Fun Size

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By runtz4 (edited)

Angie and I were invited to game night with several of our couple friends, and wound up playing a version of the Newly Wed Game. Janet, the hostess, read one of the questions asked to the women, “Pick out a candy bar from the bag that most represents your husband.”

Then they passed around a bag of candy, each woman picking one that somehow represented their husband’s personality. Stacy chooses Almond Joy, saying that her husband is always happy and joyful. Lee held up a Payday, saying, “J.T. is nuts, he’s always doing crazy things.”

“I picked Twix, because we’re so much alike and we’ll always be together,” Amanda said.

Angie sat quietly. “Angie… It’s your turn,” Janet said.

“Okay… Um… I choose the fun sized Snickers,” she finally said.

“Because Dave is funny, right? He makes you snicker a lot,” Amanda said, trying to be helpful.

“No, because it’s the right size,” Angie said, and blushed.

The group went quiet, my face turned bright red, and felt as if it were on fire – I was so embarrassed. But honestly, this wasn’t entirely unexpected. It’s been several months now that Angie learned of my ‘little’ fetish for small penis teasing. She didn’t understand it at first, and who could blame her, it’s so counter intuitive to a healthy sexual relationship. But, she found my stash of small penis humiliation stories, pictures and even videos, so when she confronted me about it I had to come clean.

For the past several months we’ve been going through this journey together, learning more about SPH (small penis humiliation) and being more comfortable telling Angie what really excites me. Helping her figure out how to deal with this. One of the things that I confided in her that really excited me was being “accidentally outed” in front of friends.

We had played around with this for a little while, and she even outed me in front of the girl at the sex toy shop we’ve been frequenting. Each time we took another step down this road, the more she learned to enjoy it too. She realized the power that comes from being in a small penis relationship, and enjoyed her new role as the sexual dominant.

Janet suddenly burst out laughing, saying, “Well, this game just took an unexpected turn.”

The rest of the group joined her, and laughed too. But pretty soon everyone went back to playing the game, and it was brushed over.


Later on, after everybody had left except Angie and me, we were talking with Janet and James. When a lull in the conversation left just enough space for thinking, Janet cleared her throat announcing she was about to say something. “Um… You were just kidding about the candy bar thing, right?”

She had directed her question toward Angie, but I answered. “Yeah…” I chuckled, “She was just being funny.”

However, Angie quietly shook her head with a frown. “Well… Which is it?” James asked.

“Come on, what do you think? Of course I’m bigger than a fun-sized candy bar,” I said defensively. “Tell ‘em, Angie.”

Angie thought for a moment, but just looked at me and said, “I love you.”

“Show us,” Janet said, her face lighting up wickedly.

“What?” James and I said in unison.

“No, seriously, it’s the only way you can prove or disprove it,” Janet teased.

“No way, I’m not showing you my dick,” I said, and stood to leave. “Come on, Angie, I think it’s time to go.”

“So it’s true then,” Janet said, trying to antagonise me.

“You know what, I’m sorry, I was just messing with yawl,” Angie said unconvincingly.

“I’m not buying it,” James declared, looking at me and Angie suspiciously.

“Look, I’ll make you a bet, if you’re bigger than this candy bar,” Janet said, holding up a fun sized Snickers, “I’ll give you a blow job, and we’ll be sure to convince all our friends Angie was just messing with us.”

Angie asked, “And if he’s not?”

“If he’s not… Angie gives James a blow job and we never say anything about this to anyone,” Janet smiled. James sat up a little and looked Angie up and down, and then over to his wife. Janet rolled her eyes and said to James, “What? It’s not like I don’t know you think she’s sexy?”

“Okay,” Angie agreed very quickly. “Do it,” she snapped at me.

“Fine,” I reluctantly agreed.

The problem is I know I’m small, but thought I was bigger than that candy bar. Still standing in front of everyone, I slowly unfastened my belt and unbuttoned my pants, then paused before pulling the zipper down. “Go on and do it, honey, show everyone how big you are,” Angie taunted, reached over and pulled my pants down, along with my underwear.

There I was now on full display, in front of Angie and our two friends. I’m shaved, and have been for a long time now, and sometimes I forget how it helps to accentuate how small I really am. Flaccid my dick doesn’t hang down, but sticks out straight like a big outie belly button, and looks like the first knuckle of a thumb wearing a fleshy turtle neck. “Oh gawd,” Janet said, stifling her laugh upon seeing my little guy.

“I know. It’s small right?” Angie asked rhetorically. “And do you want to know what’s really funny? He likes to be teased about it. It’s a full-blown fetish called small penis humiliation. Weird eh?”

“Oh my, are you serious?” Janet chirped. “That’s too funny.” Janet turned to me, her eyes full of mischief, saying, “You like being teased about your little dick?”

