s my fantasy because I love you, and I want to please you.”

“But you do please me, Frankie. I couldn’t ask for any better husband than you.”

“Nevertheless, you do admit you would be intrigued by having a huge cock in you to drive you bonkers. To see it would give me the great satisfaction of seeing you being pleasured. You could consider it as a gift of love from me. To make the gift perfect is the fact that it would be for me a truly exciting turn on. Best of all, I think I can make it happen.”

“Oh! Really? What do you mean? How do you propose to make it happen?”

“Well, you know that every Tuesday night, I share a couple of beers with a co-worker after work before coming home. His name is Charles Washington, a supervisor like me. Over the past year, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. He has claimed he has a big cock, and I have no reason to doubt him. In fact, a couple of times at work, when we were mutually peeing at the urinals in the restroom, I got a glimpse of his penis sufficiently to determine that he was not boasting. In our conversations over the past year, he has confessed to having engaged in some extramarital sex, and I have the impression that he would consent to fuck you if I ask. So what do you say, Bianca?”

Bianca gasped as if she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

She replied weakly, “But Frankie, you are asking me to commit adultery. What about our wedding vows and our mutual promise to be faithful to each other? We had both agreed from the get-go that adultery would be a deal-breaker for continuing our marriage.”

“That is all true. But this is not really adultery. At least not in the sense of how adultery is generally perceived. Real adultery consists of having sex when one is attracted to another and seeking better or alterative sex than what is available from one’s spouse. This is not the case here. Since you’ve never met Charles, it can’t be the case that you are attracted to him because you’ve grown weary of me. Now granted, the sex may prove to be technically better than sex with me, and in fact, that is the point of the exercise after all. However, sex with me will always be more gratifying because of our absolute unconditional love for each other.

“Think of this as a momentary exciting event in your life. Something like taking a roller coaster ride, very exciting and thrilling at the time, but not part of the routine or regular enjoyment in your life. Of course, if one is so inclined, one can indulge in further rides subsequently. So if this, shall we say, entertainment, turns out to be very thrilling, and a repeat of this kind of activity is desirous, we can always cross that bridge when and if we get there.”

“Ah, you’re such a sweet talker, Frank Crowder. It’s no wonder you were such a successful telemarketer. Let me think about it. Give me a week to decide, but at first blush, I think it will be a positive answer. Now, why don’t you shove that small cock of yours into my cunt and fuck me silly? Just thinking about your proposition has made me extremely wet again.”

I laughed at her good-humored request, which was the first time in our marriage she ever referenced to my size. I took it as a sign she was assuring me that no matter how big a cock Charles possessed, it was my cock that she was forever most interested in playing with.

She did consent by the following week. Within another week, I was able to get Charles to agree to a one night stand with me present to witness.

We planned the tryst for a Tuesday night, switching shifts with two supervisors who were ordinarily scheduled to work during that day. Our kids were now aged fifteen and thirteen, so we could trust them to be OK while we were away. Sheepishly we came up with a lame excuse to explain our overnight absence. Our kids, being typical teenagers who would usually be unconcerned about their parents’ whereabouts, did not exhibit any skepticism to our unusual midweek absence. At least since it was a school night, I did not have to worry that our children would schedule an impromptu party.

For the occasion, I booked a suite at the Atheneum, which is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city of Detroit. One of the luxury features of the suite was a spectacular elevated marble whirlpool bath. I knew that amenity would make the night just super special. Charles agreed to meet us at the bar in the hotel at 07:00 PM for a pre-fuck drink.

When I first met Bianca, the most charitable description of her physical appearance would be frumpy. Once she started working in real estate, she realized she had to project a more professional image. She quickly developed a knack for discerning what would be best for her. Her wardrobe soon became extensive enough that she would always look good in public. In addition, she treated herself to some sexy lingerie. Fucking her while she was wearing a garter belt and stockings with a thong pulled aside to allow access to her cunt, was a special turn on for me.

For this evening, she wore a simple, modest red cocktail dress that looked very fetching on her. The way the dress was made, downplayed her overweight body but enhanced her female curves. To keep herself on edge, she elected to go free buffing. I couldn’t be more proud of her in showing her off to Charles Washington, as I was certain he would be delighted with what was in store for him.

Sure enough, Charles smiled broadly as I introduced Bianca to him. We had a couple of drinks at the bar to settle our mutual nervousness. The small talk was surprisingly easy and light. Soon all three of us were visibly relaxed, but also eager to get on with the main event.

We duly trooped to the suite. The furniture included a love seat and a comfortable chair opposite it.

