Exposed in Public 1

By Embarrassed_Men.

My name is Rick, and this is the story of probably the most unexpected and indescribable embarrassments I’ve ever known to happen to someone, which happened to me.

I’m 32 years old and a pretty big guy that turns heads when I walk into a room. I get called a ‘Bear’ because of my body size, looks, and thick beard. I tend to intimidate people, and part of me secretly likes that. I can be shy but mask it by how I appear and try to portray myself.

The story starts on a cold night in December when I decided to go to one of the local bars to have just a few drinks. I was on my second beer when I noticed a group of four large guys on the other side of the bar looking over at me. Because of the somewhat aggressive glares and smirks, I felt they were talking to themselves, putting me down somehow, and laughing about it. I tried to brush it off and finish my last beer but felt self-conscious.

I went to the bathroom to pee, and when I was about halfway finished peeing, I heard two guys with deep voices walk in behind me. One of them said mockingly, grumbling, “I bet his dick is barely big enough for him to stand up and pee.”

The other voice gave a deep laugh.

My stomach dropped, and I pretended to ignore them, not knowing why they targeted me or how to respond. I finished peeing, turned around, and tried to avoid eye contact and go out the bathroom door.

The bigger of the two of them stepped in front of my path and asked, “Do I know you from somewhere?”

My eyes went from the floor and followed up a large body, even wider than mine, with hairy forearms, past a thick black beard, and looked into the dark black eyes of a pretty intimidating-looking man.

“I don’t think we know each other,” I said.

Something about him looked very familiar, but I couldn’t figure out from where.

“I think we do know each other,” he said, “And I don’t like you at all.”

Again my stomach dropped. I’m not used to conflict because most people are intimidated by me. I did my best to act calm but was secretly nervous and feeling a bit submissive to this large man now being so direct.

“No, I don’t think we know each other,” I hurried past him and out the bathroom door.

I paid for my two beers as quickly as I could. I could see the four guys, all as big or bigger than myself, pointing at me, glaring and laughing. I could see them paying and getting ready to leave also. When I finished paying, I got up quickly and left out the side door to get to my truck, where I had parked in the back parking lot. The back parking lot was well-lit but empty.

I was reaching to open the truck door when I heard the same deep gruff voice from behind me yell, “Hey!”

This didn’t surprise me because I already knew something was up. I turned around to see four beefy men, all a little taller than me, walking in my direction. My breathing got rapid, and I felt insecure and small, knowing they didn’t have good intentions.

The largest guy, who blocked my way into the bathroom, said, “So you don’t remember me?”

“No,” I said.

Then he turned to face the left of me and pointed. I looked to my left at a lifted white truck with the tailgate caved in where someone hit the back of it. Then it hit me, ‘Oh shit,’ I thought. I remembered exactly who he was.

The week before, I was tired driving home and lost focus for a second. I realized I was heading right for a white truck that had stopped at the red light, but it was too late to break. I got out to see the damage done and remembered a large man, very angry, who stepped out of the truck. His truck was very damaged, but I hardly had a scratch because of the heavy grill guard on the front of my truck. He was so angry about the damage to his truck. As tired as I was and lacking money to help pay for the damage, I drove off after telling him I would return with my insurance information.

He saw the look on my face.

“Now you remember,” he said with that naturally booming voice. I froze and couldn’t respond. I never expected to see this guy again. “I’ll take that insurance information now,” he said.

“Sure,” I said. “I’m sorry. I was in a rush last week and had to get somewhere. I felt really bad about it.”

I did, but I didn’t feel guilty because he had been so mad and rude. I went to the other side of the truck and could hear them walking behind me. I opened the door, reached over, and felt two big hands push down on my back so my stomach was against the passenger side seat. One of the guys grabbed both my arms and pulled them towards him and behind my back. I knew this wasn’t good, but resisting against four large guys, one who was extremely upset, served no purpose but to make things worse.

All I could say was, “Woah, OK.”

To pretend to have even the smallest amount of resistance to these four men, any one of whom could have managed to overpower me. I KNEW THIS WASN’T GOOD when I felt something tighten around my wrists. They looked like they could have been construction workers, so maybe they carried zip-ties as part of their job.

