Getting Caught

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By liltimmy3x (edited version)

I had a really big crush on these two sisters that were friends with my next older sister, Joyce. They were twins (not identical) but twins. They were so cute. They knew I was in lust with them, and often teased me with little games like leaning over in front of me to let me look down their shirts; and rubbing up against me, or bending over in a provocative manner to see me get all flustered. They, along with my sisters, would often tease me by calling me ‘lil guy’, or ‘nubbie’, which to the unknowing might seem like an innocent way for big sisters and friends to harass a little brother. However, I knew they were referring to the fact that my manhood was anything but manly.

It was rumoured that I had a teeny tiny little package, partly from the locker room stories at school, and partly from verification from my sisters telling everyone I ever showed any sexual interest in, or any girls that ever even came any where around the house, for that matter. My sisters were always catching me jacking off and spying on the neighbour girls, and they had no shame in letting everyone know what a pervert I was.

It was summer time and the girls would often sun bath in our backyard. I was usually out running around with friends or riding my dirt bike, but NOT when the twins were over to lay out. I would figure out a way to hang at the house, and when the chance would arise I would watch them from the back bedroom window while wanking my little rod. The problem was that the only windows that faced the back yard were in my sisters bedroom.

So there I was, pants opened, dick in hand just beating away. Lost in a fantasy involving the twins and a wardrobe malfunction of supreme magnitude. However, while I was dreaming of Lisa and Lori, and stroking my dick, I failed to realise that Lisa had come into the house for more tanning oil. I was snapped out of my dazed state by a beautiful young bikini clad woman clearing her throat from behind me. I was caught red handed.

I tried to cover up and pretend I was looking for something, but she just stood there glaring at me trying to hold back her anger. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked, knowing the answer already.

I fumbled a bit trying to put my dick away.

“Are you jerking off?” she asked with a touch of disgust. “Are you pulling on that lil-dickie of yours?”

At this point I blushed bright red so badly my ears felt hot.

“Oh my God, you fucking little pervert!” she said, eyes bulging in shock.

I knew if she told anyone I’d get in big trouble. “Please, please… don’t tell Joyce and Lori. Please, I swear I’ll never do it again!”

She shook her head firmly. “I cannot just let this go without punishment. You’re such a sick little pervert, and this is so fucking wrong. Get over here, now!” she demanded, stamping her foot.

I stepped from behind the bed and tentatively moved part the way toward her.

She was impatient with me. “Get your pathetic little ass over her now!”

I stepped over to her overwhelmed with fear, my pants still undone, trying to hold them up.

“Let em drop, perv,” she said with a deep frown.

“W-What?” I asked trembling.

She repeated what she said pronouncing each word distinctly. “Let… your… pants… drop!”

I let them go, and so there I was standing in front of one of the most beautiful girls I had ever known. She was wearing a red bikini that barely covered her gorgeous body. A woman that I had had a crush on for more than a couple years. I was buck naked, too scared to do or say anything, and my tiny little dick was standing at attention. She started to laugh, she covered her mouth with her hand as she stared at my package. “Oh My God…,” she exclaimed. “…it’s so fucking tiny.” Walking to the window she opened and yelled out, “Joyce… Lori… come in here quick. Quick! Hurry!”

My stomach knotted up as she shoved me backwards and bent down and snatched up my pants and underwear and tossed them out into the hallway. My older sister Joyce and her other friend Lori came running in the house and into the room where Lisa was ‘holding’ me at bay. ” Oh my fucking God…,” exclaimed Joyce as she entered her bedroom and seen what was happening, “… what the hell are you doing in my room with no clothes on, you little shit? Lisa, what happened? Are you ok?”

I’m now totally embarrassed and praying that the earth will open and swallow me up. Lori started to Laugh with hand over mouth, just like Lisa did, and they all looked at each other grinning while glancing at my little dick. They were all giggling and half whispering to each other as they inspected me. “Have you ever seen anything so pathetic?” Lisa said.

Joyce, your brothers dick is so freakin’ tiny!” Lori guffawed.

“You’re so gonna pay for this you little pervert” Joyce yelled at me.

“I think he was playing with it while watching us from your window,” Lisa accused.

“Holy crap, did he cum in your room?” asked Lori with a disgusted tone.

“No, no I didn’t do anything,” I cried.

“I don’t think a dick this small could cum, could it?” said Lisa sarcastically as she looked at Lori and they started giggling again.

“You’re a pathetic little sissy boy,” Joyce yelled at me again. “I think you need to be taught a lesson, and I’m going to make sure you NEVER embarrass me like this again!”