Bianca and Charles sat down on the love seat and immediately started kissing. I sat down on the chair and watched. To observe the kissing was breathtaking. Bianca was breathing heavily and exhibited a dazed loving look on her face. They were not kissing tentatively, but passionately. They exuded a familiarity with each other as if they had been lovers for years rather than having met for the first time just an hour previously.

Their kissing was so erotic that I was completely aroused just by watching. No doubt, the realization that my beautiful wife was being seduced by a virile black stud added to my sense of exhilaration. To calm my nerves and tension, I automatically freed my cock from the confines of my pants and started stroking it absentmindedly.

As soon as Bianca was aware of what I was doing, she stopped her kissing momentarily to look at me, and barked out an order, “When you are about to cum, you come to me. I don’t want you to waste your good tasting sperm.”

I chuckled at her phraseology, and its inherent pun, which in turn arrested my erotic thoughts for the moment. I was now able to watch the goings-on more calmly. While still kissing, Charles was able to unzip the back of Bianca’s dress. With her cooperation, he maneuvered the dress off her shoulders. Bianca reached behind to unhook her bra, removed it, and tossed it aside, so she was naked from the waist up. This allowed Charles to paw on her magnificent tits. Bianca sighed at this new welcome assault on her body. However, the passionate kissing continued uninterrupted.

Suddenly, without any warning, the two of them stopped their intimate kissing. Bianca scrambled off the sofa while Charles remained sitting on the furniture. Bianca kicked off her shoes, causing them to be flung far across the room. She lowered her dress to step out of it and kicked it aside. She undid her garter belt and hurled it across the room as well, and she was now completely naked save for her loose nylon stockings.

Bianca was standing straight upright facing the still sitting Charles who seemed to be frozen to the furniture, clearly mesmerized by viewing Bianca’s naked female beauty.

Bianca, in truth, was a beautiful woman. Yes, she was overweight, but her body was not flabby. There was just more of it to admire, touch, and feel, and her body was ultra-soft to make intimate touching of it an experience that I could never get tired of. Her face had a truly exotic appeal. She had unmistakable Hispanic features, but there was an alluring mixture of an innocent angel look contrasted by a lustful sinner image.

There was a wordless pause for some time as if to allow for the display of her naked pulchritude to register positively in Charles Washington’s mind. Then without warning, Bianca climbed onto the sofa and with her feet planted next to each of his thighs. She placed her hands on his head and drew his face to her wet pussy. He immediately started licking her cunt and clit, more or less in self-defense. If there was any hint of reluctance on his part, he sure as hell did not display it. Instead, he seemed to be happily engaged in the sudden cunnilingus. Bianca encouraged him while she was earnestly stroking his hair:

“Yes! Yes! Oh yes, Charlie, babe! That’s it! That’s how I like it! Lick that pussy! Lick that clit! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

And she did cum! Did she ever! She actually screamed out her orgasm, which she rarely did. She squirted splat onto Charlie’s face, which she had never done before while receiving a muff dive. She rarely squirted when she was being fucked vaginally, but she frequently did so when she was being sodomized. She was so far gone in her ecstasy, that she exhibited no sign of mortification at her antics. In fact, it was I who was a little apprehensive that Charles might not want to continue after my wife’s shameful behavior. Luckily the black dude appeared to be actually enthralled by my wife’s uninhibited joie de vivre.

Bianca remained standing on the sofa for quite some time to collect her thoughts, and to recover her breath from the throes of her orgasm. Subsequently, during one of our after work Tuesday night bar visits, I asked Charles what was specifically on his mind at this point in the evening. He declared that he loved pussy eating, and assured me that he was not put off by Bianca’s squirting, as it proved to be a unique experience for him. He further added that Bianca remaining on the sofa with her cunt so close to his face was an absolute turn on for him. For a solid good two minutes plus, he was directly privy to her female essence, and the ensuing potent aroma was intoxicating to him.

When Bianca was ready to continue, she stepped off the sofa to reposition herself standing upright on the floor.

Sporting now a wicked, huge smile, confirming her satisfaction of the activity so far, with her hands on her hips, she declared, “OK Charlie, my fine black stud, you’ve seen mine. So it’s time for me to see you. I’ve been led to believe that I will not be disappointed.”

Charles chuckled at Bianca’s remark but made no comment. He removed his shoes and threw them away; likewise, with the socks. Charles had been dressed in a business suit and tie, but he made no move to remove his upper garments. Instead, he stood up off the sofa and simply dropped his trousers and briefs to puddle at his feet. He stepped out of then, and with his foot, casually pushed them aside. Once his cock was free from its clothing confines, his huge erection jumped to attention, pointing perpendicular to Bianca’s nude standing body. I could see Bianca’s eyes literally bulge, and as her mouth sprung wide open, I could see her actually drooling.