I just nodded yes, unable to really say anything. But Angie was getting into the moment, and said, “Oh, but you’re little pee-pee is soooo cute. Don’t you find it adorable? Like a puppy?”

“Hey… Give me a second to at least get hard.” I bleated, knowing it sounded foolish.

“I think you’ve lost more than the bet, dude,” James said, and smiled a little disgusted and a little turned on at the thought of Angie sucking his dick.

I was rubbing my dick, pinching it and pulling it out of hiding, trying all I could to make it bigger. “Look, it’s getting bigger,” Janet said in a mocking tone. “Like the size of a hamster.”

I looked at Angie, pleading, “A little help?”

Little…” She laughed. “Your little guy looks scared, like its hiding.” The look on my face must’ve been painful as she finally shook her head, and said in a huff, “Fine then.”

I stepped toward her and she sucked me into her warm mouth, sucking hard and helping me get bigger. “Dear god,” Janet scoffed, “It looks like you’re sucking a clit.”

I continued to get bigger and harder the more she sucked, and tongued my little guy. “There…” Angie sighed, pulling away from me leaving a trail of saliva between my dick and her lower lip. “That’s about as big as he gets.”

I looked down and had to regretfully agree, it was as big as it gets. “Come here,” Janet said, calling me to her. She held the Snickers against my dick, saying, “Hmm…” I looked own, my dick was almost exactly the same size when you include the ends of the package. “Hold up,” Janet said, and took the candy bar out of the package, and laid it on top of my hard dick. I was maybe 1/2 of an inch longer than the fun-sized Snickers. James guffawed at the sight of it, Angie stared with a knowing smirk.

“Well… I guess you’ve won,” Janet said slowly. “Though, I wouldn’t go around bragging about it. No girl is going to be impressed with dick that’s just barely bigger than fun-sized.”

Janet knelt down and sucked me and the Snicker into her mouth. She pulled back and chewed up the candy bar seductively before sucking me back in. James and Angie just sat there watching as she sucked my dick. It doesn’t take much to blow me, it’s usually more of a tonguing when Angie does it. “Go on, suck the head off that Crawfish,” Angie encouraged.

Janet pulled back, grinned at Angie, and said, “Oh-my-God, that’s almost exactly what it’s like.”

They all laughed, except me. She took me back in and suckled my little guy. It felt great, and honestly Janet is attractive, at about 5 feet 8. She’s a bit taller than me, and her auburn hair matched her pale complexion as well. She has a pretty face and I’ve always found her thick body sexy. Janet would never be considered trim, I guess she’s about a size fourteen, but she carries herself well. I grabbed the back of her head and moved my hips humping her mouth.

“WAIT…” she yelled, pulling back. “I want to see something.” She took the empty candy wrapper and slid it over my hard dick. “Jesus, it fits perfectly.”

And as she slowly pulled it off, my ass clenched and my stomach flexed, and just as the wrapper left me exposed I shot my load. I reached down and pumped it, jerking more cum out. “Oh, oh, oh,” Janet said in response to my premature orgasm, and laughed with pity. “That’s so sad,” she said sticking her bottom lip out and looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes.

“Hey…” Angie smirked, “If the wrapper fits his dick, then he lost the bet.”

Catching my breath, I asked Angie, “What?”

“If the wrapper fits, then you have to be at least the same size as the Snickers. So, you aren’t bigger than it, and therefore you lost the bet,” Angie said, cocking her head and pursing her lips.

“I think she’s right,” Janet said, nodding.

Without hesitation, Angie quickly placed herself between James’s legs as he just as hastily pulled his pants off. Revealing the thick dark hair, before the neck of his dick began to show. Angie pulled them down farther, exposing his dick a little at a time till it sprang up hitting her in the cheek.

James seemed a little embarrassed by these games, but he was turned on judging by his boner. “I never thought of myself as big,” he said with a chuckle. “But compared to Dave, I feel like a stud.”

He wasn’t huge according to statistical averages, he wasn’t like the cocks you see in porn (but then again no one ever is), but he was much bigger than me. Probably a good seven-inch long, and five-and-half-inches girth wise. His head was dark and bulbous and his shaft hooked a little to the left. “Yum,” Angie teased, and took his head in her mouth. James sighed with pleasure and tensed up as she sucked his sensitive helmet. “It’s so much thicker than yours,” Angie said to me, and smiled at me teething on James’s cock.

“You have a lot more to work with now, Angie, feel free to enjoy it,” Janet encouraged.

