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By jezebeldelilah

We’d been dating for months. We’d both agreed to wait for sex because the anticipation would make our first time much more memorable. Every night when a call came and you rushed out of the fire station in your turnouts I would get so turned on just thinking about how big your cock was going to be. I would go home after dates with you and take my vibrator out of my bedside drawer, plug it into the wall, and place the little knobs on the tip right over my clit. When I would get really worked up I would take out my 8 inch dildo and stuff it into my pussy.

It wasn’t easy because it was almost as big around as my wrist. I would have the most intense orgasms imagining that it was your cock instead of my dildo. I was so sure your cock would be at least 8 thick inches. I was tired of waiting to have you fill me up. If you didn’t make a move on me after our next date, I was going to take the initiative and come on to you.

You were worried. You wanted to fuck me so badly you were having wet dreams worse than you’d had since you were 15 years old. But you’d been in my bedroom before and had peeked inside my bedside drawer when I wasn’t looking and you’d seen the size of the dildos I used to masturbate so you knew what I wanted. You were worried because you had a small dick. Not just smaller than average but really small. You measured yourself every time you jacked off to see if you’d gotten bigger. The magazines you looked at (penthouse, hustler, playboy), all had ads for penis pumps in them.

They all said that a penis pump would make a guy’s dick up to 60% larger than it had started out. So far you hadn’t gotten any bigger on your own so you ordered one. When it came in the mail you got a little hard on just from seeing the plain brown paper wrapping. You took it to work with you to try it out but got a call before you could.

I saw you jump into the rescue truck in your turnouts and just the sight had me opening my drawer and pulling out my vibrator and dildo. I thought you were so hot in those turnouts and couldn’t wait to have your huge cock inside me. I plugged the vibe into the wall, put it against my clit, and shoved the thick dildo into my pussy. I knew you would be so much better but this would do for now. I had another incredible orgasm just thinking about how hot you were and how good sex with you would be.

You finished the call and hurried back to your room. You took off your turnouts and left them in the hall. It had been difficult to concentrate on the call because you kept thinking about the penis pump in your bedside drawer. You opened the drawer and took it out. Just looking at it and thinking about what it was going to do for you made your cock jump. You were so horny you didn’t know if you’d be able to pump your dick long enough to make it work.

You glanced over the instructions just to make sure you knew how to work the pump. You got out your ruler and measured your hard little dick. 3 and 3/4 inches…the biggest it ever got. You placed the pump over your dick and started squeezing the bulb. You didn’t know how long or how many squeezes of the bulb it would take to increase your size but you thought you could see a difference already. You pumped enough that you were close to cumming. You took the pump off your dick and measured again…4 inches.

That little bit of size increase got you so horny that you couldn’t help himself. You took your dick in your thumb and three fingers and gave it a few quick jerks. You came almost instantly. You got out your ruler and measured again…3 and 3/4 inches. You were disappointed that the effects didn’t last but you thought that if you used it enough then you might be big enough, long enough to satisfy me.

I had finished orgasming and put my toys away. I called you and we made a date for two weeks from that day. I was excited but decided to restrain myself from masturbating. It would make the sex better.

You knew you had to get the penis pump to make your dick bigger before the two weeks were up. Every night when you came home from work you would get out the penis pump to try to make your dick bigger. You always measured before, during and after. And it was always the same. 3 and 3/4 inches before, 4 inches during, and 3 and 3/4 inches after.

Two weeks go by. You’re almost frantic. The penis pump only increases your size temporarily and then not by much. I’m also frantic. I haven’t used any of my toys or even my fingers for two weeks. If you don’t fuck me tonight I think I might just have to rape you.

We had a typical date, dinner and a movie, but this time the sexual tension was thick enough to eat with a spoon. We were both so horny we didn’t pay any attention to the movie and barely tasted our food. Your eyes stayed on my tits and mine kept looking at your crotch. I couldn’t see anything but I thought it was because you kept turning your hips away from me so I couldn’t see…teasing me. We got through the date, made it to my place, turned to each other, and almost caused bruises on our lips because we were so hot for each other we just couldn’t wait any longer. I whipped my top off over my head. I’m not wearing a bra and can see the heat in your eyes.

I looked at your crotch again but still couldn’t see anything. You started groping and sucking on my tits. I told you to strip. While you took off your shirt and boots, I took off my shoes. I stood and watched you unbutton and unzip your pants. You’ so hot and horny for me that you forgot for just a few seconds how small you are and how big I expected you to be.

You whipped your pants and light grey boxer briefs down. I stared at your dick. My mouth dropped open.

“That’s it!?” I said as I busted out laughing.

Your face flamed. You were paying for forgetting to tell me that you were small.

When I finally calmed down and caught my breath I said “What do you expect to do with that?!”

You were doing a full body blush, you were so embarrassed. But your little dick was still hard…my laughing even seemed to have made it harder.

I told you, “Well I guess it’ll be easy to suck you off”.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, still giggling. When I got them off and stood up from pushing them down, you stared at my bald pussy. I wasn’t wearing any panties. Your cock jumped again and you made a strangled sound as ropes of sticky white cum jet out of your tiny little dick.

I started laughing again. Between gasps for air I said, “O…my…god. You can’t even wait till I suck you?”

I fell to the floor from laughing so hard. Your face was so red from embarrassment it’s almost purple. I eventually caught my breath again and walked on my knees to you. Your little bitty dick has stayed hard. I wrapped three fingers around it and started to giggle again as I stroked your little dick. I took the whole little thing into my mouth and sucked on it some. It only took two minutes before you cum again. I swallowed your cum and backed off, giggling again.

“Not just small, but fast too!” I said. “Get on the bed.”

Face flaming, you obey. I had straps tied to my four-poster bed that I used to tie you up with. I then proceeded to tease you for the rest of the night telling you that it’s your punishment for having such a little bitty dick. I wouldn’t let you fuck me because I wanted you to have a big cock. I punished you for disappointing me. You came twice more just from being teased. I giggled and laughed both times, embarrassing and turning you on even more. By the time dawn breaks, I’d let you lick me to orgasm three times but I still didn’t let you fuck me…I said between giggles, when you asked if you could, you were just too tiny to do me any good.

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