She said in a truly sexy, sultry voice, “Oh my God, Charles! You are truly big! Really big! I can’t believe any man could be so big. You’re a horse. Oh my! I hope I’m woman enough for you!”

With that exclamation, Bianca dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of Charles’ cock. She used her hands to initially measure him. The length of his rod exceeded the width of three of her hands. She stood up momentarily, and, placing the base of his cock on her sex, she was able to project the length of his rod to go beyond her belly button. Bianca squealed in delight at the empirical evidence of the size of Charles’ gargantuan phallus. Back on her knees, she rubbed his cock against the cheeks of her face, in a seemingly worshipful homage to his magnificent manhood.

Bianca then placed her lips on the head of his cock. With her luscious lips, she simply explored his cock head with her tongue, periodically darting out to taste the flesh of his manhood. She was now moaning, indicating her total concentration in her efforts to achieving a superlative blow job. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and plunged forward on his rod. She almost did it! In her initial thrust, she was mere millimeters away from getting the entire length and thickness of his penis fully into her oral cavity. She was perspiring profusely from her deep throat attempt as she had great difficulty in fighting off the gagging reflex.

Bianca held his prick in place in her mouth for an inordinate amount of time, to establish her tolerance level to performing fellatio on Charles. Having forgone the attempt to affect a technically complete deep throat oral sex, she commanded her mind to enjoy the unfettered pleasure in administrating a blow job on this black lover.

She was comforted by the near certainty that no female could do better on his cock than she could. As a result, her exuberance in giving head to Charles was not diminished by any notion that the sex act could be better performed.

When she started bobbing on his cock, she affected a dazed, dreamy look that had the natural effect to punctuate her enjoyment. Her pacing was slow and tantalizing, a deliberate attempt to prolong the pleasure of the fellatio. She would intermittently remove his cock from her mouth to hand stroke it, and teabag him simultaneously. At one time, when she had his cock out of her mouth, she placed her hands on his hips. By wordless commands, she guided him to turn around, so his ass was in her face. She thereupon parted his ass cheeks and started licking his ass hole!

The erotic sight of my wife performing anilingus on the black stud overloaded my lusty lewd brain. The eroticism of it was compelling, such that I knew I was about to climax. Remembering and heeding her previous order, I rushed to her side and presented my throbbing cock to her. Bianca was instantly aware of my near presence. She, therefore, quit licking Charles’ anus and turned her head to take in my throbbing cock.

I was grateful that she took my rod only in her mouth, eschewing swallowing my scrotum as well, which was her usual practice when she was inclined to deep throat me. She instinctively knew that I did not need any reminding of what she could do orally with my pitiful sized penis, but she could not do with Charles’ monster cock. Her diplomacy was sorely needed for my ego since I saw that Charles had turned his head to view what was transpiring when Bianca stopped licking his ass hole. To keep Charles engaged while she was blowing me, Bianca had reached underneath to manually stroke his erect cock, which no doubt prompted his curiosity.

Now, considering the state of my mind, there was little effort required on her part to provoke my ejaculation. In fact, she only needed to bob her head twice on my rod before I was unloading in her oral cavity. I may have a small penis, but I sure can produce sperm. As Bianca has no inhibition of ingesting my cum while I’m ejaculating, normally, she has no difficulty in retaining all of the semen in her mouth. On this occasion, however, my load of cum was not only expansive, but it was delivered in its entirety, seemingly just under the speed of light. As a result, a trickle of my cum was oozing out of her mouth, while my cock was still in there.

Finally, when I was spent, I withdrew my cock, which gave her the opportunity to use her finger to catch and push the excessive cum on her face back into her mouth. No sooner had she possession of all of my ejaculate, then Charles began groaning signaling that he was about to cum. Alert to his impending sexual exigency, Bianca caused Charles to turn around again so that she could capture his cock in her mouth. Again, it only required a couple of bobs of her head on his cock to receive his cum, flooding the roof of her mouth. I had a smug satisfaction to observe that none of his ejaculate escaped from Bianca’s mouth as she could cope with this entire load. After she gulped down all of the sperm, she emitted a loud burp.

She excused herself by saying, “Pardon me! But you two sure gave me a mouthful to devour!”

Subsequently, when Bianca and I rehashed this night, I asked her what prompted her to perform anilingus on Charles and what her feelings were at that moment of the proceedings.