“Eww… Look at it… it’s leaking,” Lori said pointing making them all look closer.

“It’s because he’s gettin’ off on this,” Lisa exclaimed, and she smacked my little dick HARD with her hand.

It stung so bad but it made me even harder than I was before. Tears were welling up in my eyes, as I stood there bare ass naked, afraid to look any of them in the eye. My ears were on fire, I was so embarrassed and so scared that I couldn’t see clearly. “I know…,” Lisa said. “… let’s dress him up and tie him out in the yard like a dog.”

“I’m not putting any of my clothes on that sick shit,” Joyce said.

“Well then…,” said Lori, “… let’s just make him up. Do you have any old make-up?”

They all laughed and giggled as they began rummaging around in Joyce’s make up . I started for the door and Lisa grabbed me by the hair, and she pulled me back onto the bed. “Oh no you don’t you little pervert,” Lisa said as she slapped my face.

“I know how to make him stay…,” Lori said, “… tie his hands with that old bathrobe belt”

Quickly and forcefully Lisa and Lori pushed me down on the bed , face first , and one held me while the other one tied my wrists. I was whimpering “Please…,” I begged, “Please don’t I promise I…”

Lisa had pulled a pair of panties from her ‘beach bag’ and tried to shove them in my mouth. I tried to fight her, but she grabbed my balls and squeezed hard, so that I opened my mouth and she stuffed them in. Gagging me.

In what seemed like the same instant, Lori grabbed the Vaseline that my sister had on her dresser and with the handle of a hair brush she scooped a big dose of it, slapped it into the crack of my ass (she did it so fast and so accurately you would of thought she had practised this before).

“Ewww… that’s my hairbrush,” Joyce said disapprovingly at what Lori had done.

“So? He can buy you a new one,” Lori said, then I heard Lisa and Joyce laugh. I squirmed and Lori slapped my ass cheek hard. “Look here you loser…,” Lori said, “… you’re gonna stay right here and keep still so we can have some fun. So stop your shit or we’ll get really nasty and you won’t like that.”

Lisa and Joyce each took an arm, stood me up, and shoved me back onto the bed post with some force, so that the bed post knob pressed up against my butt-hole. I was just off balance enough that I couldn’t stop myself, and to my horror I felt the knob go completely inside me. My ass had enveloped the knob which was slightly larger than a golf ball. I winced in pain, but held very still. “Oh gawd,” I cried out.

Lisa said in a belittling voice, “His tiny little wee wee is getting even harder.”

Lori chimed in, “It’s still leaking too.”

Joyce now turned around and handed Lisa a handful of silicone hair bands used for pony tails and such, and told her to put them on my nuts. Lisa took the bands (maybe 8 or 10) and together stretched them open and slid them over my ball sack, releasing them with a snap, so that they caged my tiny nuts like a castration band I’d seen used on pigs and cows at the farm. I cried out in pain as the bands snapped tightly around my nuts.

My dick was as hard as it had ever been in my whole life. Yet ironically, I sat there impaled in my ass by the bedpost, tears in my eyes, and my balls firmly tied off so as to cut the circulation.

“You should be ashamed of yourself you perverted little girly boy,” Lori sneered.

The girls all chipped in and began applying makeup, plucked my eyebrows, eye-liner & eye-shadow, a little rouge on the cheeks, and lipstick heavily applied to my mouth. Lori painted my nipples with eye-liner too for some reason. Lisa wrote ‘tiny dick’ on my belly with an arrow pointed at my groin. Joyce brought over a black choker made of some kind of heavy ribbon and fastened it around my neck. Lori wrote loser on my forehead. (I know because she told me). They all were laughing as they worked on me in their skimpy little string bikinis.

“He needs a garter belt or something,” Lisa said stepping back and checking me out.

Joyce rambled around in her drawers and came up with some kind of lacy belt. Lori took it and with a big grin she squatted down and fastened it on my thigh as she let her small but ample breasts lightly touch along my leg. Then she suddenly jumped back, her face screwing up into a deep frown. “Christ, he shot his load on me!” she cried out.

I had indeed lost control (as if I had control in the first place) and cum had spurted out onto her arm, and neck while she had squatted down in front of me to put the garter belt on.

“He’s so pathetic,” Lisa sneered, “… he doesn’t even blow a fraction of what a real man would.”

“Do you know your not a real man Timmy? Do you know you will NEVER know what it is like to be inside a woman like me?” Lori said.

