Exposed in Public 2

By Embarrassed_Men.

Read Part 1 Here.


Part 2: Rick is Brian’s Bitch to Humiliate…

Months had gone by after Brian and his friends tied me up and stripped me naked in the bar parking lot and humiliated me further by posting my cold shrunken dick online for all of my friends and strangers to see. He took revenge after I damaged his white truck and drove off without giving him my information. I never thought I would see him again until I ran into him and his friends at a bar one night.

I never considered myself gay, but I’ve fantasized about Brian since and wondered what it would be like to suck a man’s dick. Brian was probably about 6’2, thick all over, like a wide wall of beef. He had an unkempt thick black beard that only rugged-looking could pull off. His assertive demeanor and piercing dark black eyes drew me in more than anything. He had muscular thick hairy forearms and calves, and I imagined the rest of his body was also hairy. His deep voice and the dominance that he knew he had over me were more than I could resist, wondering what sexually catering to that man would be like.

After months of fantasizing about Brian, I had a few drinks and worked up the courage to go to his job site, where I found him last time. I saw him off in the distance, talking to other construction workers.

Before I made it to Brian, he saw me, slowly put on a big grin, and pointed at me to his coworkers. They all turned, and I heard a bit of laughter. I’m pretty sure Brian showed them the video of me tied up naked.

“Well! Little Dick Rick. How’s it going, buddy?” Brian said with his deep voice.

His friends laughed. I’m a very big guy myself that turns head. I’ve gone most of my life without anyone talking down to me or ever experiencing bullying growing up. I already expected Brian to be poking fun. However, it was still humiliating, especially in front of these other guys I didn’t know.

“H-hey,” is all I could say, not sure if coming here was a good idea.

I felt naked again, even with my clothes on. I’ve spent my whole life avoiding being seen naked and, if it came up, telling anyone that I had a big cock. I had a reputation as a tough guy, and people went along with it because of my looks.

“Besides your dick, what’s hanging, bud?” Brian said.

His friends laughed again and mumbled something to each other.

“I… I want to ask you something… but… I… don’t want anyone else around,” I managed to say, now feeling like I wanted to turn around and leave already.

Brian approached me, put his large hand on my shoulder, and looked at me like a kid needing reassurance. “There, there, Rick. The answer is yes. You do have a very small dick for a guy who tries to act real tough, and yes, being gay to avoid disappointing any girls is a very good idea.”

One of his friends hunched over laughing.

I turned completely red and felt my heart beating fast. Was Brian trying to hint that he wanted me to suck his cock?

He added, “Anything else you need to ask me, you can ask me right here in front of the other guys. We’re all grown men here. At least until the world discovered you were pretending just a bit.”

Brian’s friend, who was hunched over, was now almost out of breath from laughing.

“Now, what else were you going to ask?” Brian said, finally taking his hand off my shoulder and looking me forcefully into my eyes.

“I… um… I just uh… was… wondering… if….”

I paused to try to breathe. Brian continued staring with a very intimidating and dominant look in my eyes. For a moment, I completely forgot the other guys were around as the look into Brian’s eyes consumed me and made me feel completely submissive to him.

“Do… you… want… your… dick sucked?” I said and quickly looked away, hardly believing I just asked another guy this.

I would never want someone to find out two things. One, my dick isn’t as big as I’ve claimed. And two, I absolutely would never want anyone I know to find out I even considered being sexual or submissive with another guy. I had way too much pride ever to let that happen.

“Well, bud!” Brian exclaimed. “I can’t say I’m surprised. I took you to be quiet, the little bitch the day I met you. I knew you weren’t the tough guy you looked like. I knew that before pulling your shorts off and seeing that little carrot between your legs.

“I’ll tell you what. Since you were at least man enough to show up here and ask, I feel pity that you probably get laughed at by every girl you take to bed, if any… I’m going to give you my phone number, and maybe… you can have the chance to put your hands near a real man, at least. It could probably rub off on you.

I couldn’t believe he was maybe agreeing to this. I was shocked and humiliated but turned on simultaneously and couldn’t think what to say.

“Here, bud. Type your phone number into my phone.”

I reached for his phone and typed in my number with excitement in my stomach.

I still didn’t know if I would even enjoy sucking another guy’s dick, and I knew I wanted no one else to ever know about this.