Angie sat back looking at his length and feeling his girth in her hands, she tenderly played with his head and traced his entire cock with her fingers. “Do you wish you had a bigger dick like this?” Angie asked me, smirking. “Or… Do you like being teased about having a little pinkie dick?” I didn’t answer her, everyone in the room was looking at me. Finally, Angie answered for me, saying, “I think you’d rather have your tiny widdle penis and be made fun of, rather than having a big, hard, pleasurable, normal cock like James.”

She jerked James’s cock in her hand. Angie looked up to see James staring at her breasts as they bounced with every jerk of his cock. “Do you like my breasts, James?” Angie said, playfully sticking them out.

“Yesss,” he breathlessly stammered.

“Do you want to… See them?”

“Yes, please… So bad…”

“Ask me… Politely.”

So James timidly asked my wife, “Can I please, see your boobs?”

“Hmm,” she tweaked her lips in an exaggerated thinking face. “I guess, if you let me have some fun too?”

Eagerly, he said, “Sure, what do you want?”

Angie stood and pulled down her pants. She wore Wonder Woman boy shorts, which hugged her frame seductively, and she motioned me to come to her. She placed my hands on her hips and I slipped her panties down and helped her step out of her clothes. She directed me to lay down on my back in front of James. I looked to see James pulling off Angie’s top. Her breasts spilling over the top, she’s a 32 DD, but some of her bras seem just a little snug. She lowered the straps off her shoulders and pulled the cups down off her tits exposing her bubble gum nipples.

“Let’s see what you can do with that mouth,” Angie said, and sat on my face and fed her cunt to me.

I gently kissed her, and flicked her moist clit with my tongue. I evened my eyes to see Angie sucking James’s cock, her tits swaying as she bobbed her head. It was such an amazing position, to see the underside of James’ dick and his balls while Angie sucked him and jerked him off.

Suddenly, I felt Janet on my hard dick, she pumped it in her fist a few times before letting go. I sensed her standing over me, and then felt the pressure of her weight as she lowered herself on my dick. I let out a cry of surprise as her warmth enveloped me. I continued to watch Angie sucking James and her tits bouncing, and then saw her reaction of shock as Janet reached around and took Angie’s breasts in her hands.

Janet kept playing with her tits with her left hand and began flicking her twat with the right hand, rocking back and forth on my little dick. James was so focused on Angie and his own pleasure I wasn’t certain if he realized she was fucking me, till she spoke up. “I can barely feel him inside of me,” Janet complained. “It feels OK, but it’s just too small.”

James grabbed Angie’s hand, slowing her down, “Not yet,” he said, and sighed.

She pulled away from his throbbing cock, gripping the base and helping him stay off orgasm. She made eye contact with me, and smiled. She began fucking my face, riding my tongue and mouth. She was getting close, she shut her eyes and sucked James’ cock again, pumping him fast and toying his balls. James lifted off the couch meeting Angie’s mouth and grabbed her head, shoving deep inside her, he shouted as he came. I could see his balls contract and his shaft expand dumping his load in her mouth. She pulled him out and held his dick to her face, she moaned and panted in pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” Angie suddenly cried out.

Her body quivering and her juices covering my face, I tasted her love on my tongue and felt her explosion in my mouth. Angie sat beside me and watched Janet grinding on my dick, and flicking her clit. I honestly couldn’t feel much on my dick, she was grinding hard against groin and rubbed her button. “Shit…” she yelled, and started bouncing on my little pecker. She opened her mouth wide, but no sound came out as she clawed my chest.

Janet lifted herself off my dick, leaving it hard and wet. She sat beside me on the other side. Angie, on my right, Janet to my left, and James directly behind me. I grabbed my dick and jerked off. “That’s right little one, jerk your pee-pee for Mommy,” Angie said, with a fixed gaze upon her face.

I sat up with my back against the couch and beat my dick. “Oh, can you even feel it?” Janet teased, maybe you need a tighter grip. Janet spat on her hand and reached over taking my dick from me. “It just disappears in my hand,” she said, and laughed. She held still but held me tight. “Fuck my hand,” she ordered.

I thrust up fucking her clenched fist over and over again. You could hardly see my head poke out as I fucked her hand. Then she released her grip and took my loose skin between her thumb and forefinger and jerked me slowly. My legs twitched as my orgasm built, but she just kept me on edge slowly working my dick. “Please,” I begged for relief, precum dripping from my slit.

She picked up the pace a little and Angie leaned over and tickled my balls. She then licked her fingers and slid them down below my taint and shoved them in my ass. “Fuck…” I moaned.

I came so hard my vision blurred, my stomach ached and my legs squirmed. I grabbed Angie’s wrist and Janet’s hand as I fucked them both. Angie and Janet continued to tease me whenever we got together, and loved dropping “little” comments around the rest of our friends. They even got me t-shirt with a Snickers bar that read: I’m not small – I’m Fun Size.

The End.


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