Being the one that people are usually intimidated by, I strongly resisted letting these masculine-looking men know that I was secretly intimidated by all four of them. Certainly, all four of them at once caused even more intense submissive feelings in me. I knew I was theirs, and they were not intimidated by me.

“Come on, tough guy,” the group leader and the angry driver from last week said.

Overhearing them talk, I figured out his name was Brian. He grabbed me by my tied-up arms and walked me to a lamppost in the parking lot while his friends snickered. I felt so humiliated at this point. I always secretly felt insecure around other large guys. I would compare my masculinely to theirs, which is why I always got a bit of satisfaction if someone was intimidated by me.

To be tied up in a parking lot with four guys feeling their dominance over me was both humiliating and somewhat arousing at the same time. The anxiety, uncertainty, and humiliation were the much stronger emotions. Brian pushed my back against the lamp post and told his friend to use another two zip-ties to tie my arms to the pole. His friend did, tightened up all the ties as tight as they could be, stepped back, and gave a deep chuckle which made me feel that much smaller and insecure.

At this point, I think they would get my insurance information and maybe laugh a bit. I could pay him for his troubles last week, go home, and try to recover from the humiliation. The other big guy from the bathroom started reaching into my pockets, which made me feel very vulnerable. He pulled out my phone, my keys, and my wallet.

“Rick Ledger is his name,” he said to the other guys while looking at my I.D.

I kept quiet, knowing saying anything at this point would not help.

“Look here, Rick,” Brian said with a deep, serious voice. “I promise you’re going to regret running away last week.”

I gulped, knowing I probably looked like I was nervous at this point. Brian motioned to his friend, who stepped forward with a large pair of scissors, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and sweatshirt, and started cutting upwards. He cut all the up, went behind me, cut upward, and pulled off the remaining fabric dangling. The cold air hit my chest and made me shiver. Three of them were chuckling, but Brian still had an angry crazed look in his eyes. I would have been intimidated by such a guy even if he were calm. My stomach was churning.

The angry and large man walked up to my face, looked into my eyes, and three inches from my face said, “I’m going to strip you butt naked right here, tough guy.”

I already couldn’t look him in the eyes, but when he said this, my mouth widened, and I quickly glanced into his eyes for any sign that he might not have meant that. I couldn’t imagine someone ever doing that to a stranger in this situation, and certainly not an intimidating-looking man to say that to me without blinking an eye.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I can pay you for what happened last week and more.”

I could see the look of revenge in his eyes as he completely ignored me, looked at his friend, and told his friend to hand him my phone. I used a face I.D. lock to secure my phone because it was quicker than putting in a code.

When Brian saw this, he said, “Perfect,” and walked up to put the phone in my face.

I closed my eyes instinctively, knowing that whatever he was doing was not good, and I did NOT want him inside my phone.

“HEY!” Brian said in a loud and commanding voice.

It startled me enough that I briefly opened my eyes, and that’s all it took. I knew my phone screen was unlocked when Brian stepped back, and I could see his fingers moving around on my phone.

“Facebook,” he said. “You want all your friends to watch live while you’re tied up naked? You think anyone will still think you’re a tough guy?”

Anxiety went through my body, and I never felt so small and helpless. I couldn’t imagine that happening and froze with my mouth slightly open, still rapidly breathing. I couldn’t sense any remorse in this large man engulfed in his anger. It’s enough to be tied up and verbally dominated by such a large man. Still, I was also strongly aware of the feeling of his three friends.

At the same time, they felt a rush of satisfaction at the now terrified-looking tough guy, clearly afraid of the threats being made. The most demasculinizing thing I could think of would be to be naked in front of four men who triggered insecurity in me as it. Still, the threat of friends and strangers online watching this happen caused panic.

“I bet you this ‘tough guy’ has a tiny dick,” one of the friends chuckled.

“The ones that pretend to be tough always do,” his other friend said.

I saw the third guy pull out his phone and start recording, making me feel completely self-conscious if I could have been.