Brian returned his phone and turned to whisper something to his now slightly shocked coworkers.

His friend snickered when he heard whatever Brian whispered to him.

“I’m going to text you an address, and I expect you to be there at four pm later today. You understand that?” Brian said with a serious look in his eyes.

This large intimidating man and his constantly changing demeanor were a mystery to me. Still, it turned me on so much at the same time. He was intimidating even without unpredictable behavior. He reminded me of a wild animal and had a look to match.

While Brian was asking me this, his friend, whom he had whispered something to, had snuck behind me. Brian looked like he was now recording me with his phone, which I didn’t feel good about.

I felt hands reach into the insides of my shorts, and before I had time to process it, my shorts got rapidly pulled down around my ankles. A second later, I felt my boxer shorts pulled with intense force up the back of my ass. I let out a loud yell, which caused the entire construction site to turn and see what was going on.

Brian’s friend behind me was also a large burly man. I take it that Brian only associated with other large guys.

I heard laughter all around, but the pain was so intense that it was all I could focus on. I could feel my feet being lifted off the ground. As heavy of a guy as I am, I knew that wasn’t good. I could hear a ripping noise between all the laughter.

Then it happened. The boxer shorts finally gave and tore completely in the back. The remaining fabric left in the front now had nothing supporting it and fell to the ground. There I was, completely naked again except for my shirt, and being laughed at and videos in front of Brian and a new group of his friends.

I immediately moved my hands to cover my dick. Brian’s friend wasn’t having that. He reached his arms under mine from behind me and got me in a headlock so that now my arms were up in the air and all eyes, and now phones, were aimed right at my cock and balls.

Even a lot of big guys with below-average size dicks have large heavy looking balls to give them a more masculine look. I didn’t. I had small-looking balls that pulled up to my body.

I looked up to see the entire construction sight with a huge grin because of what they were seeing. More of them were now pulling out their phones. Not only were they not helping at the sight of another guy being so publicly humiliated, they were laughing and making sure to caption the moment.

I looked over to see Brian still recording and a big satisfied smile on his usually intimidating-looking face.

“Here’s the deal Baby Dick Rick,” Brian said, switching back to a stern demeanor. “Once the rest of the crew here gets a laugh and nice recording to do what they please with, my friend will let you go. But…” said Brian. “You will NOT cover up that tiny cock of yours when he lets you go. You’ll take your shirt off, pick up your clothes, and walk back to your truck like nothing happened. You cover up your dicklette, and before you get home, your friends and the internet will have another reminder of that vagina you got between your legs there. You look like quite the bitch right now with another guy manhandling you and exposing your secret. You understand”

“Yes,” I said very quickly and meekly. Desperately wanting this to end now.

Brian’s friend still needed to be finished. He slowly spun me around so I faced each construction worker, now recording and laughing hysterically.

I’ve always been the tough guy in my life. I couldn’t process the humiliation I felt when looking into the eyes of these men who were not thinking I was anything close to a tough guy. The videos are now on their phone to do whatever with.

When Brian’s friend finally put me down. I almost instinctively covered myself up before I remembered what Brian said.

I quickly took off my shirt, picked up my shorts and torn underwear, and started walking to the truck before making eye contact with anyone.

Brian shouted from behind. “Was real nice to see you again, bud. You’re as much of a bitch as I remembered you. Bet you’ll look great with a thick cock in your mouth. See you at four, Bubba, don’t be late.”

I turned completely red if I wasn’t already, wondering how many of the workers just heard what he said. With my eyes looking at the ground, I finally made it to the truck after what felt like ten minutes.

I found my truck keys in my shorts and awkwardly got in the truck, still naked. I quickly turned to see the workers still watching and recording before I drove off and back home.


When I got home, I had a text message from Brian. I opened it up to see a slow-mo video of my underwear torn off my body and my dick coming into view.

The text from Brian read, ‘This is not something you want your friends to see. Your dick looks pitiful, and you’re getting single-handedly bullied by one man. Your tough guy reputation won’t hold with that. You do what I say when I say it; the world doesn’t have to see this. See you at four. The address is below.’

At four o’clock, I arrived at the address Brian had sent. I saw Brian’s white truck and a couple of other trucks in the driveway. I slowly walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and there was Brian, the large hulk-sized man who humiliated me again and made me feel more submissive than ever.