“You’re a pathetic little loser, not a man. You should be ashamed of that worthless nub between your legs. Everyone has heard that your a pathetic little dick, and now everyone is gonna see it,” Joyce yelled at me.

They pulled me up off of the bed post (not very carefully I might add) and Joyce handed Lori a device that looked like a big black tapered cone on a stand. (I now know it to be an anal plug) She took it and shoved it right into my ass without warning, HARD. It hurt but it felt good at the same time. I tried to hide my arousal but the twins could see that I was turned on. They took turns slapping me and flicking my cock with their fingers, while laughing about how small it was, and how they never imagined it possible to have a penis so tiny and pathetic.

Joyce laughed and ordered the twins to bring me out to the yard. They shoved and slapped me and kicked at me until they got me herded out into the back yard, where they tied me down onto one of the lounge chairs. Making sure my butt-plug was in and my little dick was erect and agitated. Then they called the neighbour girls over from next door. Monica and Denise, two more beautiful girls that I often fantasise about. Oh God I wanted to die .

Joyce moved her chair into the sun and lay on her front and just ignored the show . Lori and Lisa went on poking and slapping my dick, sneering at me about how useless and pathetic it was, and how they should show everyone. Monica and Denise had gotten the whole story of how I had been caught masturbating in Joyces room, and probably going through their panties (as if it needed anymore elaboration).

Monica and Denise were both hot brunettes from next door who had each suspected me of spying on them in the past, I had even nearly been caught stealing their panties off the clothesline. They knew it was me, but had no proof. So they were all in favour of humiliating me and teaching me a lesson.

“It’s so tiny. Joyce always said it was, but now I see it – it’s hilarious,” Denise giggled.

“Look…” Monica said, “… it’s got dribble on the end of it. I’ve never seen a guy with such a teeny-peeny,” She laughed.

Lori had disappeared for a minute, and when she came back she had her camera and a ruler. Oh no, I thought, not this, please not this.

“Oh yeah,” Denise shouted in approval. “Let’s take pictures of it soft and then hard.”

“It’s been hard the whole time,” laughed Lisa.

“Timmy has a teeny weeny peeny,” laughed Monica.

All of a sudden the girls started chanting, “Timmy has a teeny weeny peeny! Timmy has a teeny weeny peeny!”

They took many pictures, some with the ruler showing the full length . Some with the ruler showing the width. “Two and three-quarter inches!” shouted Lisa after she measured it for the first time.

“Holy crap, it’s only 2 3/4 inches long?” Denise said her mouth agape.

They all burst out laughing. I blushed.

“Good lord, it’s not even an inch across!!” exclaimed Lori.

Each of the girls took turns holding the ruler and getting their picture taken. Monica went home and got a pair of her old pink panties and they pulled them up almost all the way , but didn’t cover me up. My tiny dick was very hard and oozing with pre-cum. Denise sat down beside me on the chair and leaned in so she could touch my little dicklette. She took her first finger and thumb, and began to stroke up and down. Two, maybe three, strokes in – I came) “Shit, you stupid little bastard. You shot your wad all over my hand,” Denise screamed at me, wiping it on my chest.

“Yeah, ya gotta watch out for that,” laughed Lori, knowing from experience.

“He obviously will NEVER be able to pleasure any woman,” Joyce commented.

Lisa climbed up and straddled my belly. She had on, not much more than a thong. Her beautiful young body above me and her small tits hanging just inches from my face. She whispered, “Aww poor Timmy, did you know you only have a little dicklette? Hmm?” The other girls giggled.

“Eww… it’s pulsating,” Monica said pointing at my dick.

Lisa continued, “Did you know you have a teeny weeny peeny? Hmm? Does it make you hard to have all of us girls to expose you like this? Huh? Of course it does, you pathetic little dick loser.”

“I think he sorta does like it,” said Lori.

“Isn’t it a shame he will never know what it feels like to have a real fuck,” Monica said, followed by more giggles.

All the girls were standing around me now, making their comments, poking, and flicking my cocklette. Tears in my eyes, full of shame, red with embarrassment but yet , I couldn’t prevent my dick from spewing and oozing cum every time one of the girls touched it, or got close to it.

I have been ridiculed my whole life, the girls always have a dig at me about the ‘things’ they learned about me that summer. I never get through a month without it getting brought up by one of them, or one of the many other women they told about me.

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  • Shawna SissyToes

    I enjoyed his story very much. I pictured myself as her brother, being feminized by a group of girls and having my pretty pink panties pulled down enough to expose my little sissy clitty. I love humiliation and would enjoy being teased while they photograph me to post my sissy picures everywhere online!! Great story!!


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