Extreme Humiliation (Gay Themes)

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by anon

I will start by saying that this is a true story. Last night, I went to the house of a Dom that I used to see semi-regularly. Jake is a straight contractor, with a great body. He has that perfect masculine build that only a lifetime of manual labor can achieve. His biggest asset is a big thick 9″ cock. It really is the most beautiful cock that I have ever seen. He owns me because of this perfect cock. Well that, and the fact that he is the only Dom to ever give me what I really need.

It had been almost a year, when I got an text from him. He identifies as ‘straight’ and says that he only uses men for the things that bitches will not do. Sometimes he gets serious with a girl and I don’t hear from him for awhile. His text said, “Hey Fag, come get on this big dick…I may even whore you out…if your lucky”. My little dick instantly got rock hard when I read this. Despite having plans for dinner, I replied that I would be over as soon as he wanted. He gave me 30 minutes or promised that he would not let me in. I knew from experience that he meant it. I cancelled my plans and headed over.

My heart always pounds on the way over to meet him. He is very aggressive, unpredictable and abusive. I never know exactly what to expect. When I arrive, he opens the door without being visible. I enter and before I even see him, he pushes me with all over his strength. I stumble to the floor and slide into the wall. He is standing over me and kicks me in the stomach. “You should have crawled into my house, you fucking idiot”. He spit on my face and said to undress. Knowing to not stand without permission, I removed my clothing while laying on the floor.

He laughed and said, “You fucking pathetic whore! Why would you come over here to let someone fuck you over? Oh I know, that pathetic dick of yours. Even the fags won’t play with you.” He was right, my penis is very small. It is only 3.75 thin inches when fully hard. When flaccid, it is anywhere from the size of an acorn to almost fully retracted. With less than 4 inches, I can’t really satisfy a lover by penetrating them. So it really feels good to give pleasure with my only assets, a talented mouth and tight, pink hole.

“Follow me to the living room, on your knees boy”. I crawled behind him as he walked to the sofa. He had porn playing on his big screen television. He opened his legs and barked for me to get to work. I lowered my mouth onto his big cock. God, it was just a powerful as I remembered. I slowly worked it in and out of my mouth, taking it deeper and deeper into my throat.

“Mmmmm, now I remember why I invited you over here, whore. Your mouth is like velvet over my dick”. I was in sub heaven. He jerked his dick from my lips and slapped my cheek with it. He pounded my face, over and over again, with his big stick. His cell rang and he answered. I knew to stand at attention for him while he was taking his call. If not performing, I was to stand facing away from him with my hands behind my head.

“Yeah dude, he’s here. You will not believe what a whore this little cocksucker is. Yeah, you can use him how ever you want. He’s a worthless piece of trash and will let you do whatever you want”. He laughed out loud. “I am serious, dude, get over here”. I always get really nervous when he invites other people over. What if I know them? What if I work with them? He finished the call and said, “Boy, do I have a treat for you…You are going to love this guy. Now get back to your job, fag”. I took my place on my knees in front of his couch and started licking his balls.

“That’s right faggot, lick my balls like a fucking dog”. He cackled out. “Nice long strokes, just like the fucking dog that you are. How can you live with yourself, fag? Licking a strange man’s balls like a fucking dog. You make me sick.” He lifted his leg and kicked my shoulder knocking me to the ground. Lay there until my buddy gets here. He stood up and spit on my face as he left the room.

I heard the doorbell and my heart sank. My chest was pounding because of the mystery of the person that was coming over. “Get up and stand at attention”, he said as I heard him answer the door. I was facing away from the entrance to the living room. I hear them walking towards me and my heart was racing. “Go ahead and check out the meat”. He reiterated that the guest could do whatever he wanted to me. I felt foreign hands moving along my back and ass. He said that he loved my round ass. He parted my cheeks and roughly shoved a dry finger into my ass.

I almost fell from the pain. As he moved around, I saw him for the first time. Whew! I didn’t know him. He was a handsome black man. He looked to be around 30 years old with a great body, wide shoulders and athletic build. He leaned in a pressed his warm full lips against my cheek. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. In one swift motion, his lips left my cheek and he slapped my face with his hand. My eyes widened from the surprise. “You didn’t think I came over here to make love to you, did you, bitch?” They both laughed at this. He circled me, looking up and down. He knelt down in front of me to get a better look at my crotch.