“Come, bud,” Brian said in a firm and unwelcoming demeanor. “You remember my friends from the bar.”

I looked up to see Brian’s three large friends from the bar who helped Brian tie me up to a lamppost and leave me naked in the parking lot. All three of Brian’s friends were also intimidating-looking men, slightly smaller than Brian, but not by much.

His friends snickered but didn’t say a word to me to greet me. I noticed one of his friends look down at where my dick was in my shorts, and I knew he remembered the night at the bar. I felt naked already. I didn’t expect anyone else to be here, and sucking a guy’s cock while others are watching is not at all something I’m ready for.

“Clothes off and hand them over,” Brian said while looking me straight in the eye with that piercing look.

One of Brian’s friends started recording with his phone, which immediately humiliated me. I knew I had to do what Brian said, now having more video footage I didn’t want anyone seeing.

I started by taking off my shirt first to delay exposing myself. I pulled my shorts off next and saw the three friends smirking. I then pulled down my underwear and glanced at Brian for signs that he might not make me go through with this. I was only met with a stern look and those assertive eyes that made me feel inferior and turned on. I then slowly pulled down my underwear, and they passed my dick and off my feet. I felt like my dick looked abnormally small, but I didn’t know if I was imagining that.

“Good boy, tough guy. Hand them over. You’ll get them back when I say you can leave. You’ll be here for a while.” Brian said.

Brian’s friends were laughing, but by now, Brian had seen me naked enough times that he was going to need more to amuse him. Brian took my clothes off into another room before coming back. When he got back, he snapped at me and said if he ever catches me covering up my dick or trying to hide it, he will send video footage to three people each time. I immediately moved my hands to my sides, feeling completely exposed.

“All right, bud,” Brian said. “You say you want to suck a real man’s cock? Get down on all fours, crawl over, and kiss my feet. Maybe I’ll let you sniff my cock to know what a man smells like.”

‘I can’t do that,’ I thought. The thought hit me that Brian is continuing to record everything and getting more and more blackmail. Do I bail out now, knowing he’s already got enough to humiliate me into the ground? Or do I chance that he might keep his word if I do what he says? I didn’t feel like I could chance him humiliating me anymore, and I was already here with my clothes taken from me.

I hesitantly and awkwardly got down on the floor while Brian’s friends whistled and made jokes. You would have thought they were cheering for a football game the way they were so rowdy and entertained. I was also intimidated and turned on by each of them, wondering if they suspected that. I started crawling to Brian, feeling completely humiliated and made my way to his feet. He had on a pair of boots.

“Lick my boots, boy. Show a man that you’re willing to serve him.”

I reached my head down to the floor, strongly aware of the feeling of my asshole now up in the air and on display for Brian’s laughing friends. I stuck out my tongue and made contact with Brian’s boots.

“Lick them completely clean. Don’t miss a single spot. If you hesitate to do anything, I say at any point during the afternoon. I’m trying your hands and throwing you naked out the door without your clothes or truck keys. You can figure out what to do with yourself from there. I’ll also make sure your friends see every ounce of video footage I got of you. Your my bitch now, Rick Ledger. Get used to that thought and enjoy it. Submit it. Crave it.”

Hearing that was too much, and I felt my dick go from soft to completely hard. I did what Brian said and licked his boots everywhere I could. Brian then ordered me to remove his boots, socks, and jeans. When I sat up, my erection was visible to all the guys.

“I knew you were enjoying being my bitch,” Brian said

Feeling so submissive while being made to unbutton this man’s jeans and take them off, I managed to do so. I was met with a large-looking bulge in Brian’s underwear.

“Like what you see, don’t you? You recognize a real man’s cock right away because it looks completely different than yours.”

Brian verbally humiliating me was turning me on and making me feel even more powerless toward him.

“Beg for my cock, boy. Tell me how much you want the privilege of having the taste of a real man’s cock all over the inside of your mouth. Say, ‘Please, sir, let me have that cock.’”

I said what he told me to while Brian’s friends laughed and joked about me not being a real man. Brian then stood up, pulled down his underwear, and his cock came into view about four inches from my face where I was on my knees in front of him.