“Smile for your Facebook friends,” Brian said, handing my phone to one of the other guys, who aimed the phone camera at me.

I didn’t know if he was serious about streaming me live to my Facebook page, but the thought was too much to process. I now had two phones recording me, my own being the most terrifying.

Brian walked up to me, looked into my face, and said with the most serious, rage-filled, deep voice, “This is payback, you fucker.”

Brian grabbed my shorts and, with aggressive force, yanked them down until they were wrapped around my feet. The humiliation was so intense that I quickly closed my eyes and tried to escape into my head.

“Step out of your shorts, NOW!” Brian commanded, while his body blocked the view of my completely naked lower half from his friends and the two phones.

He grabbed my shorts and stepped back. All three of his friends at once let out the loudest howling laughter. I squirmed and did my best to break free of the zip-ties because of the overwhelming instinct to cover my exposed manhood. When I couldn’t get any more humiliated, Brian himself let out a little snicker, which grew into chuckling. Then he burst out loud and was hunched over in laughter. I couldn’t believe it. This raging, angry man was now hunched over in laughter because of the sight of me tied up naked. What was worse, all this was being filmed, and I could only imagine where.

Normally I have an average-sized dick (five and three-quarter inches hard). Still, because of my body size, my dick when I’m flaccid (one and a half inches. Yes, I’m a grower) often looks very embarrassing compared to my body’s thick size. I don’t like to change in the locker room or be seen naked by strangers because I’m very embarrassed about even the thought of someone thinking that I have a small dick. The cold air has my whole body shivering, and I have nothing to keep me warm. I can physically feel my dick shrink, and I’m too frozen in shame even to look down to want to see what it is that they’re seeing and laughing so hysterically about.

Four men would normally make me question my masculinity as it is. Here I am, completely naked, tied up, and getting laughed at by them for what I’m assuming is the size of my shrunken balls and penis.

“Now we know why he tries to act so tough,” one said.

Brian barely composed himself from his laughter and said, “Every one of his friends and every stranger on the internet is going to know now what a tough guy he is.”

He then started laughing some more. I wanted to explain to the phones recording me that my body size makes my dick look small. It’s really cold, and I don’t have a small dick. I’m average. But I knew there was no point; it would only add to my humiliation.

“Everyone, laugh at tough guy Rick Ledger,” Brian said. “Tell the cameras recording you that you ran away after you hit my truck because you have such a small dick and are afraid of a real man.”

He secretly intimidated me, even with my clothes on, and I knew he knew it. A switch flipped again in Brian when he remembered about his truck. The crazy look came back, although this time mixed with a look of dominance and laughter.

He grabbed my balls with one of his large hands, started squeezing, and said, “Tell the cameras that Rick Ledger is a babydick, insecure boy who deserves to go to jail for a hit-and-run vehicle accident.” I moaned loudly in pain and opened my mouth to talk, but nothing came out. He squeezed harder, “Tell them about your tiny dick, Rick Ledger.”

I’m a very large guy who tends to get respect because of my size. At this moment, I felt so submissive to this large angry man and his friends who saw me completely naked. My pride and confidence as a guy was gone and nowhere to be found. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I knew I would never again be able to pretend to be tough or have the same image as others. As a guy, you get judged as a man instantly by the size of your dick. Regardless of how big my dick normally was, with the cold and size of my body, I looked pitiful at that moment, and I knew it and felt it.

“I… I have a… Small… D-dick.”

Another jolt of anxiety shot through my body because I couldn’t believe I said that out loud in front of these men and cameras.

“How small, Rick Ledger?”

Knowing that his friend’s camera was also recording, I knew why he was saying my full name.

“It’s… Really… Really… Tiny….” I said meekly.

He let go of his grasp on my balls, then rubbed his hand clean on my face before lighting smacking my cheeks like I was a submissive dog. At this point, I felt completely in his control and dominance. Not only was I completely helpless to his revenge, but his commanding demeanor and looks drew me in so much that I felt I would have willingly gotten on my knees for this large man if the situation had been different. This thought made me so embarrassed. I was so glad the recording cameras and these men couldn’t read my thoughts. But the submission on my face was very visible.

