The New Toy!

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“Oh my god it’s so small! That was the last thing I heard before it happened, it turned out I had a blood clot in my brain, which dislodged and caused an aneurysm.

Perfect timing because having been pantsed in the gym locker room, my last thought had been “God kill me now!” Ironic eh?

I found myself in an office, lined with books, which was very confusing, and I was no longer naked but in a suit. “Good morning Chris!” this cheerful voice said strolling in.

“Where am I? Who are you?” I asked very scared but weirdly relaxed looking into this man’s smiling face, his eyes crinkling at the sides his teeth far too white.

“Heaven, I am afraid you died!” he said holding my hands warmly.

My breath caught in my throat, I couldn’t believe it, I was too young! “However I have good news!” he smiled, “this is just a little visit! You get revived shortly so I better talk fast!”

I listened intently, apparently the big man upstairs put men like me on earth to test them, “Some become evil bastards they remain small dicked and go to hell, you chose to be nice and so you get a second chance, with a major advantage!”

“Advantage!?” I asked confused.

“Just trust me!” he smiled “..and know what ever you do with this advantage your place up here is reserved!”

“Goodbye Chris!” the angel smiled.

“Wait what advantage!” I asked as the office and angel faded.

“Oh my god he’s waking up! Richard go get the nurse!” my mum was shouting.

I was in a hospital bed, feeling very groggy and confused.

They explained what had happened and how unheard of it was that I come back with no problems, I was a very lucky man! I sat in my bed feeling very lucky to be alive the angels words ringing in my ears

A week later I was home in my own room, no advantages had arisen yet, I was still skinny, pale, with black hair and spots, my cock was still 4 inches on a good day, clearly that whole encounter in the office was a hallucination bought on by the aneurysm.

The one stroke of luck was that the aneurysm had meant I missed the end of school and graduation and after my pantsing in the gym lockers I didn’t want to face any of them’

It was bad enough to have the nickname ‘little dick’ let alone have guys always bullied me about it. Guys on gaydar and grindr wouldn’t meet me when reading my cock size and at night I would dream I was a porno stud with a huge cock and lord it over all the guys who bullied me! Now far inferior to me, but that’s just a stupid dream!

That night I woke with a bizarre sensation all over my body. I staggered to the en suite bathroom feeling giddy suddenly, I thought it was another aneurysm? Looking in the mirror I saw the angel looking back at me smiling which frightened the bejesus out of me.

“Are you ready for your advantage?” he asked as my whole body tingled

I nodded not really understanding what this advantage was but I just wanted this feeling to stop. I closed my eyes tight and passed out. I awoke and slowly stood the tingling feeling now gone thank god. I slowly stood, feeling a bizarre heavy feeling in my crotch.

Something moving!

I looked down at my crotch and gasped, “What the fuck!”

Slowly, hands shaking I removed my boxers and out flopped 8 inches of thick soft dangling cock, with a nice foreskin on the end, bellow that were balls the size of lemons in a heavy leathery sack, I felt it, it was warm in my hands

I found a note on the sink,

“Dear Chris,
I hope you like your gift, use it wisely, its 12×8 you cum gallons (not the little trickle you used to produce) no condoms will fit you so I gave you immunity to all STI’s and I know pregnancy isn’t an issue for you!

Enjoy it! This is your second chance!


ps see you soon ;)”

What did that mean? I didn’t care I looked in the mirror and rubbed my cock from base to tip, oh god it felt so big, to my surprise it began to swell and lengthen I laughed to myself in astonishment

Shit! It was so big! It dwarfed most things I held next to it, my god! I sat at my desk flicking through my porno pictures. Smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller all smaller than me! I smirked proudly wanking my new gift hard.

I felt a new sensation, a tingling from my balls up my shaft, I gasped panting trying to catch my breath but I couldn’t, is this was really cumming feels like? I wondered as I wanked harder? Suddenly every cell in my body was on fire my whole body tightened, my big balls shot up my cock hardened and thick white cum shot over my chest and stomach and kept shooting, I gasped and clawed at the sheets, finally it stopped

My head spun, I was going to like my second time around I thought to myself and I knew just who needed a good dose of humble pie!

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