I couldn’t believe it. Brian was still mostly soft, and his cock made mine look like a toy. It wasn’t just long but thick and had visible veins. He had two huge balls resting between his legs, to make me feel even more insecure about myself. Both of my testicles could have fit in one of his. I now know why Brian can pull off having such a dominant demeanor. There’s nothing about this man that isn’t masculine and intimidating.

Brian saw the look in my eyes and slapped me across the face. “That…. is a real man’s dick,” he said. “If you can’t be a real man, you better at least serve a real man.”

Brian then picked up his thick, soft dick in his hand and, without warning, pulled my head towards his cock. I opened my mouth without thought and felt this man’s dick slide down my tongue and to the back of my throat.

“Suck it,” he said and slapped my face pretty hard.

I then did my best to try sucking his cock, having never done this before. I moved my head back and forth and felt his cock sliding on my tongue. I immediately felt his cock grow hard and fill my entire mouth. I felt completely submissive to this man, who now completely owned me. On an emotional level, sucking his cock felt amazing. I also knew this was something I never wanted anyone else to see, and I knew this was all getting recorded. Brian started moaning and grabbed my head, and started forcefully fucking my mouth. I started to gag but was turned on by what this man was doing.

“Take my cock, you small dick, cocksucking bitch. Take my cock, Rick Ledger. Take my fucking cock.”

Brian then put his hands around my throat and continued to aggressively fuck my mouth, moaning in his deep voice.

After a few minutes, Brian sat back on the couch and told me to keep sucking his cock until he filled my mouth with cum. I didn’t know what cum would taste like or if I was ready, but I knew I had no choice. I started sucking Brian’s cock again, and he put his legs up on my shoulders and kicked back with his hands behind his head.

Brian told me to suck faster, so I did. He started moaning more and more intensely and told me to keep going. The moaning increased, and then I felt something warm filling my mouth. This man was shooting his load in my mouth, and I allowed it to happen. I kept thinking he was almost done cumming, but he didn’t stop until my mouth was so full that it was almost dripping.

“Fuck, boy. You suck dick good. Must have forgotten to tell you I cum more than anyone you’ll ever meet.”

I couldn’t talk at all. My dick was completely hard and dripping while this rugged man’s cock was still inches from my lips, and my mouth was now filled with the taste of his cum.

“You spit out a drop of that cum, and I’ll have you out the front door naked with a giant stick up your ass,” Brian said with no remorse in his voice.

I started swallowing his cum, and it was amazing. The taste wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. It felt like I was swallowing this man’s masculinity and didn’t want it to end. It took many gulps to swallow all Brian’s cum. His friend was still recording and had a satisfied and dominant look that turned me on even more. Brian then told me to open my mouth again, so I did. He stuck his now softer but still big cock back into my mouth. It felt like it belonged there. I liked it.

I then felt my mouth getting filled again. I couldn’t believe the man was cumming again already. Then it hit me that I thought he was peeing in my mouth. He wouldn’t be doing that, would he? My mouth was filling so fast that I knew it wasn’t cum. The taste was completely different. I didn’t know how to describe this stronger and more intense taste. When Brian’s friends realized what was happening, they started cheering and going crazy. The friend recording moved around with the camera to get a better shot.

Brian held my head on his cock so I couldn’t pull away. I had no choice but to start swallowing his piss. The gulps when I swallowed were loud. I felt my dick throbbing. The humiliation and dominance from Brian had me wanting to cum myself.

Brian was pissing faster than I could swallow. I gagged loudly, and my head flew back. Brian grabbed his cock and started aiming his piss all over my face and beard. He made sure to completely soak my beard before working his way down my body and finished by peeing all over my dick. I was in shock and had never been so turned on.

Brian then shook the piss off of his cock onto my face, like I was nothing more than a cock sucking urinal to him. All he said was for me to clean up the mess on the floor and pointed to a towel on the kitchen counter.

I got back on my knees to clean this man’s piss that was now all over me. I smelled it strongly in my beard. I never got peed on before, so I didn’t know if Brain’s piss had an extra strong smell.

“Thanks, bud. You’re a natural cocksucker. You can shower when you get home later. My scent stays on you for now to dry.” Brian asked, “So will you ask my friends if they want their cock sucked also? Or will you sit on your knees with a piss-soaked towel?”

I nervously looked over at the other three large men. The idea of sucking them off was such a strong desire.