She replied, “I was a little unsure of myself when that evening started. I must say that I was surprised at how hot Charles was and how appealing and yummy he was. It put me in a defensive mood. I believed that he would never have noticed me under normal circumstances. Instead, he had agreed to fuck me without ever having seen me first or known anything about me. You had told me that not only was he married, but also that he played around with other women. I had imagined it would take a hot woman to tempt him to cheat on his wife, and I knew I was not that.”

Before I could protest that I sincerely believed she was selling herself short and that she has hot, Bianca silenced me by a gesture and continued, “My feelings at the time had nothing to do with our relationship and our love for each other. It had everything to do with my normal womanly feelings of wishing to be considered desirable. So when I first saw his big cock, I was really awed and more determined to make a favorable impression on him. I first tried to completely deep throat him, but I just couldn’t. I knew if I kept on trying, I would puke, and that would undoubtedly spoil the evening’s fun, so I established my tolerance level and proceeded to give the best blow job I was capable of.

Then as I was enjoying giving him head, the idea just came to me of what to do to make me special in his eyes. Based on sex conversations with my friends, I knew that not too many women enjoy rimming their love partners. As you can attest, I’m not shy in such matters. You’ve enjoyed many a good ass licking from me.”

I could only concur as I simply said, “Oh, yes! That I do know!”

Bianca continued, “Then when you came to cum in my mouth and Charles did likewise right afterward, I felt I was the sexiest woman alive. I was being pleasured both simultaneously by the man I love and by a black stud with a big cock. But then I burped and lost my euphoric feeling. It was only for a moment as I knew I wanted more!”

Resuming the events of the night, after Bianca had finished with the oral sex, she climbed onto the bed. Dangling her feet off the edge of the bed, she asked in a squeaky voice, “Frankie, could you be a dear and pull off my stockings.”

I naturally complied with her request, and once done, she was completely naked without a shred of clothing on her body. In her complete nude state, Bianca had positioned herself on her hands and knees. She then started scrambling all over the surface of the bed. She was continuously moving about and shifting her position on the bed. I equated the vision of her movements as a metaphorical image akin to a female animal in heat pacing in a confined space seeking some sexual relief.

During this time, Charles had divested himself of the remainder of his clothes to become fully naked. Then, with his cock bouncing, he jumped onto the bed to join in with Bianca’s antics. At this point, both of them were upright resting on the back of their knees and calves, while facing each other. This arrangement allowed for an exchange of a renewed passionate kissing session, while at the same time providing the opportunity of fondling each other’s private parts. Bianca’s handjob on Charles’ cock was efficient enough, that as she subsequently bent down to take his cock in her mouth to give him some more head, he was fully erect.

As Bianca was sucking on Charles’ cock, she was breathing heavily and sighing loudly. She was perspiring profusely, but I imagined it was as a result of the ever-increasing feeling of euphoria rather than from any physical exertion on her part. While he was receiving fellatio from her, he maneuvered his position to laying flat on his back. Perforce she ended up almost at right angles to his body as she would not let up in her blow job. Then he slapped her ass just once. She took that slap as an unspoken command, which she immediately complied with.

Accordingly, in adhering to the presumed telepathic order, Bianca moved over to situate herself on top with her fat vulva tissue begging contact from his tongue. Thereupon they commenced a most intense sixty-nine position of oral sex. Bianca was seriously perspiring, and her eyelids were getting puffy as a result of contact with her sweat. She looked like the quintessential image of a truly well-fucked woman, and her vagina had yet to be penetrated by a penis! Suddenly, she let go of Charles’ penis, which was oozing precum intermixed with her saliva. She gave vent to a nerve-racking scream of excruciating agony, followed by a bout of extreme hyperventilation. It did not take a rocket scientist to discern that she was experiencing a most extreme mind-blowing orgasm.

Charles, however, had not yet ejaculated, and he was not one to become a victim of blue balls. While she was still panting, he unceremoniously flipped Bianca over to bring her body to rest on her back. He scrambled in turning his own body around one hundred and eighty degrees, so he could penetrate her vagina in the missionary position.

Despite still ostensibly recovering from her intense orgasm from the oral sex, Bianca welcomed the penetration of his cock, as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his buttocks. After a couple of thrusts of his penis, she began grunting, having recovered sufficiently from her orgasm.

