Poor Peter (Gay SPH)

By Jwood23.


Peter stood, breathing heavily in his room. Why the hell had he gotten so drunk last night with his roommates? They started playing poker, and as he always did when drunk got a little too big for his boots, quickly building a pretty hefty debt. This was easily the biggest debt he’d gotten into with his roommates. Between the 3 of them, he owed them over $1000. Being an 18-year-old student, he didn’t have that kind of money, so he begged them to work out something else.

In the grand scheme of things this, they were definitely letting him off lightly. After a long night of begging, they agreed to wave the debt, on the condition he does a forfeit. He thought this was a ‘no brainier.’ They were all friends so surely they wouldn’t do anything too bad, at least not $1000 bad.

When he woke this morning with a brutal hangover, his roommates came in to explain his forfeit. They stood like three ghostly figures casting very three very distinct silhouettes. The large hulking Markus stood at the back. A footballer, he was built like a brick house with dark buzz-cut hair. Everything about him just looked huge. Arnold stood front and center leading the pack. He was a classic athletic jock alpha male douchebag. His golden hair helped his blue eyes pop that little bit harder. Then there was Jamie, standing behind Arnold like a little goblin. Not athletic but not ugly. He was very cute in a geeky kind of way.

Peter always wondered if Jamie and Markus had minds of they’re own, or if they just depended on Arnold to do all the thinking. They’d decided they wanted to embarrass him to teach him a lesson.

Arnold told him, “Look, Pete, we get it. You got carried away, but the problem is your a cocky shit.”

Markus chimed in. “So your forfeit is this. It’s your turn to cook today, and you have to do it wearing this.

He tossed Peter a flimsy superman printed apron. Peter caught looking at it, confused. Was this really it? Was this all the hap planned?

Then little Jamie added, “Only this!”

Peter looked up in shock to see their maniacally evil grins.

“Oh, shit, you don’t mean…” Peter looked horrified.

“Yup!” Arnold said, “This is all you get to wear today. Until sundown, you gotta wear this and only this. By the way, it’s almost breakfast time so you’d better get a move on. We’ve decided we want pancakes today.”

With that, the three frat boys turned and left.

Peter couldn’t believe this. How was he going to stay covered all day with just this? He’d been so careful ever since he moved in to keep his modesty. He never walked around in a towel, always taking his clothes with him when he showered. Whenever he jerked off, he sat in the corner behind the door to maximize his time to cover if anyone walked in. He had exhausted every way of not letting anyone see him naked since he was a little kid, and now he’d have to walk around on display for a full day.

After shedding his clothes, so he stood naked, he put on the apron, pulling it over his fiery red hair. It stopped about halfway up his thighs, so his front stayed covered. His bubbly ass, however, was on full display to all. He tried to cover it by tying the apron tight the spread more of the fabric over his ass. Eventually, he opted out of this, however, because it stretched it too tight over his crotch, leaving nothing to the imagination. He couldn’t risk anyone seeing him from the front so, swallowing hard, he opened the door and walked out with his defined cyclists’ ass for all to see.

He entered the kitchen to Woolf whistles and catcalls from his roommates, making him blush.

“Woo, here comes the day’s entertainment!” Markus called.

Jamie goaded, “Come on, give us a twirl.” Grinning like a little elf.

Trying to save face, Peter gives a quick little spin, but he went too fast, and his apron flew up, not high enough to see anything but enough to elicit a round of laughter. Peter blushed hard, clasping his hands over his crotch to keep the apron down.

“Well, come on, it’s breakfast time, and we’re hungry. Spit spot, Mary!” Arnold clapped his hands commandingly.

Peter quickly set about making breakfast to the sound of giggle and cheap jibes from behind him. He felt a sharp pain in his ass, spinning round to see Jamie holing a spatula. “OUCH! Hey, that hurt.” Peter whined.

“Haha, oh man up, there’s barely a mark, dude,” Arnold replied.

After about thirty minutes cooking with his ass on display, which was now red after repeated smacks form the guys, he plated up breakfast. They sat eating together with guys giggling, checking they’re phones.

Finally, Peter asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing, just this thing in the group chat,” Markus said through his chuckling.

Peter finished his last pancake and got up to grab his phone from his room. He opened up the group chat to see a series of photos sent by Jamie. Peter jaw dropped as he saw pic after pic of under the table shots looking up his apron showing the lower half of his tight little balls.

“WHAT THE HELL!” He screamed.

He heard the roar of his roommates’ laughter as he stormed through.

“This wasn’t part of the deal you jerks!” He ranted.

“Haha, oh relax, you can hardly see anything.” Arnold held up his phone, waving it in Peters’s face.

“Maybe there’s not much to see,” Jamie sneered.