I nervously walked over to the three still-clothed men. I felt like a schoolboy shyly walking over to ask a girl on a date, unsure if I would get rejected. I slowly knelt before the large man who still hadn’t stopped recording. I started unbuttoning his pants, and he gave a very hard smack to my face with his large hand that completely startled me.

“Hey, fucker. Ask permission first. I don’t usually let guys suck my cock. I mostly just want to make you feel like more of a bitch. It suits you well.”

I meekly asked him if I could suck his cock. He smacked me hard one more time and said I could. I ended up sucking all three men’s cocks simultaneously until they were all close to cumming. I felt so submissive and so turned on. I never got so turned on like this with a female before.

One of the friends was still recording. He told his other two friends he wanted all of them to cum all over my face at once. That it would make for a good video and that I would behave, not wanting anyone ever to see the video footage. All three men had cocks much bigger than mine, and I felt more emasculated.

All three men stood up, circled me on my knees, and took turns smacking their meaty cocks against my face while jerking off and calling me names.

Finally, one of them started to moan loudly and shot a pretty big load all over my face, beard, and lips.

Brian was watching with satisfaction.

A minute later, the other two large men started cumming about the same time. Any remaining spots on my face that weren’t covered got coated by these two beefy big-balled men, now spraying my face with their manhood.

Here I was, a guy with a reputation for being tough, completely degraded. I was naked and looking up at three large cocks, oozing cum onto my bearded face. All three men were almost as intimidating as Brian. Each hairy rugged man with a dominating demeanor. All this was getting video. I knew I was these men’s bitch, and they knew it too.

Brian got up and took a picture of my cum covered face with these large men circling me with their cocks dangling in front of me.

“You’re over your head now, boy,” Brian said. “I got enough blackmail on you to run the rest of your life into the ground.”

It was true.

Brian said, “You’re going to walk out that door now and think long and hard about what it means now that you’re under my control. I know you don’t want to get exposed for being a cocksucker, and you’ll do what I say when I say it. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, having never called another man sir before.

“Good boy,” Brian said

He handed me my keys and phone and told me my clothes would be there when I returned another time. He told me I get the privilege of driving home with real men’s cum all over my face.

Without arguing or saying a word, I walked out of Brian’s house and quickly ran to the truck, not wanting to be seen by anyone.

I looked in the mirror and saw how embarrassing it would be to be seen covered in so much cum. Brian’s piss from earlier still smelled strong. The smell of Brian’s pee got me completely hard. I drove home with my face covered in cum, not having anything to clean it off with, not even my clothes.


Over the following months, I became Brian and his friend’s entertainment and bitch in every way. The humiliation got worse, and I could do nothing to stop it. Whenever I left Brian’s house, he had even more blackmail to ensure I returned. Each time a bit more humiliating than before.

One time I told Brian I was busy and couldn’t go over on the weekend. He messaged back about ten minutes later with screenshots where he had posted the picture on my knees before the three men had just covered my face in cum. He posted it to Twitter, which already had thirty shares within ten minutes. ‘Rick Ledger loves sucking men’s cocks,’ it said. He told me he would delete the post if I showed up in the next thirty minutes.

I did what he said. Brian deleted it like he said he would, and I never argued again about what Brian told me to do. He was willing to publicly out me with all the humiliation, and I knew it.

I spent the following months cleaning Brian’s house for him naked. Entertaining his friends while they were there. Sucking the men’s cocks, sometimes just spending an hour as a footstool and getting laughed at.

Brian had rules for me that I had to follow:

1. I was never allowed to wear clothes or cover myself at his house.

2. I had to do everything I was told.

3. If I was thirsty, I could only drink water from the toilet, so I often had to do that all day.

4. If I needed to use the bathroom, I had to ask permission, I wasn’t allowed to close the door, and I had to sit down to pee. I had to lick the toilet seat clean afterward.

5. Most of the time, I was only allowed to crawl on all fours and only occasionally allowed to walk.

6. If I ever broke any rule, he would post a video of me online, and I would spend the rest of the day tied up naked in the street for people to drive by and see.

I knew he would follow through, so I never considered breaking any rules.


The most humiliating experience I had at Brian’s house was about two weeks ago. He told me he wanted me there to entertain his friends for the Super Bowl party. I was used to being so degraded by Brian, but I didn’t expect so many new people to be at Brian’s house and what he had planned.

