Doctor Prescibed Chastity

By gcd4x4.

I was nervous to meet my new Doctor and to go for my annual physical. My old Doctor finally retired and this new young female Doctor was taking over his practice. I had no idea what to expect. I was sitting in her waiting room playing with my phone when I heard:


“That’s me,” I said, standing up to meet her.

“I’m Doctor Fiona Johnson,” she said, extending her hand.

She was in her 30s, attractive, with big breasts, blonde hair, and a curvy figure. I shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Mark. But you already knew that.”

She smiled and led me back to her office. I sat down to realize that there was a camera on a small tripod focused on me. She explained that she always likes to have a photo on file for each of her patients. I signed an authorization form for photos, and we proceeded to ask the usual pre-exam questions. Do I smoke, do drugs, have unprotected sex, have any medical concerns today, etc? Then she said, “OK, let’s head back to the exam room.”

It was a nice-sized room with an exam table, a stool, another computer and camera, and some cabinets with drawers, etc. The Doctor pointed to a coat hook on the other side of the room and said, “Go ahead and get undressed. You can hang your clothes over there.”

I walked over to the hook, slipped off my shoes, took my shirt off over my head, and hung it on the hook. Then I took off my jeans and hung them up as well. Wearing only my socks and briefs, I walked back over to the table.

Doctor Johnson was busy on the computer, opening my file. She looked up and said, “Oh, sorry. Go ahead and remove your socks and underwear. You’ll need to do that in a minute anyway.”

I walked back to the door, bent down, and took off my socks, stuffing them in my shoes. Then I slipped my underwear off and stepped out of them. I hung them with the jeans and shirt and walked back to the exam table.

“OK, Mark, just hop up on the table….” the Doctor’s thought process was interrupted when she saw my penis. “Um… Hmm. Well, we’ll get to that. OK, just have a seat.”

She proceeded with a very normal exam eyes, throat, ears, chest, and heart. Then she had me stand up on a small stool, and she checked my penis and testicles.

“Any erectile disfunction? Difficulty getting hard?”


“How often do you orgasm or ejaculate, would you say? Weekly? Monthly?

“Just about every day, sometimes a couple of times a day,” I said.

His eyes widened. “Is the semen clear, cloudy, thick, thin?” she asked as she continued to examine my penis—lifting it and pulling it out.

“Um… It tends to be kind of clear or a little cloudy, I guess.”

“OK, let me check your prostate. You can step down from the stool and just bend over the table and bend your knees a bit. I’m just going to apply a little lubricant and slip two fingers in. Here we go.”

I obeyed and grunted as she slid two fingers inside my ass. I could feel her wiggle them a bit, encircling my prostate.

She pulled her fingers out and said, “All right, you can stand up and turn around. I’m going to need a urine sample. We can do that today. I have a container here. Can you go ahead and fill this?”

“Sure thing. Is there a bathroom I can go into?”

“Oh yes, it’s right there.”

She pointed to a toilet and sink that was through an archway. There wasn’t a door.

“I can step out if you’d like,” she said.

“Oh, no, it’s fine,” I said as I took the cup from her.

Still naked, I hopped down from the table and stepped into the toilet area. I held the cup under my penis and, after a moment, being pee-shy, was able to piss. It was a big cup, so there was no spilling. I brought it back into the room and sat it on the counter by the Doctor’s computer.

“Great. I’ll get to the semen sample in a bit. I just need to check something.”

I started to say something but couldn’t quite manage to get anything out. “Umm…aaah…”

I was standing by the exam table when the Doctor took out a small ruler and measured my soft penis, but as soon as she touched it with the ruler, I got hard.

“Ah, good,” she said as she measured my erect penis as well. “Is that fully erect?” she asked.

I looked down, embarrassed. “Um, yeah. Sorry about that, Doc. So, why do we need a semen sample?”

I sat down on the exam table, covering my hard dick by folding my hands in my lap.

“Oh, it’s standard in cases like these. And I needed to take an erect measurement anyway, so no need to be embarrassed.” She sat down on her stool and rolled up to me. “But I’m afraid I have some bad news, Mark. Your penis is far too small for an adult male. You see, as a fetus, we all start female. Some of us develop a clitoris, and some a penis. You started a penis but never got there. I have a pamphlet here that will explain everything. Still, it all boils down to this: It’s very dangerous for guys with your condition to orgasm very often. Masturbation is not recommended. Ever. You said that you ejaculate once a day, right? That’s far too often for someone with a penis of your size. You see, men with normal penises, say 6” long erect, can ejaculate once a day with no problems. Even more.

“But guys like you, who don’t have an actual full-grown penis, you should only release semen once every 4-6 months, and then the preferred method is direct prostate stimulation. We’ll do that today in the office so you know how it’s done. Another option is called a ruined orgasm. Each of these methods achieves the same goal of milking the fluid out of the body with no climax. Basically, your orgasm days are over.”