“Shut up bitch, I got plenty!” Peter snapped back.

“Sure you do bud, why don’t you start on the dishes,” Markus said still shewing his pancakes.

“Fine. Just delete those. I’m mean it!” Peter warned to no reaction.

As he stood washing the dishes, he heard a knock at the door. ‘Shit,’ he thought. ‘Who the hell could that be?’ He went running back to his room, but he was too slow. Markus had already opened the front door, there was no way he’d get back to his room unexposed. He u-turned back to the kitchen, shutting the door, pressing his ear up, trying to hear who it was.

He just heard mumbles followed by footsteps walking towards him. He jumped back, looking for somewhere to hide, but it was too late. The door opened and in walked a handsome man in his early thirties with a clipboard. As their eyes met, the man’s face looked shocked, saying, “Oh wow, haha, pretty informal here, aren’t you boys?”

Peter stood frozen, trying his best, not turn and expose his ass.

“Not got many girls here I take it?” The man quipped.

Arnold retorted, “He sure doesn’t, haha.”

The man laughed, turning back to his clipboard, stating, “Well, they’d get a shock seeing you fellas wandering around in your undies.”

‘Thank god,’ Peter thought. The guy didn’t know he was naked. If he played it right, he could get away unseen, but who the hell was this guy?

“So, uh…what’s going on here anyway?” Peter asked innocently.

“Oh, I’m just doing inspections on the cleanliness of the dorms. We’ve had a lot of issues in this building, so we need to make sure you’re not turning the place into a toxic wasteland.”

The examiner continued snooping around.

“Oh, OK…I didn’t know anything about this.” Peter scowled at Arnold, who just smiled wickedly.

“Yea, we need to keep in impromptu, so we see you in your ‘natural habitat,’ so to speak.” The examiner wandered around the room, checking the countertops.

Peter took this as his chance to leave. Without turning, he backed away toward the door till he bumped into something. The hulking Markus was standing in the doorway, blocking his exit. He put his hand on Peter’s shoulder, holding him still. “So sir, how thorough do you need to be with this?” Markus grunted.

The examiner didn’t look over. “Pretty thorough, but I wouldn’t worry, this is by far the cleanest Flat I’ve seen so far. You boys should be proud.”

“But you still need to check everything, right? Like safety equipment?” Arnold asked mischievously.

“Yes, I suppose so.” He turned to face the boys.

“Like fire blankets, extinguishers and…oh I dunno…aprons?” Arnold said, looking to catch the terrified look on Peter’s face.

“OH! That’s a good point,” the examiner said, looking at Peter, “Come here, and I’ll check the label real quick.” He started walking over to a panicking Peter.

“Wait! You don’t need to check it, it’s totally fine.” Peter tried to shuffle back only to be held in place by Markus.

“I’m sure it is, but I need to make sure it complies with safety standards,” He said, reaching down to grab the bottom of the apron.

Peter held tight to the only cover he had. Pulling hard against the confused examiner, he begged, “No, please, I uh….”

He saw Jamie and Arnold grinning ear to ear in anticipation. Getting frustrated, the examiner barked, “Come on, kid, what’s up with you?”

“Yea, Petey,” Markus sneered, grabbing Peter’s wrist from behind, “Don’t be so shy!”

Quickly he whipped Peter’s arms up, which were still holding on to the apron. The examiner gasped at the brief sight of Peter’s exposed groin. Realizing he was the only thing holding the apron up, Peter quickly dropped it back down.

‘Oh god, he saw it,’ he thought. Looking over, he saw Jamie and Arnold laughing silently but hard. ‘Oh god, THEY saw it!’

“Haha, oh boy, wasn’t expecting that, kid,” the examiner chuckled.

“Sorry, sir, Petey here’s paying up for a little gentlemen’s wager,” Markus said, grinning.

“AAAHHHH, OK, I get it. Bit of the old frat house rituals, I miss those. Well, I still need to check that label so sorry kiddo,” he said, reaching out and lifting the apron again, fully exposing Peter’s penis.

Arnold and Jamie exploded laughing. Even the examiner started chuckling a little.

“What? What is it?” Markus asked, leaning over to look down Peter’s front. “Holy shit!”

His secret was out. For all his 18 years of growth, Peter had nothing to be proud of down below. His shriveled little nub was less than an inch long and swallowed by his mound of pubic hair. Still soft it didn’t hang, it just poked out into the air over his equally miniature balls.

“Haha, oh man, you could pick a lock with that thing!” Jamie teased.

“Ahaha, yea looks like a foreskin with no shaft!” Arnold laughed.

Peter looked at the examiner for some sympathy but got nothing. “Oh, that’s rough, kid. You boys should be grateful your not packing an extra baby toe like your buddy here.” He joked, looking around at the guys.