When I first showed up, it was just Brian and his three friends from the bar. I stripped down at the front door and gave Brian my clothes. As often as I’ve been naked there, Brian’s friends always laugh, and I feel completely exposed.

I crawled on all fours over to the men and kissed all four of their feet like Brian told me to do. It was Brian’s way of making me feel completely powerless when I walked into his house. I honestly felt submissive to Brian just thinking about him. Everything else was just extra.

Brian then had me lie on my back and carefully tied my wrists to my ankles. My knees were almost touching my chest, my butt was in the air, and my asshole, dick, and embarrassing-sized balls were all completely in the air and displayed in one view. I couldn’t do anything more than roll back and forth. The rope was digging into my wrists, and it hurt.

Brian and his friends were laughing hysterically at the sight and, of course, making sure to get pictures. Brian explained that I would spend the remainder of the day next to the TV to further entertain his friends during the Super Bowl. After ten minutes, I was already really uncomfortable and had to pee.

I heard the doorbell ring. A guy and girl couple I hadn’t seen before walked in the front door and greeted Brian. To no surprise, the guy was pretty thick-built like all of Brian’s guy friends up to this point. The girl then turned to the TV where I was and gasped when she saw me.

“Oh,” Brian said. “That’s Rick. He’s our little bitch here to entertain us for the day.”

Brian then explained how we had met and how he got revenge on me at the bar.

At first, the couple was very confused. I was a large, masculine-looking guy, and here I was, tied up naked, ass and small genetics completely on display and unable to move. After a few minutes of Brian explaining the story, the couple laughed.

The woman said, “It is his fault for running into your truck and not taking accountability. I bet he learned his lesson from this.” She then giggled and asked Brian if she could photograph me.

“Of course,” Brian said. “Rick, here, is for your entertainment. You don’t need to ask permission ever.”

She laughed and said it’s funny how small my balls look with such a big body. That my dick is small, too, is even more embarrassing. People continued to show up until it was probably at least twenty people total. Mostly guys, which was honestly more emasculating for me, and about five females.

Everyone had the same shocked reaction seeing the large guy tied naked with his butt hole in the air. The shocked reactions all turned into laughter and curiosity. Not one person seemed to show signs of sympathy for me.

Everyone was drinking and getting more rowdy as the Super Bowl game started. I started to have to pee badly, but I was so humiliated that I didn’t dare speak up. I was right next to the TV, so people’s view was the game on the TV and the large guy in the most exposed position imaginable to look at throughout the game.

“Listen up!” Brian said in his deep booming voice. “Here’s the deal. If our team wins, Rick here will get untied and have the privilege of drinking an entire glass of my beer piss right down his throat. I’ll let him cum here for the first time and lick up his cum off the floor.”

That sounded humiliating, even if only Brian and his usual friends were here. I was scared to know what would happen if his team lost.

“BUT…” Brian said. “If our team loses… Rick stays tied up and gets the big wooden kitchen spoon right up his ass where it will stay until everyone leaves.”

Most of the room, now drunk, whistled and cheered. No one even thought to show any compassion for me. I never had anything but a doctor’s finger go in my butt, and a wooden spoon sounded both painful and a good way to get a splinter where you don’t want one. During halftime, I had to pee so badly that it was getting painful. I finally had to say something to Brian. It was the first time speaking since I first got to Brian’s house.

“I… I need to pee.” I said so meekly that Brian hardly heard me.

The whole room laughed.

“Well, ya better get to pissin’ then, huh, boy,” Brian said.

I felt the whole room staring at me at once and felt the most exposed I had the entire afternoon.

“Look, bud,” Brian said. “I ain’t holding your hand and walking you to go piss. You’re a big boy. If you needed to pee, you should have thought of that before you got yourself all tied up there.”

Brian, now drunk, looked down at me with his assertive eyes, and I knew what he wanted me to do.

“Start pissin’, boy, or you can hold it in for the next couple of hours. You can lick the mess off the floor when I untie you.”

The room was now chattering loudly and laughing. I saw a few people recording with their phones, wondering if I would pee on myself in a room full of people. I didn’t have a choice. I already held it in for the last two hours.

I waited for people to stop recording with their phones, but no one did. I was now the halftime show for the Super Bowl as far as they were concerned.