“Off we go,” Brian said as he looked over at his friends, laughing so hard that one was in tears.

The laughter from such deep-voiced, masculine men made me feel more insecure and humiliated. The humiliation was indescribable. I knew my pride was gone.

Brian said, “I work at the job site two streets down from here. Find me. I expect seven hundred dollars in cash within the next week, or I promise you that it will be much more than your Facebook friends who will be watching this recording of you.”

“Yes, sir,” I said.

I couldn’t believe I had just told another man, ‘Yes, sir.’ I never do that, but the submissive feeling consumed me. The guy using his phone to record stopped the recording and put his phone away. The guy using my phone had different plans. He went over to the tailgate of my truck, lowered it, and propped my phone up so it was leaning against the inside and facing me. He switched the phone to selfie mode. My heart froze. I could see the live recording, and messages quickly appeared on the bottom of the screen. I was too far away to read what they said.

I still hadn’t looked down to see how much my penis was shrunken. I was looking right into my reflection. Even with the screen far away, I could see enough of the outline of my body to feel immediately more humiliated at the sight of my naked body and completely shriveled and tiny-looking genitals on full display. I knew no one could mistake me for a tough guy with how I looked. The guy who had set down the phone let out the most howling laugh he had during this experience. I couldn’t blame him.

The contrast between the size of my body and my penis was a humiliating sight, and I knew it. I couldn’t move or do anything at all about it. I was completely exposed and on display for the enjoyment of these men and whoever else might be watching. I imagined that everyone I ever got satisfaction from intimidating was laughing hysterically at my embarrassment and wouldn’t take me seriously as a man again. I knew people were probably watching and getting as much satisfaction from this as Brian and his friends. I was sure people were taking screenshots or recording this to their phones because I probably would have done the same while seeing such a laughable sight.

Brian put down my keys and wallet next to my phone. He then picked up my shorts and remains of my clothes and, with the biggest, cockiest smirk, said to his friends, “Let’s go. Rick Ledger has much to think about, and more of his friends are joining to watch.”

I was frozen and knew asking them to let me go would have made them laugh more. I watched as they got in the damaged truck, backed up, and left the parking lot. Brian, who was driving, let out three loud honks, I’m assuming to mock me, while they drove off and out of sight.

I could see messages on the live stream coming in faster and faster and was terrified to think of what people were saying to each other. About fifteen minutes later, two girls and a guy came to the back of the parking lot, saw me, and looked terrified. Once they assessed the situation, the look of shock turned into laughter. After explaining the situation, one went inside to ask the kitchen staff for scissors. One of the girls cut the zip-ties while the other girl couldn’t resist getting a video. I can’t blame her. This is something you see only sometimes.

With the meekest voice I’ve ever heard from myself, I said thank you, then went to the tailgate to grab my stuff. Four hundred and thirty-two people were watching my live stream. I couldn’t believe the humiliation could get worse. The comment section was almost nothing but laughing emojis. I even recognized one of the names as someone who lives in my neighborhood wrote in the comments: ‘I’ve never seen anything this funny in my life!’

Another person wrote: ‘They should have left your arrogant ass tied up. I always knew you probably had a tiny dick.’

I saw on the screen that my face was completely red with embarrassment. I quickly hit the ‘end live’ button and didn’t scroll to see the previous comments. I got into my truck, completely naked, after having my shorts stolen. I heard the people behind me start laughing uncontrollably after I walked away. I drove home butt naked with the most shocked feeling while trying to process what happened.


The next morning I found Brian at his job site and, with all the courage I could, handed him an envelope with seven hundred dollars. I didn’t recognize the workers with him, but I can assume from the laughter that they knew much more about me than I wanted them to.

With the biggest smirk, Brian barely said, “Thanks, Rick Ledger.”

Because he laughed hard, still feeling completely naked, I walked away and heard them laugh while I walked to my truck.

