Erect Sissy in the Showers (Gay SPH)

By SissyChazzy.

It was the first week of college. I was anticipating a great week of meeting people and seeing my first class schedule. Forget all the math and boring stuff. I had tennis scheduled twice per week, which meant I was in the gym locker room twice weekly. And that meant the showers were coming (the communal showers where all the shower heads were in the open and all the guys were exposed). I found myself dreading it (I think I was dreading it. Or could it be ‘anticipating’ it. No, it was definitely dreading it because no one had ever seen my penis.)

I was so nervous about being naked in front of others because I had a strange feeling that my little wee-wee would be the smallest. My little underdeveloped dicklette hangs down a little bit rather than just a head pointing out, but it is short, thin, and cute, but again, very little. (I’ve always loved my cute little dick. I’ve even licked the head before.). I had shaved my hair off in the hopes that it would enlarge the appearance of my penis, but it only made me feel even more inadequate, like a little sissy boy. But for some reason, I loved the feeling and the look of my little hairless dick and balls.

I also dreaded this shower time because I was scared I might get a boner. My fantasies had evolved like this: Begin by thinking of lesbians kissing and sucking and grinding on each other, then pretend I was naked in front of someone or getting caught by someone while I was rubbing and fondling myself. But then my self-pleasure time always ended thinking about touching other guys’ dicks. And sucking them.

And that’s when I knew I was probably the little faggot of my friend’s group. I was a little jack-off boy. The only closet sissy who fantasized about rubbing dicks together with another guy. And the thoughts never went away. So, I was concerned that if I ever showered at the gym around other guys, I wouldn’t be able to stop my dick from becoming erect. I was right.

The first day after tennis class, I undressed and sat in the locker room, hoping most guys would be out of the shower before I went in. What seemed like 20 minutes was probably only five. But I was so nervous that I figured I just needed to get this over with.

So I finally put my towel on and walked to the showers very timidly, tightly holding my towel on my waist. I glanced in the shower, and it was still full of guys! Naked guys! My new friends. And they all seemed hung like real men. Oh my gosh. I knew it. Carlos, with his real man cock, curved a bit to one side. There was another white guy with a nice-looking full-size cock (oops, did I say ‘nice?’). Then there were the black guys, Edgar and Nathan, who hung so long that it looked scary. And finally, a little white guy named Derek, who was later nicknamed Donkeydick. And then there was me. My fears were confirmed. My dick was noticeably the smallest of all. I felt like a child.

It was so embarrassing for me. Of course, being shaved down low didn’t help. I looked like a total sissy fag, which I am, but no one knew it until now. Now, I felt humiliated and exposed, yet still turned on and very flustered. I tried to cover up and hide my little smooth dick. I knew I was a boy among men and hoped no one would see my tiny, little wee-wee.

And another thing happened. Upon entering the shower that first day after skillfully hanging up my towel and spinning it sideways, I realized my dick was becoming erect! Oh no. I knew this would happen. My mind kept saying, ‘No,’ but the more I thought about it, the quicker I got hard. Was I the only guy who was getting a boner? I tried to glance really quick to see if anyone else was hard. But it seemed that no one else was. And no one else was looking around but me. I was grateful they weren’t looking at me, but my dick was rock hard.

I tried to make my little boner go down, but it only got harder, so I tried to stay turned around where no one could see. But I was so turned on knowing that there were naked men next to me that I finally just turned around all soapy and subtly covered my dick with my hand.

One guy looked down and laughed, and turned around. But I was so embarrassed I hurried back to the locker room and sat on the bench with a towel partially draped over my lap. I wanted to get dressed but was so flustered and turned on that I began rubbing myself. I stroked it for about 30 seconds. Hoping that nobody would walk in on me (But secretly hoping that they would). And then I flung the towel off me and bucked my hips up as I rubbed my little wee-wee up and down. Suddenly, this overwhelming orgasm hit me, and I began cumming all over myself. It was so powerful that I squirted all the way onto my face, hair, and all over the bench I was sitting on. And it seemed to cum double the amount and duration. I was so turned on!

I quickly began wiping the cum off my face, hair, and chest. I barely escaped being caught in my first faggy shower-locker room moment as two guys entered the locker area, walking right past me.

But this was just the first week of the semester, and I knew it would be a problem for me. Maybe I wasn’t the only one dealing with this (getting hard around other guys in the shower), but as it turned out, I was the only one that ever got a boner. And I think I might have been the only guy looking around at the other guys. But I couldn’t help it. I wanted to see their dicks. I wanted to see them naked. And I couldn’t keep my little 3.5-inch shaved penis from poking up.

Occasionally I would sport my wee-wee in the locker room to see if I could handle it. Still, I always got hard, was always the smallest, and was the only one who was smooth. My new friends would catch me staring at theirs, but I couldn’t stop doing it.

I found myself thinking about the gym showers all week long. I couldn’t wait for Wednesday and Friday’s tennis class. I couldn’t wait to get naked and shower with the guys. I kept hoping I would get the nerve to expose myself fully or see someone else with an erection. I kept fantasizing about the naked men and the humiliation of me being uncontrollably aroused. I wanted a man to see me. I wanted to be touched. I wanted to touch a man’s dick.