I was in shock. I looked down at the pamphlet. ‘So You Have A Tiny Penis.’ It contained pictures of penises slightly larger than mine labeled: ‘Adult male with a tiny penis,’ and then photos of guys that looked hung like a horse labeled: ‘Average adult male.” I also noticed that I was still as hard as a rock.

The Doctor then said, “For men with your condition, we’re legally required to fit you with a chastity device that you will wear 24/7, 365 days, the rest of your life. I have the smallest device this manufacturer has here in stock. It’s the ‘Kink3D cobra baby.’ I’ll fit on you today.” She pulled a plastic device from a drawer and then said, “Now, you are to wear it at all times. I’ll secure it with a special lock here today. If you need to remove it for any medical need, just make an appointment and I’ll take it off for an examination. But then it goes right back on.”

She lubed up the device with a tube of goo.

She then said, “This is a lubricant that I’ll give you a sample of today.”

Then she applied the lube to my penis. I moaned a bit at the touch of her gloved hand.

“Calm down now,” she said.

Then she slipped a plastic ring around my scrotum and penis and slid a short plastic tube over the penis that then connected to the ring. She then locked it together with a small lock. As I lay there- trying to process all this, she snapped a picture of my genitals. “This is for our records.”.

“Now, as I said, masturbation would be very dangerous for you. But every 4-6 months you should have a release of built of fluid. You can do this by stimulating the prostate directly. I’ll also write you a prescription for either a prostate massager, butt plug, or dildo. I have a probe here for us to use today. Now, just sit back on the exam table and put your feet in these stirrups.”

I saw her pull a dildo out of the same drawer.

“Um… OK… How common is this problem, Doc?” I asked as I laid back and put my feet in the stirrups.

I looked at my bare toes, pointing at the ceiling and then down the plastic cage that contained my penis, which was still attempting an erection.

“It’s very rare, actually. I mean, you have the smallest penis I’ve ever seen, Mark. I’m shocked that this is all news to you. Little pressure here…” she said as she shoved the dildo-like probe into my ass.

I moaned. “Ooh, ahh, FUCK!”

“Sorry, Mark, this is the smallest probe I have here, but it will get the job done. Now, just try to relax.”

She moved the dildo back and forth in my asshole– I relaxed into it quickly and started breathing heavily. She wasn’t even putting it in that deep, just enough to ram it against my prostate. Short, quick thrusts. My hard dick was bouncing inside the cage. Before I knew it, I was leaking pre-cum more than I’ve ever had before. I could feel it running down my balls.

“There we go… Get it all out,” she said as she slowed down the thrusts. She started milking in slow motion.

It felt amazing! My dick was bouncing. “Oh god, Doc. I think I’m going to cum,” I said.

Then I felt the dildo pop out of my ass. “You already did cum, Mark. You see that fluid is all you should be releasing. OK?”

She took a swab and collected the clear ejaculate from my scrotum and the plastic cage into a small container labeled, ‘Semen Specimen, M. Lawson.’

She cleaned my asshole a bit and said, “You’re all set. Just let me do some paperwork here.”

I put my legs down and sat up on the table. “But Doc, I…don’t think I finished. I mean…I’m…I feel like I need to finish or something. Like I’m horny now.”

“That’s normal and healthy. It would be best if you stayed that way,” she said from her computer. “Now, I’m entering you into an international database of locked men. You need to have this ID card with you at all times so that if you’re strip searched or when you go through airport security, they’ll know that you have this condition, and you have to wear this device.”

She handed me a card with a photo of my face from my file and a photo of my locked-up penis. It said, ‘Mark David Lawson’s penis is smaller than is legally allowed without wearing a chastity device.’

“Also, if you get pulled over by the police or anything, they will see this in your records and probably strip search you to ensure that you’re safely locked up. OK? The police and ERs also have keys, but they’ll only remove the device if there’s an emergency.”

I looked at her, my balls aching, my dick hard as it could be inside the cage. I was completely naked but for my new cock cage. My heart was racing. I was kind of in shock. I had questions but couldn’t think of them.

Doctor Johnson was so satisfied with herself like she was saving my life.

“OK, here is your prescription for the prostate massager and the lube. Just explain to the pharmacist that your penis is especially small. She’ll know what you need. And you’re all set, Mark. I want to see you back here in a month to measure you check on your progress. This is the beginning of your orgasm-free life! It’s all in the pamphlet. Just give this paper to the front desk on your way out to schedule your next appointment. Have a great day!”

She shook my hand and walked out. I sat there, naked, my dick inside a plastic cage that I couldn’t remove.


The End.


*This story has been edited by AI to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here. We have changed the sex of the Doctor to female as we felt that was more appealing to our readers.

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