“Fuck, man, no wonder you never bring anyone home,” Markus quipped, still holding Peter’s arms in place.

Peter couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He’d worked so hard to keep his micropenis a secret. Now here he was exposed to all his roommates and a total stranger who were all laughing and openly teasing him.

“Please let me go, guys, you had your fun,” Peter pleaded.

Arnold nodded to Markus, who released Peter’s arms. He tried to head for the door until the examiner called out, “Hold up, kiddo, not so fast.”

Markus blocked Peter’s path again.

“That apron isn’t regulation. You’ll need to replace it as soon as you can, or you’ll be in breach of campus rules.”

Arnold walked over to Peter, saying, “Oh sir, I’m so sorry. Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of it right away.” With an evil grin, he grabbed the apron yanking it over Peter’s head. With some help from Markus, Peter was soon totally nude in front of the entire room.

“Hey, give it back!” Peter yelled.

Arnold tossed the apron over to Jamie, who threw it in the trash. Totally exposed, Peter clasped his hands over his little cock.

“Haha, why you hiding, we all saw it already.” Arnold mocked.

“I didn’t. Couldn’t see it from here, I’d need a telescope!” Jamie said from across the room, holding his hands up, pretending to look through a telescope. This got a big laugh from the guys.

“Don’t worry, kid, there plenty you can do to a woman without a dick.” The examiner laughed.

Peter flushed a whole new shade of red with this latest insult. This grown man had just implied his cock was so small he didn’t even have one. Realizing what he’d said, the examiner stammered, “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it like that……although it’s not far off, is it?”

“Haha, a good one, sir. Besides, he doesn’t need to worry about pleasing girls. Petey’s a little gay boy, emphasis on little.” Arnold said, waving his pinky in the air.

“Shut up all of you, I’m a grower, so it gets bigger!” He cried.

“Hehe, oh, really?” Arnold said, reaching down and flicking his balls hard.

Peter flinched hard at this letting out a whinny, “OUCH!”

As his little dick jiggled, it quickly started to harden. “Oh shit!” He said aloud, catching everyone’s attention.

“Haha shit, he’s popping a stiffie. Jamie, you wanna help him?” Arnold called over.

Taking the hint, Jamie bounced over and stood right in front of Peter. Grabbing the front of his pants, he pulled them forward and down, exposing his cock. Peter couldn’t help but look down at the python in Jamie’s pants.

Jamie was bi and not at all shy. He’d made moves a Peter before but always got shot down. He’d always thought Peter was a jerk, but now he realized he was just hiding his disappointing pin dick. Waving his cock around, he smiled at Peter teasingly.

Quickly Peter’s little pee-pee pulsed to full mast. He looked and saw his minuscule little 3-inch boner in all its shame.

“Haha fuck it’s like a tiny sausage. Or a big grape!” Markus teased.

“Heh, heh, well gays need bottoms, I guess,” The examiner said, writing something down in his pad again.

“Haha, can you at least last long? Or are you a little quick draw?” Jamie said, giving one single stroke down and up the short length of Peter’s cock.

Instantly Peter began to convulse. “AH… Oh no…OH NO…UNHhhhh, NOOOO!”

A single little stream of crystal clear cum shot out the end of Peter’s twitching cock. He looked down, horrified at this latest humiliation.

“Guess that answers your question, bud, haha.” The examiner gestured to the little puddle of cum on the floor.

“Fuck dude, you’ve never made it to end of porno in your life, have you?” Markus asked.

Peter just hung his head in his shame. All his roommates knew he was just a fast cumming baby dick. He’d never live this down. All he could do was hope they wouldn’t tell anyone.

“How small do you think it actually is?” Jamie asked.

“Find out if you want, bud.” The examiner unclipped a small tape measure from his waist.

Peter watched in horror as Jamie grabbed it, pulled out a small length of it, and placed it on his shaft.

He closed his eyes as Jamie readout, “Wow holy shit, 2.9 inches!”

“Haha, so officially it’s classed as a micropenis,” Arnold said condescendingly.

“Shut up, it is not!” Peter yelled.

“Petey, I’m the biology student here, remember? I know a microdick when I see one, and that is one itsy little pee-pee.” He tickled under the short shaft, making Peter shiver.

“Well, as fun as this has been, I have everything I need here, and I have to say this has been the cleanest and definitely most entertaining dorm I’ve seen so far. In fact….” The examiner stopped and looked at the boys.

“Would you boys mind me grabbing some photos for the campus website? I need some to reflect the expected standards for other students to see,” He asked.

All but Peter leaped at the suggestion. “Sure, man, click away,” Arnold instructed.