And here is how it happened. About week number five of college, one day after tennis, I got delayed in a conversation at the court with some girls. I kept trying to get away to get to my favorite part of the week and get my clothes off for the showers. But it took a while. Finally, I hurried to the locker room, stripped my clothes off, and headed to the showers. Most of the guys were gone, except for two in the back and one by himself near the front.

I chose a showerhead right next to the man near the front, who was showering with his back to me. I watched him from behind as I rinsed off. He was definitely older than me and a bit bigger. He was washing well, but then I realized he was spending extra time down low. He was soaping and bathing his crotch and butt more than anything else! And just like normal, my little wee-wee became instantly erect. I was nervously standing there with my total sissy fag baby boner.

Soon the man next to me turns around, and oh my gosh! I was right. He was playing with himself! And he had this huge man’s cock. Like nine inches! At least three times the amount of meat as mine. I felt so small. But I didn’t care, because there was nowhere to run and my moment was finally happening. The man looked down at my little boy-boner, looked me in the eyes, and then reached out and grabbed my hand. He pulled it to his cock. And my hand began to softly caress it willingly. No, not just willingly, but lustfully. I couldn’t believe it. For the first time, I finally fondled another man’s penis. A real man’s cock.

Wow, it was so hot. It was so large. I was so embarrassed, right there in public. My face was flushed. My little sissy dicklette was rock hard. And I was playing with this Italian guy’s massive cock. He had a partially shaved crotch, with an arrow tattoo pointing toward his cock. I didn’t care about the rest of him. I only wanted this cock.

I didn’t know exactly where this was going, but I didn’t care. I didn’t know if we would get in trouble. I didn’t know if the other guys in the shower were watching us. And I didn’t know if the word would get out on campus that Chazzy was a little babydick fag. But I was so turned on that I let myself become a little sissy for this guy.

Each step of the way, I became gayer and gayer. The man reached around my butt, grabbed it with both hands and pulled our bodies together. I did the same and grabbed his butt. Now our penises were touching. His big one flopped all over my tiny little male clit. We began bobbing our penises together and humping each other. It was so sexy. I was so excited and horny for this big cock. It felt so good. But I was so embarrassed. I knew I was being a faggot. But I couldn’t stop.

The man was getting very aggressive and dominant. And he started trying to kiss my mouth. I couldn’t let him do that (that would make me totally gay), so I kept moving my mouth away from him. Still humping our junk together, his was flopping all over mine, even slapping it on mine sometimes. He grabbed his dicklette a few times and slapped his cock on my dick. I was so close to cumming, holding his butt, hugging him close, loving this man under the shower water, sliding my little babydick on his man’s cock, and humping, with him trying to kiss me, chasing my mouth with his.

And then, guess what? I let him. As I watched his lips lustfully look for mine, occasionally sticking his tongue out and teasing me, I began to want more than just his huge cock. I saw his face was nice looking, and his eyes really wanted me badly. I began to melt slightly, knowing I was pleasing the man, and he wanted more. I finally gave in, let the man find my lips, and put his tongue in my mouth. I began French kissing a man!

At that moment, two penises touching, two mouths kissing, two men holding each other and making love. I realized I had allowed him to make me gay. I was a total gay faggot now, letting this real man treat me like a girl. I was his girlfriend. I was his sissy. And he was my man. He was my boyfriend. And we were making out and humping together like faggots. After only fifteen seconds of kissing this man, I exploded all over his cock and stomach. So intense.

We stepped out of the water spray so the cum could be enjoyed. I didn’t want it to stop, so I kept kissing him really hard, rubbing my cummed up dick all over the bottom shaft part of his big hard meat. His cock was so long and hard that it stood up as high as my chest. I looked down at his big head and decided to feel this thing again.

I wiped some of my cum off his belly and rubbed his cock for him. It was so huge! So different than mine. It didn’t take long, and he began to tense up and cum. I watched his big cock shoot a load over my head. Then it shot again onto my hair and face. I pointed it in my mouth, and his third shot hit my face again. Then his cock began to dribble more and more out of it. So much cum compared to mine. That’s when he pushed my head down onto his cock and forced me to suck him off. I put the huge head into my mouth and tongued it, bobbing on it a little and allowing the last cum to ejaculate. I could feel it accumulate in my mouth, so I tried to stand up and be done. But he wouldn’t let me. He told me to swallow it. So I obeyed the man and swallowed the cum.

Next, he made me lick his cock to clean all the cum off. And then he wiped the cum off my face and stuck his finger in my mouth. And then He pointed to the cum on his stomach and made me lick that all up. Then he stood, leaned into me, and kissed me again. We made out for about thirty more seconds, his dick was still semi-hard while mine was still rock hard like a good sissy boy with a babydick, but we were pressed together in slippery bliss, kissing and moaning a little (at least I was). I was in the arms of a man who had treated me like a woman, oblivious to whomever else was in the shower. I was his girl. He had turned me totally gay. A gay little sissy with a tiny male clitty dick.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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