I took a big gulp and released my bladder. After holding it in so long, it hurt to start peeing. I had to pee so bad that the first gush of piss hit my face, then started soaking my belly and chest hair. The whole room was dying with laughter and making jokes about how my little dick could shoot piss far.

The humiliation was never enough for Brian. He walked over and picked my legs up even higher into the air, which caused my dick to dangle right over my face. I was now peeing all over my beard.

“Open your mouth, boy,” Brian said.

I did what he said. Brian was now moving my legs around and aiming my piss into my mouth. Once my mouth was full, he dropped my legs again, and I finished peeing on my belly and pubic hair.

“Swallow it, boy,” Brian said. “If you spill a drop out of your mouth, you’ll have something bigger than a wooden spoon up your ass.”

I did what he said and slowly swallowed an entire mouthful of my piss. During this time, my dick got hard from the laughter and Brian manhandling me humiliatingly.

The entire room was now laughing about my dick being hard and what they had just seen. I felt relieved and humiliated at the same time. I felt frustrated about my dick now being so hard that I couldn’t touch it.

The halftime excitement died down, and the game finally ended. Thankfully… I guess… Brian’s team won. I remembered what that meant.

Brian then announced that I would get the privilege of drinking the beer from his cock. That fresh beer is for real men; guys like me get the seconds.

Brian walked over to the kitchen, grabbed a tall cup without hesitation, pulled out his hung-looking dick, and filled the large cup with his piss. He wasn’t self-conscious about being in a room full of people.

I couldn’t believe how much Brian just peed; surely he didn’t expect me to drink all that.

Brian then walked over, untied me, and told me to celebrate by drinking his beer piss.

The whole room laughed when I started crawling to the glass of Brian’s piss on all fours. They didn’t know that was one of the rules Brian had for me, and I knew better than to even think about breaking one of the rules.

I grabbed the tall glass and looked at it with shock. Brian’s piss was so warm that I could feel the warmth on the glass. The whole room was recording again with their phones.

“Chug it, boy. Don’t disappoint me.”

The smell was even stronger than when Brian had peed on me.

Still on my knees, I put the glass to my lips and slowly took the first sip. The taste was so strong and sour that my mouth lit up. The room laughed when they saw the look on my face. I knew I was going to have to chug it.

I took the first big gulp and went at it, trying not to breathe and taste it until the entire glass was gone. The taste of the entire glass hit me all at once, and I almost gagged. As strong as the taste was, it turned me on so much to drink this man’s piss. He was the picture of rugged masculinity, and I knew he was right when he said it was a privilege to drink his piss.

I was now completely hard, and Brian saw this.

“Jerk your dick, boy. Show us what that thing can do,” Brian said.

I started to jerk off, but after being humiliated and turned on throughout the afternoon, unable to touch myself, and now the taste of Brian’s piss staining the inside of my mouth, I came almost immediately when I touched my dick. That never happens. I can jerk off for hours. I didn’t expect that.

The room, and even Brian, started laughing.

“Lick it up, bud,” Brian said.

I put my head down on the floor, my ass in the air again, and licked up my cum off the floor. My cum tasted gross. The time I had Brian’s, it tasted much better.

The night finally ended, and Brian had me sit by the door, kiss everyone’s ass as they were leaving, and take a picture with me if they wanted. Everyone was drunk, and no one passed up on either opportunity. One of the guys I found attractive held my head up to his ass while I was kissing him and farted right in my face. Normally that would gross me out, but the idea of masculine men treating me like their toy turned me on.

Brain and his three usual friends were the last there. They had me suck their cocks before leaving. They were drunk and extra rowdy which got me hard again after cumming.

Brian told me it was time to get out and once again had me leave without my clothes and with cum on my face.

I’m writing this on a Thursday, and Brian wants me to attend a big cookout at one of his friend’s houses this Sunday. It will be the first time somewhere besides Brian’s house since the bar where he stripped me naked. I’m very nervous about what’s going to happen.

Brian and his friends have too much blackmail on me to back out of anything he tells me to do. I also love sucking Brian and his friend’s dicks too much to back out.

In the back of my mind, I always wonder if one day Brian will get mad or decide to share all of the months of video footage he has of me in the most humiliating experiences. I also know I have to keep doing whatever he says when he says, or else he will expose me publicly.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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