The examiner took out his phone and started snapping pics of the kitchen then walked out to grab some of the other rooms.

Nervously Peter begged, “Please guys let me go get dressed, what if this guys some perv who’s gonna try and take a picture of me like this?”

“Then it still wouldn’t be the funniest thing to happen today,” Markus teased.

“Ok, boys, I’m gonna head now. Thanks for your cooperation, especially you little guy,” he spoke straight to Peter’s groin.

“Hey, hold up, man, want like a group photo of us for the site?” Arnold suggested with an evil grin.

Peter’s heart stopped as he awaited his fate.

“Hey, that’s a good idea, plus some good looking guys like you should actually make the students check out the page.” He pulled his phone back out.

“Wait, no, I’m not OK with this!” Peter cried.

“Pipe down, Petey, don’t worry, we’ll cover you up,” Arnold said, grabbing an espresso cup from the cupboard.

The guys lined up with Peter being held in the middle by Jamie and Markus on either side. Arnold squatted down, holding the espresso cup up over Peter’s shrunken winkle. He looked down and saw his cock and balls were actually inside the cup. He took a little comfort in that he was completely hidden now, but was ashamed that his entire package could fit inside an espresso cup.

“Ok, boys, say cheese!” The examiner called.

Everyone complied, smiling wide, except for Peter, who was just trying to force a smile and failing miserably.

He took a couple photos, stopping once to wink a Peter. Caught off guard by this, Peter didn’t notice Arnold moving. Once he was satisfied, the examiner left, thanking the guys again for a good time. Thinking he was finally free, Peter made for his room.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going, little Petey?” Arnold called, “you still got till sundown before you can get dressed.”

True to his word Peter spent the rest of the day on display for his roommates, being the butt of countless tiny dick jokes. He had his little dickie fondled so much he blew his load 4 more times and made to clean it every time.


Finally, sundown came, and Peter raced to go get dressed. An hour of hiding in his room later, Arnold came in.

“Hey, buddy, thought you might wanna see this.” He sneered, tapping his phone.

Peter’s phone pinged. He picked it up and opened the group chat where there was a link to the campus site. He clicked on it, and right there in the header was a photo him fully nude surrounded by his roommates with Arnold cover his cock with the espresso cup.

“Oh shit, I can’t believe he posted that!” Peter was filled with shame.

“Well, don’t look now, but it gets worse. Look at the bottom of the pic,” Arnold said, trying to contain his laughter.

Peter fearfully looked at the picture spotting what looked like another web link, but there were no numbers or letters, just weird symbols. He clicked on it and was taken to another page. It was a blank sight with just one image. A horrible image.

It was the same pose as before, but Arnold had dropped the cup leaving his tiny willy exposed to the camera. What made things worse was that Markus, Jamie, and Arnold were all making tiny dick signs with there hands and pointing down. Peter quietly prayed no one would see, but quickly his hope was crushed.

“Hey, check out the view count, already over a thousand!” Arnold laughed, looking at his own phone.

Peter saw in the corner of the photo there was a little number that was steadily rising. It was true. Over a thousand people had already seen his tiny penis and more we’re seeing it with every passing moment.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Peter yelled.

“Haha, rough luck, little buddy, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Jamie would still fuck you. Just try and last longer than 5 seconds.” Arnold taunted as he walked out.

Peter sat staring at her the phone filled with shame, snapped out of his daze only by the roars of laughter coming from the living room.



Peter scanned through the sight, looking for a way to take it down. He called campus admin, but they said they needed and accurate web address. No matter how many times Peter tried to send the odd link made of symbols, it just wouldn’t send. The administrators said they couldn’t see what he meant on the page or any photo with nudity of any kind.

How could they not see it? It was right there clear as day. Tormented by this, he stared at the odd little symbols feeling they looked familiar. They looked like some kind of rune or something weird like that. It was then that he remembered his weird Aunt.

She was a bit of an outcast from the family, but he figured he could try and ask if she knew anything about this stuff.

He called his mom, “Hey mom to you still have uncle Harvey’s wife’s phone number? It’s for a school thing.”

“Oh sure, I should have it here somewhere let me see,” she said, skimming through her address book, “Mary, Martin…..ah here she is ‘Morgan Hardwood’ I’ll text it to you, OK Hun?”

“Yea, thanks Mom,” he replied.

“No problem, just watch what you say with her. She’s a bit of an odd one. Avoid bringing up your uncle,” She warned.

“Will do Mom,” he reassured her.

He hung up and called the number she texted him.

A male voice answered the phone, “Hello?”

Startled, Peter answered his cousin, “Oh, hey, Barley, it’s me, Peter. I was wondering, is your Mom home?”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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