Later that day, I got on Facebook dripping with sweat because of the anxiety about what messages I might see. As soon as I signed on, my mouth dropped. There I was, tied up to a pole on the news feed. I just found out that after you do a live video, the video posts to your feed as a video for others to watch later. The video had eight hundred and fifty shares and over three hundred thousand views. I immediately removed the video before reading the comments. A few hours later, I got a notice from Facebook that my account was banned. I wish they had done that sooner, but it was too late.

From that day on, I felt insecure leaving the house and even more insecure around other men, never knowing who had seen me completely naked. I knew I could never explain to anyone that it was a cold day, and certainly, not over three hundred thousand people would have believed it or cared. The private messages from the night of the live stream were awful. There were messages from people laughing and making jokes about my dick size. A couple of messages told me that it’s OK that I have a small dick and that it doesn’t make me less of a man.

That made me feel worse and more humiliated that they felt enough sympathy for me to say that. To make things worse, one of the messages was from a large burly man I recognized as Brian’s friend who recorded with his phone. He sent me a video link to a twenty-minute video uploaded to a porn website of me butt naked with my tiny-looking dick on display. The video had been posted three hours before and had over twelve thousand views. The video quality was completely clear, and the bright lights of the parking lot hid nothing. My face was completely identifiable, and every hair on my head and shriveled balls were visible.

The video was titled ‘Tough Guy Rick Ledger’s Tiny Secret Exposed. MUST Watch.’

Over the following days, the video went viral and was shared on multiple porn websites and Twitter. I even saw a video of it on Facebook where someone used a very small censor so that they were allowed to post it. The size of the censor was as embarrassing as if it wasn’t there at all.


Five months later, I still get sent messages all the time from strangers who try to humiliate me further. I’ve been sent slow-mo videos of Brian pulling my shorts down. I saw a slow-mo video where I was squirming, and my genitals were slightly bouncing while Brian was hunched over laughing. I’ve been photoshopped next to guys with big dicks, making mine look even more embarrassing.

People sent memes using my naked pictures saying tough guys have baby dicks. There were side-by-side pictures of me looking tough with my clothes on next to pictures of me butt naked with my mouth open in submission and embarrassment. As humiliating as all of this was, part of me was secretly turned on by it. There was no reason to try to act tough anymore because people didn’t believe it anyway, and I never knew who would recognize me in public.

I always felt so small and insecure walking by other guys, not knowing if they had seen me naked and might be walking by me, thinking how small my dick was compared to theirs or other guys. I couldn’t feel tough anymore.

Nothing is more embarrassing to your pride as a guy than thinking another man knows he has a bigger-looking dick than you. I had flashbacks to that night, thinking that all four men were laughing hysterically, knowing that they and I knew my dick probably looked smaller than theirs. Having a large masculine man laugh at the size of my dick is the most submissive and vulnerable feeling I could describe. The toughness and confidence leave instantly and are replaced by embarrassment and submission. Acting tough at that moment isn’t even possible.

The feeling of my physical size or masculinity disappeared when thinking about giving myself to Brian. I felt the same way whenever the thought came to mind that someone in public may have seen me naked. I started to feel submissive and vulnerable around men I’d never met before, wondering if they saw one of the many viral videos. I would never admit it to someone else, but I secretly continued to feel submissive to Brian. This man continued to own me, and I might never see him again. I would occasionally get hard hearing his deep voice commanding me to step out of my shorts right before he and his friends burst into laughter.

Part of me was terrified ever to see him again, and part of me craved the chance to be submissive to this large man who decided to humiliate me in such a vulnerable and public way. Part of me was terrified of having that ever happen again and started to crave feeling so helpless to a group of such masculine men. I was as embarrassed as anyone to know that I felt such lust and craving to be submissive to the man that set out to humiliate me so badly. I secretly wanted to do whatever that man wanted. I was under his submission, and even if we never saw each other again, I knew he also knew it.


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*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.


  • Caleb

    Hot story mate

  • Patrick

    It’s humbling and good for us. Public humiliation is hot, Bro. Your social status has changed. People will see your willingness to please others. I have knee pads for myself. It’s a lot easier than arguing. Helps if you learn to swallow too.


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