“Now what do we have here? That is the ugliest shit I have ever seen. How can you expose that shrivelled-up dick? Bitch, you must not have any pride.” I looked down to see that indeed, my little dick had shrivelled up because of my nervousness. I was flush with embarrassment. Jake added, “Yeah man, that’s why he here. Even the fags won’t play with him”. They both laughed as they walked over to the sofa. Jake said for me to come over and show the guest what he taught me. I knew what he was referring to. He always made me do this.

For some reason, out of everything that he does to me, he considers this to be the most humiliating. I crawled over to the couch and stood up in front of them. I turned around and bent over. I pulled my ass cheeks apart and ‘flexed’ my pink hole. He made me relax and tighten my hole over and over again. “Dude, I told you he would do anything I tell him to do! I trained him to do this, so he can tighten up around my cock when I fuck him. He will milk your fucking dick with that hole, dude”.

The guest took his pants off and started jacking his cock. It was a big, beautiful cock, a little longer than Jake’s but not as thick. Jake told me to turn around and sit on the coffee table that had been moved to the centre of the room. “Why don’t you get that pathetic little worm hard for us”. Even though my dick was not hard yet, it had been oozing pre-cum since I walked in.

He loved to do this. He wanted to make me cum before we really got started. It really got him off to know that he could use me even after I lost ‘the drive’ to continue. I opened my legs and used my thumb and index finger to stimulate my little nub. They both laughed at the sight of me, using only two fingers to jack my tiny cock. Jake stood up and walked over to me. He spit on me as he jerked his big cock next face. I saw the other guy’s face light up when he saw Jake spit on me.

His big cock got even bigger. Jake grabbed a black marker from the coffee table. I noticed the box of markers earlier and knew that they were there for a reason. He got the guest to join him in front of me. He said, “Let’s give him something to wear home”. They started laughing as the wrote words on my face and body. I couldn’t really tell what they were writing. I was getting really nervous because I knew that he wouldn’t let me wash it off before leaving. The other guy wrote the word ‘pathetic’ on my stomach with an arrow pointing to my dick.

With that, I shot a huge load all over my stomach, chest and face. I had still been jacking my little cock with two fingers. They couldn’t believe that such a tiny dick could shoot such a big load. Jake immediately told me to get on all fours on the coffee table. I could feel them writing on my ass. I was still anxious about what was written on my face.

I felt a sudden, hard slap on my ass. It was unexpected and I almost fell off of the coffee table. They both laughed at this. Jake tells me to go grab a couple of beers for them from the refrigerator. As I stand and head towards the kitchen, they are clearly amused by whatever is written all over me. I can see ‘worthless cumdump’ written on my chest and ‘pathetic’ is on my stomach. I am still wondering about my face and ass. I bring back the beers and they are sitting on the sofa watching porn.

Jake tells me to get to work. I get on my knees in front of them and start with the guest. I start by taking his cock deeper into my mouth and then throat. His dick is perfect, long and straight. His big balls are resting on the couch. I take one of his huge nuts into my mouth and roll it around with my tongue. I wonder what it would feel like to have a big package like this. It must feel amazing to walk around the locker room with a big swinging cock and balls.

He breaks my concentration by pulling my mouth back to his dick by my hair. Now he is aggressively slamming my face onto his big cock. He pulls me completely off then slams me all the way down to the root. I am starting to gag from the intense stimulation. He shows no mercy and keeps up the pace. Jake is feverishly jacking his cock next to us. Just when I think he is about to cum, he pushes me back off my feet in front of them. “You didn’t think you were going to get my load that easily, did you bitch?”. No sir. I crawled over to Jake to work on his cock. I take it nice and slow, moving up and down on his rock hard dick. I continue this for a few minutes then I feel the guest grab me by the waist. He is on his knees, pushing his cock in and out, between my legs.

The sensation of his big wet cock sliding back and forth against my balls feels so good. He spreads my cheeks while I continue to slowly take Jake’s dick into my throat. He shoves a dry finger in my ass. I beg him to stop because of the intense pain. Jake hits the side of my head for taking my mouth off of his cock. The guest tells me to flex my hole on his finger so he can feel how tight it is. While sucking Jake off, I squeeze my ass muscles as hard as I can. Squeeze, relax; squeeze, relax. “Damn slut, if you milk my cock like that I may not last 5 minutes”. I was beaming with pride on the inside. It made me feel good to perform so well for him.

He spit on my pink hole and messaged the wetness around my ass. I felt his huge cock pressing against my hole. I tried to prepare myself. In one hard thrust, he was balls deep into my ass. I flinched in pain almost biting Jake’s dick. He grabbed my hair and pulled me off of his cock. He slapped my face with one hand while pulling my hair with the other. The guest had grabbed me by the shoulders and was rough-fucking my dry hole from behind.