After some additional thrusts of Charles’ cock in her cunt, she was thrown into an extreme passion. As a result, she started chanting, “Oh fuck! Oh my god! What a cock! Yes! Yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Oh my god, that’s good! Oh, so fucking good! Keep fucking me with that big black cock! Keep fucking the shit out of me! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Again Bianca experienced a mind-blowing orgasm, and she reacted in a similar fashion by screaming out fairly loudly. Luckily for Charles, her orgasm coincided with his own climax. He released a torrent of cum into her pussy, and some oozed out to form an enticing cream pie resting on her mons veneris. The visual of them fucking was a huge turn on for me. The contrast with her pale white skin to the dark black hue of his skin made the spectacle especially exciting. I needed only to stroke my penis four times before I was cumming.

Both of them appeared to be mutually satisfied and even exhausted when they separated to lie side by side to gather their wits together in a languid afterglow. I fetched a glass of wine for each of them as well as one for myself.

In the ensuing small talk of the afterglow, Bianca demanded, “Frankie, I no longer want you to be a spectator. Just take off your clothes. Next, I’m going to fuck Charles on top, so I want you to fuck me in the ass at the same time. I have tonight two cocks to play with, and I want to play with them both!”

That, according to Bianca’s wishes, is what exactly transpired. Once Charles indicated that he had recovered sufficient stamina for another round of sex, Bianca took control. She had Charles remain on his back as she mounted him to impale herself on his monster cock. She took in all of his cocks that she was capable of, and she subsequently asserted that his cock did indeed make contact with her womb.

Once she was totally stuffed with his cock in her pussy, she looked back to make eye contact with me. With a wicked smile, she crooked her finger and beckoned me to come to sodomize her. I had retrieved some pads of butter from the fridge in the room and pushed a couple of pads into her rectum for lubrication.

She shivered as she declared, “Oh god, that’s so fucking cold it tingles! I’m so ready now! Shove that cock into my ass big boy. Do it now!”

This was the highlight of my sexual pleasure for the evening. I was at all times consciously aware that Bianca was being pleasured to ultimate ecstasy by Charles’ huge cock, which could penetrate deeper into her vaginal canal than mine. Her alimentary canal, however, could accommodate only just so much cock, and she couldn’t tolerate anything more than my cock. Thus I knew in this aspect, I was equal to Charles, the black stud, in providing physical, sexual pleasure to the woman I love.

I had formulated the notion that double penetration by two cocks in a woman’s nether holes simultaneously had to be the paramount technical, physical pleasure available for a woman to sexually enjoy. With that belief, I was comforted in believing that I was supplying equal pleasure to Bianca as Charles, and her grunting confirmed to me that she was experiencing exquisite joy. When she had called me, “big boy,” I knew she was not mocking me but was indicating to me that she desired contact with my cock. Indeed when she reached her orgasm this time, her reaction was even more pronounced than before.

My male pride and ego could not be more bolstered. After this coitus, the three of us took advantage of the luxury amenity of the hotel by relaxing in the whirlpool bathtub. All three of us comfortably fitted in the large tub, and the resulting massage of the jet sprays stimulated our hormones for further sex.

On the next occasion, Bianca elected to be fucked doggy style by Charles, while simultaneously giving me head as I was lying on my back. That was the last occasion where we indulged in a threesome. The rest of the evening and morning consisted of one of us, Charles or me, taking turns in fucking Bianca. Each occasion ran the gauntlet of differing sexual coitus and positions. Bianca was insatiable! She continued participating in nonstop sexual acts thereafter. It did not matter whether it was my cock or Charles; it all was grist for her mill. She just needed a cock to continuously whet her sexual appetite.

With Charles and me alternating in fucking her and resting in between, we were able to sexually satisfy Bianca throughout the night and the morning. Finally, at 7:30 AM, Bianca waved the white flag. She was totally full to the gills in sexual satisfaction and could not take any more loving.

We had another communal bath, but sexual stimulation was not in play. The three of us had a sumptuous breakfast before departing our separate ways. This then was my most unselfish love gift, which I could bestow to my loving wife. I was delighted by the absolute certainty that she was pleasured beyond her most ecstatic fantasy.

Since the fucking that evening occurred at my behest, I felt no pangs of jealousy. Bianca very visibly and unequivocally enjoyed being fucked by my well hung black co-worker stud. Instead of jealousy, however, I did harbor the fear that Bianca would find sex with me no longer exciting or even desirable. She might even leave me! On the occasion when we first reminisced about the evening, Bianca confirmed her enjoyment and fully described the thrilling feelings of ecstasy she experienced in fucking Charles.

This prompted me to ask apprehensively, “You know Bianca that there is now a common saying; Once you go black, you never go back.”

She immediately responded, “Oh, no! I certainly can go back. I am back! But I don’t mind going black every now and then, under your supervision, of course.”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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