I felt so humiliated being slapped and fucked at the same time, by two different men. I kept concentrating on milking his thick cock with my hole. Jake had finished his beer and told me to take the empty bottle as far as I could into my throat. He beat his cock while while watching me struggle with the bottle and the rough slamming by his friend. “You are a pathetic whore. And look how fucking ridiculous that little clit-dick of yours is”. He was obviously very turned on by this scene, because his cock was leaking pre-cum everywhere. I could tell the guest was getting close. He pulled out and sat back down on the sofa.

Jake decided that they needed a break because neither of them was ready to cum. He told me to sit on the coffee table and fuck myself with the beer bottle and jack my little dick. I leaned back on the table and inserted the small end of the bottle into my ass. I slowly slid it in and out. It actually didn’t hurt because the guest’s rough-fucking had stretched out my hole some. I got my dick hard and started jacking it with my thumb and index finger as I continued to fuck my ass with the empty bottle. “You fucking dirty little bitch. How can you fuck your ass and jack that pathetic worm in front of a complete stranger?”. The both laughed out loud at this comment.

Jake wanted to finish the night in his bedroom. “Listen Fag, you are going to walk into the bedroom with that bottle in your ass. AND you better not drop it or I will shove the whole think into your ass”. I carefully stood up while clinching tightly around the bottle with my ass. I slowly made my way into the bedroom. As I got closer, I could feel the bottle starting to fall out. “Good Fag”, Jake said as he pulled the bottle from my ass. Whew! I just made it.

Jake bent me over the bed. The guest was already sitting with his legs open in the middle of the bed. Jake entered me from behind and told me that I better milk that cock. My head was positioned where I was able to suck the guest’s dick while Jake pounded my ass. He was really getting into it, and slapped my ass as he fucked me. The guest was now on his knees and holding my head in place while he thrust into my mouth. Jake wrapped his arms around me as he continued to fuck my tight pink hole. I loved the way the weight of his manly frame felt against my back as he held me tightly.

We kept this up for a few more minutes then they decided to trade positions. Jake pulled out and said, “turn around whore, on your knees. Clean off this cock, you filthy little pig!” I got on my knees and licked my ass juices off of his dick, “haha, eat that dick, lick it like the animal you are”.

I could feel my entire upper body turning red with embarrassment. Jake got on the bed, so I assumed my position. The guest grabbed my waist as he thrust into me. He went really slowly at, and I felt him reach between my legs. He softly rubbed my cock and balls. I looked down between my and was horrified by what I saw. My little cock had never been smaller. All of the fucking and squeezing of my ass muscles had caused my balls to retreat up into my body. My nub had retracted so much that it felt like rubbing a nipple.

The guest was fascinated by this and wanted to see it while he fucked me. He flipped me over on my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. Jake sat on my chest and lifted my head by my hair so he could face-fuck me. I reached down to rub my dick. I had never felt it like this. It was so flat, and my tight balls made me look castrated. I could tell both guys were getting close. They were getting more and more rough. Jake told the guest that he really liked to cum on my face. He knew that I liked it, and said that I had really earned it tonight. They both pulled out and told me to get on my knees. Looking up at there big cocks had me so turned on.

“You know you have to clean these cocks before getting your reward, fag”.

I cleaned their cocks and balls with my tongue. I started with the guest and while I sucked his cock clean, Jake wiped his dirty cock all over my face and hair.

“Now you can smell like the dirty whore that you are when you go home”.

They both started jerking their big cocks over my face. It didn’t take long until I felt the first warm blast against my face. I was eventually covered with stream after stream of hot jizz. Jake took his cock and rubbed the cum all over my face.

Jake said “Come on, let’s get rid of this worthless hole”. The picked me up by arms and dragged me to the door. Jake opened it, and the black guy pushed me out into the sidewalk. I stood there holding my junk hoping he was going to give me my clothes. I knew better than to anger him by knocking. I was relieved that it was late and no one was on the street. After a couple of minutes the door opened. They were both clothed and gave me my jeans and keys. “That’s all you’re getting faggot, now get the fuck away before someone see you in front of my building”.

They watched as I hurriedly put on my jeans. The laughed together as I left the doorway. I walked a half block to my car without seeing anyone. I sat in the car and looked into my rear-view mirror. I had the word ‘cumdump’ on my forehead. ‘Will take any load’ was on one cheek and ‘small dick fag’ on the other. This had me so turned on, I pulled my little dick out. It only took a couple of tugs before I shot a huge load all over my stomach.

I drove home hoping I could make it inside without seeing any of my neighbours.

by poshboy

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